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on December 4, 2013
I've had the Hp Envy Touchsmart 15-j070us for a week now, and I must say, it was beyond my expectations.

I've compiled a list of Pros and Cons for this laptop:


1) Windows 8.1 - As soon as I got this laptop, I updated all the Windows Update and upgraded to Windows 8.1(You must update everything else first before you can see the Windows 8.1 Update in the Windows Store). I must say I'm loving Windows 8.1 more than I thought I would, Its Windows 7 mixed with a new Start Screen. The compatibility is really amazing as well, its compatible with a lot of the older windows programs.

2) Hp Coolsense - I can't stress on how much I'm impressed with Hp's Coolsense feature. Since I've had this laptop, I had NO Problems with overheating issues(or heating issues on a whole). Even when I'm running games and multiple programs at once, it gets a warm(what laptop doesn't?) but no problems with heating. Hats off to HP, this impressed me the most(Of course if you're going to be gaming especially for a number of hours, it would be smart to buy a cooling pad).

3) GRAPHICS CARD - The AMD Radeon 8650g with 4gb of gaming graphics is beyond amazing. This graphics card could handle almost all the games I throw at it from medium to high settings. I used the Hp Support Assisstant to update the graphics card driver to the latest one(it works flawlessly now) and I've tried games such as:
a) Arkham Origins = High Settings (with Anti- Aliasing off for best smooth game play)
b) The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim = Medium Settings
c) Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 = Medium Settings for best game play
d) COD: Black Ops 2 = High Settings
e) Moral Kombat 9 = Medium
f) Grand Theft Auto IV = High Settings (Have to configure it for best gameplay).
g) Fifa 14 = Ultra Settings
h) Young Justice Legacy = Ultra

Graphics Design Programs such as:
a) Adobe Photoshop CSS
b) Adobe After Effects CSS
c) Sony Vegas Pro 12
d) Cyberlink Powerdirector(This comes pre-installed on the laptop by default)
e) Adobe Illustrator

Basically, the whole Adobe Suite works flawlessly on the Hp Envy Touchsmart 15-j070us

4) BEATS AUDIO - I saw a review before on the Beats Audio on the laptop that was bad. At first I thought it was bad compared to the beats audio I had on my previous Hp Envy Dv6 laptop. But then I noticed that this laptop didn't have the Beats Audio Control Panel that allows you to utilize all the speakers and subwoofers. For those of you who are into Audio and Sound, here's what I did:

a) Right Click on my computer and clicked Manage. Computer Management should open, then I went on Device Manger,
and under Sound, Video and Game Controllers, there should be one named IDT High Definition Audio CODEC(This is the driver
that has the Beats Audio Control Panel in it). Right click it and click Uninstall.

b) When it's uninstalled, restart the computer, then go on search(Windows Button + S) and type in HP Recovery Manager!!
When its opened, click on Drivers and Applications Re-install, and find IDT High Definition Audio CODEC, and click on Install.

c) When that's finished, Restart your computer and the Beats Audio Control Panel should be there on the taskbar(A small red B). It would also be in the Control Panel. Open it and click on listening experience tab, and check the box with the Beats Audio.

Instantly you should notice a dramatic difference in your audio, the sound is rich and the bass sounds amazing!!

5) Touchscreen - The touchscreen is better than I expected it to be. It works really amazing, no delay, no problems at all.
This is a added bonus to some of the other PROS of the laptop. It even works great in some games and programs!! It does have its negatives however (check Cons part).

6) Keyboard - The layout of the keys on the keyboard is really good compared to other laptops I must say. There is even
little to no keyboard flex. If its one thing, I wish the keyboard was backlit, but other than that the keyboard is really
good and I have no problems with it thus far.


1) Battery Life - Compared to my old Hp Envy dv6, this battery life is terrible, last about 4 hours and a half for the most if not
doing anything much. I assume its the touchscreen that drains the battery life, I'm not sure, but the battery life is
surely a disadvantage of this laptop.

2) Touchscreen - The screen gets dirty very very fast, even if you touch the screen lightly it leaves a little fingerprint mark.
This requires constant cleaning if you want your laptop to look presentable and clean. (However, it came to my attention
that this can be fixed with a clear screen protector).

