Customer Reviews: Samsung ST150F 16.2MP Smart WiFi Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom and 3.0" LCD Screen (Red)
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on January 9, 2014
So I may go on a little rant here so i do like my cameras.

Okay first....this is not a professional camera and everyone who is leaving reviews like it should be one...please stop! The camera is very small so small it can fit in your back pocket or front. This is not a bad thing actually this is what i wanted it for i needed something small, light weight, and easy to use so when i go to my nerd conventions ill have an easier time taking pictures of everything/one i see.

The pictures look really great! they are clear and take way better pictures them my camera phone which again is what i needed. When going on conventions you don't want to use your phones for pictures because your battery will die fast and you need that life so if you get lost from your group you can contact them etc....

The WIFI feature is stupid easy to use! I saw some people complain it was so hard and cant figure out....its 3 steps WHICH THE CAMERA EXPLAINS TO YOU!!! yeah you don't even need to open up the explains it for you on the camera in 3 very simple easy steps. You download an app on your phone (which BTW was free on my android), you press a button in the app after opening it, and you click for a pick and POP! downloads right onto your 55 year old mother could figure this out.

BTW ladies this phone looked pink to me in all the pictures, but it clearly says red and it is red. Its a very very pretty red, but still red.

This thing has amazing zoom for a little guy i was able to take a clear pictures from about 2-3 feet away which isn't half bad. yeah there is better but the thing is crazy small! lol

I love the size of the back screen, i show off my pics to my fiance all the time and he likes the fact he can see the screen without coming super close (he is lazy).

The buttons are very super clear on what they are and do so again you really don't need to open the instructions unless you have never touched a camera/electronic in your life.

It comes with a rechargeable battery and of course a plug to charge it. Its nice because its a USB plug so you can use the USB part for your computer.

it has some cool filters that would be fun to use defiantly if you want some fun shots.

Yes, the camera has a video feature which is really cool and kinda needed when i see panels so i can record funny things they say.

So to wrap it up its small, useful, take great pics, has good features, and mainly would be good for someone who goes to events, outside, parties, even if you have kids, use. If your looking to be a professional photographer no i wouldn't get it if your like me and just go to a lot of events or parties or like to take funny pictures of your cats then its pretty useful and fun.

:) hope this helps!
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on April 18, 2013
My wife and I bought this camera for a cheap and compact little camera for our trip to Las Vegas. We wanted the convenient Wifi picture transfer, and got so much more. She has a Canon Rebel t3 so we wanted something small. It fits easily in your pocket and is very light weight.

I LOVE the Samsung Smart Camera app. It takes this camera from a cheap point in shoot to an amazing device.

I cannot say enough good things about the remote view finder. You can setup your camera and wirelessly view what you look like and hit the picture button on your android phone!

Wifi photo transfer is easy and convenient. No more cables, or taking out the memory stick to put into the computer and then forgetting it.

Wireless upload! This camera can link to your phone, and when you take a picture it appears on your phone ready to upload. You can send good quality photos instead of using the cruddy camera built into your phone.

This is a great little camera for a great price. It has some amazing features that are very convenient. Do not expect an amazing quality lens or picture for 100 dollars. Expect some state of the art functions and a great sized camera.
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on September 2, 2013
First, I would advise you to read the reviews of Tristero, S.Williams, D.Shannon, and B. Valdez....I would sign my own name to those comments.

But as with ANY camera, you just can't stop blur if your camera is shooting at 1/30th of a second or slower, and even with a fast f2.5 lens rating, in low light you will be at 1/30th or slower a lot of the time.

My wife thinks 5X zoom is plenty for her Interior Design and Real Estate practice, and for family events. She really likes the ablility to share immediately with other relatives who have smartphones with less capable photo quality. Our son got WiFi and smart remote apps to work quite well, in about 20 mins, connecting to a Samsung cellphone and an HTC cellphone.

A note about zoom in any tiny camera: Since the lens is so small, there is a real challenge to get high resolution, no matter how many megapixels or what the specs say. It is much better to zoom in for a shot, rather than take the wider shot and try to magnify on the PC later. Actually, this is true of any camera, even my Canon SX40 !!!

