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on July 21, 2013
Ok, so I didn't buy this on Amazon, as I didn't want to wait on the shipping......I know, I'm impatient! I went to the local Big Box store and picked it up. After listening to it for a couple of days, I began to contemplate if I had made the right choice. So, I went to the local Bose store in Boca Raton, FL and asked if I could do a side by side with their units. A store associate gladly accepted my request/challenge, and we went into one of their sound rooms for product demos. He brought with him the Bose Mini and the Soundlink II.

I admit that I lean towards Bose due to my positive history with the company. All things considered, I expected a "blowout" with the Bose coming out on top. WAS I WRONG! First, we put the Boom and the Mini head to head. The Bose Associate controlled both units from his iPod Touch to start. He started with the Mini and switched over to the Boom. Both were played at 50% volume with a very noticeable difference in output. To clarify, the Mini's MAX volume was equivalent to the Boom's less than 75% volume output. In other words, the Boom was MUCH louder than the Mini. The employee was dumbfounded at this. I said ok, lets test the sound quality with a song that I find myself listening to quite often. It is Mothers Wingspan, by Ben Leinbach, which I think covers the sound spectrum pretty well.

We hooked both units to my phone for this test. Testing on the Mini began with a slight popping from the speaker. You could tell it was really straining. It should be noted that the volume on the Mini was set at 50%. The song was switched to the Boom, and the sound was phenomenal. Never did we hear popping from the Boom. However, at 80% volume you could begin to hear distortion, but by this point the volume was at an uncomfortable level (for your ears). Though slight, it was there. It was at this point the Bose employee asked me to turn it off, so he could go get his manager. He said he had to let his manager hear this.

The store manager came in the room and we started back up and switched between both units. Again, the Boom BLEW the Mini away! When I stopped the music, the manager asked me what this "thing" (UE BOOM) was. I told him, and he said that he couldn't believe the sound coming from this thing. Once I gave him the specs and other abilities of the Boom, the only thing he said was, "wow, that is amazing" as he shook his head and walked out the room. By this time, I was feeling pretty happy with my decision. Especially, given the fact that I could buy another one and have twice the sound!

To confirm my decision, I asked if we could put the Boom head to head with the Soundlink II. Again the employee was happy to give it a go. Maybe because I told him that if it was a big difference, I would buy the Soundlink and take the Boom back. So, we hooked them up and played Mothers Wingspan just as we had with the prior test with the Mini. Folks, the Boom did not blow the Soundlink II away. HOWEVER, it did get as loud and as clear as the Soundlink. The only thing the Soundlink did better was the presentation of lows from 0%-50% volume. That being said, it DID NOT present them so well that I would spend an additional $100.00 on the unit. It should be noted that the low's that create a fuller sound for me are what sells a speaker to me. I could not believe the Boom had just comparably performed with the Soundlink II. Neither could the Bose employee! As a matter of fact, he said that this made him want to leave work today and go buy a Boom for himself. In the same sentence, he also said that he wasn't going to tell anybody about the Boom because it would put the Bose Mini out of business! He was just as amazed as I was!

Now factor in above the ability to pair two Booms, water and dust resistant, 15 hour battery, pairing options, and shear sound. All of which, with exception to sound on the Soundlink II, the Bose cannot do. The question of which should I get, is answered! The Boom!!!! The only proof I can give you of my account with the testing as described above is............If you don't believe me, get one and go to a Bose store and do it yourself. I bet you will be surprised with the outcome. Just as the Bose employees will be too! I would absolutely recommend the UE Boom. To put the icing on the cake, with a big fat cherry; The Boom comes with a 2 YEAR warranty, as opposed to Bose's 1 year warranty on their units. I am just amazed at the performance of the Boom! I forgot to mention above; the Booms pairing is super fast! Both the Bose and Boom are fast, but the Boom also outperformed the Bose in this test as well. Get it! I don't think you'll be dissatisfied.
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on March 12, 2014
**Warning** This is an overly extensive review. I apologize for my rambling but I wanted to touch on everything.

