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on September 29, 2013
Today I threw out the humongous carton that came with the Sony XBR65X900A.

I bought this set exactly 30 days ago from Amazon. It took a lot of effort to get it ready for view, the TV cabinet, the Sony technicians for the 4K Media Player, Time Warner Cable, and a physical wired ethernet connection for the Sony Media Server. The hard work was worth it as the picture from this thing is better than anything I have seen at the best New York theaters; including screens at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13, BAM Rose Cinema, Lincoln Plaza, Ziegfeld, Regal Battery Park and the fabulous Paris Theatre. The sound at level 45 is at 98 decibels in my 21x14' room while playing Avatar in 3D. Oh yes, the 3D with the Sony passive glasses are the absolute best 3D I have seen at any setting. Less confusing than at an IMAX theater, the details are pristine and there are no confusing backgrounds to foregrounds even with Avatar. Watch Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas and you have the best 3D demo up to 2013.

Now about all the non 4K sources upconverted to the XBR65X900A, DVD and pre DVD stuff will look no worse than they did with any current top of line 1080p set, including the great plasmas from Panasonic and Samsung. (I did sit for hours at the Best Buy Lincoln Center store where they had this set next the the 4K set from Samsung and the near $4,000 plasmas from Panasonic and Samsung. I bought in blu-rays to compare....)

With Time Warner Cable premium channels like HBO and Showtime, the upconversion is seamless and looks like film with the extra resolution and spark you just will not see at most theaters. You will not be annoyed as in certain theaters where the screen has scratches, dark spots, curvy lines and or the brightness isn't uniform. The Sony 4K is sharp and true to the edges. The blacks like in The Dark Knight Rises appear so detailed you can see the stitching in Batman's costume. No problems differentiating the different shades of blacks. The whites maybe a tad less white than the top Panasonic plasma but I am picking hairs.

I did not change the default Standard settings during my first 30 days. I did try briefly the Vivid and other pre-set modes and did not like them. The Standard seems true in most cases.

My kid and his friend played a day of PS3 on the XBR65X900A with all thumbs up. They played many action packed games and had no problems with delays or artifacts.

Regarding the 4K server. Sony's people here in New York were very careful with the handling of the set. The TV needs to have the back panel removed in order to change a chip for the 4K Media Player to work. This is also suppose to make it future compatible for HDMI 2.0, although that is not available now. The 4K sources are like the Sony 4K demo videos (with the little girl running all over the place...), sharp and lifelike, almost 3D level.

Using a web connection speed of 20mbs and higher, the 4K Media Player can pretty much download from Sony's 4K online service within minutes. By the time you get a drink, the 4K movie is ready for view.

I hope this helps.
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on May 15, 2014
If you're looking for a 4K TV and have the option to choose any other model, please do so. Until more content comes out one of the biggest benefits to 4K TVs is the ability to watch 3D in full 1080p Resolution. According to Sony's website both the 55" and the 65" version like all other 4K TVs on the market have this ability. Well that's a complete lie.

When I initially purchased this TV I was amazed at the color and picture quality, I even enjoyed the sound coming from the side speakers so much that I didn't need to setup my sound system. However when I popped in a 3D Movie I was disappointed to see visible vertical lines. I assumed this was probably a limitation to my blu-ray player. However, watching the same movie on the same player at my buddy's place who owns the 65" version he bought AFTER seeing my 55" version shows how wrong I was. Passive 3D on his TV compared to mine made it seem like I owned a cheaper older 1080 TV and in a way I was right...

After doing some more research I realized that the 55" version of the 900a does not come with 3D at 1080p and has the same limitations as old 1080 panels. This is due to the size of the panel preventing them from fitting the appropriate FPR technology in/on to the smaller panel. Thus making the actual vertical resolution of this TV in 3D 1920x540p the very same issue older 1920x1080p TVs had in 3D. Afterwards I called Sony Technical Support, the first representative told me this was impossible and that the TV should come with 2K (1920x1080p) Resolution just like the other models as advertised, but after transferring me to a level 2 support rep my fears were confirmed. This TV only shows 3D at 1920x540p resolution. No firmware or changes to the panel could fix this. Afterwards I spoke with a supervisor who showed no sympathy to my problem and said there was nothing they would do to resolve the issue. I paid $3,500 (A $2,000 Premium) for the television itself, $700 on mounting the TV to my wall, and hours of labor all for a feature I was promised and lied about to.