3) Speaker - From outside the box, on the right speaker, there is a small crackling noise, its not noticeable unless
I put my ear right up to it or the room is very very quiet. This is a minor problem, it could be just my laptop that has a hardware defect.

Overall the laptop reached beyond my expectations, I would recommend this to anyone!! I Hope this review helps anyone
looking to buy this laptop.
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on November 30, 2013
My HP Envy works fine- the Touchscreen, various functions. I didn't like the learning curve for Windows 8.x
so I downloaded "Start Menu 8" ... I "upgraded" to Win 8.1, but have not downloaded the Start Menu 8.1 but should.

Unlike the negative reviewer who scorches the Audio, I have found it better than other laptops I've owned
When I need better audio, I just plugin big speakers. Also, the speakers are far better than my
Samsung Galaxy III (which is tinny.)
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on February 24, 2014
Quick points:

Coming from Windows 7, Windows 8 does have a learning curve, but that is no fault of HP's. After playing around with it for two days I am completely comfortable with the OS now.- No stars deducted

I bought this exact model directly from the HP website, not from Amazon.

I was really looking for an Intel Processor, but decided to give AMD a try. Honestly I was pleasantly surprised. It is faster and more efficient than I expected.

Amazon lists a "newer" model, the HP j170us. But the processor in that one is the AMD A10 5745, which is older and less efficient than the A10 5750 in this model.



-The responsiveness, speed, and overall utility of the system is perfect for what I needed for college.
-This laptop does not get very hot at all. I have held plenty of other PC Laptops and Macbooks that are lap burners. This is easy to handle and runs efficiently.
-The keyboard is actually soft touch. Not good for gaming, but amazing for work and productivity. (If you are looking for a gaming laptop, this can handle some older games, but you're better off looking elsewhere.)
- Touchscreen is very responsive and accurate. I use excel on this and can quickly and accurately select individual cells with no problem.

Cons (with some fixes)

Sluggishness: This is mainly due to the 5400rpm HDD that comes preinstalled. 1TB is a great amount of space, but the speed is really last generation. I installed a 240GB SSD into the system and now it's the fastest system I have ever owned! You can't really expect to find an SSD in a sub $800 laptop. - No stars deducted

Screen resolution and color: Updating to windows 8.1 actually uninstalled AMD Catalyst Control Center, which is AMD's visual suite for display control. I simply downloaded the beta version from AMD (which is working great so far), played with some color settings (gamma in particular),and the colors pop again. You can't expect a crystal clear picture since it is not 1080p, but it is great for what it is. - No stars deducted

Other features and conclusion: The battery life is sub-par. I would say the average is 4 hours off the charger, 5 with my SSD installed. The fans are also fairly noisy (but they are efficient in keeping the laptop cool). There is also no backlit keyboard. And I did have to do more troubleshooting than should be necessary for a brand new laptop - 1 star deducted
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on March 14, 2014
This is a good laptop for the price. It was pretty much what I was looking for. Having said that these are my thoughts:


The touch screen is a win. Helps a lot with the user experience in many apps
The fingerprint reader is pretty convenient.
The cuad core AMD processor is pretty fast and the ATI graphic card is pretty good
8GB of RAM is great. Provide a really good multitasking experience
Design, even being a not so good copy of a mac. it looks really good


HP pretty closed custom UEFI boot loader. That turns booting other SOs a nasty nightmare.
Keyboard layout. It's a bit uncomfortable to work with it. Even being a laptop with a decent graphic card, the keyboard definitely doesn't help on gaming experience.
Poor opening and viewing angle angle.
Heavier than it looks (even thought the weight informed is correct).
No Bluetooth. Not sure why they are still making laptopts without bluetooth. Anyway, I knew this before purchasing.
No keyboard backlit, I also knew this before purchase but still is a feature these laptos should have.

