Customer Reviews: Creative Aurvana Platinum Wired/Wireless Headset with 50mm Drivers, Bluetooth 3.0, NFC and Built-In Microphone
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on February 3, 2014
wow...I have been shopping a long time for an audiophile-grade set of headphones that would sound like a bowers and wilkins p7, have active noise canceling, and give me the Bluetooth connectivity of the parrot ziks. These are the best of all worlds.
Received these last Thursday, and burned them in properly for 70 hours. The sound is amazing...clear, precise, never shrill. They are extremely accurate..I have not found a song or type of music that throws them off. If I had to describe the sound profile, I would call it colorfully neutral. I would say that these are bass forward just a tad, mids are balanced and slightly highlighted, and highs are crisp, accurate, not shrill or painful, and probably just a tiny bit subdued.
These headphones actually sound better when they are used wirelessly as the quality of the amp they have is astounding and makes all the difference. I am not saying that they don't sound good with the wire, but for the full appreciation of these, you should try them over Bluetooth and let them dazzle you. They come with a rechargeable battery, so you don't have to burn through batteries like the Bose line. Also, unlike the Bose line, the work (albeit no noise canceling or wireless) when the battery is dead via the cable, and they work while charging.
Pairing them to your Bluetooth item is pretty easy, and once it has been done once, it is pretty much automatic.
Controls on the right ear take a bit to get used to, but work as advertised. Noise canceling is not quite as good as the Bose, but the sound is so much richer that I could not possibly trade these for the little difference in active noise canceling levels.
IF I had to mention shortfalls, I would have to say that the cord that comes with it is a bit short, and the noise isolation to the outside world is, while not bad, noticeable in a quite room at 3/4 volume. Bear in mind though, that these really can get loud. I would say that they are probably twice as loud as any pair of Bose I have tried, so the leakage to the outside may be unavoidable at the volumes that you will crave to listen to music on these (it is that good).
Tried a phone call on them, they are easy to switch over to the call with one touch of a button the right ear, they automatically mute what you were listening to, and they sound natural on both ends of the call.
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on July 2, 2015
I want to mention first of all how terrible the customer support staff is about warranty. Not only were they rude, but totally not helpful. At all!

In short, I take amazing care of my electronics. Especially the expensive ones such as this item. Considering that I take good care, how much abuse does a headphone even experience? I put it on my head and I take it off. That's really it. And I put it on a headphone stand to charge when it's not in use. It never sees anything I'd call abuse.

The padded area around the band had started opening up where it meets the plastic. A small opening quickly turned into half of it being peeled back. Now the foam underneath is exposed with 4-5 inches of dangling fake leather failing to keep things nice and tidy. I talked to warranty, they requested an invoice screen shot and a picture of my issue and they said they won't help me because they haven't seen a case like this before.

So basically, because I am the first victim of this particular issue they've heard of, they are unwilling to help me. Thankfully, Amazon is an awesome company and granted, they can afford to help, but Creative didn't even try. They offered a warranty if I were to pay 196.84$ and that just seems like a big F you to me.

But until that happened, they were just about perfect in every way. Too bad the staff is totally unhelpful and have been a complete waste of my time.
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on February 2, 2014
I've been waiting to buy this headset for a few months now. When I finally received it, I was ecstatic.
The music playback is excellent, and calls are quite easy to hear. Unlike the Bose QuietComfort headphones, the Platinums feel sturdy, and not at all like they would break if you dropped them.

The only thing that annoys me about them is that to stream high quality audio during Skype calls, you need to have a Bluetooth USB transmitter that supports the Faststream codec, which Creative also sells, but at the moment, they're currently out of stock. It's also hard to find one that lists support for Faststream because most are worried about other types of Bluetooth support. Though I will admit, the moment I switched on the mic on the headset for a Skype call, my friend said they could immediately hear me much better. I was using my Mac Book Pro's internal mic before.