Ok, so much like many of you may be, I was recently RACKING MY BRAIN over the decision between the two products: UE Boom and Bose Soundlink Mini. I went back and forth, almost day to day, before finally walking into BB and coming home with the UE. First let me me say I am completely unbiased when it comes to brand names. I make my electronic purchases based on my eyes and ears (and in this case - hands), with a small consideration of track record of the company. I say this because through the course of reading countless speaker reviews, it became apparent that there are Bose loyalists, and also Bose haters. So again, I'm unbiased. I consider myself pretty tech savy and I spend a lot of time researching the products I want before buying them. These two were no exception and I hope it will help you guys pull the trigger.....regardless of which one you pick. This is also the first time I've written a review on ANY product, EVER. Thus should reinforce my enthusiasm and happiness with the UE Boom.

I am 28 years old, living in Scottsdale, AZ. I spend a lot of time at my condo complex pool, playing sand volleyball, hiking, playing basketball, basically I live a pretty active lifestyle and all of the aforementioned activities leads me to the first factor that helped me choose the Boom:

PORTABILITY/DURABILITY - I love having expensive gadgets, but i HATE having to baby them or worry about them being broken or damaged. The Bose looked pretty tough, and I'm sure outside of simply dropping it, it would hold up fine. But I knew with the Bose i would be treating it like a rolls royce. Having to worry about where i set it down, how close to the pool it was, making sure it shaded adequately form the sun (aluminum body) if i had it out at the pool etc. So this was an easy PRO in favor of the Boom.

FEATURES - This category also easily was in the favor of the UE, however, most of them were not overly important to me. I probably won't have use for many of them (NFC, speakerphone, even the double up i don't anticipate using). But I like that they are AVAILABLE. And the app is pretty sweet also. Let me be clear here, I didn't chose the Boom BECAUSE it had more "features" than the Bose, they just seemed like a little extra bonus. Moving onto the most important characteristic we care the most about:

SOUND QUALITY - This was initially a tough one for me. After so many reviews online, I couldn't tell if I was being influenced by them when I was in the store testing the two speakers. So here's the simplest way to say it. They both sound GREAT, and regardless of which one you choose, you'll never be like "Damn, I bet theres a better sounding speaker out there." As I'm sure you know the Bose has more bass, but the UE goes noticeably louder and PERSONALLY, I felt the sound was crisper/cleaner coming out of the UE boom when sampling the same song on each. I listen to a lot of hip hop music and was worried about lack of bass might be a negative for me if I went with the UE. But the more i listened to the Bose, I just found myself feeling like the sound just "wasn't right". The UE sounded a bit more "natural" and it still has bass, just not as audible as the Bose. The "360 sound" seemed kinda gimmicky to me, but it does seem to be pretty uniform. In the end, I came to the acceptance that both speakers sounded DIFFERENT, and I picked the one MY ears liked more. I think this is probably the best way to fully decide. Strip away everything else and just be honest to which speaker's sound jumps out to you.

OVERALL - I have had the UE Boom for 3 days now and I could NOT be happier with my decision. I charged it all the way up to 100% first night and then left it playing overnight at 25% volume to test the boasted "15 hour battery". I woke up after 8 hours of sleep and checked the battery, and it was still 80% charged. So that was pretty cool, especially because I'm terrible at remembering to charge my gadgets. The weight is perfect, not too heavy but also not light enough that the wind would even have a chance at blowing it over outside. Music genre wise - I've played every genre in my iTunes repetoire from hip hop, country, alternative, classic rock pop, techno, a few stand up comedy shows and each one truly sounds FANTASTIC. Even the hip hop that I was worried about. The design is about as cool and unique as it gets. The soft mesh feels great in your hands and you can feel totally at ease with tossing it around without a case. As I held it in my hand I just constantly found myself thinking "This thing is SWEET." I got the white/blue despite being worried about the rubber becoming dirty. The Best Buy display model was pretty grimy but they said clorox wipes clean it right up. Magic erasers I'm sure work great if really need be.