The worst part is that before buying this TV, I made sure to check Sony's website so I could be 100% sure this TV had 3D with 2K Resolution, going as far as using the website's comparison feature with all 3 sizes of this model and reading down the list to check for any differences. Not only does it make no mention of this feature being left out in their website description but actually states that the XBR-55X900A comes with 3D in 2K...

3D Features
3D Format Support : Yes(2K-only)
Simulated 3D : Yes
3D Super-resolution : Yes
Auto 3D Depth Adjustment : Yes
3D : Passive

That description is the same for both the 55", 65", and 84" versions. This is false advertising and had I known this I would have never went with the XBR-55X900A since to my knowledge this is the only 4K 3D TV that still shows 3D at 540p. As a loyal Sony customer, I feel completely cheated and let down.
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on June 2, 2013
I rated this television 5 stars after making a few picture adjustments that seemed to literally POP the picture out - possessing a depth-of-field approaching 3D; however, I now must downplay that review.

In addition to my 4K I own a Sony XBR-HX929 (a year old set), and found that making similar picture adjustments produced a near identical picture.

This realization was disconcerting given the vaunted 4K technology in which I made a significant investment was reduced to me having to stand a few feet away to attempt to see something, anything, that was different (i.e., better than my year old set). Knowledgeable of the return policy of the vendor from whom I purchased the 4K, I found myself thinking more and more of divesting myself of this...underwhelming yet significantly priced new innovation.

In hopes that perhaps seeing native 4K from the media server (just made available) would sway me, I purchased one and enthusiastically hooked it up and awaited my appointment a week later to deal with the HDMI circuit board swap to allow the television to communicate with the server (I guess Sony forgot that communication with the server was necessary?). The technician showed up and did his work (upgrading to HDMI 2.0). Upon pressing the power button I was immediately rewarded with a 4K symbol fading in and out showing signs of life for about 30 seconds...before morphing into a black screen with an error code.

The technician couldn't do anything about it and referred me to Sony phone support to rectify the problem. I started that process the following night attempting various fix suggestions that didn't work and waited fifteen minutes after my case was escalated to the higher level before hanging up. I called back later and that "higher level" support department was already closed. Apparently they think so hard at that level they need more rest and leave at earlier hours.

I tried again the next day telling Sony that I wouldn't wait for more than a few minutes and requested that they call me when I would be available in front of my television. The rep said they could and made the notation in my file, but the call never came. I called Crutchfield, the retailer, and requested a return. As I type these words my 4K is back in its box and the 4K Media Server is in its (i.e., they'll both be soon headed back from whence they came).

I'm a Sony fan, but this 4K roll-out was rather...ham-handed. After paying $5500 for the television and server to have a combo that doesn't work together and requires technician and phone support (to no avail) is NOT a good use of my money and certainly doesn't engender near or longterm confidence in the health prospects of the equipment.

I opted to divest myself of the 55" 4K and invest in the 65" XBRHX950 (Sony's last pre-4K XBR). The picture quality, outside of 4 feet, will be indiscernible with that of the 4K, I gain 10 more inches and pocket $1500. I'll take it!!!

Plus, the picture difference really is not anything to hoot about. Sony says it themselves that one must be within 4 feet of the screen to appreciate the difference. If you plan on setting this set up in a bedroom and make a habit of sitting on the edge of the bed to enjoy the higher definition, this television is for you. However, if you plan on setting it up in a larger room where you're likely to be more than 6 feet away, there really is no sense in buying 4K.

Also, another thing that is and always was worrisome about this roll-out are the 10 movies Sony sought to be the flag-bearers of native 4K prowess:
Bridge on the River Kwai, Bad Teacher, and The Other Guys to name a few. I think if I were rolling out something revolutionary I would seek to kick down the front door with blockbusters people want to see, not sneak in through the back door to catch people looking the other way.

If money is no object and you haven't purchased a television in 5 years...I still won't get this television, get a XBRHX950 or XBRHX929. But if you have a 2 year or younger set, wait until there's a reason to upgrade. This, unfortunately, is no reason to upgrade...not yet.

Why did Sony go ALL IN on 4K that doesn't yield obvious benefits to the end user? I can only imagine that Sony envisions economies of scale rendering the cost of building a 4K about the same as building a conventional 3D HD and the only televisions that will be available in the very near future will be 4K - so they want to be the first to throw their hat in the ring.

