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on December 23, 2013
One thing I see often in comments from reviews are people complaining about a price for a 55mm f/1.8 lens. Oddly enough they complain with zero experience with the lens.

I just purchased this lens on amazon and it arrived in time for a wedding I shot just yesterday. It performed brilliantly. 95% of my shots were done wide open at f/1.8 and almost 100% of the images were in focus, minus a few that were from user error (accidentally switched off auto iso, resulting in a slower shutter speed indoors).

The lens at 1.8 is so sharp, it's quite refreshing and locks on focus quickly.

I had no problems at all with auto focus though I will say my 5d3 did focus faster indoors. But the a7 and 55 still performed well.

Outdoors at around 4pm with the sun at a beautiful spot, shooting was almost too good.

My primary use for this lens is to get nice bokeh and and I couldn't be happier. In some instances, it has this quality about it that I can't explain but have always read about. I guess its a Zeiss thing (my first and definitely not last).

So I would say, if this is in your budget, you won't be disappointed with the quality of the images produced. Then add the fact that it's weathered sealed, it's definitely worth the price. My 50L is now up for sale.
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on January 16, 2014
I have had this lens for less than 24 hours, but have taken quite few photos with it in that time. I can report that this lens is better than good, and better than excellent. It is tack sharp throughout its f-stop range, has little or no flare, and no chromatic aberration that I can detect. The IQ of the lens is pleasant and realistic, with good and clear rendering of colors and detail. Contrast is excellent. The autofocus works well and works quickly on my Sony A7R body under all but the dimmest of light conditions. There is, unfortunately, no hard stop for the lens at infinity (the lens focus ring will go past infinity when manually focusing). I like this lens more than the Sony 35mm 2.8 Zeiss lens. Bokeh at f/1.8 is surprisingly good and smooth for isolating subjects. I also have a Leica M camera and lenses, including the latest version of the 50mm Summilux f/1.4 lens. In comparison to that lens, the Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 is not nearly as well built, and does not render as nicely. But at one-fifth of the cost, the Sony/Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 lens comes surprisingly close to the mark in terms of the images it produces, and is an outstanding lens in its own right. Also, and unlike the Summilux, it's an autofocus lens that focuses quickly and accurately. I would definitely buy this lens again. For $1,000 this is a whole lot of lens. I would even go so far as to say that this lens is a steal at $1,000.

Update: None of the above opinions have changed after using this lens for several weeks. This is a superb lens.
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on January 28, 2014
I didn't believe in the so called Zeiss 3D quality on IQ till I purchased this lens. I have the Sony A7 and had been using the kit 28-70 lens for a while. I was very disappointing with the image quality from the lens. I almost wanted to return the camera with the kit lens because the picture quality I got from Sony's setup is not even close to the Fujifilm X series ILC.

This lens really release the potential of Sony A7 system camera. Focus under good light is pretty fast, the image rendering is just unbelievable, sharp on focused subject and the bokeh on the background/foreground are just simply stunning.

It is on the expensive side but it is worth every penny. This lens is really a must for all A7 users.
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With a review of any single camera lens, one must take into account not only price and picture quality, but also what other lenses are on offer, and what constitutes an all-round package of lenses for shooting in different conditions (few people use just one lens). These are discussed below.

This is one of the highest rated lenses on the market, Sony or otherwise.

Won't get much better with any other lens (as at August 215), and for a similar price (around $US900).

Therefore, if you are going to get just one very good, general purpose, Sony E mount, full frame FF lens for around $US900, this is a very good choice.

Other options, in the full frame series, are the Sony 35mm/2.8 FF (~US$600), and the 35mm/1.4 FF (~US$1600). I got the 55mm/1.8 over the 35mm/2.8 due to the lower fstop, meaning brighter and better pictures in lower light, including a desire for milky way shots with a tripod at night. (and the 35mm/1.4 is also much more expensive).

At 55mm, it's very good for portraits, general street photography, indoor use, and can also be useful for some architecture and landscapes. At fstop 1.8 is also very good for night/astronomy photos, with the help of a tripod.

It’s a full frame (FF) lens, which are designed for full frame Sony A7 series cameras; however you can use it on NEX series Sony cameras but it’s not really worth it, as you pay way more for this lens which won’t give you any better quality on those NEX series cameras than other, cheaper lenses which are specifically made for the NEX cameras.