Bottom line is that they are both great speakers. Cliche, I know, but its true. I'm not trying to persuade you to get the UE Boom over the Bose. I just wanted to explain why I chose the UE in the thought that there are many of you out there that might be right on the fence like I was. Good luck!
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on November 26, 2014
after trying several bluetooth speakers, this one came out on top. for those of you trying to shop for one, I hope this review helps. I will be comparing the eu boom to the bose soundlink mini, beats pill xl, bose soundlink 3.

first, the bose soundlink 3. this bad boy in my opinion sounded the best. I prefer a more balance sound without the bass being too overwhelming. my only thing with this is it is sort of big, I was looking for a more portable bluetooth speaker. these speakers would be great for home use. another thing is it has its own proprietary charger, so it can only charge with the provided cable. in today's day and age, I feel like it's time for everyone to use the standard micro usb cable for charging. (Bose, Apple... are you listening?)

Bose Soundlink Mini: this one was near perfect for me. great sound, balance and was portable. bass was present, but nothing to brag about. I noticed when you try connecting more than one device to it, it tries connecting to the most recent device. so when you try to go back to the old device, it lags or some times doesn't connect. connection issues, rarely. same issue here as the soundlink 3, has its own proprietary charger. battery went a bit over 7 hours at %50-60 volume.

Beats Pill XL: definitely a HUGE speaker. I was sold on these because of the nifty additional features. battery life is great on these, 15 hours. these speakers can really start a party. bass has always been a pretty strong point for the Beats line, but for once it's not nearly as overwhelming as the previous version. I used the usb to charge phones/tablet and such which was very handy. nfc and conference calling is also there, but I honestly never used those features at all so I have no comment or opinion on how effective or useful those features are. I couldn't justify the price tag of $260 since I didn't use half the features it bragged about.

finally, the reason why I chose the Logitech UE Boom. these are very portable (same with the soundlink mini) . about the size of a Monster energy drink. can easily fit in your bag or cup holder in your car. sound is very loud, clear and balanced. so if you prefer more bass, these speakers are not for you. battery life is very good. I easily got 14-16 hours having the volume at %50-60. hold the +/ - sign at the same time, and a siri like voice comes through and tells you the battery percentage. also, you can download the Logitech Ue Boom app on Android or iOS. the app allows you to set the alarm (play a song of your choice as your alarm ringer), see the battery percentage meter, and pair 2 UE Booms to create a surround sound like experience if your a baller. everything I was looking for in a bluetooth speaker, the logitech speaker had it. balanced sound, portable, high battery life, water resistant (not a must, but a welcomed addition. must use the provided clip to block the usb port to make the device water resistant) standard usb port for charging (Apple, Bose, Beats.. are you listening?!) very easy connecting to any bluetooth device. Everyone who hears these speakers (the same argument can be said about all the other speakers I mentioned) were pleasantly surprised how much sound was being pumped out of these speakers. the design is great too, and actually works. it's a cylinder design which creates a 360 experience. whereas the other speakers, you almost have to be in front of it to hear the sound clearer (more so the soundlink mini) I noticed when I used the logitech at work, when all my coworkers were sitting around a table, I can simply set the ue boom at the center of the table, everyone can hear the sound equally as well.

quick summary of the pros and cons of each device.

Best overall sound: Bose Soundlink 3, but way too pricey at $300 if you ask me. no additional feats. great for home use. some may argue it's a very simplistic, classy look. for me, the longer I had it, the more annoying I found the rectangle design to be. too bulky and on the heavier side. not something you want to haul around everywhere.