Don't be a pioneer, it's expensive and time-consuming. Wait for the price drop.
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on March 30, 2014
I am posting this update as of November 15, 2015.
This TV FAILED at 19 months! And as others have posted, Sony has never made it capable of natively showing 4k content.
Shame on Sony!
A disastrous product; Sony should be forced to recall these units.
I apologize for the review below.

The Sony 55XBR900A is a beautiful TV. Ordered on a Friday, it arrived via CEVA "white glove" delivery the following Thursday morning. Amazon concierge services were helpful and available prior to delivery. The delivery guys unboxed the TV, assembled the stand, placed the TV where we wanted it, and allowed me to hook up the TIVO, PS3 and Cat5 cable connections before powering up the unit; they then helpfully performed the initial setup before getting to a factory set out of the box spectacular picture.
Picture and sound are nearly perfect; the beauty of the built in side mounted speakers is that you don't need a separate sound bar, although a high quality 5 or 7 channel surround system trumps the small surface mounted speakers.
Good connective features including 4 HDMI inputs; cable or antenna COAX in; Optical Digital Audio out; WiFi and Wired Networking; headphone out; one component and composite in.
Easy setup and lots and accessible settings;
Factory settings perfectly fine for most use; quick web search will find other reviewers optimum settings;
3D is as good or better than movie house; uses lighter more comfortable passive glasses that don't require batteries (I have read that the 3D on the 65" inch version is better; maybe, but the 55 seems perfect to us). PS3 and TIVO both recognized as supporting 3D.
upscaling to 4K seems to work well; YouTube 4k is pretty amazing
Netflex, Amazon, Hulu Plus, YouTube apps all work well
initial firmware upgrade completed in under 10 minutes, no big deal
able to play and view files from other home networked attached devices (photos and video stored on a router connected drive)

Remote feels cheap, is not back lit and offers no keyboard support
Bluetooth crippled and doesn't seem to support keyboards or other remotes
expensive to buy even at current lowered prices before new model is introduced
somewhat glossy screen not optimum in well lit room
no dedicated computer input (i.e., no DVI, VGA or sound, only HDMI)
should have been a design option to hide or remove side speakers; not everyone will like the look of the side speakers; I do, but ymmv.
limited 4K programming as of 3-30-14; 3D is still somewhat gimmicky and unnecessary.
free 4K mastered discs, Netflix and Hulu offers expired and no longer available

