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on May 19, 2013
I already had an older model Panasonic phone system that was still working great BUT I needed to block more numbers than it would allow. Tele markers were driving me crazy so I went looking for a new system that blocks more than 30 numbers and I found this set (KX-TG6845B) which blocks 250 numbers, yes 250. Hopefully I will never fill that list but it gives me piece of mind knowing it has that capability.. I also love the talking caller ID which will let you know who is calling, if it is someone from the phonebook it will identify them by the name you gave them ie. Grandma. The display is large and very easy to read. The volume has 4 levels making it easy for just about anyone using the phone. Answer machine is clear so I would say it is an all around great telephone system.
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on April 27, 2013
I got the phones PDQ - and they were in good shape - Now for the tech side - the sound is good and you can change the tone of it -- the phones have a LOT of options -- we like the intercom between phones - you can put some one on hold and intercom another phone to say "someone is on the phone" -- you will have to read the on line manual to see all the features - BUT the programing of the phone options can be complicated and not for the tech challenged but with carefull reading the phones have a lot to offer - but you can just use the phones as is no problem right out of the box -- one neat thing is it uses standard AAA rechargeable batteries - no more having to buy some odd-ball batteries - all in all they work great -- the sound is not real loud for a hard of hearing person but just fine for the average person
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on May 31, 2013
This phone is great, clear reception, and the ability to block
up to 250 numbers. It also can block calls without numbers
such as "out of area". You can set it to just ring "once" when
a call is blocked or no rings. Right now, I have it set to just
ring once because I like seeing it block the calls!! "Blocked
Call" shows on caller ID when the call is coming through, then
the number. So if you are not home and just look at the caller
id, then you wouldn't really realize the call was blocked.
So far, I love this phone system.
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on July 26, 2013
Panasonic makes very good cordless phones in my experience, but they do tend to make a highly confusing number of models. If you are really into finding the best fit, a reasonable thing to do is call Panasonic's online store at #1-888-449-0444. They are very helpful in walking you through the maze of models. Then come back to Amazon for a cheaper price.

Here is my understanding: Panasonic's DECT 6 Plus line of phones runs at 1.9 ghz (DECT is actually not a Panasonic name, its the name for phones that use this frequency), which is reserved for cordless phones with technology to avoid interfering with each other. It is, generally speaking, a high range & good battery life line of phones. 1.9 ghz is fairly good at penetrating obstacles such as floors/ceilings/walls. If you somehow happen to have a lot of interference at 1.9 ghz -- and I'm not even sure how that happens given that 1.9 is reserved for cordless phones -- Panasonic still makes a line of 5.8 ghz phones that may theoretically work better for you. However, 5.8 ghz is not as good at penetrating obstacles (walls) and you may get less range if your going through walls. Thus, for most people, the DECT 6 line of phones is the first choice.

Within the DECT 6 line, they have: (1) phones with bluetooth, if you want to link with a cell phone; (2) phones systems that can accommodate two different phone numbers (for people with two different phone lines); (3) and systems without one of those two features that vary by whether they have an answering machine; and (4) hearing impaired models. Panasonic throws in a number at the end for the number of phones that the model ships with, and a letter at the end for the color, so the KX-TG6843B ships with 3 phones and is black, but if there is a KX-TG6844W, it would be the exact same phone system, but shipping with 4 phones, and in white. The models that ship with 3 phones all seem expandable up to 6 phones. You may get a better deal buying one that ships with all the phones you need now, although you can add extra phones (up to the max of 6 for most models) later for a small premium.

This is one of their DECT 6 phones without two lines and without bluetooth, but with an answering machine. It comes with 3 phones, in black, but you can vary at least the number of phones it comes with, up to the max of 6. (Not sure if you can get white phones -- search for the model # with a "W" at the end). It has fantastic, whole house (and even yard!) range, and the battery life seems pretty good as well. It uses tripple AAA size rechargeables, which is a definite plus given that you wont need to pay $30 bucks for a specialized battery when they need replacement. Whether they last as many years as the bigger dedicated batteries that some cordless phones use, I dont know, I suppose its doubtful, but the talk time and standby life is good, so it seems a worthwhile trade. If you spend hours and hours on the phone and are sloppy about charging, my guess it that you can get better battery life from a different model phone with a specialized (and larger) battery, but for 99% of folks, the battery life with the AAA rechargeables in this phone is probably just fine. The phones look and feel pretty much like prior generations of Panasonic's cordless phones -- decent size buttons, good volume on the handsets and the speakerphone, no interference (in our house anyway).