For the Bass heads : Beats XL is great, but for my personal preference it is definitely not as portable as I'd like. the only one out of the bunch that can charge other devices, but the usb cable is NOT provided. they provide a small usb cable that the manual says is used to update sound drivers online. Didn't try that, but kudos to beats for including that feat to keep the device up to date. has a nice led light on the rear to show how much battery is life (Bose are you listening?) Beats have had a bad rep it's first years. I was one of those who passionately hated Beats. I will admit, the revamped models will impress you. at first I thought the device was overpriced. but when the device can last up to 15 hours, charge your mobile phone/tablets, nfc and conference call.. the additional features makes the price tag reasonable. Beats also went with there own proprietary charger, and not the standard usb cable to charge the device. this is super mind boggling to me, because the updated versions of the Beats Wireless, and Powerbeats2 Wireless charge with a standard usb cable, but the Beats Pill doesn't??? Beats has some explaining to do here with that decision. consistency would have been nice.

Soundlink Mini: great sound, very portable. connection issues can happen if you plan on connecting multiple devices. if that's the case, remember to turn off your last device you connected the soundlink mini to, because it will always try to connect to the most recent device. I'm sure all bluetooth speakers are like that? a small battery indicator shows when the battery is fully charged or almost dead, but it'd be nice if it had a led light or digital percentage to give a more accurate battery life. I still can't
understand the reason why Bose (or any company for that matter) would go with a proprietary charger. there are so many external battery packs on the market that use a standard usb charging cable which would be an added convenience for most users rather than trying to find an outlet which isn't always made available to us if you plan on taking your speaker somewhere.

Logitech UE Boom: 360 sound (works great as advertised. high battery life, water resistant, usb charging port, +/- sign held together will tell you the battery life that's left. very durable and was meant for the outdoors. if you are one who is clumsy in terms or drops or getting a few splashes of water on it, no need to worry. these speakers can take a beating if needed. vocals, lows, mids, highs are great. bass is definitely the weak point here, which is fine by me because I prefer clarity over bass. one more minor, but important note. at first I purchased the black model, but noticed fresh out the box it had a few cosmetic scratches. very noticeable, especially if you are OCD like me. if it had that many scratches fresh out the box, I worried about how many scratches could accumulate after long term use. I'm not sure if this is common, but something to consider if you were thinking about going with black. so I went with the white/red model. no cosmetic scratches or dings at all fresh out of the box. (which is expected from any new device, but didn't work out for me with the black colorway) may potentially be more prone to dirt/oil or whatever with the white model. but if you get it on the white portion of the device, you can easily clean it with an alcohol wipe.

hope this review helped anyone who's in the market for a bluetooth speaker. hook me up by hitting the 'helpful' label down below. I hope to do more reviews with the latest tech and gadgets releasing next year.
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on July 29, 2013
So, I've been testing a few bluetooth speakers this week. I'm your average techie but with a penchant for excellence. I prioritize quality over quantity.

Speakers tested at home: 1) Jawbone BIG Jambox, 2) Bose SoundLink Mini, 3) UE Boom.

Limits of testing: Tested using iPhone 5 6.1.4 and MacBook Pro 15" Early 2011 10.8.4. Did not test battery life. Did not test speaker phone features.

Note, many of these thoughts are personal preference.

UE Boom: LOUD! Practically as loud as the BIG Jambox. Would fill a family room or backyard patio easily. Strong focus on mids and highs. Almost no real lows. So the sound is very "crisp" and loud with minimal distortion, but "empty" sounding. Sounds decent at low volumes, more shrill at high. Less directional sound given the mesh all around with helps it sound louder and you get farther from it. I really like the USB charging and the nice compact charger and cable. Easy to pair. Don't especially like the appearance. Looks very "casual" and sort of cheapo. Seems like it would get knocked over easily. Feels durable though because of the rubber. Solid. Easiest and most carefree to transport of the three without a case. Like how the volume is sync'd with the iPhone and the battery indicator. Speakerphone option is plus, but did not test. If going for loud and price, would pick this one.

Big Jambox: Also loud. More full sounding than the UE Boom. The LiveAudio mode sounds amazing with many songs. Really makes the device sound "bigger" with more speakers. Great sound with similar priority given to lows, mids and highs. Decent sound at all volumes, shines at higher volumes. Has an audible hissing sound when it is actively on. Can hear this the most when there is silence in the music or the music volume is low. Big and clunky relatively speaking. Would work well in larger indoor rooms and yard. Seems a bit fragile with the sharp corners and full metal mesh covering. Large charger. Did not try charging with USB, but read that it does, albeit slowly. Nice compliment of controls (volume, forward, back). Battery indicator on iPhone. With latest firmware, should sync volume with phone for easy control. Speakerphone option is plus, but did not test. If price and size not an issue, would pick this one.

