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VINE VOICEon November 2, 2012
This is my first Contour camera, and I was lucky that just at the time I decided to get one, the new ROAM 2 came out. The reason I like the ROAM2 over the original ROAM (which can now be had much cheaper) is for the 60 fps filming in 720p. This will produce smoother video, especially if you like to use slow motion effects now and then.

The ROAM 2 comes in attractive packaging and includes: 1 profile mount; 1 rotating flat surface mount; lanyard tether; USB cable; lens cap; 4GB MicroSD card; storage pouch and lens cloth.

Initial tests of the ROAM 2 in 720p @ 60fps and full HD 1080p @ 30fps are very impressive. At 720p you will have a view angle of 170 degrees, which gives you a wide panorama but some fisheye effect (to be expected at that width). In 1080p the view angle is reduced to 125 degrees, which still gives a nice wide view, but much less fisheye. The quality of the video image is very good. In full 1080p it is ultra-sharp and the colors are very good. The automatic white balance in the camera is also extremely good, and will self-adjust to present very true colors even indoors.
Operation of the ROAM 2 is very simple, via the one large "On-Record / Off" button on top of the camera. The mounting options available for Contour cameras is very good, but still could be a bit better. They have the snow and water sports covered, as well as skateboarders, bikers, etc. But I intend to use mine primarily to capture POV video from shooting sports, and there is still a lack of good mounts for that. A mount designed for a hat bill that would allow the Contour to lie flat via the rails would be perfect...

The rotating lens and built-in laser line make it easy to set the camera to frame a perfect shot, no matter what angle you mount it. I accidentally turned off the laser in the software and thought it was broken, until support at Contour provided me a quick response and helped me figure out that I am an idiot (my word, not theirs). Previous ROAM had two laser dots for leveling, the ROAM2 has a solid line, similar to home improvement tools.

The ROAM 2 has a standard ¼" x 20 tripod socket already on it - so no need to buy the Universal Mount Adapter (which I did, and now have no need for).
To set up the camera, change configuration options (such as selecting recording quality), you use Contour's software "Story Teller", which is easily downloaded and pretty simple to install and get using. Now, here is one thing I don't like about the ROAM 2 - you must use the software each time you want to change resolution of video. To do this, you must be connected to your computer via USB. So, if you're out in the world enjoying your camera, you are stuck with whatever setting you made before you left the house. There is NO option to select different modes via the camera itself. Given the designed purpose of the ROAM 2, I find this to be a bit lacking. Perhaps that is a feature on the more expensive versions of the Contour camera...

So, my first impressions of the ROAM 2 are very good. The quality of the video image is fantastic, the camera could not be more easy to use, and the software is pretty good too.
After a couple of full days of using the ROAM2, this camera performed flawlessly. Used it to capture POV video of a shooting match and attached it to my ear protection. The mic in the ROAM2 is very good - much better than any other camera I have. It was so easy to use the on/off button to begin and end each segment of recording - from a postion where I could not see the camera. The quality of the picture is superb (I shot at 1080p today).

UPDATE: After weeks of using this camera in real life action sports and other activities, I like it more and more each day. I am amazed at the quality of indoor picture also - no yellow or green cast - very natural light and it picks up everything very brightly. I find myself using 720p more often now, not only because of the economy of storage space but for the smoothness of the video if I want to go "slo-mo" from time to time. I would gladly buy this camera again... in fact, it might be nice to have TWO!
A couple tips: The 32GB microSD card does work fine in the ROAM2, and I've never even come close to filling it up. Secondly, if you're looking for some of the more exotic mounts and Amazon doesn't have them in stock - go directly to the Contour website. I ordered two mounts from them and they shipped quickly and only charged $2 for coast-to-coast shipping. Some of the merchants here wanted $10 for shipping.
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on May 8, 2013
After returning my Hero3 black for various reasons, I decided to save a few bucks and try out the Contour ROAM2 instead. While not directly competitive of the hero3 Black, I felt that the price point and form factor would be better suited to my primary need as a motorcycle helmet cam. Prior to purchase, I honestly spent more time reading reviews of the Contour+2 than I did the ROAM2, but opted for the cheaper ROAM2 instead. That decision came back to bite me. I have broken out the pros, cons, and some notes below.