We replaced a 2006 Sony KDL46XBR2; while that remains the most visually beautiful TV Sony ever built, the picture improvements over the last eight years makes this a worthy upgrade. A major con is that after viewing the 55XBR900A, your eyes are so utterly spoiled you won't want to watch any other TV.
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on February 17, 2014
I waited patiently for seven years to upgrade my (then-new) Sony KDL40-XBR3. As then, I wanted to spend some dough and acquire a future-enabled TV that I can enjoy for years even as new content and technology becomes available. My XBR3 is a native 1080p display and when I got it, nobody provided native 1080p content. Now, it’s everywhere and the XBR3 still does a fantastic job rendering 1080p.
So I wanted a 3D TV that has all of the high-end video and audio processing capabilities I will ever want over the next 5-10 years. This means no active goggles so I need passive 3D. And it means something that can handle the HDMI 2.0 standard, which was finalized only last October. And I don’t want to add a separate surround sound system so I want at least the great pseudo-surround experience I always had with the old XBR3. Finally, my viewing distance is limited to no more than eight or nine feed so I need something no larger than 50-55” or so. Oh, and I really wanted to do this for about the same cost as my XBR3 so forget the $9,000 OLED I saw recently.
After surfacing every January to look around, I postponed for one year and then another. Finally, when I looked again in January 2014, I found that LG, Sony and Toshiba had 4K passive 3D UHDTVs available. But the Sony alone had top video and audio quality ratings. Even the cheaper Sony XBR55X850A added to the line later in 2013 omitted the 65W speaker system included in the 900A, and the others didn’t compete with the Sony video processing quality recited in the reviews I found.
Every passive 3D UHDTV uses Film Pattern Retarder (FPR) technology to provide left and right 3D images simultaneously with no frame delay between L and R eyes. This suppresses ghosting compared to active schemes with non-zero fame delays as I understand it.
But I was concerned about rumors that the Sony XBR55X900A provides a 3D image that is limited to 540p resolution (allegedly not the case for the larger 65-inch display in the same Sony line). With the new HDMI 2.0 support provided by recent Sony firmware upgrades, the video bandwidth should support 1080p 3D images (one L HD image and one R HD image packed into a single 4K frame) but rumor says that the FPR was too tightly squeezed in the smaller 55-inch display to permit reliable production of 4096-line retarder films (somebody heard it from somebody who knows a Sony engineer, etc). I tried but could find no real evidence of this except for a You-Tube video purporting to demonstrate the deficiency with a test pattern – but this video predates the recent Sony firmware upgrade. I was not persuaded but worried because I want HD 3D.
Finally, seeing no other real contender, I ordered my new Sony XBR55X900A, relying on the Amazon Return Policy to bail me out if these rumors proved true.
This new Sony has exceeded my most optimistic expectations.
First thing I did was install the new firmware (upgraded to PKG4.201AAA) released on 07Feb14. Sony Tech Support website says that the PKG4.001AAA released on 23Dec13 supports the October 2013 HDMI 2.0 spec and supports 3840 x 2160p at 59.94/60Hz YCbCr 4:2:0 8bit and 4096 x 2160p at 59.94/60Hz YCbCr 4:2:0 8bit, which should handle data rates necessary for 1,920 x 1080p passive 3D images at 60 fps (but I know of no available content). The original Sony specs (before the firmware upgrade) limit 3840 x 2160 to 30fps and limit 4096 x 2160 to 24fps.
Next, I ran a few basic tests using the Spears & Munsil Test DVD (with 3D) in my Oppo 103 Blu-Ray Player, which has native 4K output capability and certainly can handle 4K frame-packed 3D images. I could not detect any frame delay between L and R images using the test pattern. I did not make the effort needed to test for ghosting with a light meter but was unable to see any ghosting even out to the sides or standing up near and above the screen. Some Reviews had reported more of a vertical ghosting tendency than lateral but I saw none at any of the positions we reasonably use. This amazed me. Even if there is ghosting, if I can’t find it, I’m good.
Regarding the rumored 540P 3D limitations: I can see individual hairs and other HD-type features (razor sharp edges, etc) in the 3D images provided on my new Sony. Looks like 1080p to me – I don’t care what the early test results may have shown (before the December 2013 firmware upgrade). I admit that the 3D image (up very close) appears to have double-wide scan lines (one L and one R most likely but I did not test that assumption) and I’m no expert but dual lines in a 4K display is what I expected in a 1080p image anyway. No matter – my Sony provides the best color and other image processing qualities available today for 2D images (don’t rely on my opinion alone – check out the Consumer Reports review of October 2013). And the sound, like my old XBR3, is awesome.
This Sony can also display Native DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) 4K (4096 x 2160) but a 60fps refresh rate requires the December 2013 firmware upgrade. I’m unaware of any available content.
I know of no significant available native 4K content (beyond demo disks) but my Oppo 103 will up-convert anything to 4K, as does the Sony itself. One review suggested that the Sony up-conversion quality is at least as good as the Oppo. I couldn’t say and I don’t care – the 4K content will come in its time and I am ready for it now. In five years, we all will be buying passive 3D HD displays, I expect. I am ready for that with this Sony XBR55X900A.
I suggest a careful review of the Consumer Reports review published in late October 2013 and made available as “Sony XBR-55X900A: Consumer Reports Shares a Review with AVS“ on the web. However, be aware that the review predates both the finalization of the new HDMI 2.0 specification and the announcement by Sony of the new firmware PKG4.001AAA that supports this new standard.
Finally, one disappointment. My old XBR3 has a wonderful matte screen that eliminates reflections beautifully. I miss that with the new Sony XBR55X900A, which could stand in as a boudoir mirror. I suspect that the light polarization provided by the film pattern retarder technology would be scrambled by a matte overlay (but I have not researched it) so this to me is likely a trade-off for a great passive 3D experience. Also, the passive 3D image is reduced in intensity by the polarized viewing lenses, which limits utility of this Sony in bright rooms.
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on November 23, 2013
This is an awesome TV. I have the 55" which is bigger than any TV I've ever owned but it has a design defect: 3D only uses 540 lines. That is correct, this "4K" TV only uses a quarter of the lines available when displaying 3D. Maybe I'd watch more 3D if it didn't have this defect, or maybe I wouldn't, but it's obvious to see that this is the case: get reasonably close to the TV with the googles on and you'll see horizontal black lines cross half the screen!