SoundLink Mini: Not as loud. More full sounding than the UE boom, but not as full as the Big Jambox. More focus on lows. The bass is incredible for the size. "Deeper" sounding bass than the Big Jambox. Mids and highs sometimes take a backseat to the lows; typical for Bose. Excels a low to mid volumes, but seems to struggle a bit at the highest volumes. At mid to low volume, it really gives the fullest sound of the three because of the emphasis on lows. Relative to the size, provides the "biggest" sound. Nice travel charger with unique folding prongs. No USB charging, annoying. Difficult to change volume because there seem to be too many volume increments and it does not sync volume to the phone. No battery level on phone. Nicest and most classic looking speaker of the three. Would blend in well in many styles of rooms. Finish looks easy to scratch. Most solid and best fit and finish of the three. For value and overall performance, would pick this one.
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on August 11, 2015
I tested this speaker against The Oontz Angle Plus and JBL Charge 2+. Ultimately the JBL won, and you can see a slightly altered of my review on the JBL there (much of the below is repeated).

I initially got the Oontz Angle Plus after my Sol Republic Punk died (you can check out my review of that product there). For $35 the Oontz was capable, but not as loud as I would like. I wanted a speaker for three things: working out in the garage, in my office when I write, and for the beach. Therefore I was looking for a splashproof speaker.

The UE Boom cost 5x the Angle Plus on sale. The Boom has nice aesthetics, and is quite loud. I didn't think it was worth the difference in price, but my husband said I could not keep the Oontz after he listened to the Boom. Obviously the Oontz is not in the same league (but it is a very serviceable speaker), but my husband didn't like the wimpy sound compared to the Boom. We found the JBL Charge 2+ on Warehouse Deals, so we threw that into the mix to test.

Compared to the Boom, the JBL Charge 2+ is not as loud...I say about two clicks less. Depending on the song, my husband tested about 8 db less on the Charge. A few songs, there was no audible difference, nor measurable difference in the casual db tester. However where the JBL wins is definitely the bass. The UE Boom sounded like it was screaming at you vs the full, sexy, resonating sound of the JBL. Bass is relative though...neither speaker will rumble your baseboards. But comparatively, the UE Boom had no bass to speak of next to the JBL. However again, it is noticeably louder for most of the songs we played, if that matters to you. It also seems more natural upright, whereas the JBL seems like it could topple more easily. But the JBL can sit horizontally whereas the Boom would roll around. I actually prefer the vertical (smaller) footprint, so the Boom wins there.

The JBL on my kitchen scale weighed about 3oz more than the Boom, and it is wider so it's a little bulky for my smaller hands. The Boom also just looks cooler, compared to the giant candy colored beer can look the JBL has going. But here are a few other reasons I chose the JBL over the Boom:

On the JBL:
- The battery indicator - the 5 dots gives you a nice idea of battery level
- The volume buttons to me were easier to push than the Boom, however I like that it's easier to tell in the Boom when you hit max vol (I keep just pressing on the JBL until I think I've gotten there)
- The ability to skip, pause, and play from the speaker. I leave my tablet in the house as it doesn't pick up wireless well in the garage. I put the JBL in my elliptical's cup holder and can skip tracks by pressing the phone button twice quickly. (pressing once pauses, pressing it once again plays.) All you can control from the Boom is volume. Even the Oontz allows pause/play from the speaker.

The Boom has NFC, but I don't find the 2 extra steps for bluetooth that difficult. Still, it's a nice feature. I think the Boom can link to two devices, while the JBL can remember 3. Don't quote me on that one though.

