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on July 18, 2013

I bought this phone through Verizon. I've had it for a few days now and can say that is has exceeded my expectations by a long shot.

I am coming from a basic phone, and I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 with Android 2.3

I was tempted to get a Samsung S3, but decided against it and opted to get this recently released phone for less (free).

Well, I am very pleased with this phone. It came with Android 4.0.x, not 4.1.x as the website states. But, I was able to update the software to Android 4.1.2. So, you will have that update available.

The phone is powerfull, has a peppy screen response, is easy to use and the battery seems on par, maybe even a little bit better than other similar devices.

The screen is large and bright. The internal 16GB storage is very nice and the option of up to a 32GB MicroSD card is very helpful. The abundance of apps on the Google Play Store (Android Market) gives the user an overwhelming amount of options to accomplish their goals, including many free apps that work just as well as many of the pay apps.

The 4G LTE is speedy and I really like the mobile hotspot and tethering options for my other wi-fi devices.

There is a front and rear camera which with the front camera is helpful for face-time with friends and family. The rear camera is nothing special, but is an 8MP, which offers some good High Resolution photo options, but the photos seem to come out a bit darker than one would expect. I've never used my cell phone for any serious photography, so this does not really make much of a difference to me, but may for some users.

A few negatives I have about the phone:

1. I don't like having to remove the rear cover to access my MicroSD card, but this isn't a big deal considering I don't need to access it often.

2. The charger cover flap is a bit awkward as it pulls up and swings to the side, but gets pinched when plugging in your Micro USB cord and I don't see it lasting but maybe 4-5 months before it breaks off.

3. Stereo Speakers on the back would have pulled in a few more buyers for a relatively low production cost.

4. I would prefer my soft-keys (back, home, settings) to be outside of the regular view screen and rather along the bottom, but they do disappear when viewing videos and other items that require the full display.

5. Another 1GB of RAM would have made my choice a lot easier, but it doesn't seem to suffer at all with only 1GB as long as you keep unused programs ended and not running in the background.

This was Pantech's first attempt at a higher-end smart phone and I personally feel they have hit it out of the park on its capability, user friendliness and competitiveness in the market. Now, if they are willing to put in some extra marketing, they may be able to make some real money on their future products.

P.S. Check my other reviews of products here at Amazon for honest and objective opinions.

(UPDATE - 7/26/2013)
After having the phone now a few weeks, I have to continue my support for this product. I have added a Rubber/Plastic 2-layer hybrid case to the phone, as well as a screen protector.

The phone continues to exceed my expectations.

Update on the Camera: I've found that the camera has a zoom that works fairly well, and the photos are not as dark as I previously thought.

Voice input is very accurate when inputting text for messaging or texting with the voice input. I use this option a lot.

One thing I haven't figured out yet is how to modify the vibration settings when you set the phone to silent mode. It seems it vibrates for some things, but not others. One thing it is not currently vibrating for is text messages. I have been searching for the vibration settings, but haven't yet found them, if they exist at all. If not, this was something that was overlooked and is a bad one. I want to set the vibration settings, lengths, intensity, etc...based on any notifications that come into the phone. I can not find any description in any documentation for this yet. If you have this phone and know how to change the vibration settings, please message me and let me know. I can not have audio enabled at work, even though some correspondence on my phone is work-related, and often look down at my phone to see I have 3 text messages from hours ago. If it had vibrated, I would have been able to respond immedately.