-Size/form factor
-Ease of use/simplicity
-internal rotation of lens
-good battery life

-Internal, non swappable battery(my main gripe)
-no external mic port(this may be able to be done via usb>3.5mm adapter, not sure- see next point)
-No usb pass through in back door
-Unable to change modes(at ALL) without a computer

Quality of the camera is good, not on par with a contour+2, hero3 black, or other higher end model, but it is quite good. It does have some low light noise, but i don't think it was as bad as a hero2 in that respect.

Build quality of the device is quite good. There is some give to the rail system, but otherwise it is very solidly built. The lens rotation has detents at the main stop points, and very very solid. Buttons and switches feel well designed and tough enough for their purpose.

My main issue with the ROAM2 was discovered when I unboxed it. I made the mistake of assuming that the ROAM2 had a removable battery, like most of the other contours. Since it does not have a removable battery, you are stuck having to prioritize your shooting to fit it into the 2-2.5 hour run time, carry a usb battery pack and plan a stop to charge the device, or have another camera on hand as a backup. As mentioned before, there is not a usb pass through on the back door. So unless you want to compromise your water proofing and have the door flopping around you can't leave a battery pack plugged in to help with this situation either.

The laser aiming function is cool, but that really all that useful. It shoots a wide line pattery, but it is relatively dim, so unless you are using something close to line it up you won't be able to see it.

Contour erred on the side of quiet when it comes to the ROAM2's on board microphone. It blocks out quite a bit of wind, but tends to not pick up sound anywhere near as clearly as its gopro counterpart(which really isn't that great either). In most situations this isn't a big deal, but sometimes it can mean the difference between a good shot, and a mediocre one.

The Bottom Line:
A very solidly built device, but with a few shortcomings. If those shortcomings will not hinder your use, i would recommend it highly(especially for the price point). However, I see the extra cash spent on a contour+2 to be a better investment if you intend to use the camera seriously.
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on July 20, 2013
This is a dual review, as I own both the Contour + 2 and the Contour Roam2. I don't work for nor do I have any affiliation with Contour. I've had the Roam2 for more than 6 months, but held off writing this review until I had the +2 to compare it to. Although I don't own a GoPro, several friends do and I do their video editing so I'll chime in on the Contour vs. GoPro at the end.

Contour uses the same proprietary mounts across their lineup, so interchangeability between the two should be fairly easy (but doesn't always work out that way). I've found some to be flimsy(hat mount), while others are damn near bomb proof(suction cup)! The rotating lens means you can mount it in just about any position, however it is difficult to know that you've framed the shot with the correct orientation! Had an important video recorded upside down - laser level only lets you know it's level, not if it's upside down! One of the best features I've found is the ¼ by 20 thread on the bottom of the Contour, pretty much universal to all modern cameras and there's a TON of mounts out there reasonably priced.

The Storyteller program needs to be installed on your computer and is fairly easy to use, but not intuitive, you need to play around a bit before you can figure everything out. The editing ability is extremely limited. (I use imovie). Software is free, and although you can use the camera(s) without first updating I suggest you do that first! The +2 also has an app that I use on my iPhone 5 - it too is free and pretty easy to use - but not as capable as the Storyteller program. The downside is you HAVE to use the Storyteller program to change settings on the Roam2, AND you have to use it if you want to use any of the GPS data with the +2.

