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on August 6, 2013
I purchased this from TigerDirect after comparing G750JX models and here are my impressions after one week with no regrets. You save $400 compared to the G750-JX-DB71 and get better components and upgrade options. First, I was willing to sacrifice the 256 GB SSD which wasn't worth the premium price to me considering current prices of SSD drives. Both models give you 16 GB RAM, but readers report that the JX-DB71 comes with 4X4 GB DDR3 SDRAM with all 4 slots occupied, while for the cheaper JX-TB71 you get 2X8 Gb DDR3 SDRAM with 2 empty memory slots which I immediately upgraded with 2 additional 8 GB sticks to max out 32 Gb RAM. The G750-DB71 comes with a 5400 RPM 1024 GB HDD, while the G750JX-TB71 comes with a faster slightly smaller 7200 RPM 750 GB HDD but with an empty drive bay which I placed a WD 750 GB Black (5 yr warranty). I personally like the increased HD space with faster drives on this desktop replacement gaming laptop and reserve the SSD drives for my ultraportable SONY Z3 (another sweet machine that I use for cross country and intercontinental business travel). Both models also come with the premium 3 GB Nvidia GTX770M card and thunderbolt port and, of course, the 4th generation i7 Haswell Intel processors. I purchased this to replace my 3 year old HP Envy 17 which I enjoyed but recently bit the dust due to the extreme graphics chip heat and poor ventilation design. The ventilation on the G750 product line is outstanding and it really stays cool despite throwing everything at it (you can see temperature profiles in other online reviews which are real). Another important feature is the ability to run 3 full HD screens which is why I used the Envy 17. I use the thunderbolt port to drive an HD DisplayPort monitor and the HDMI port to drive another HD monitor giving me 3 side-side 1920X1080 extended desktops. This was able to handle video editing and Photoshop/Illustrator work easily all at the same time. I no longer play games seriously, but installed Call of Duty 2 and World at War, and Brother in Arms Hell's Highway and they run beautifully in full HD settings just messing around. I'm going to try Battlefield 3 next. Overall, I'm glad I purchased this model over the DB71 model and saved $400 dollars which gives you an SSD drive; larger, but slower HD; and inconveniently uses up all the memory slots forcing you to waste memory cards if you want to max out your RAM. I spent an additional $120 to get 2X8 GB sticks from Crucial and $75 from Amazon to get a WD Scorpio Black 750 GB drive. For a total of ~ $1700, I have a Haswell G750 laptop with premium graphics and 32 GB RAM, 1.5 TB of fast HD space. Enjoy!

I forgot to also mention that this model also includes Bluray combo drive which the $1900 D71 model does not. Even better, when I checked the device manager, it seems that the drive is a Bluray writer as well, but there's no specific documentation that I could find and I don't burn Bluray disks. Bluray movies on this non-glare HD screen are a pleasure to watch. Another big reason I'm glad I chose this model.
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on August 29, 2013
Most of the other reviews have already done a pretty good job of discussing the great things about this laptop, so I won't waste any time repeating that. I've owned it for nearly two weeks already and I don't regret my purchase at all. However, there are some cons here and there so I figured it'd be a good idea to post these here for everyone to be aware of before purchasing.


- Aluminum surface around keyboard and mouse is a fingerprint magnet and somewhat difficult to clean. It doesn't take fingerprints in the same sense that a glossy screen would, but when you touch the metal surface your finger will leave a dark mark on it and the only way to clean these marks is by rubbing them pretty hard with some sort of microfiber cloth or rag. Thankfully, ASUS provides a small cloth with the laptop so cleaning isn't a major issue. However, it's still a bit annoying considering how great the laptop looks when clean. This is probably my biggest complaint.

- Trackpad isn't great. The mouse buttons, while independent from the tracking pad, are somewhat mushy to press and don't give a very satisfying "click". To many people, this won't be much of an issue either since with a machine this big you'll probably be using it on a desk where an external mouse takes care of this. On the bright side, there's a keyboard shortcut for disabling the trackpad so in case your palm brushes against it while typing or gaming it won't affect what you're doing. I'm not sure if this is a standard feature since this is my first Windows computer after using exclusively Macs, but this was a welcome addition for me.

- ROG badges are located below the right side of the keyboard and on the back of the display. This is probably just personal preference, but I feel the laptop would look a bit more polished without the ROG insignia everywhere. Really minor complaint.

- HDD & RAM bay underneath the laptop does not close completely. Near the top of the door, it refuses to lie flush no matter how I try to push it down. This may be just a problem with the one I got, but it's not big enough of a deal for me to ask for a replacement.
UPDATE: I was informed that this is an issue with my specific product, so it should not be a concern for anyone else. Nevertheless, I will leave that up here just as an FYI.