Other than the vibration settings, the phone is great and I highly recommend it.
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on June 20, 2015
If I could give this phone a negative 37 stars, I would. Without a doubt the worst phone I have EVER had. It freezes on me constantly. So many calls have been dropped on me because when I attempt to answer, it freezes on me and I inevitably lose it. I can't access my gallery on a consistent basis, as that too freezes on me. My audio is inconsistent as at times. I can't hear my caller or they can't hear me. I have taken it to Verizon several times, and they can't fix it They tell me that unfortunately, I was sold an inferior product from the get go. Verizon's reps even hate Pantech. I can get another phone, but I would have to pay for it, since I'm not due for an upgrade for another year. The manufacturer is no help either. In short, I'm stuck with this piece of sh$@t phone for another year. At least I can warn someone not to buy this or any other Pantech. Did I mention that I HATE THIS PHONE....REALLY HATE THIS PHONE?
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on June 12, 2015
AWFUL phone. I got this as a free upgrade from Verizon. After about a month it deleted everything by itself and restored itself to factory settings, a month after that it deleted everything again and gave me a message that said "enter password to decrypt storage" when I didn't even have a password on the phone. So I did the hard reset function on the phone and got it back to factory settings AGAIN, and just last night, about a couple weeks after the last incident, my phone won't start up at all and even the hard reset function doesnt work. It's a piece of junk, don't let anybody fool you. I thought it was a bargain when I first got it. It's not. Don't do it. Seriously.
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on June 17, 2015
and I've had a few over the years. Bought this after dropping and breaking my Galaxy S4. I wasn't eligible for upgrade so bought the cheapest smartphone verizon had at the store I went to (still over $200). This phone seems to work only when it feels like it. Half the time when I go to send texts or dial a number, while the appropriate keypad pops up the phone doesn't register any of the numbers/letters/text I enter. Sometimes the only way to get it working is to restart it. It is excrutiatingly slow with almost everything it does, bring up the simplest of apps can take minutes. I wish amazon had negative stars so that I could give this lump of junk the rating it really deserves. There are also times when the it gets unusually hot, sometimes when it's charging but often when it is simply in use.
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on May 7, 2015
This is the worst phone I have ever owned and is a source of endless frustration. The battery dies very quickly. When I use the keypad to enter a password or phone options, the keypad flashes on and off erratically making it difficult to input numbers accurately. It will not log into some networks, where my other devices will without any problems. I cannot send emails at all, and photos cannot be sent by email or text messages. When attempting to connect it to a computer there are multiple connection errors and it attempts to complete the connection repeatedly as it encounters these errors. This is using the original cable, other cables and different computers. I can't believe how many issues one phone can have! I will NEVER get another phone by Pantech.

Edit: My emails did finally appear, between four to five hours after I sent them....that could be a problem other than the phone, but the rest if the problems still persist.
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on August 25, 2013
The Perception is a nice phone, had good reception in low reception areas. Easy to learn and I was able to set it up the way I wanted. Two weeks into owning this phone it just died! No forewarning, no nothing - I just picked it up one morning, swiped the screen to open it and it went blank. I called into a service center to see what could be done for it, they had me: pull the battery, pull the SIM card, do a soft and hard reset. They told me there was a soft ware issue with the phone and I would just have to return it.
I liked the phone but if this one had a software problem then a replacement might too. I will wait for the next generation or until they get this issue fixed before I go back to this phone.
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on November 17, 2013
I got this phone because I didn't want to pay the Verizon high-dollar prices for their most popular phones, I was trying to be frugal & save a little bit of money. However, since I got this phone in June of 2013, I've had to return it twice already!!! Typical problems with it being, if you attempt to attach photos to emails or texts it will only allow you to attach 1 photo, then you'll get an error message stating "Unfortunately email or text messaging has shutdown! This makes me made because I have to send more than 1 photo 1 at-a-time! Another problem with this phone is, when you're attempting to access anything via your keypad, like voicemail for instance, when you're asked to type in your password or anything via the keypad for that matter, it just blacks out your keypad and you have to keep hitting your on and off switch to get the keypad to come back on so you can view it! I've returned this phone TWICE now for these same problems and everytime I've just gotten a new phone with the SAME problems! I'd say, don't waste your money on this one and just give up the money and buy a tried-and-true brand phone like either Samsung, or LG, or HTC. Just buy something that won't cause you problems! I'd like to return this phone again for the same problems I've mentioned above however, I'm certain I'll just get a new one with the same problems so I'm just going to have to suffer through a 2 year contract with Verizon and this phone or bite the bullet and by an Unlocked phone for $600! Bottom line: DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS ONE!!
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on November 25, 2015
absolutley the worst of the worst cell phone you can own.
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on January 20, 2016
I love it
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on January 13, 2014
I like this phone and enjoy using it, but unfortunately, enjoying the use of my phone last only an hour or two, depending on what I am doing. I like the screen size, camera, and I get pretty 3G/4G reception as well. My only gripe is the battery. I'm not sure why Android based phones (at least the ones I buy, Droid Bionic as well) have a phone with a battery, then come out with an extended battery. Why not just include the best battery possible ? I will eventually give in and get the extended battery since I am tired of going into Task Manager to kill apps after I am done using them to save battery life. I have 3 battery saving applications and brought my phone into Verizon to have the battery checked. They confirmed the battery is fine and that I have too many things running in the background (which I already knew and hate restarting my phone because I have to manually stop all of these services when the phone starts). They also advised me to uninstall the battery saving applications. Next phone first thing I look for will be battery life.
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