After much searching and looking to minimise costs (at August 2015) I use these lenses for my Sony A7 full frame (FF) camera:

• Sony 55mm/1.8 lens FF (~$900US), (general street use, portrait, indoor, some macro at 0.5m)
• Sony 55-210mm lens APS-C (~$US250) , (wildlife, distal objects, some portrait and street photography)
• Sony 28-70mm lens FF (~$400US/$200 with A7 kit) (landscapes at ~28mm, general use, some portrait, indoor and street photography)
• Sony 30mm/3.5 macro APS-C (45mm equivalent on full frame sensor) (~$250US) (macro use; some portrait, indoor, street and landscape)

MY TOTAL LENS PACKAGE (with mix of FF and APS-C lenses) COST ABOUT US$1600-1800.

Here are some alternatives:
• Sony 24-240mm FF (~US$1000) for wildlife, street and distant objects, and some landscape
• Sony 16-35mm FF (~US$1200) for landscapes and architecture, some portait
• Sony 90mm FF macro (~US$1000), macro, portrait, street use
• Sony 35mm/2.8 FF (~US$600), general street use, portrait, some landscape
• Or /Sony 35mm/ 1.4 FF (~US$1600) general street use, portrait, some landscape


So there is significant differences between lens prices/packages, so perhaps a mix for those on a budget, but with at least 1-2 full frame (FF) lenses, is not a bad, cheaper alternative, as I have done.

The Sony 55-210mm APS-C lens performs surprisingly well in wildlife shots, except in very low light (I took it to Africa and it was fine), even though it isn’t a full frame lens, and so is a reasonable cheaper alternative to the Sony 24-240mm FF lens.


Can be done, but you need a convertor, and the availability/quality isn’t much different from the A series to the E series, so I don’t think it’s really worth it.


These lenses are not specific to Sony and many do not for example include autofocus, except for the Sigma for Sony lenses. The Sigmas for Sony: 19/30/60mm are fine and relatively cheap, but as yet there are no full frame lenses in this Sigma series, so these are only really worth it for the NEX series cameras.

There are some Rokinon/Samyung ultra wide angles (e.g. 14mm/f2.8, for landscape, indoor, architecture, and astrophotography) which are full frame and quite ok for the price (around US$300 or so), but dont expect quite the same sharpness you get with other full frame lenses, when one uses ultra wide angle lenses.

The Sigma 19mm tests I did on the Sony A7 full frame camera were ok but of lower quality than what the Sony 28-70mm kit lens achieved. The Sony 55m was better in all respects than both the Sigma 19mm and the28-70mm kit lens, especially in lower light.


The advantage of fixed focal length lenses is they give a better, more even and sharper picture (both in the middle and also across the frame) for that focal length, compared to zoom lenses. So the detail in the corners will be similar to the middle when so desired, but they can also give more ‘bokeh’ or ‘blurred background’ when you want to blur out unwanted details in the background, which is common, for example, in portrait work.

The Sony 55mm/1.8 lens is an excellent, full frame lens for Sony A7 series cameras. It doesn’t have image stabilisation, however I’m told this is only really an issue in very low light and without a tripod, and perhaps also with some hand-held video contexts.

You need to pair it with other lenses in a package to decide whether you really need it, taking into account price and what kind of pictures you want to take, for what situations. It’s particularly good for portrait work and general street photography, but can also be used in other contexts including some landscape photography and night/ low light work as well as some macro it’s ok, so it makes a good all-round, high quality lens. It gets only 4 stars due to price and lack of image stabilisation with video.
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on April 10, 2014
Having been a photographer for nearly 30 years, I have had my share of love affairs with glass, and I won't claim to have abandoned every other lens, but I can say that when I want RAZOR sharp focus and detail that actually challenges my a7R sensor, this gem is a beast. It's small, light, VERY fast (don't let the 1.8 fool you; the light throughput on this lens beats most all Canikon 1.4s and gives the 1.2s a run for the money speed wise, and blows them ALL away resolution wise ), and has that peculiar Zeiss depth and separation, producing a very noticeable "3D" quality, visible even on the LCD.

Larger prints seriously make you feel like you could literally reach into them. The clarity and very controllable resolution, perfect color and believable contrast sell enough EXTRA prints that it will have paid for itself in another week or two, so the admittedly sky-high price is, in the end, pretty easy to swallow. The performance, dollar for dollar, is a steal.

It's not cheap by any means, but as much as I hate to constantly repeat myself, you get what you pay for. In this particular case, you get AT LEAST what you pay for, and if you generate income with your camera, this is an unusually solid investment that yields returns very quickly.

If you own the a7R and DON'T have this lens, shame on you.

