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on November 25, 2013
I used to own a Galaxy Note I since its release, was happy with its size and the abundant apps but for the past 6 month I started to feel the pain for Android's lousy and slow software. The LTE can also suck all the power from a fresh charge in 6~8 hours, so I had to turn off ATT data network anywhere I can use WIFI. Last Friday I finally jumped to Lumia 1520. Now it has been 3 days and I can't express how happy I am!

Here are few things I feel great about this phone:

1. The system is fast and smooth - hardly feel delay when switch apps.
2. Integration with Office makes open email attachment so convenient and productive
3. Photos took by the camera are crispy clear and I have not tried to adjust the settings yet.
4. Live tile, man, I love live tile. With a 6 inch screen and adjustable tile size, all my calendar appointments, the weather, the battery usage, the news app I installed, all dynamically displays like music. A quick glance and I know what is going on and what I will up to, no app launch is needed!
5. The voice enabled Nokia GPS drive is accurate, clear and LOUD, it will retire all your GPS device forever.
6. If you use Skydrive, the integration with Skydrive is really smooth and seamless.
7. Battery performance is exceeding my expectation. With LTE or WIFI (I even don't know which I am using now), after a relatively heavy 2~3 hour web usage and a full day random use, I can still have 50% power left by the end of the day.

Now are few things I don't feel great about:

1. I really want to have the App/function to automatically mute my phone in working/sleeping hours but seems it is not supported on Windows phone
2. The phone is big as we know, so one hand dial is virtually impossible. If you are driving, even pick up the call will be a problem with one hand(I know, I know, don't drive and .....)
3. I still wish I can have those missed Apps I had on Android, comparing those app I installed on Galaxy Note (about 20 of them), I found all my apps in Windows Phone App store except 3 are not available.

btw, anyone want to jump to windows phone, you can check here for available windows phone apps: [...] then you can decide if some critical Apps are missing when you switch the ship.
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on November 26, 2013
The Nokia Lumia 1520 has quickly become one of the best devices I've ever owned in my life! Its fast, big, and easy to operate. On 11/22/13, I had the luxury of receiving my new Lumia 1520 and Xbox ONE on the same day. Guess which device received the most attention from me? The Lumia 1520, of course! Here are some of highlights found on this device:

1) 6" 1080p HD screen
2) 20MP camera w/ Optical Image Stabilization
3) Large battery (3400mAh capacity!)
4) 16GB storage, expandable to an additional 64GB (Micro-SD slot)
5) Latest OS updates from Nokia and Microsoft
6) Wireless charging (w/ adapter case)
7) Exclusive Nokia camera and navigation apps
8) NFC and Bluetooth 4.0
9) Quad-core 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor
10) FM radio (must have headphones)
11) Gorilla Glass screen and polycarbonate body for added durability
12) Loud and clear speaker (phone and media)
13) FREE Microsoft Office
14) Xbox LIVE integration
15) PC/Mac compatible
16) 1080p Video Recording (front camera) w/ four microphone audio recording! Check out Nokia's music video, "Bottle of Wine" performed by Nilla. The audio quality is unmatched in smartphones!
17) 2GB RAM
18) $99 w/ a 2-year contract!

The phone does take some getting used to, but I find it easy to hold if you use a case like the Belkin Wallet Folio (cost $45). Now, its roughly the size of a standard checkbook with cover, which makes it easier to hold (looks great, too!). But, if you use a case... make sure the phone's microphones are not blocked while recording audio.

So, should you get this phone? If you prefer a tiny iPhone... NO! If you want to surf the net without straining your eyes... YES! If you want to watch videos without straining your eyes... YES! If you want to play games without straining your eyes... YES! If you want Microsoft Office integrated into your phone (which has an awesome screen)... YES!!! Get this phone... you WON'T regret it!!!!!

VALUABLE TIP: Since Google is worried about Windows Phone gaining marketshare, they blocked Microsoft's effort to build a great YouTube app. Don't worry! Spend 99 cents on the EXCELLENT Metrotube app, which is way better than the official YouTube apps for iOS and Android! HOOAH!!