The 65" does use all the lines. So if 3D is important to you, get the 65".


Otherwise it's an awesome picture and the sound is excellent. I mean so excellent that we moved the stereo to the man cave and use this TV and a small 8" subwoofer as the living room stereo. Sounds unlikely but it's true. I used to fill up the living room with huge speakers, power amps, preamps, processors, and all that. The sound on this TV is so good most people like it better than the big stereo. Obviously you'll need to use the TV's own equalizer to roll off the internal sub to get these results, but it's amazing and easy to do.

Speaking of equalizer, you'll want to calibrate the picture too. Long story short at the Best Buy they'll have it set to "Vivid" which is completely inaccurate, but the default settings in "Cinema" are within a single click of calibrated. Which is what you'd expect for a TV this expensive, I guess. You need to do that so that the blacks are black. The AVS forum I discuss in the comments has a zillion entries about how to do that; backlight 7, dynamic LED standard...

Bottom line: it's the best "consumer TV" out there, but probably the most expensive too. As the price drops to the $3,000 level I expect this thing to take over the market for high end mass market stuff. Sure you can buy a $10,000 plasma with better blacks, but if you don't sit in a room with black out curtains and so on, this is TV you'd want. And in retrospect I want the 65"
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on April 13, 2014
I have had the pleasure of owning the best big screen tvs for some years. Before purchasing this Sony, my latest was a 73" Mitsubishi that we found very satisfying. But, technology moves on. As we found our lifestyle including more video streaming and renting movies to view at home, I began looking to upgrade our viewing experience. 4K immediately grabbed my attention as a tv I should research and consider. I now spend considerable time researching products before making a purchase, including Amazon reviews, You tube research, and visiting local retailers to see things in person. A friend who bought a Nikon digital camera system described it as the "hold, touch & feel test". Having tried the approach myself, it is now a mandatory part of my research.
Finding 4K tvs locally was a bit difficult. After visiting several of the regional tv outlets in our area, I was impressed with models from Samsung and Sharp, but couldn't find Sony models. Finally, my local Best Buy displayed a Sony 65" 4 K system that included the Sony media hub.
After watching & having the various units demo, I concluded the Sony provided the best visual experience. Audio quality was not important to me, because like me, you probably already have a quality surround sound system. I settled on purchasing the Sony 65" 4K tv with media hub. The next step in my procedure is to research price because there are so many options since the advent of the internet. I compared the price from my local Best Buy with on-line retailers and soon came to the conclusion that although I could save maybe $500 by buying from a discount retailer from New York, who wants the hassle of delivery, set up and repair with a company 3000 miles away. Because my experience with Best Buy has always been terrific, I purchased this Sony set with Sony media hub, delivery & set up included. The delivery, set up and subsequent service provided by the Geek Squad was nothing short of magnificent. I'm glad now that I purchased the Sony from them, although I was tempted to buy directly from Sony after talking with their tech person.
The Sony 65" 4K tv is absolutely fantastic. It is be far the highest quality visual home entertainment system I have ever owned. Another factor that influenced my choice of the Sony tv is the commitment to provide 4K programming. And who is better suited to provide 4K movies than Sony itself?
This tv fills our living room with a commanding presence. The picture quality is unquestionably superior to any other tv we have owned. The pairing with the Sony media hub provides you with an easy method of renting or purchasing 4 K movies. Using the Sony Entertainment Network is as easy as using Netflix. I have noticed the picture quality is superior with every video source we have, including DirecTV, Apple TV, the latest Sony 4K 3D blu-Ray player, & built-in apps.
The picture quality and interface of the Netflix app provides a better picture than that provided by my Apple TV, which had been my favorite way of accessing Netflix.
And this Sony set comes with an 18-month factory warranty, which I consider vital when purchasing a tv of this caliber, not to mention price. Yes, it's not cheap, but considering the fact I'm more comfortable watching movies in my home than anywhere else, I consider the price for my new Sony 4K tv to be reasonable.
If you are ready to consider joining the 4K revolution, I strongly urge you to consider Sony units like this. You may conclude as I did that Sony provides an outstanding choice in home entertainment.
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on June 9, 2013
I recently upgraded this tv to the 65" X900A and i have to say, I'm so happy I did! It's a gorgeous tv with an incredible quality. The 3D is just breath taking!Bigger is always better with 4k! :) worth the upgrade!