There is ONE *auguably* sharper lens on the planet, but it isn't autofocus and costs 4-6 times the price of this. Once the sticker shock abates, it really is a no-brainer.
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on February 21, 2014
Since there are not too many FE mount lenses available, you are stuck with getting some good quality Zeiss glass. Yes, they are expensive, but you get what you pay for. The barrel is made of metal and the focusing ring is so smooth to operate. The weight is about perfect. It does not weigh the camera down and it feels very balanced. The Bokeh for a 1.8 at this focus length is amazing! The images are beautiful! If you have not seen the DxO marks for this lens, you might want to check it out. On an a7r, you are getting pretty darn close to the same image quality as the Zeiss Otus. I am currently using it on an a7. If you have the money to get it, by all means grab it. You will not regret it.
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on October 19, 2015
I've been shooting professionally for 15+ years with Canon. I've owned well over 15 L-series lenses. And I am very picky with my lenses. I usually don't write review but this one is worth it.
I've been shooting 5d3, 5dr, and now I'm also shooting the a7rii. This lens is the 3rd best lens ever test on the DXO lab tests. I read that and though... no way it's that good. But really people it is.
I have the following to compare it to. Canon 24-70mm ii, 50mm 1.2, 40mm 2.8, sigma art 50mm. It's smaller, cheaper and has much better clarity and sharpness.

With my transition into Sony I've noticed that the zooms seem to be not as good as the nice Canon zooms. But these primes (55mm, 35mm) are better than anything I've seen in a while.
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on March 10, 2014
I just want to clear this up that I said "nearly perfect" because it lacks OSS. I would rate this lens as a 4.9 simply because OSS would be great but not necessary.

The lens is sharp corner to corner regardless of aperture. The corners soften very slightly only at extreme f stops. But it's definitely very sharp even at f1.8

Very little CA and distortion across the range. I shoot mostly 2.8 to 4.0 and pictures come out perfect most of the time. The tiny imperfections here and there that I spot from pixel peeping wasn't even worth correcting.

Image Quality is extremely high. It is the sharpest lens I've ever used. It handily beat my 50mm 1.2L on my 5DMK3. I paid $1.6k for the 1.2L and it's hard to believe this lens is only $1k.

I don't know how to explain it but the Zeiss lens renders the image a little different. The colors seems to pop more and it just look livelier than my L series lens.

AF is better than the stock 28-70mm. It generally will lock in faster with less hunting. It works much better in low light conditions. It seems to be more accurate overall.

Focusing ring is smooth. I would say it's above average but nothing to write home about. It works and allows accurate manual focus.

Construction is solid.

It is a bulky lens compared to how compact my A7 is. However, this is nothing compared to the bulk and weight of Canon body and lens I'm used to. I can actually walk around and shoot all day(if I bring 2 extra batteries) with the Sony system. My only comparison for its compactness is against the 35mm Zeiss. The 35mm really inspires me to make it a walk around set up. It can easily slip inside a small bag or hang on my body without getting in the way. I can't say the same with this 50mm. It's not impossible, just more difficult. But there is no comparison with picture quality. The 50mm is clearly superior in every way.

Conclusion: The lens may seem expensive when you only look at its specs. The results are stunning and performance is up their comparable to the legendary Otus lens. At $1k, this is a steal IMHO. A must have lens for anyone using the A7/R bodies.

I will try to post some pictures and update my review. You won't find me dig deep into the technicals since there are more reputable and highly qualified people than me. I will only tell you from a user's perspective and satisfaction of the product.
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on September 23, 2015
In a nutshell: Premium glass with simply amazing sharpness for the price.

This is the first lens I picked up for my Sony. Shooting with this lens with the A7RII is quite an experience.
The lens creates excellent very sharp, and very usable images in almost any lighting situation. It oozes dynamic range and gorgeous colors. Bokeh is creamy smooth and the 3D pop makes for beautiful portrait photos. Construction is solid. Auto-focus is snappy. Fly-by-wire manual focus takes a little getting used to, but is very usable.

No regrets at all. Very well worth the price of admission.
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on February 25, 2015
I don't own this lens (yet!), but I rented one for a portrait shoot recently. Paired with the Sony A7II, it was an absolute dream. The lens is strikingly small if you're used to shooting with DSLR full frame lenses, but still retains excellent build quality and, as I got to experience, even better image quality. In the sample images I attached (from that portrait shoot), you can see how effective the circular aperture blades are at keeping bokeh highlights ultra smooth. The optics are very, very sharp, even wide open. I got some soft images for sure, but it was my fault every time! If you only get ONE lens for your Sony A7 series camera, this ought to be the one. Will be purchasing later this year!
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