BONUS: If you buy a Lumia 1520, 1020, 521, 925, 928, or Lumia 2520 tablet before 2/15/14 and register it at Nokia's website... you will get a code for a $20 voucher redeemable at the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store!! FREE apps and an AWESOME phone!! That's a WIN-WIN situation!
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on March 29, 2014
Lumia 1520 is one of the best phones I have ever used. Following are the few things I believe are the best in this phone compared to other phones ( I have some links towards the end to back my review )
* This phone has one of the best battery life, it has a huge 3400 mAh battery, and i generally have 50-60% left at the end of day (1)
* This phone has one of the best screens. Full HD 1080p and the best outdoor visibility (2)
* The second best camera in any phone right now, best being lumia 1020. 20MP camera which takes great photos in low light and OIS makes photos/videos crisp. OIS (optical Image stabilization) means the lens uses mechanical ball bearing and magnetically powered motors for stabilization during photo as well as video. Or put more simply the lens moves in the opposite direction to compensate for any small hand movements/vibrations to make the photo/video more stable.
* To my knowledge, only two smartphones right now can shoot photos in RAW/DNG ( Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520 ) (3)
* One of the loudest and best speakers on any phone. No need to buy the small $100 portable bluetooth speakers, because the speakers on this phone are loud enough.
* The best innovation in this phone is audio recording. Phone has 4 HAAC microphones, and allows directional audio capture for the best noise free recordings of events (4)
* Nokia owns the Here Maps(Navteq) so you can download offline maps for anywhere in the world for free. Thats right, you have a worldwide GPS with the up-to-date maps. No need to use crazy amount of cellular data while using google maps or worrying about losing navigation when there is no data connection far from cities
* I use my smartphone to check time, but hate clicking the power button every time. Lumia 1520 comes with Glance screen which is always on, shows time and notifications without touching the device. Uses only 4-5% extra battery a day.
* Another Lumia exclusive feature is double tap to wake, comes in very handy while phone is sitting on your desk.
* In cold weather ability to use your phone with any gloves, also comes in very handy versus buying special gloves for most other phones.

This is a large phone, so be mindful of the size before u order. It fits comfortably in my pocket(even jeans), and my hand ( I dont have giant hands). I picked my wife's iphone 4 recently and it felt like a flip phone. Its amazing how quickly we adapt, whats normal to us changes quick. I am of the opinion a large display phone (phtablet) is better than owning two separate devices (phone and tablet).

Almost everyone who sees my phone makes a comment, but i have noticed that only iphone users are generally almost hostile about the size of Lumia 1520. iphone users think owning an iphone is cool, but in reality something that 50% of the population owns cannot be cool by definition. I am not saying owning a Nokia makes you cool automatically but an iphone is def not cool anymore. Also, many of these iphone users might run to buy a bigger phone when apple makes one (5)

Android is a great option too but I wouldn't buy an android phone because of the malware issue (6) and in general of google poilcies, in Eric Schmidt's own words (7)

So to wrap up i think this is one of the best smartphones hardware wise and Windows Phone is a great OS, so if you are in the market for a new phone give this a try, go to your local At&T store play with it and more competition means us the consumer wins.

Links from above:
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on November 23, 2013
I have had this phone for all of 24 hours now and my review is based on my reaction to the feature/functionality of the Lumia 1520 in this short period of time. This is against my experiences in the past 12 months with my Lumia 920 and iPhone 5S, the latter being my second phone that I haven't felt the need to pick up these past 24 hours other than to check Path. To be clear, I am an unabashed fan of WP and the UI innovations I feel it has brought to the market - innovations that have broken the stale, outdated UI design philosophy of IOS and Android. This of course, is subjective, and this review is not about WP vs IOS and Android.

Let me instead describe what works well and what I like about this phone and what does not work well or what I don't like.

Works well/What I like:

- Big device means big viewing area. I can legitimately put this phone in my lap to read books in Kindle or watch movies. I received the Nokia protective cover free with the phone and with the soft cover flipped back, I was able to rest the phone against my thigh with a leg crossed while having both of my hands free. Of course, without the cover, this phone would slip right off my leg given that I have the smooth, matte white version. With my iPhone, my arm is always up (and getting tired) as I try and maintain an acceptable viewing distance. Also, while my daughter broke my Nexus 7 (2nd gen), the replacement Dell Venue 8 Pro I bought hasn't been touched in the last 24 hours and I've been struggling to not carry too many devices on a day to day basis. I think the Lumia 1520 will go a long way towards reducing the amount of electronics I feel compelled to use and its big screen is a big reason for that.

- Big also means a lot of space consumed in my pocket, but I did not have any issues whatsoever walking or driving with the phone in my pocket. I wear normal sized jeans - not emo skinny or hip-hop baggy - and the phone rested comfortably inside my pocket. My work dress pants have even more room so I don't anticipate having any issues going forward. Storability is compromised in my car however, as the center console area I used to place my previous phones does not allow the 1520 to sit without part of it sticking over the edge.