Got this for Xmas last year and immediately swapped the included 4GB micro SD for a 16GB. SUPER easy to use - charge, point, and slide the slider to the on position. Video quality is good, first few outings I had it set for 1080@30 and was very happy. In editing I found one clip I had to slow down and was slightly disappointed at the quality - since then I've got it set for 720@60 and haven't had any issues - video quality is still good (even in slow mo). Low light does induce more "noise" to the video, but if there's ambient light (streetlights etc.) you can still get decent vids. Sound quality isn't all that, it's usable, but in high winds or at speed - forget it. Battery life is really good at around 2 hours. The camera itself is very well built, one of my first uses it got throw (by an idiot) about 8ft into about 4 inches of water over concrete - few scratches, but still kept recording. This led me to look for something to help protect the aluminum body - Glock Tape, works amazing, adds some protection, but most importantly gives it some GRIP!

6-Pack Glock Grip Tape - Pistol Grip Tape. * Use on handguns and rifles * Not gritty like sandpaper or skateboard tape. * Does not scuff clothing, holsters, furniture or car seats like those sandy tapes. * Makes chambering a round easier for arthritis s...

Only had it for a week or so, really wanted it due to the Bluetooth (to help frame shots) and was wanted the waterproof housing (worried about watersports damage on an upcoming trip) the GPS would be a plus. Once again amazing build quality - this things tough as nails. First thing I did was hook up to Storyteller and get the latest firmware update - less than 5 minutes later I was off and running! Pairing the Bluetooth took a couple of attempts, but once connected has excellent range (20 or so feet with obstructions - close to 50ft line of sight!). Using the app you can check status of battery, GPS, and memory as well as change settings and start stop recording - wish you could watch videos but oh well. The app has about a one second delay between what the camera "sees" and what you see on your phone - pretty amazing! Attached to my suction cup mount and went for a drive - took about 30 seconds for the GPS to lock on the first time (since then it only takes maybe 5 seconds). GPS is accurate. The video quality is great! Uploaded vid into storyteller and the GPS data was also great - until I exported it then there was a lag of about 5 seconds between the data being displayed and the video. Waterproof housing is bulky, yet seems a bit flimsy - still not sure it could survive 200 ft of water. Came with HDMI to hook up to TV - works really well. Haven't used the mic adaptor yet. Battery life seems to be around 1.5 hours, but spare batteries are cheap.

Even though the video specs are the same between the +2 and the Roam2, the video quality of the +2 is noticeably better - even in low light. Sound quality on both suffers in high winds or speed. They both have the proprietary T-rail mounts on both sides, but the ¼ by 20 thread is about an inch further back on the +2. The Roam2 is waterproof without housing to about 3ft, but the +2 has the waterproof housing. The +2 also allows for filming while charging. The +2 has the HDMI out, as well as a jack for external mic. The +2 has the Bluetooth app, plus GPS - that combined with replaceable batteries and the better video make it worth the extra money.

I absolutely love the form factor and the mounting options available for the Contours. The Contour line has their own proprietary mounts, but the ability to use the ¼ by 20 thread mounts for other cameras (even the GoPro mounts) plus the rotating lens means there's just more ways to mount the Contour. That being said the GoPro Hero3 flat out destroys the video quality of the Roam2, and slightly edges out the +2. Of course this difference (even over the Roam2) is completely removed once video is uploaded to Youtube or other sharing sites as they compress the video during upload! I've yet to see a GoProH3 recording 1080 go for more than 75 minutes. Sound quality between all three is about the same. The GoProH3 app uses wifi - and has about a 3-4 second delay - still works for framing shots, but not much else. The GoPro also has the advantage in that you can change settings in camera - but it is a complicated affair(the +2 only allows you to choose between two predetermined settings). GoProH3 doesn't have GPS, or rotating lense. Contour recently lowered the price on the +2 it's now $50 cheaper than the GoProH3. Also it seems they changed pricing on their mounts - I went with the Contour line because of the simplicity of their system, more mounts, cheaper price, and the form factor. Now that they're cheaper it's a no brainer.
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on November 21, 2012
I've owned Contour 720HD for several years and it's been a great camera. The one feature I really wanted to gain was the still photo mode.

Enter the new ROAM2.. perfect on paper! It has everything I want with many improvements over my current one.