The noise-cancelling is comparable to the QuietComfort headphones, and you can barely hear anything even with the ANC (active noise cancelling) turned off.

I also quite enjoy the different levels of noise cancelling.

If you're looking for a great pair of headphones, these are a really nice alternative to Bose's offerings. The NFC pairing is neat too. I'd love to test the ShareMe feature, but I'm none too keen on buying another bluetooth headset. The Creative Hitz 380 headset would be something to try it with, however.
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on October 7, 2014
So this will be a good size review for all you that really want to read it all. I'm breaking it into a few categories.

Color - Some people are saying they don't like the brown. It actually is not bad at all, I kinda like it. It makes the headphones look more refined and adult like instead of the beat and bright colored ones you see younger kids wearing. There is a lot of brown but it's a cross between caramel and milk chocolate. Since I want to have a rich brown man cave I may be a little biased towards the color. The silver highlights are nice to break up the brown

Size - They are definitely on the big side. When I looked in the mirror with them on I thought I looked like a Cyberman from Dr. Who. They are a little bigger then I would like in the looks aspect.

Even though they are made of plastic they feel very sturdy, I don't feel they are going to break but some metal holding certain areas together would have made me feel a bit more secure.

They are a little big for my head. The band doesn't set on my head but I can feel them touching the top of my head (this is on the lowest setting). The ear-pads are very soft, I've had them on for close to 4 hours now and no comfort issues in that area, I even wear glasses and they are comfortable with them. It does take a little bit to get them to fit well with the glasses but once you have them right they are fine. I have had a hard time with finding headphones that worked well with glasses. The ear-pads have enough depth that my big ears are not touching the speaker area which is nice for a change, and there is some nice soft cloth and foam to protect from that anyway. They do completely cover my big ears also which is another nice aspect.

These have a good layout. Might take getting used to but not a problem. I don't know anything that comes natural when you first buy them.

-The Bluetooth connects easily with NFC or regular Bluetooth. Hold the button down until it is ready to pair and that's it. If you've paired Bluetooth before then you will not have a problem.
-They connect to 2 devices at once. Very nice since I play music off my phone and use a VoIP phone for office calls. When a call comes in the music automatically get paused, press the button to answer and boom you are speaking with someone. The call quality is great also, no one can tell I'm using a Bluetooth headset.
-I like the flap that covers the charge port. Not sure why some people are saying they can't get it back into the hole, sounds like a personal problem to me.

Noise Cancellation
First thing you need to understand is that active noise cancellation will not shut out all sounds, It will kill constant sounds (space heater, ac, etc.) They work how I would expect them to. All constant/white noise was canceled out. I could not tell the woman next to me at work had a space heater on (which is pretty annoying to me). I had them on outside and did not notice wind or cars going by. I have not tried them on a plane so can't attest to that aspect of them. You don't need the sound to be up loud to block out what is around you due to the noise cancellation. The passive noise cancellation worked good also. Without the ANC on and music on low volume I could not hear much. Put on the noise cancellation and I heard nothing. I can't say how they are compared to Bose or Beats since I don't own any. I did test those both out in a store before I bought these and I don't see a difference, note though that I only tested the Bose or Beats for a few minutes.

First off I am not an audiophile so take this as you will. Also I listen to mostly rap on iHeart radio, some rock or punk gets thrown in. I think they sound great!! Definitely the best headphones I have ever owned. The bass does not drown out other areas of the music like Beats seemed to do when I tested them. They sound full to me. Another nice thing is the sound does not seem to bleed out. I don't blast my eardrums out like some people might but with my listening level (low to medium) no one around me hears them. I tested them out by putting them on my leg and kept turning the volume up, they did bleed out a little below the highest volume, but if you listen to music that high you probably have a hearing problem because they get LOUD!

Battery Life
So far I have had them running for 4 hours with the ANC on and when I double press the multi-function button to get the charge it still says almost fully charge (in a nice British females voice to boot). I will update when they do die to give a better review on the battery life.