- Big means lots of home screen space to customize your UI and place your apps in an optimal way. This is where WP beats the competition without having a 6" screen to begin with. By this I mean I often pull my phone out of my pocket and have it in my left hand where I have my e-mail, text, and other "core" apps near my thumb for easy one-handed access. With this 6" screen being so much bigger than anything I've had before, my right hand has come into play more frequently and I've used this opportunity to place other frequently used apps along the right side of the home screen. Additionally, this big screen means I fit every single core app I use on the home screen without having to scroll around. This is what *kills* me about Android and IOS - that you have to bury things within groups or scroll multiple times sideways and even if you have most of what you need on the main screen, you can't "bubble them up" by re-sizing or putting the smallest tiles in a cluster together.

- The phone is flat out gorgeous to look at. The Lumia 920 was a portly phone with serious heft and while the 1520 is heavier, it's of course larger so from a scaling perspective, it doesn't feel as heavy. I had a Lumia 900 before the 920 so I have a good bit of exposure to Nokia's implementation of polycarbonate on phones. The 1520 feels even nicer due to the larger surface area on the back. Aesthetically, this is my favorite phone to hold and look at in a long time.

- The screen is incredible to look at. Putting my Lumia 920 next to it really drives the point home. The same color theme looks yellowed and dull next to the 1520. I've even dialed down the color temp and saturation and colors still look incredible.

- Micro-SD is not a game changer, but it is a nice feature where other feature phones have come up short in the past, particularly since the 1520 currently only ships with 16GB of storage (less useable ofc).

Doesn't work well/What I don't like:

- Big is, well, harder to handle one-handed but this is to be expected with a 6" device. I'll have to revisit this one after more day to day handling in work and non-work situations. I fully expected to have to handle it with two hands more than I would be able to with one hand and that has been the case so far.

- Matte and big is harder to handle, no doubt about it. I use a very thin, semi-tacky case on my iPhone 5S because that device out of the box is so damn slippery. The Nokia isn't quite as slippery but I feel like I might want a silicon or semi-tacky case on it but because it's so big already, I'm hesitant to add more bulk. The free case I got makes it a lot easier to handle but again, there is more bulk and I'm also not a fan of flip covers, particularly because handling it two-handed has an asymmetric feel. I also don't like the dangling cover when I'm taking pictures.

- 3400 mAh of battery means long charging time. I put my phone on the charger at about 12:30 last night with it having 24% from the initial ~50% it had when I picked it up at the store. A 5V/1A USB connection took 6.5 hours to bring the phone to a full charge.


Everyone's reaction when seeing or handling the phone is that it is huge and this is indeed the case. The question one has to answer however, is whether or not they can benefit from the added size without compromising daily use scenarios and for me, it's been a big change for the positive so far. In short, I really like this phone because I don't feel compelled to bring a 7/8" tablet with me, the quality and feel of the phone and its display are top notch, and I can see and do everything I need to from one (big) screen.
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on January 14, 2014
First I will say that windows 8 is AMAZING. I had the Nokia Lumia 920 and likes a lot of the personalization features but it lacked my Pandora, pinterest, myfitnesspal, Spotify, and other apps I use daily so I went back to IPhone.

NOW, Onto the Lumia 1520. I had the IPhone 4S. I liked a lot about my iphone but was bored. Seems like since Steve Jobs passing...theres nothing awing about new phones 5, 5c and 5s. Same ol Same ol EXCEPT now...a lot of my apps are always crashing. My wifi isn't that strong in my room, my front camera quit...and it's almost the same as the first iPhone. A lot of good changes but not very many customization features for me. Plus with apple products...EVERYTHING costs.

BEFORE PURCHASE: I decided to get Nokia Lumia 1520 BECAUSE

1. Supposedly had many of the apps that I previously could not get on my old Nokia
2. More customization with Windows 8
3. Beautiful Big Screen Like a Tablet
4. Amazing Camera by Carl Zeiss
5. Mostly...Side by Side comparison that I did with IPhone 5c, 5s and Lumia 1020.
(if you can do this side by side comparison which I did on AT&T...I would do it because it answers a lot of questions and made my decision 100%)
6. Ability to Expand storage with the miniSD port
7. Ability to get phone in yellow. It was a hard decision between yellow and red because they are both beautifully vibrant but I went with yellow because I love the brighter.