Ultimately, it depends what you are looking for. But for the $30 price difference I was judging between the Boom and the JBL, the JBL was the clear winner.
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on November 22, 2013
Let's get one thing out there right away: to me, a bluetooth speaker is all about portability. I see a lot of reviewers comparing this to the Bose Soundlink. I'm sure the Bose sounds great, but I'm not taking the Bose with me to the beach, camping or by a campfire (I'm certain I'll forget to bring this inside from time-to-time, but it's weather-resistant), boating, in the shower, or anywhere, because the Bose would be ruined. If you're buying a speaker only for indoors and/or mostly for use in the same area, I don't see why you'd buy a portable bluetooth speaker.

Since I started with portability and durability, let's talk about that:
This thing is well-built. I've owned many electronics of all kinds, and I know a well-built device when I see and feel it. It's heavy for its size, and with speakers that's always a good thing in my experience. Light speakers never sound good. That said, it's only 1.2 lbs, which is still very portable and could even be clipped to a belt loop on the little clasp with a carbiner clip. There's even a hole for a camera tripod to mount it on, should you need to (outdoors at a party?) It has a great feel to it with a rubberized, durable, matte/flat finish. The mesh is awesome (the yellow part on this speaker--I got the moss/green speaker). It should hold up very well.

I'm not going to submerge it just to tell you if it survived ;-) I can say, though, that I watched a YouTube review where the person ran it under the kitchen faucet and it kept playing fine. So, at a minimum, it's highly splash-proof.

It's about the size of 1 1/2 soda cans. About the same diameter, and about 1.5 cans tall. I was surprised by how compact it actually is. Additionally, the round shape makes it easy to carry around.

Piece of cake. A few seconds and you're up and running. There's also an (optional) app you can download for Android (Apple too) which gives additional options, and you can pair it with another speaker. I think the best part of the app is that it tells you exact battery percentage (you can also make the speaker itself tell you that!)

Range: I have a 2,000 sq. ft. house, and I can walk around anywhere, even down to the basement, and the signal stays solid. It has at least a 30 ft. + range (probably more.)

Sound: (tested with rock music, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds, Shinedown, etc.)
I'm absolutely stunned by the quality of the sound that comes out of this Boom. I put it at full volume to test it for this review, and I had to turn it down shortly thereafter. Unless you're outside partying, you won't need full volume. Additionally, at full volume, there was absolutely no distortion at all.

Bass: Ok, so everyone apparently wants to talk about bass. I know Bose is known for its bass, and I am always impressed with what they can pump out, but I'm telling you that this UE Boom handles bass very well. I think it sounds excellent. Are you going to feel the bass like you do in a car with an amp? Not really, but I'm nevertheless really surprised by the bass quality of this little speaker.

Vocals: Impressive!! Crisp and clean. The vocals sounded better than on my Onkyo home stereo in terms of quality, not volume, obviously.

Mids/Highs: I think the sound quality is excellent.

All-around, I can't see anyone being disappointed with the sound of this device. I'm amazed at what small speakers are now capable of. The 360 degree sound is excellent, too. It doesn't really matter where you place the speaker or which way it's facing; it sounds the same.

There are plenty of cheap speakers out there and you almost always do get what you pay for. I know this one is pricey, but I don't regret the purchase at all. I've started to tell myself to buy a good product up-front rather than trying to find that perfect bargain but never quite being happy with it (which then makes you buy more stuff to "test", etc.)

Any questions? Ask!
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on March 23, 2014
I am using this speaker as my primary speaker setup for my desktop computer, so my review is based on that experience. If not for that, it would get an easy 5 stars.

Pros: Bottom line? These speakers sound amazing. Sound is loud, clear, has surprisingly good low-end output despite its size, and is really really impressive. It literally rattles in your hand with the amount of noise it gives off if you hold it while playing music. As a desktop speaker replacement, I am very satisfied with the quality of the sound.

Cons: Because this is meant to be a WIRELESS, and battery powered speaker, there are some quirks when using it always plugged in and as a desktop speaker.