All in all a great set of headphones. I would defiantly recommend them to anyone I know. They are a bit pricey but if you are in the market for Bose or Beats they are a little cheaper to comparable versions. They also have more features then the others. I needed a pair of headphones that I could talk with at work and listen to for play and these do the job perfectly. For the few cons I would not take any stars away. If I could I would take away a quarter star due to the size and the fact that there is no other color choice.

I will update if I come across anything else I can think of about them, be it good or bad.

Happy listening!
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on March 9, 2014
They got everything I wanted:
* full size closed over-the-ear
* Bluetooth (both music and call)
* Bluetooth multi-point
* over 10 hours on the batteries (see below for more details)
* control buttons (like volume up/down, play/pause/stop, next/previous and other)
* battery status notifications (you find here diode color and audio)
* no power needed to play (cable)
* well-looking

Additionally positive:
* lots of information on producer's website (technical specification, description, manual, etc.)
* lots of possibilities and ease of use
* NFC pairing/connecting/disconnecting, however they don’t shut down immediately
* good battery working time (almost 16 hours to the audio notification "battery low" on 30% volume and ANC set to "indoors")
* very good sound quality (both Bluetooth and cable, if source powerful enough - I use SGS4)
* good passive isolation
* work as charged
* easy to use ANC (no audio source needed; 3 levels)
* cables in the box

Neutral notes:
* wind noise quite disturbing on low volume. Turned on ANC adds additional noise. I live in quite windy area.
* ANC performance not the perfect, but gives very noticeable difference and is acceptable
* little bit tight. However I got used to it very fast. They can be worn for hours without discomfort.

* market availability ;) (I had to by them online. Otherwise would have to travel at least 150km, which is a lot in Europe ;) )

I am little bit afraid of ANC switch that is moved physically to 0 or 1, which means that it would be possible to forget about it and entirely discharge the battery. I hope that hardware will deal with such situation and do not allow the battery to get damaged.

I would definitely suggest those for travelers, as I am.

Update 2015-04-14:
I left it twice already for couple of hours (or a day) with ANC turned on, what caused battery drain. However, they still charge and work fine.
Plastic on frame cracked (I have a big head). This causes the whole frame to bound little asymmetrically, but still is fine.

Update 2016-07-04:
Bridge broke in to. Now it’s very uncomfortable to wear them.
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on August 20, 2014
So far I really like this headphone. I managed to get them hooked up to my phone very easily and they sound very good and I have not had any comfort problems so far. I have worn them for about 4 hours now. The noise cancellation works very well and even with it off they cut down the noise a lot. Overall the sound seems very balanced to me instead of being heavy in any direction which is what I wanted.

I have only one criticism for this headphones and that is that the cups rotate the wrong way. They turn outwards and so if you take them off your ears and put them on your neck and rotate the cups the speaks and padding faces upwards. If they rotated the other way they would face down and be more comfortable to just leave around your neck. It seems like a fairly strange decision to have made.

I also wish they came with a hard case instead of a soft one to protect the headphones better but I will go look for something that should fit them. They don't collapse so that should be fairly easy.

Also while they work great on phones, tables etc windows does NOT have very good Bluetooth support. For the microphone to work right you need to set the audio out to the headset profile and then you get mono sound quality. If you set the audio output to the stereo profile then you get VERY good audio but the microphone no longer works. I will do some tests later with it wired up to the PC for regular sound and the headset profile set to see how that works.

How everything is connected together looks and feels pretty sturdy compared to other headsets I looked at. One of the reasons I went with these is that so many others had so many reports of breaking in a month or less.
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on April 17, 2015
I've tried several makes/models of $100-$250 wireless Bluetooth headphones currently available because I travel on a regular basis. When I saw the product features on this item I thought it would be a winner.

I will try to break down my honest evaluation.

Bluetooth/NFC - while its nice, the cans failed to stay connected to my LG G3, causing constant interruptions. They also have difficulty controlling the music app when the screen is off. I do not have the same problems with the Plantronics Backbeat Pro cans I also have, so I know its not the phone.