(original review for the 55"X900A)
I finaly decided to pull the trigger on this tv,upgrading from the samsung es8000. The samsung is still one of the best tvs i've ever owned, but this Sony is beyond impressive. It's incredible! I wasn't sure if i would be able to see a difference in performance based on the fact that samsung has one of the best picture qualities out there, but i was wrong. The fact that 1080p can look this good upscaled is exciting in its self! First of all, this tv is very expensive but does it deliver the goods? Yes it does IMO. After bringing it home, the first thing i noticed was how heavy this set is. Twice the weight of my 55es8000. The set up was simple and fast.It comes with two controllers. I had no problems setting this baby up myself.I love the circular chrome stand and the speakers. Not sure why many are whining about,I'm actualy a fan of the sexy/sleek design. It's different from the other XBRs from previous years and i like that. I hooked it up to my sony 3D bluray 1000 watt surround sound system,BDV-N790W and WOW! what a beautiful Picture! There are tons of picture and sound settings that i'm still playing with and getting used to since this my very first XBR Bravia, and boy what a way to make the switch! lol All i can say is that this tv delivers!! Bright, beautiful true to life color and detail that surpasses anything i've seen up to this day. I have not tryed the 3D since i've been checking out some of my 2D blurays to see the benifit of the built in upconverter. The sound is also very good on this tv, though i wont be using it much since i already own a system. I must say, the 3D glasses look good and feel light since they are passive. I will post a few pictures. Over all i'm extremly happy with my purchase and cannot wait untill true 4k content starts to hit the market! Already the picture quality in this set is amazing, that includes my regular Dish programing. Watching sports in this tv takes it to a whole different level! One complaint i do have is that the screen reflects light a bit more than my old samsung. Not a deal breaker, but still a bit annoying at times.I know that turning up the backlight helps a bit, but i dont like to do that because it makes my picture seem like its on torch mode. Sometimes i forget this is only an edgelit led thanks to the local dimming. The picture pops with excellent contrast. I have it set to standard right now, and my back light set to 7. Again, the settings on this tv are nothing like the ES, so i try to keep that in mind. For those people saying that you have to sit realy close to the tv to see a diference, I'm here to tell you that isnt the case. When you do get close to the tv however, you realize the picture is still clear as if you were at the regular viewing area. there is little to NONE of the picture noise you tend to see in other 1080p tvs because of the 4x amount of pixels. The picture is smooth and lifelike thanks to the increased resolution. Over all, if you want some of the best detail and picture quality on an LED tv, look no further, but be prepare to invest! lol thanks for reading and feedback is welcomed. Will update on the 3D performance soon!

Update 6/10/13

After finishing the Avengers 3D, i have to say this tv delivers an AMAZING 3D experience unlike anything ive seen before. I've seen the passive 3D on high end LG's and Vizios, and they dont even come close. The best way i can describe it is a mixture of the beauty and sharpness of active 3D combined with the comfort,brightness and eyepoping style of passive 3D! :) it truely is the best of both. I cant wait untill true 4K 3D is available. that in itself would be nothing short of expectacular! Thanks for reading.

edit- one thing i must add to this review, is how well this tv handles internet streamed video content. it is simply AMAZING! Sony throws in a year of free Netflix,Hulu plus, and music unlimited. the quality is breath taking! the richness in scale of color, detail and smooth motion is just beautiful to watch. :)

update 6/23/13

sony sent a second software update which seems to have made the picture even better. Still in love with this TV and i'm still blown away by how clear regular 2D bluray and streamed video is handled. watching "The Hobbit, the desolation of smaug" teaser trailer on youtube is just mindblowing! The quality is beyond impressive! to those of you who own this tv and have seen it know what i mean. One thing i forgot to mention in my review is that this Sony also has a setting called "mastered in 4k" which is enabled when you choose "cinema1" PQ under settings. This not only upscales remastered in 4k blurays, but also any of your favorite 2D blurays from your collection. The result is a more lifelike,true to life color that is just unbelievable.

update 7-14-13
with the purchase of the 4k media player, Sony is sending a technician free of charge, to replace the HDMI port 4 from 1.4 to 2.0 and upgrade for compatability. Had to include this in my review as I have noticed some are concerned about making the investment in buying this awesome television because of that.When I bought it, I was told by Sony that this tv would be upgraded and current owners wouldn't be left out. Thank you Sony for coming through on that promise.