- Comes with a lot of bloatware. ASUS tacks on a ton of weird apps that many people would never need, and adds McAfee in addition. I uninstalled McAfee shortly after getting the laptop but haven't yet bothered figuring out what the rest of this software does.

- Power cord goes into the right side of the laptop. I find this a little annoying because the cord is pretty short as it is, so I have to run it down the right side instead of wrapping around the back of the laptop and because of this sometimes I brush against the cord with my mouse.

- Keyboard backlighting is uneven, especially on keys with larger icons, such as the Windows key.

- When using headphones or external speakers, there is some static in the background. It's mostly only audible during quiet audio or when the volume is turned up very loud. May be due to interference with other components inside. A cheap $6 USB sound card fixed this issue completely for me.

- When closed, there is nothing attaching the "lid" of the laptop to the base. Many laptops have some sort of mechanism that locks the two parts together when the laptop is closed so the lid isn't opening by itself (For example, Macbooks have a magnet that attaches the lid to the base) but with this laptop the lid has the tendency to wiggle open a little bit as there is nothing keeping it together.

- Windows 8. Again more personal preference, but I know the OS is a selling point for a lot of people and many prefer Windows 7. I'm not sure how easy it is to downgrade as I haven't tried; for my needs Windows 8 works fine.

Despite all these little annoyances, I really love this computer and I'm glad I purchased it. I'd give it a 4.5 but as Amazon does not allow that the review will show up as a 4/5. Most of these cons will only affect some people, and a lot of them should not be deal-breakers but it's good to know ahead of time what to expect. I'll update this review in the future if I come across any other complaints, or if I end up re-evaluating anything. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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on August 9, 2013
The G750JX with GTX 770M is a great laptop. But the DB71 model is pretty expensive due to the SSD. I believe many people are willing to buy the G750JX without the SSD since everyone can purchase an SSD with cheaper price and higher speed. So this model is a good choice.
This model also comes with 16GB Ram (2x8GB), which means you can upgrade to max 32GB with 2x8GB. This is one of advantages since the other models come with either 2x4GB or 3x4GB or 4x4GB. So this model is great for upgrading to max 32GB without removing the original Ram and buying 2x8GB RAM more.
Also, it comes with the bluray drive, which even isn't included in the expensive DB71 model.
The only disadvantage is the wireless card. This model comes with the 802.11n wireless card instead of 802.11 ac wireless card. So for anyone who wants to use 802.11ac wifi network will have to buy either a USB adapter or 802.11ac wireless card. I've asked Asus representative about replacing wireless card and they said I could replace the 802.11n wireless card with the 802.11ac without voiding warranty as long as I didn't damage anything during the upgrading process.
Generally, this is a great model with reasonable price. It is only $100 higher than the G750JW ($1399) and you can get the GTX 770M with bluray drive also.
Good price and great model!
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on September 21, 2013
Verified Purchase
I've been using this notebook for about two months now. I can have an enjoyable experience (~30 frames/sec) with Crysis turned up to extreme settings (without anti-aliasing). Every game that I own, such as SimCity, Bioshock: Infinite, and Guild Wars 2, all run at 30-60 FPS at max settings. This computer has the second best notebook graphics card available and is very reasonably priced at $1500. It is a bit bulky, but in return it has a full keyboard and number pad, a large mouse pad, and 4 USB 3.0 ports. The 7200 RPM primary hard drive was an attractive feature (Gaming laptops should never come with a 5400 RPM hard disk), although it comes with Windows 8 (as do all). I replaced the primary with a solid state drive and installed Windows 7.

With the additional $100 solid state, the Windows 7 Experience Index components are:
7.6 - Processor
7.9 - Memory
7.7 - Graphics
7.7 - Gaming graphics
7.9 - Primary hard disk

I have no regrets.
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on August 15, 2013
Verified Purchase
Just adding some info on the specs:

My Asus G750JX-TB71 from Tiger Direct (by the way, fast delivery) came with:

-Blu-ray optical drive (don't know if it burns, don't care).
-Asus Usb Charger Plus port. This means that the first usb port on the right side will charge your phone even if the laptop is off.

Well, the rest you already know.

Go for it, you will not regret it!
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on September 9, 2013
I was on the market to buy a powerful laptop (aka gaming laptop) I kept reading reviews about different laptops and brands (Alienware, MSI, Schenker and Asus) so finally I decided on this laptop because of the balance between specs, design and price.