Sound quality (music) - Best way to describe the headphones are muddy, dark, and closed. They do not have the open and tight sound I'd be expecting from a set so expensive. There is plenty of bass, but the low mids are muddy and require quite a bit of equalization to correct.

Voice Call quality - I had no problems hearing, or being heard while driving. There isn't much "feedback monitoring" meaning its really hard to hear yourself. I have a feeling that I was talking much louder than needed.

Build Quality/comfort - They look great but feel pretty cheap on your head. The headband is a pressure point that can cause headaches. They fit so tight to your ears that they cause fatigue after about 45 minutes.

Noise cancellation - The passive noise isolation is really good, because they fit tight to your head. The active noise cancelling has 3 levels. I dub them "works" "doesn't" and "pointless"... You really need to use airplane mode for everything otherwise they let too much noise in. My cans had a really bad 315hz sawtooth wavetone that was emitting from the left earcup anytime the active noise cancelling was on. I returned them because of this noise. It drove me nuts.

In all I'm VERY disappointed with these, especially for the price. I returned mine due to the defective noise cancelling.
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Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
So you're looking at these headphones with all the technical mumbo-jumbo and wondering if this purchase would be worth it.

Oh yes.

To set the stage, let me digress a little and square away our terminology and philosophy. I prefer headphones for "serious" listening for two, you don't need to worry (much) about room architecture since the speakers are right on your ears, and two, my wife hates my taste in music so our marriage is spared an argument. Now, in general headphones are either circumaural (meaning they have enclosed ear cups) or supra-aural (meaning the speakers are in pads that sit on top of the ear). Circumaural are preferred if you want that absolutely isolated sense, because the ear is totally enclosed. Headphones may also supplement this isolation with passive (basically lots of insulation around the speakers) or active noise cancellation schemes. Simply put, an active system uses a microphone to pick up ambient noise (usually low frequency) and play it back in reverse phase to cancel out the noise. It's only really good for droning engine-type noise (like that on an airplane or in a car), but a proper noise cancellation system will work wonders.

These headphones are circumaural with both passive and active noise cancellation. In other words, if you're looking for the absolute best way to get that immersive feeling, these are what you want.

Performance - outstanding. Really. I played a variety of music through them and they didn't miss anything. For example, one of the more challenging things I use in my playback tests is Rodrigo's Aranjuez concerto (Eliot Fisk, guitar). It's challenging because it is a mix of very very soft classical guitar and full on orchestra. I find it useful as a test because a good system will do justice to both - you'll be able to hear the soul of the solo guitar, but get blown away by the full orchestra, without having to adjust volume or tone. And frankly, these headphones have done the best job that I have ever heard. You hear the start of the famous guitar crescendo in the Adagio as if Fisk is right there in front of you, no straining required. On lesser systems the very beginning is silent. I credit the 50mm drivers (which are just right for semi-high-end headphones like these), along with the circumaural construction and the excellent noise cancellation

A quick note on that noise cancellation - you have three modes, activated by successive presses of a control button on the right side. There is no external indicator of what mode you're in (basically low, medium, or high), but rather a soft voice tells you...assuming you are wearing the headphones and can hear that voice. So put them on before you change the ANC setting.

Another test - gaming. From Tomb Raider to the Arkham series to Bioshock, these headphones excelled at it all. Further, I got that highly immersive sense that is the entire reason you go with headphones to begin with. These make games a joy to play.

Battery life was about as advertised (with Bluetooth and ANC activated) with fast recharging.

Now then, I didn't have any issue using Siri or making phone calls with these headphones, but in my opinion this isn't really the core mission of this product. Sure, it's handy but I consider this a convenience thing, so I'm agnostic on it. I'm certainly not going to be wearing these for driving...

Setup - easy. Pairing was very simple. Powering on/off is a little clumsy, as the power light is on the button you're pushing to turn it on/off and you aren't quite sure you actually did what you wanted to do.