Here's the MAJOR reason why I will be returning this camera (and frankly I doubt too many would buy it if they understood this *feature*... which is not explained at all if you just look at specs:

YOU CANNOT CHANGE MODE without connecting the camera to a computer!

You must install Contour software to edit settings including mode (1080, 720, still photo, etc).

So.. if you set your camera to shoot 1 picture per minute and go for a ride, that's the ONLY mode you can use until you connect it to a computer!

That, in my opinion, is absolutely ridiculous!!

I got this camera partially to be loyal to Contour and of course because I already have quite a few mounts for it. The price is exactly the same as the new GoPro Hero3. Specs are identical, but guess what.. big MODE button right on the front of GoPro cam.

Contour rep replied to my question with: "ROAM2 is our budget camera. Look into Contour+2 for additional features".

So I have to pay exactly TWICE the price to gain ability to change mode without hooking the camera up to a computer??
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on March 7, 2013
Just got the Roam2 and really impressed with it. Great build quality and looks real cool. Chose this over the more pricey +2 and no regrets.

Initially I thought I would be stuck with the settings I select when leaving the PC but there is a work around. You could have different SD cards for different settings as the file that retains settings is on the card. You could also edit the TXT file on the card using a smartphone. You have 2 ways to do this. You can either insert the micro sd into your phone and edit the file or if your phone supports OTG you can get the appropriate lead to allow your phone to connect to the camera so as to edit the file.

The file is not view able on a PC unless you change the settings to allow viewing of hidden files. You will see the FW_RTC.txt file once you have enabled hidden files to show which you can edit on your phone/ tablet using free simple txt file editor. It is very simple and just make sure you select Y for the update attribute after selecting new settings.
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on October 30, 2012
I had purchased the original ContourRoam camera about a week before they announced this one. Luckily I had saved my packaging so I returned it and bought the ContourRoam2. There are some small but very worthwhile changes to this camera that make it a better choice. First, of course, is the 60 fps video option. I haven't had a chance to test that yet but it's a nice addition and the main reason I went with the 2. Next, there is a locking button on the recording slider. This is useful to avoid either accidental starts or stops, as it locks in both positions. The printed numbers on the lens barrel are clearer, brighter, and far easier to see. The card formatting is now done by pushing and holding a small button. In the previous model you had to use the supplied tool or a paper clip and stick it into a hole to format the card. The new ContourRoam 2 also came with a nifty little cloth bag that has an attached lens cloth and a small pocket to hold the included memory micro SD card and micro SD to SD adapter. All-in-all a few small improvements that make a great little video camera even better!
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on June 30, 2015
This is a great camera, it does however have some bad flaws.
I like the design of this camera a lot. It looks really good and feels tough. The video quality is good for the price aswell.
That being said, I would not suggest this camera for a helmet cam. The microphone is directly in front of the camera and the wind noise is just awful... so bad that I have to mute the sound to make the videos watchable. There is no external mic support either.
I also ran into an issue of the camera not supporting my MicroSD card. After various trouble shooting and formatting attempts I was disappointed to find out that this camera only supports UPTO 32gb cards, Which is roughly 4 and a half hours of HD video.
review image
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on December 7, 2012
I have played Paintball for two decades, and always enjoyed videography of the sport. The Contour ROAM 2 takes that videography to a new level. The camera's compact design and slim profile make it ideal for my sport over the GoPro in that A) it can be mounted via gun rail mounts, and B) the goggle mounting is much easier and less bulky. The camera shoots fantastic video with a wide angle lens and 60fps at 720P or 30fps at 1080 more than enough for the recreational paintball player who wants some awesome video of their gameplay. The microphone could pick up conversations through paintball masks from other players, which I have yet to see in a camera of this type. Additionally - although Contour recommends the waterproof casing for paintball action videos, I didn't use it, nor did I see any other contour cameras on the field I played at with the case - this particular game I saw a great deal of helmet cameras many of which were contour HDs or ROAMs. I believe that the camera could take a hit from a paintball and still function properly, but that's my opinion... After each mission I just sprayed the camera off with a squirt bottle of water and bam - was off and running again.