The ST150F is capable of capturing restaurant shots, family get-togethers, infant photos,etc. It is much smaller, and I believe better built, than the Elph 115 I also looked at before buying the Samsung.

If 5X zoom is all you need, you only use a camera in its Auto mode, and you want the tiniest, absolutely "any-shirt-pocket" camera, and you want WiFi plus remote control, this is right there near the top of the class under $150.
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on July 15, 2013
I give this camera 4 stars because if all you're looking for is a basic, literally point and shoot camera. Look no further, this may be it.

What I was looking for:

- something very slim that I could put in my pocket as I do my smartphone
- great picture quality
- decent optical zoom
- HD video recording

It met and/or exceeded those areas.


- This thing is tiny. Just a tad bit thicker than an iPhone
- Great pictures when you have adequate light
- Decent flash for low light photos
- WIFI + BONUSES. You can read the specs but this one thing is cool so I have to mention. You can install an app on your iPhone or Android device that allows you to use your phones screen as the display for the camera to take pictures. Some may say this is useless, but it basically allows for remote control of the camera. I found it very handy.
- Battery lasted an entire day of picture taking at Disney
- Can snap pictures of the kids and get a clear shot even when they are not perfectly still.

- Other than the (Smart) auto mode, this camera is seriously lacking in advanced manual controls. You can't change the aperture and such. You can change the shutter speed in a "Night" mode, but the lowest you can do it is 1 second. I understand in night you may want a longer shutter delay, but what if I wanted the shutter to operate faster? No dice.
- Menu navigation isn't ideal. For a basic camera there shouldn't be a need to access certain features under then home > settings button and option, then have to access similar options under the menu button and sub menus. Options are too scattered.
- Low light pictures are not great without flash. I compared this to my iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 and in every situation the iPhone 5 out performed it.
- Continuing on with the feedback about shutter speed. Pictures can easily get blurred if say you were on a slow moving ride or tour and trying to snap a picture. Anti shake didn't help with that.

I returned it mainly for the limited manual controls. I'm not a basic user. If you are happy not changing the settings and don't take picture while in any kind of motion you'll be happy and it does give you good pictures.

I mainly want a DSLR and something small and expensive to compliment it when I travel light on a day to day. I returned it as it doesn't work for me, but I still think it's a great camera for many. It was $99 when I got it at best buy, it was also $99 on Amazon at the time. At the moment it's $84 on Amazon. As the price decreases this camera becomes more and more attractive.
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There's an old saying amongst photographers, that the best camera to have is the one you have with you. That used to suggest the small point-and-shoot that's in your pocket easily trumps the $5k dSLR that's back home on the shelf. Then cell phones started to show up with reasonably good cameras and the game changes a bit because camera or not, we always have a phone. What Samsung has done with their 150F is to provide a camera that is inexpensive, very easily carried, takes better pictures under more varied conditions than my iPhone, and works seamlessly with my phone or tablet so I can use all y technology as an integrated system to produce and share better images while I'm in the field. (That was one of the longest sentences I've written in a long time.)

With each passing year the quality of cameras that come with our phones and tablets gets closer to what is available in standalone cameras. Many camera manufacturers try to justify their point-and-shoot models by including features that aren't in phone-cameras and frankly, we're unlikely to use. Samsung has taken a different approach by, in addition to a boa, Samsung makes the "WB" series easier to use and still get great results. Like its predecessors, this one fits into my front pants pocket (or the case I recommend toward the end of this review). That point alone may make this the best camera you own; having a $5k DSLR doesn't do you much good if you left it home because it wasn't worth the effort to lug it along.


This camera takes great pictures, the quality of those images, along with the camera itself are as good as I would expect for anything selling for less than $250. What sets this camera apart is how well it integrates with a phone or tablet. In my case, these are iDevices and I haven't tried it with any of the Android options available. However, with iPhones/Pads, it is a matter of downloading a free multi-purpose app. After that, transferring photos from my camera to my phone/tablet is as easy as pressing a button on the camera (it is a real, honest-to-goodness hardware button) and starting the app. From there I can quickly send one or a bunch of pictures from my camera for editing, embellishment, and probably posting to Facebook. There are a boatload of other wireless capabilities like using the camera as a baby monitor and using my phone as a remote viewfinder and camera control. To me, though, the biggest and most heavily used feature is the ability to easily and quickly move pictures from the camera to a device that can "send them off" from anywhere in the world.