First: It goes into a sort of standby mode when nothing is playing. Whenever I begin to play a youtube video, or music, or something like that, it always takes 2-3 seconds after the start of any audio before the speaker will kick on and start putting out sound. Because of this, little notification noises almost never play because they're not on long enough for the speaker to come out of standby and play.

Second, the power and audio ports are on the BOTTOM of the speaker. So in order to have it plugged in all the time, like I do, I have to have it placed upside down. It sounds the same whether its upside down or right-side up, but it's an annoying quirk.

Third, there is a rubber grommet that goes in the audio jack and USB port to keep water out. It seems like this grommet could have been included in the body of the speaker. Instead, it is a separate little plug that I need to add when I leave the house. It seems like it would be very easy to get lost.

Fourth, this speaker's battery cannot be used to charge other devices. I almost did not buy this speaker because of this oversight. I have seen other bluetooth speakers that allow you to use the internal battery as a backup battery for other devices. I think it's a great feature, and I am not sure why UE has not integrated this option.

Final Thoughts: I bought this because I have a very minimalist desk. I wanted a powerful speaker that would sound great, but not take up a lot of room. The standby quirk is a frustration for me, but one that I can live with. Not everyone would feel that way. If you buy this exclusively as a portable speaker, I have no doubt that you are getting one of the best speakers on the market. As a desktop replacement, you might want to consider the issues I have had and decide if they are worthwhile tradeoffs.
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on July 14, 2013
They are small, but they sound amazing. Don't expect the bass you would get from full size hi-fi equipment, but for their size, they are truly fantastic. They beat any other small speakers I've tried. Battery last a long time and I can carry them around the house.

I got two of them, I use them in stereo using the UE Boom app, and control them from either an old iPhone or my Samsung Galaxy via bluetooth.

Design is a very personal thing, but I find them beautiful. They have a rubbery texture and a great "feel". The packaging was also very well made, opening them was an experience on par or even better than opening an Apple product. Even the charger and the cable are amazing: flat rubberized cable in bright neon yellow, brilliant.

All in all, I highly recommend them. They are not cheap, but well worth it.
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on July 31, 2013
Went to Best Buy and purchased the Bose Soundlink Mini, the UE Boom, Beats Pill, and the JBL Flip. Quickly narrowed it down to the Bose Soundlink Mini and the UE Boom. The UE Boom's bass is just a tad under the Bose Soundlink Mini, but the UE Boom's volume and overall clarity was much better in my opinion. The 360 degree listening area of the UE Boom and its 15 hour battery life versus 7 for the Bose Soundlink Mini was ultimately what sold me. Oh, not to mention the UE Boom has an app with an equalizer that can do minor adjustments and you can see battery percentage from your phone or hear it by holding down both the volume up and down buttons on the unit. Nice to know UE Boom will do software updates with the app that you can then adjust your speaker for - (on a side note, the reason why I chose the Parrot Zik headphones over the Bose QC15s - customization and future firmware updates to make the product better). I feel bad for anyone that bought the Bose Soundlink Mini and didn't test out the UE Boom first. If you're debating, try them both out and you will go with the UE Boom hands down.
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on June 5, 2013
Ok - so I am not the most up to date kind of fellow but when my buddy brought a little 25 dollar speaker onto the golf course I was like, "yeah, I like that, I need something like that."

So I started with the HMDX Jam...hmmm 50 bux, fits in the cupholder. Sound was decent, about hole 15, bluetooth streaming - DEAD

Next up - JBL flip - better sound, 100 bux, Hole 16 dead.

So after all that money(got some back from Ebay), I order this for 200 bucks plus shipping so I spent about 230 total.

I got it yesterday at 3 pm. I took it straight out of the box. Charged it for the 10 minute drive to the course and played 18.

This bad boy was still playing while I loaded up my clubs!!

Sound is spectacular. It goes too loud really for a golf course which would turn into a bonus for say a pool party or garage buddy.


I am DONE looking for a bluetooth speaker that lasts, sounds good and gets loud enough. Do I wish it was a 130 or 140$? Sure, was I willing to pay a little more to not have to keep looking?

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