Assuming you do in fact want a DECT 6, no bluetooth, no 2 lines, with answering machine, coming with 3 phones, this seems to be a current model, and from Panasonic's web site, it actually seems like the high end model at the moment. (Not sure about that, but that is the way it seems.) It has lots of features people are liking, like the ability to block 250 numbers, including all 800 or 888 numbers, and you can have it do a special ring for them as well. I dont tend to get that deep into the fancy features, but if you are prepared to spend time with the manual, there is a lot here.

One feature that seems unique to this model, and may be a new feature for Panasonic is talking caller id. Its not clear that its worth the effort to use this feature -- you have to program each name in, or it says something of questionable utility such as "cell phone MA" for a call from a Massachusetts. If you program it, it says what you want. Unfortunately, its a bit hard to understand, and not even as "good" as a modern GPS struggling with street names. Its not terrible, but you may not be able to understand it with certain names, particularly from another room. You might get some value from this feature, but some could find it more trouble than its worth.
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on July 7, 2013
Bought this phone to take advantage of the Call Blocking feature. With my current phone service (Verizon FIOS) having a 10-number limit we needed to block more numbers. This phone has a huge limit of 250 numbers and has the largest number of blocked numbers of any phone on the market (which I could find). Using the phone to block numbers is better than relying on the carrier so I can change carriers without having to re-enter all the telemarketer numbers into their system. Entering numbers into the Call Blocked database is a little fussy (requires using a 3 digit # code under the menu key -- RTFM) but, for new numbers it is a matter of simply saving the incoming caller-id to the Call Blocked database.

I'm not using the voice mail so I don't know how good it is.

The ability to make calls in during power outage is another great feature.

I'd buy it again.
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on June 2, 2013
Nice phone system, clear clean sound and good charged battery life. Biggest gain, however, is range. We live in a rural setting with out buildings and none of our earlier systems allowed us to take a phone into the shop or garage. Works like a champ with this phone. Lots of range.

Only thing I would like to see is a little more high volume clarity. At full volume, sound gets a little less distinguishable at lower frequencies.
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on July 1, 2013
We have been buying V-Tech phones for many years but the quality has been long missing. The last one, we could not get the second handset to work consistently, it didn't work most of the time. Afraid to try something new, we just put up with it. Having many other complaints, we finally switched to this really great Panasonic. I had dithered as we didn't yet NEED one, so it sat in my shopping cart for a while until one day I called my daughter & she asked how the phone quality was. It was really good, clear and vibrant, she then told me they just got their new Panasonic phone which was similar to this one but with only one handset, the other is connected to the base. I almost ran to the computer to order ours and I'm so glad I did. Just holding it is nice, it is light but not too light, the buttons are large and silly as it may sound, they feel good to push, unlike other phones. The ring tone is different from a 'normal' ring tone which is another plus, it's fun and I'm not annoyed when the phone rings! One thing important to me is having belt clips for each phone which are so useful and this phone has them. It does have many features I'm still discovering but one that is really good that the old phone could not do - it can call back whatever number has called you. You don't have to note the number down then redial, putting in the 1 in front. This phone is programmed with the 1 and will dial the number by pushing a button. We have one phone in the bedroom and we can turn off the ring tone which is helpful. The answering ability is fine and we don't have to listen to our outgoing message every time we can't get to the phone in time to answer it. We are also able to listen to messages via the handset, not just from the base which makes it very handy. Not all phones are like that. There are likely more benefits I've not yet discovered but my initial response with what I have worked with is, this is a super great phone. Sound quality good, easy to use, large key pad and fun ringtone. I can see why it has many good reviews. I've never enjoyed getting to know a new phone as I have with this one. It is not torture, it's an adventure. This phone is worth the price.

One thing to watch out for that I was unaware of is that if the ring-tone is turned off on a phone, if a call comes in and the caller is leaving a message, it blasts over that phone anyway, not just at the base. This was a shock as I woke from a nap hearing someone talking to me, not 3 feet away. Not a good feature & I hope there is a way to silence the extra phone entirely as necessary.
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on January 19, 2014
I honestly don't think I have bought a product lately - that is more useful than these new KX-TG6845B telephones from Panasonic! They have been in operation now for about a month from date of posting this on Amazon. I am so pleased with these phones that I also ordered a set for my mother.