Things of note:

- This camera does not have a GPS. Based on my experience with other compact cameras that do have that feature, they tend to shorten battery life dramatically and I don't miss it.

- This camera uses a mico-SD card. That's not a bad thing, you just need to know to have one on hand and now you know. Also, the type of card matters; the faster the better. I'm using the SanDisk Ultra 16GB MicroSDHC and it works just fine. The time between shots is about halved when I use a SanDisk Extreme Plus 32GB MicroSDHC instead. For nature shots it's not such a big deal. However, if you are taking pictures of people, and especially kids, I would definitely recommend the faster card.

Some other suggestions that apply:

Normally at this point, I would put in some details about manually setting ISO or selecting a color space. However, for most people buying this camera, it just isn't relevant. You are buying this camera because you want to take great pictures without having to worry about that stuff. The good news is this camera has several "automatic" modes where it makes those decisions for you and does a great job at it.

However, as I mentioned above, this camera stands out among others in its class in putting this level of control at your fingertips when you care to use it. If you do want to "take your photography to the next level then a great resource is the Confessions of a Compact Camera Shooter: Get Professional Quality Photos with Your Compact Camera. It tells you how to get dSLR results out of cameras such as this one.

Finally, I've found the HDE Neoprene Case for Samsung Digital Cameras is just the right size for (just) this camera (and is surprisingly inexpensive). If you want something a bit larger try the Case Logic TBC-312 Pocket Video Camcorder Case, which will hold this camera *and* an iPhone comfortably. Either case is made even better by using a Nite Ize SB1-2PK-01 Size-1 S-Biner to secure it to a belt loop or backpack.
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on October 3, 2013
Lightweight, compact, and attractive, this camera even has a 'smile' detector! And did I forget economical? My son bought one first, and was so pleased with it that I had to have one as well. It's great for traveling, as the battery can recharge through the USB cable on the computer. While I am still learning to use all the features, I enjoy this 'point & shoot' digital camera immensely.
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on October 15, 2013
I have a big bulky camera but wanted a small pocket one for the go, I end up taking it on a cruise vacation so I wouldn't have to carry around my big one..It took great pictures capture wonderful memories with quality pictures.
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on September 13, 2013
This camera is so easy to carry around. It's amazingly easy to use and takes wonderful pictures. Comes with one simple cord for charging and transferring pics right to my laptop. And, NO BATTERIES!!
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on January 25, 2014
I have two other samsung cameras, that don't have wifi. That is such a convenient feature! My daughter takes a LOT of pictures while they play, and we have used it for legitimate reasons, like taking pictures while she conducted her experiments for the science fair. When we uploaded the pictures, they were HUGE files (1.5 to 2 mb each) when she used the full 14 megapixels. So we decided to cut back the resolution so she can upload more of her silly little pictures and videos and still enjoy them. If we need really high quality photos, we can easily switch it back to higher resolution.

There are so many options that she is able to do a lot with it. The "smart" features seem to work quite well. She is able to just point and shoot without making a bunch of adjustments. With my older samsung, I have to make a lot of adjustments and try different ones before I find the right one for the best results.

This camera has a lot of options for uploading the pictures over wifi, including email, youtube, facebook, and the samsung app that comes with the phone. We had no problems connecting it to her accounts.

It is easy enough to use for a child, but fancy and high quality enough that I would love to have one of my own as an adult.
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on August 16, 2014
This is a great little camera that serves it's purpose as an easy point and shoot. I bought this to take on vacation and was excited to see it has Wi-Fi capabilities. I tested it out at home first using my own Wi-Fi and it worked like a charm. You have to take some time to configure it correctly. While abroad I was able to use our hotel's Wi-Fi to upload pictures to Facebook in real time so my friends and family could get a glimpse of what was going on. My only complaint is that the latch on the bottom that opens and closes the battery/SD card comes open VERY easily. So use caution, and double check it every once in awhile. Other than that, a very nice camera.
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