Amazed by color brightness, screen brightness, size and beautiful camera.

In the first few days I learned a few more awesome things

1. the Lumia now does SnapShot and if you are or have been an iPhone user this is awesome.
2. There is a driving mode you can set up with a Bluetooth device to avoid wrecks. No touching phone while driving.
3. Some of the apps that were previously said not to be on the windows phones were now there. In face the only thing I do not have that I used a lot was weight watchers...they just have a rinkidink calculator but im sure that will update.
4. I can trim videos.
5. The live tiles are awesome.

Apps that I use a lot that are available that on some reviews were said not to be

App folder (to organize all your apps like IPhone)
Wallet to store credit cards
Run the Map

I have had this less than a week so I know I will learn more and I will rereview or add to it but my current Conclusion is

If you are looking to upgrade and thinking about trying something new...better camera...more customization with out sacrificing tiles...mostly free ringtones...driving sacrificing your current apps, free office, ability to back up on skydrive and at&t locker....find your phone...ANNNND SOOO MUCH MORE...

SWITCH! You wont regret it.

Things to know:
1. This phone is huge...6 inches. I LOVE IT...some do not. I can see everything beautifully.
2. Get a CASE! SERIOUSLY This phone is very slippery on the back. You need some kind of protection and grip to prevent dropping it or if you do to help protect from the fall. *Be carefully applying tight not press hard on display screen because you can easily distort color on display screen*
3. GET A SCREEN PROTECTOR...I recommend armor brand. They have lifetime warranty and less than 10 bucks with amazon free prime shipping.
4. If you want smaller might try Nokia Lumia 1020...better camera and smaller but lacks some of the specs 1520 has. Do side by side comparison.
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on December 5, 2013
Let me start by saying I have been an iPhone user/lover/supporter since day one, and there are definitely many positives to be said for the phone and the OS, but let's face it, it's a bit boring, mainly due to it's simplicity, which is what most people seem to love about it. This is also NOT a review of Windows Phone 8, that is something you either love or hate, and has absolutely nothing to do with this phone, since if you hate the OS, you obviously do not buy a Windows Phone. This is what bothers me about some of the negative reviews here, they are negative about customer service or because they were less than thrilled with Windows Phone OS, but that is not a review of the Lumia 1520. SO I am going to make the assumption that whoever is buying this phone has done a bit of research (I know, a rather large assumption but I'll fly with it for now), and actually wants a Windows phone. Now, why I made the switch and why I am absolutely LOVING this Lumia 1520:

1. The screen is absolutely hands down the nicest, clearest, brightest screen I have ever seen on any device, be it tablet, computer, or phone. Of course it is also 6", which is going to be a bit large for some people, but again, just like the OS, if you wanted a small phone, order a small phone. In my case I wanted the larger screen as it definitely lessens the need to carry my tablet around in many cases, and I can do things on this device that were oure torture on a 4.5" or similar size screen.
2. The camera, although not the 41 MP of the 1020, is quite impressive regardless at 20 MP, and the software that Nokia provides make the whole camera interface 2nd to none in my opinion. There is a bit of a learning curve if you are used to just pointing and shooting, which you can still do but not to optimal effect as you can if you take control. I look forward to taking a lot of pictures and doing a lot of experimenting.
3. Did I say the screen was unbelievable?
4. Although I stated this would not be a review of Windows Phone OS, I feel I should mention that the Amber update really adds to the OS in general, and I personally like the live tiles and the customizable nature of the whole system.