I've had this laptop for a month now and it has been running perfectly and i added a Samsung SSD. here are some points to consider why.

The screen is beautiful and big and non reflective, loved playing league of legends, call of duty and guild wars, watching LOTR blu ray.

Size and weight:
This is a matter of preference, this laptop is definitely big but compared to other gaming laptops i find it's size and design better, and for the power inside it you have to go to that size (4 memory slots, 2 HDD slots), as for the weight it's heavy 4.8k but for me it's ok.

the sound is good not super however it has a built in headphone amp which is great with my Sennheiser HD 558, but it's ALSO A DOWNFALL FOR SOME REASON ON SMALLER IN EAR HEAD PHONES IT PRODUCES STATIC.

So far i ran everything on it perfectly you can find the graphic card benchmark on [...]

Hard Disk:
I added a samsung 840 SSD to boost performance and its great (tested performance in unzipping file, 3x the speed of normal 7200 RPM HD)

the cooling is great in this laptop i work with the laptop on my lap and it doesn't heat and runs silent barely audible, the only time i started to hear it was when i ran a game on high specs and it's on my lap with airway a little blocked.
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on August 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is my first gaming laptop I purchased mainly for games and video editing. I had other choices before I bought this laptop at the end the Asus stands out. I added a SSD (crucial) drive I'm was that Asus included the screws and caddy or enclosure with it. There's an extra slot for the second drive which is ideal for adding my SSD. The challenge for me was the BIOS settings it was a big challenge for me in setting it up as my primary drive (OS) took me 2 days to figure it out. Then finally I was pleased with the results and currently enjoying the speed that delivers as my primary booting time is 25 seconds to get on the windows environment. If you plan to install a SSD drive I advise to back up your files and do a lot of research in the BIOS to utilize the speed. I highly recommend that you buy this laptop have fun.
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on May 4, 2014
Verified Purchase
I needed mid level laptop that could not only keep up with documents and spreadsheets but could handle programs like Cinema4D, After Effects, Photoshop, etc, video rendering and 3D creation. Unfortunately, that doesn't leave much time for gaming - but I'm working with the programs that create video games so I looked at gaming laptops. As a birthday present, I ordered an MSI computer through Amazon. It was more expensive, smaller screen, it has 12GB RAM and a larger HD, fewer USB ports too. That laptop arrived and 8 days later I had to take it to the shop. The power supply shorted out and the icing on the cake was when the company gave me the run around on the warranty. Thank goodness Amazon said send it back.

While at the shop, I spoke with the tech about what he would purchase. He said without hesitation, ASUS. Turns out I have an ancient desktop here still running strong on an ASUS motherboard. I've had good luck with the company, so I thought I'd give them a shot. I was surprised to find this computer less expensive than the one I purchased from MSI. As I said, the HD is smaller - 750 vs 1T. But it sweeps the other one in practically every other category. Still, with the way my luck was holding, I honestly was expecting to be disappointed or to have something go wrong right out of the box.

I am pleased to report - I love this computer! It's amazingly quiet but the fans keep it running a lot cooler than my old HP laptop. The video is gorgeous! Love the larger screen since I work so much with graphics. And those graphic programs - a render that used to take over an hour sped by in less than 15 min! It's fast, it's lean, but solid! This sucker is heavy, but while I need portable, I'm not lugging it around all the time. I absolutely love it!

My only issue is the same for all computers now days. The bloat-ware that comes preinstalled. (The first thing I did was go to and "De-crapified" the laptop!")

I did have the occasion to use ASUS tech support. Their website/driver/tech area needs improvement but that doesn't reflect on the laptop at all. Their email support was reasonably responsive - I got replies to my questions but it took over 24 hours and by the time the answer came - I had already researched and solved the problem - and was miles on down the road. But again, that doesn't reflect on the laptop.

I am extremely happy with my purchase. The laptop runs 3d programs, and other demanding software like its nothing. I love the screen quality and the beautiful images, the backlit keyboard is nice, the keys are responsive and low profile - great for fast typists or gamers who need to hit buttons quickly. The Blueray burns and plays CD's and DVD's nicely - haven't tried actual Blueray yet.

This laptop does everything I need it to do, quickly easily, and thus far, reliably. I definitely do not hesitate in recommending it. Thanks to Amazon and ASUS for rescuing a birthday present gone bad!
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on October 10, 2013
I own a 5 year old Asus 17" laptop with 4G memory, two 250G drives and a high res screen (1920 x 1200). It's been a wonderful performer for me but as I do more, the older technology shows, like when I'm running 5 or 6 programs and a virtual operating system in the background, it starts to labor. And of course it's always fun to shop for the newest technology. The laptop is an M70VM-C1 and I've had no issues with it. The only downside is it's nearly 9 pounds and only gets about 2 hours on a battery charge.