These new telephone replaced our Panasonic cordless phones that were about 3-4 years old that I replaced (I gave to another family member) with these new phones. Let me highlight the new features that sold me on these phones (make sure and read last one!)

(1) When a message is left for you - you have the option to program this answering machine to beep (actually I think it beeps twice) every minute until you listen to new message! (Our previous Panasonic home phone system just blinked LED on handset and base.) Now, if I happen to overlook the handset display showing NEW MESSAGE - at least now I hear the beep-beep every minute (again this can be turned ON or OFF).
(3) Built-in battery back-up feature to power system during short term power outages.
(4) Display easier to read than previous units.
(5) My particular model came with 5 phones - but will support up to 6 telephones
(6) IMO - The sound quality is much better than my previous Panasonic DECT 6.0 phone system.
(7) Ability to have the telephone system at home - call my cell phone when a new message is left on machine. I have not used this feature as yet - but I can see where this will be handy when I need to know when a particular caller leaves me a message at home.

(8) I have been saving what I consider to be the best feature - the ability to block up to 250 incoming telephone numbers! (Our previous Panasonic only blocked 20 numbers - I was constantly adding and deleting to make room. Not now. Also, if I choose to do so - I can program system not to ring even once upon receiving a blocked call. MY previous Panasonic phone system would still ring one time when we received a telephone call that I had entered and saved as a `Blocked CALL." Now when a blocked caller still decides to call us - I can see the phone handset display light-up and my TV will display the name & phone number (Charter Cable feature) - but that is it! No ringing whatsoever. Good riddance to pesky callers (local and long distance). A quick "how I do it" - ever so often I sit down with one of the hand sets. Using the CID (Call In Display) button - I scroll thru the "received call log". I first note the name, then the number of the caller. I will ask the wife if she know them before I do anything. Then I simply add the ones I no longer want to hear from to the BLOCKED CALL list by programming them in. After doing that - I clear the Call Log and wait a few days and block some more callers. Within a week - our incoming calls have dropped dramatically!

In conclusion, I was about ready to "ditch" our traditional telephone system at the house and do are many others are doing and instead use our cell phones. You can call Panasonic (as I did) and inquire about a particular feature or technical question if needed. I also don't mind assisting someone with a question (as long as you read and tried to find the answer yourself beforehand) here on Amazon.
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on March 18, 2014
I purchased this phone two weeks ago. It is very easy to set up. But the reason I gave it only one star is because it is suppose to have a feature of calling a number when someone leaves a message. I programmed it to call my cell phone. I could not make this feature work so I returned the phones. They gave me another set of phones, and this option still will not work. I have read the manual thoroughly, but still no success. I bought this model specifically for this feature. Since this is my second set of phones I am now stuck with them. I am really disappointed on these Panasonic phones. I have bought many Panasonic products in the past. I am wondering has anyone had this same problem.

April 9, 2014

This is an update regarding the review above. Just by chance I updated my telephone to VERIZON FIOS, and now this feature of calling my cell phone when I receive a message works perfectly. I had no idea that FIOS would make this feature work. Just after I posted the first review I emailed Panasonic. They replied promptly. They just stated what the manual instructions stated. So I decided to call the Panasonic customer service help line. The person stated that they would have a supervisor call me within 48 hrs. Well it has been more than two weeks, and no phone call. I believe that Panasonic dropped the ball on this one.

Keep this in mind when you purchase a Panasonic product. Their customer service is useless.
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on October 13, 2013
I bought this system to replace an old Uniden TRU-9465. I use the base as a speakerphone for conference calls and other customer support functions and to be honest the speaker in the base is horrible. If I could send this thing back I would. The sound is muddy and unclear so I have to resort to the handset speaker, which is much better. Next phone, back to Uniden.

Good clarity on handset and handset speakerphone operation
Good battery life especially on standby off charger
Range of handset OK, nothing special

No flashing Voicemail light on base
Base speaker quality so bad it's not usable
Many Configuration options are not menu driven, but are key codes
Base of handset not completely flat, easy tip-over if used as speakerphone
Display very primitive looking, large pixels
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