Besides the bads, I highly recommend this laptop. It's pretty good for the price and has really good specifications.
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on November 30, 2013
As we speak i'm using this laptop to write this review, to be honest its truly amazing then what i was expecting to be. The touchscreen is really useful when your used to touchscreen devices, The speakers are enriching for my metal taste of music. Then the GHz on this is faster when you put it on turbo (3.5GHz Max) for playing video games but i suggest you buy a bigger RAM.
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on June 7, 2016
Ok so I bought this over 2 years ago and I waited to review it until I used it until long after the warranty is up. It is a great laptop lots of space and for someone who is online almost everyday surfing the web and watching videos it is awesome. I love the touch screen as it makes games and pretty much everything easier. I do use it pretty much everyday and after 2.5 years it did stop charging. This was disappointing because that is the reason I bought the HP when my Dell laptop went through 4 different charges with 2 batteries. Everything else works very well and I have not been disappointed. Very fast for what I do and lots of space. For someone who wants to surf and stream this is a good buy.
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on January 2, 2014
In product details it said it came with an optical drive. It did not!!! Disappointing as that was a consideration for me...
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on February 23, 2015
Dim screen, performance choppy for the price, typing has significant lag. I've had it for about a year and a half and the build quality of the laptop is really starting to show. After regular usage (it sits on a desk all day, occasionally I'll use it in bed) it has started to literally break apart. A screw bearing came loose in the corner, getting stuck and now I can't open the lid without it pushing the back panel off. I was able to get the screw bearing out of its stuck position, but the problem isn't fixed and now I can't even try screwing the corner in. Fans are quite loud, and yet the computer seems to stay quite warm, even when just browsing the web at my desk. The audio drivers are garbage, even after a factory reset the audio drivers still crash when editing video, only being fixed after a computer restart. Would return if I could.
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on January 25, 2014
I'm pretty satisfied with the laptop, the windows 8.1 is wonderful with the touchscreen, my only disagreement is that I barely have a month with her, and the battery never lasts 5 hours advertised and missing VGA port, and also USB 3.0 , for the rest is very good, I love the design.
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on April 24, 2014
I had this laptop for the past 5 months and love it! It is a little heavy and it isn't as powerful or fast like the higher end laptops but for the price it is pretty great. The slower hard drive may be a minus for some but I am not as affected by it. The processor is decent for day to day tasks and some medium to high gaming. Photoshop is not as fast as it could be due to the hardware but I am ok with it. Just so you know, this laptop performs best when it is at 720p settings, not 1080p when connected to an external monitor. Those who want to use this as an entry gaming laptop, these examples might be able to help: Titanfall can run on high settings (not insane for those who are familiar with the graphic settings) at 720p with certain effects and anti-aliasing off (or low-medium) with around 40-50 fps (some dips when there is a LOT going on), BF3 can run on high with some anti-aliasing and medium to high effects with 40-60. The older the game the higher fps obviously. I will admit that at times you might want more out of this for gaming but you are limited to your hardware.

I AM PUTTING THIS PART IN CAPS BECAUSE IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR GPU PERFORMANCE: YOU MUST GET A 2X4GB at 1600mhz DDR3 RAM FROM THE SAME MANUFACTURER (get a 2 pack not 1 separate at a time). This laptop comes with only 1x8GB. The reason being is that this will greatly improve GPU performance by allowing Dual-channel mode which in a sort of sense allows for 4GB to be used for the 8650G and the rest for the processor. I switched and the FPS increased greatly across the board for many of my games. I learned this after purchasing the laptop but I am still glad I upgraded the RAM and I am constantly smiling at this thing.

There is a problem with the screen however and that is that when you purchase it, right out the box you'll notice that it looks washed out. The best way to fix this (though it won't be as good as some other screens but a lot better nonetheless) is to fix the gamma settings in the control panel. I brought it all the way down and color and contrast improved dramatically but I would prefer more control over contrast and balance. If I find a way I will gladly edit this review.

This laptop unfortunately does not come with a cd drive which can come in handy sometimes but I have not yet needed one (I might get a USB 3.0 enabled one in the future). Another thing is the speakers. Better than standard speakers but it isn't great, just decent.

Lastly when you do happen to put 1080p for movies for an external screen through HDMI (anything non-gaming), there might be a problem where it might not fit the screen properly which I had problems with an older hp laptop. i usually just duplicate the screen and rely on other devices for video or just stick to 720p. Some videos like on YouTube or sites where you can choose the resolution will show up fine on 1080p usually.

I recommend getting a USB mouse for gaming as you cannot use the trackpad and keyboard at the same time. I hope this review helps! I really recommend this laptop despite some setbacks and because I am happily surprised, I give it 5 stars.
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