You can see a sample video of the contour ROAM2 in action here on my youtube channel wtuller

The only negative thing I would say is that if you make the camera beeps silent - it will not beep at you if it's having an error. I lost a great deal of footage because I had the beep alerts off, and with a better design they could have made alarm noises always on no matter what your preference.

The problem I had was an operator error - but just to save everyone time and the same frustration I went through - if you're using a large memory card - it takes a long time to format... The 32GB card I was using takes about 30 seconds to format and in their instruction manual, it indicates to hold the button down for ten seconds... I did a 10 count and was off and running without a formatted memory card and lost what I believe would have been great footage.

Anyway - all in all - an awesome product.
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on July 14, 2014
I rarely review products, but this is a product I feel is widely underrated and deserves positive feedback. I previously had a Hero2 and there was a period of time when there was firmware issues with the product and I turned to the ROAM2 as the market alternative. I mainly wear the camera snowboarding via either the flush helmet mount or the goggle mount - I prefer the helmet mount but I don't always wear one. My specific reasons for favoring this product to the other POV cameras on the market: 1) Form factor: The tube design just makes more sense and I honestly have no idea how GoPro's bulky brick style camera became the go-to. The Roam2 is light and can be mounted on the side of your head OR the top, so it won't absorb the wind and jar your helmet around. It simply doesn't effect my riding to wear this camera all day and that's the most important thing. 2) Rotating lens: You mount the camera once at the beginning of the day and level the lens with a laser that is projected from the front of the camera. Once it's set up, you don't have to think about it again. 3) Slide to record: For snowboarding, I'm wearing gloves and I sometimes like to turn the camera on and off as I'm moving down a run and encounter things worth filming. The simplistic nature of the sliding record switch allows me to simply slide to begin recording without stopping, without removing gloves, and without thinking. When I come into something worth capturing, the last thing I want to do is stop and kill my momentum. 4) Durability: With the ROAM2, you don't need a waterproof case or anti-fog inserts. This reduces bulk and eliminates the chance that your lens will fog up due to moisture getting into the case which ruins your whole day of footage. Also, I've slammed directly on the camera to the point the the rails on the mount snapped off but the camera had no issue - it even captured the impact perfectly. I will say that the simplistic design means it lacks some features like a viewfinder, the ability to switch modes on the fly (you need to be hooked up to a computer to change the shooting mode, video resolution FPS, etc), however as I've said throughout my review I prefer simplicity to features if it allows me to focus more on the action and less on capturing it.
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on May 4, 2013
I guess when it comes to Sports Video Cameras it boils down to the GoPro or the Contour. Personally I've never used the GoPro but the videos I've seen are great. As for the Contour Roams I can give a little more details. I currently Own a Contour Roam and also I use a Contour Roam 2 on a daily basis at work. I started using the Contour Roam when I had the change to purchase it for 70$. I'm actually a motor officer and thought it would be good to video my traffic stops and interaction with the public. I started using it and soon after my Capt. decided he would outfit the entire unit with Contour Roam 2's. Now after using a Contour for almost a year now with almost daily use, I can say this: The contour makes a great camera and it seems very durable. The slider (activator) is much easier to access than the Gopro. The Video quality is Great and in my opinion having a camera designed like the Contour is much easier to mount than the design of the GoPro. The GoPro is almost impossible to "side mount". It would have to go on top of a helmet which really does become a nuisance. The GoPro is no where near as Aerodynamic like the Contour is. I do tend to keep mine turned down on the lower setting while at work though due to the drive space on our server at work. I do which this one had the interchangeable battery though. I recently used the Contour Roam 2 at work and recorded a pursuit that went viral. This video also went on Contours main page and was sent out by them via mass email. Here is the video link [...]
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