Packaging - exquisite. I've uploaded photos of the unboxing, but basically you open the box and the headphones are presented to you nestled in a satiny material. Included with the headphones are a 3.5mm connection cable, an airplane adapter, a USB power cord, a nice bag, and the instruction manual.

Overall, these are fantastic headphones. Sound quality is right on. When looking at audio equipment, you find that you rapidly approach a point of diminishing returns...that is, there's a point where you spend a lot of money but don't get a commensurate increase in sound quality. I would say these headphones perfectly straddle that spot between value and price. You get sound quality that's obvious even to non-audiophiles, and you aren't spending a lot of dollars chasing that quality. A very good product.
review image review image
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon August 6, 2014
Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Update: One side died after one week of use. Tried everything to revive - no luck.

I am not an audiophile - I am a consumer with a basic understanding of audio equipment but with a desire to have a good headphone set at a fair price.

I had lost my beloved Audio Technica Noise Cancelling earphones on my last plane trip and was looking for a good replacement, but this time an upgrade - something also suitable for gaming to spare my husband and daughter from the noise of RPGers. I use my AKG K490NC headphones for daily work and work commute use because they have great sound and are very comfortable and lightweight.

Comfort: I had to really work on adjusting because these felt rather tight on my (big) head and I need them comfortable enough to be worn on long stretches of cross Atlantic/international flying. The sound quality is good if you like a deepy bassy sound but I got some distortion - I haven't had a Bose with which to compare but I do feel these are better than the Audio Technica. They never pinched my ears - they are big and cover them completely.

Sound: I'll listen to everything from 70s pop to Saint Saens. Blasting "La Danse Macabre" put me in a happy place - the sound was good and I could hear every instrument. Just be aware again that this is heavy on bass and lighter on treble. Nobody will call this a "bright" sound. As well, I then took it to play some computer games and the immersive nature of it was great. I could tune out everything and really get into some great action-oriented RPG. Another use I need is for recording training videos - I really appreciated the sound quality for that as well (could definitely determine if I had too heavy breathing in the background!). The noise cancelling is very good.

Build: This feels solid - much more so than the Audio Technica did. I don't feel like something is going to break if I don't baby it. Nice features. I think it has an attractive retro look.

Set up and use: I had no problem synching to phone or using the noise cancelling (though I wish the noise cancelling modes were marked rather than given by voice). Easy to power up and down. This comes with a USB power cord, bag, instruction manual, 3.5mm cable and an airline adapter (though most airlines no longer have those old connection ports, thankfully). The cord isn't as nice and damage-proof as my AKG headphones.

I am really glad to have these headphones to make the noise of the plane disappear. For me, the quality vs the right price point is great if you like a good, deep and bass-heavy sound and total immersion.
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on October 8, 2014
I have a pretty extensive headphone collection, but I was in the market for a wireless set to use on my bus commute and came across an Amazon Warehouse deal for these. While definitely not perfect, the sound is the best I've heard yet from a wireless headset, especially when paired with an AptX supported bluetooth module (ex. - Creative W1). NFC pairing is great, and the 3 level noise cancellation is well done (just don't forget to turn it off when you power down the headset since it doesn't automatically do it.)

In terms of "cons," the side controls take some getting used to, and they're a bit hard to find just by touch alone. The headset has a premium look in pics, and it's certainly heavy enough to suggest quality components (too heavy on the head, though), but something about the overall look at feel isn't QUITE up to what I'd call premium. Finally, while I think the average person would find the sound to be pretty great, I'm a little spoiled by some of my higher-end open air sets, so these occasionally feel a little muted and claustrophobic. They're also LARGE (no folding or anything here). They will take up most of the space in your travel bag, but the nifty carrying bag they include is a nice touch.

Overall, I'm perfectly happy with the purchase. If you know what you're gaining and losing with wireless audio, and you don't mind the tradeoffs and the size here, I think you'll feel the same.
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