I was reading the review by steelernation and my setup is the same; I added another 16G of Crucial Ballistix memory and an additional 750G hard drive. I don't know that I'll ever really "need" 32G of memory, but for under $200, why not?

In a nutshell, this machine is a powerhouse; the Haswell series processor benchmarks about 5 times faster than what I had. Coupled with more memory and 4 cores/8 threads, it's hard to tax it. I run Ubuntu linux as a dual boot (more on this later) installed on the 2nd drive. I was running a constant data transfer from my old machine, mail, chrome, several PDF's open AND was running four virtualbox operating systems as well (ubuntu 13.10, centos, mint and windows 7). The machine was not even breathing hard; NO discernible slowdown, the 8 core/threads pretty much flatlined at 10% and less than 20% of the memory used.

I have not run games yet, don't have much time, but I have several that I'll try and report back.

So here are the Pro's and Cons:


1. Fast, fast, fast, fast. Did I mention fast? When I loaded up all the virtual machines, the fan didn't even increase in speed; very cool.
2. Comes stock with 16G of fast memory (which is probably as much as anybody needs)
3. High res screen, 1920 x 1080. On the 17" form factor, it's very nice on my old eyes.
4. Backlit keyboard
5. Good quality construction, good screen, Asus production qualtiy and reputation
6. Keyboard keys feel good.
7. Does "not" have a touch screen to go haywire at some time. It's not a smart phone and I could care less about swiping
(see windows 8 vitriol below...)
8. Blueray drive. I probably won't use it for movies, but it's a nice feature to have.


1. Also heavy, about 9 pounds like may last one, but I don't care too much about that.
2. Windows 8. Sigh. Enough has been said about this monstrosity, so I won't repeat it here. However for me, it's just a vehicle to run the occasional Crysis or Call of Duty game, so I elected to just leave it rather than go through the pain of downgrading to windows 7. (see UEFI below). 99% of my time is with Ubuntu linux on the 2nd drive. When I need to run a windows app like excel or quickbooks, I have win7 running in a VM, faster than it ran native on my previous laptop.

I'll add that if you just use windows and are OK with version 8, that's easiest. But if you want to toss it and downgrade to win7, AND are not pretty fluent with bios and UEFI, be prepared for some frustration. It's not at all intuitive like the old legacy bios were. On a desktop I purchased recently, I simply could not run the windows 7 install disk no matter what I did, so I just wiped the whole disk clean and installed linux.

Also, if you purchase more memory, make sure you get DDR3L DO-SIMM, PC3-12800 (1600) (204 pin). The "L" designator is for low voltage; you need 1.25V or 1.35V and NOT 1.5V. 16G cost me $170.

So, lots of pros and no real cons, at least for me. This is one powerful laptop and you won't be sorry.

EDIT, 12/6/13: Ran some games. Cyrsis is smooth as butter, COD the same. It lives up to it's ROG moniker.
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on October 3, 2013
This is a good laptop, I got mine, added 2x8GB extra memory, total 32GB memory.(Yes I need that, I am not a teenager who just run games with it) I also added SSD!

I think there is a serious problem with this laptop: Wireless Card!
This comes with 1x1 Atheros Wireless N card. Card is said to have low power consumption (oh yeah, very important while you are running GTX 770 hot with 125 Watts) Card is also single band 2.4Ghz only!

I have a 5 year old Asus F8 laptop which has single channel Wireless N. So this laptop blows my old laptop with everything except it has same wireless card! THIS SUCKS ASUS! Central storage and cloud are all we use right now. I take backups regularly over wireless and why should I use 5-6 year old technology with a brand new laptop?

Decent(Intel) dual band Wireless AC cards are around $30. So Asus didn't have money to use those. I tried to upgrade mine but it's really hard to open this up so I just asked my distributor to do it. Still I have to ship it back, wait with no laptop. I already paid more than $30 to ship this back for an upgrade! All because ASUS decided to put that nonsense wireless and save a few dollars. Good thing is that with this laptop, you won't need to upgrade your existing wireless network, no need 3x3 N or AC. You see, ASUS helps us save money!

I would recommend you check for upgrade options on wireless or go with another brand/model that doesn't have 5 year old technology.

I also had an issue with touchpad, randomly jumping around when you hold your finger on it. Not many people have it but just saying here. After the upgrade, I have to send it for repair.
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