update 8-28-13

I now own both the tv and the 4k media player, which is only compatible with this model. My hdmi port 4 was replaced to 2.0 during activation along with a software update. I comfirmed this with Sony today. I must say i continue to be wow-ed by the beautiful picture quality and amazing detail only this sony delivers, specialy when you see true 4k being displayed on screen. It realy is a beautiful sight!

update 9-5-2013

I just read on the sony website that all of these 4k sets will be upgraded to hdmi 2.0 standard for all additional ports by the end of 2013. it will be done through a firmware update! Here is the direct quote from Sony,

13)."An Internet firmware update to support HDMI® 2.0 to accommodate 4K/60p (59.94/60Hz) video content will be available end of 2013. Requires that the TV is connected to the internet to receive the update."

So as you can see, this updagrade will be given for ALL Bravia 4k owners.

update 01/27/2014

Sony indeed updated this model and the X850A 4k model to hdmi 2.0 with a firmware update back on Dec 19th 2013. I'm using the "cinema1" option for my picture settings which enables the "mastered in 4k" feature for every input. This upscales even regular programing to near 4k quality. I have to say that i'm still blown away with the crisp, clean sharp images, 3D performance, and over all picture quality on this set. inky blacks, great contrast and rich colors make the image pop. With prices going down and more 4k content on the way, including Netflix 4k later this year, This tv is still a great choice.
review image review image
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on May 20, 2013
Really nice TV, this may set new levels for picture quality like 720, 1080, did when they first came out. The colors are amazing add to that the detail and you feel like it's not a picture but the real thing. We got the set on May 16th, maybe one of the first around here(NH), the 5K is hard to swallow at first but in truth we've paid more for Flat Panels when they first came out with no where near the Picture Quality, someone has to start the ball rolling, lol.
It's important to note that this TV is NOT Samsung Thin, matter fact almost harkens back to them older Plasma's we had, maybe not as thick but don't think your buying into a hanging art piece that hugs the wall. We got the Slim tilt one touch from Sanus it's a nice wall mount for this TV and to adjust it you just gently push or pull on the TV. For those who want slim you could do a in wall setup.
Setup of the TV is simple and instructive, but be fore warned you need to do a SYSTEM UPDATE otherwise you may find the TV turning on/off, the remotes not working etc. We spent a hour with Sony Tech Support after hours trying to reset the TV so we could go back through the setup and download the update, after awhile we finally go the TV to reset and update, THANKS to Sony for having Tech Support available on a weekday night after 9PM and low and behold a English Speaking rep, wow, Kudos to Sony.
As for another Kudos for Sony how about them fancy side mounted Speakers and the amazing thing they sound pretty decent, no need for a sound bar for this TV, if you want casual TV time no Surround Sound this TV has more than acceptable Sound to watch general TV without running the AV Gear.
All in the All, yes it's expensive, but the newest and greatest tech always is, and being the Tech Nerd I am, the latest and greatest always gets my attention, Sony will Sell a lot of these TV's and were not in the least unhappy we bought it.

Pro's; WOW what a picture, Amazing Colors and Detail no matter what you watch, Nice Sound built-in another WOW, easy setup and got to say what a pretty TV.
Con's; Expensive, No Warning about doing the Update so make sure you do it, not so Skinny like a Samsung.
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on August 14, 2014
First, let me say this is the first review on amazon I've ever been compelled to write. I upgraded from a 2008 XBR in June of 2014 to this set. I also purchased the coll looking (round) 4k server for it. First of all let me say the picture quality is simply AMAZING. My girlfriend and I are astonished each time we watch the 4k demo reels packed into the server. Seriously it almost looks better than being there yourself! For those that are wondering, the dreadful "soap opera effect" is basically non existent thanks to Sony's in depth motion flow and cinemotion controls. My 1080p blu-ray movies look better than ever. The depth of color and detail is unmatched by all others in its class, in my humble opinion. The sound system is without a doubt the best I've heard on a Sony television or any television for that matter! This set continues to amaze me every single day that I turn it on. By the way if you're an avid gamer like me, you will forever see your ps3 and ps4 games in a whole new way. If you've got the money to spare this one is worth the cost as admission. Trust me it's worth it. 5 stars.
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