So, all in all if you are looking for a large screen smartphone, and are either comfortable with or willing to try Windows Phone OS, than I can very highly recommend this phone, and as you can see by the many other positive reviews many out there would agree.
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on November 25, 2013
Very large hi resolution display. Walked out of the store and handed it to my grandson in the backseat of my car. He logged right into Netflix and was watching Hunger Games in stereo, 1080P in seconds on 4G network. AT&T Locker App has 50GB offer right now. Nokia has coupon for $20 of Apps. Only drawback is it takes a few hours to set the phone up to the way YOU want it. But, Apple doesn't give you that kind of choice. Once you customize it is is a big surprise what this phone does for you. Almost everything is automatic and very intuitive. But it lets the Geek use the phone the way they prefer. Integrates completely with a Windows 8 PC. Lots of apps are available and more seem to be coming everyday. I enjoy this phone much more than I ever did any Apple product AND I can add memory, AND it has a USB port. SO, I guess I am not considered too stupid to use this product by the manufacturer. Good bye IPhone.
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on November 26, 2013
Things I like about it:
- DAT SCREEN THO! People talk and talk about how awesome it is, but you literally cannot describe it with words well enough.
- Viewing angles are also unbelievable. If you turn the screen until you can barely see the glass, you can still see everything on it! It looks just like a photograph!
- They clearly knew they were designing a device that is "too big," and they made some compensations to help that. Buttons pop out just enough to use them and no more to keep the device sleek but fully functional. The size allows for bigger buttons, but also plenty of room between them so that you can grip the phone without hitting them.
- I like the fact that they left some space to either side of the 3 bottom buttons. Perfect for holding the phone by the corner with your thumb(s) while you're reading without hitting the back or search button.
- The native programs seem to have been designed with BIG in mind as well. For example, when you are in a call, all of the buttons are dropped to the bottom third of the screen so that you can reach them with your fingers.
- LOVE the glance screen. I have it on all the time which is perfect for my OCD time-checking tendencies, and I haven't noticed any extra drain on the battery.
- Battery life is fantastic. I've been able to get solid 2 days out of it with no problem, including a lot of txting/browsing and light gaming.
- The pre-installed apps are very nice! It's nice to get a phone out of the box and it handle 75% of what I'll regularly be doing
- Speakers are VERY loud and clear!! Played some punk and some techno; both came through fantastically!
- On the topic of music, Mix Radio is really nice to have! I was blown away by how many selections they had for some genres.
- Love the fact that I can individually access my voicemails by clicking on them instead of having to log into voicemail and wait through the digital announcer.
- VERY happy to be able to access my files on this phone through a regular windows explorer window.

Things that are so-so:
- There seems to be a small issue w/touch sensitivity that some people are experiencing, but that may be fixable through software.
- Phone calls are fine. That's about it. They are clear, but could be louder. Definitely seems to be better quality than my Titan though.

Things I'm not too happy about:
- Every review mentions the pointy corners; I now know why. I thought they were being nitpicky about it, but they do seem to get annoying when trying to walk around w/the device. I can definitely fit it into my pants pockets, but you have to position it a certain way while driving, else you get jabbed every time you hit the brakes.
- I don't like the mini USB at the bottom, or maybe how it's cut. I realize that it's probably the best place to put it, but when I'm holding the phone, my pinky naturally lays right on the port to balance the phone, and if I'm holding the phone for any period of time, it tends to be pretty cutty/uncomfortable.
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on November 29, 2013
This phone in a word is..... Awesome !

Was one of the first people to get the Nokia Lumia 1520 directly from Amazon. Ordered it in the afternoon, and had it in my hands the following afternoon (with the small one day shipping charge) and could not be happier.

The phone has a super bright screen, easy to use display, long battery life (2 days with average use).

If you use your smart phone for viewing the internet or music, videos, etc this is the phone to use.

One suggestion.....
Take your time and do set-up properly to adjust your phone settings to your individual liking. A few extra minutes now will save you some frustrations later !


Still love the phone, it is the best

One additional item that has not been mentioned much is the fantastic battery life. I get a good two days of use which is the best I have ever had from any phone
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on December 2, 2013
I preordered the 1520 because of the chip, screen and camera. This is my first Windows phone since the HTC Tilt which was top of the line when purchased. My previous phone was Android. I chose this over the Samsung Note 3 because I preferred the better camera to the S pen.
The good
The phone is speedy and easy to use: The screen is beautiful! I have not really put the camera through its paces, but I took a couple of test shots of my laptop keyboard in dim light and every speck of dust showed! This bodes very well for the camera.
I had no trouble downloading Skype (which works on wifi!), Kindle, Audible , Google, Tune in Radio and Netflix. They work almost as well as on my Kindle Fire HD. I hope that Amazon will develop a full set of apps for all platforms.
It did not take long to set up ( similar to Android in many ways).I added a 32G SDHC card I had lying around the house. When (and if ) it gets full, I will upgrade to 64G. It may seem strange in this day and age, but I appreciate the FM radio which uses a speaker cable or headset cable as an antenna. My kitchen is a dead zone for Wifi and until I can solve the problem, the radio is a plus. It also saves data usage on the street at times.
The challenges
First of all when I hold the phone in my left hand, my fourth finger sits right on the on/off/sleep button and I have put it into sleep mode on several occasions. As a quick fix for my very small hands I tried to turn it upside down (with the headset port on the bottom), but even with the screen unlocked, I could not make that happen. I can get landscape mode in either direction, but only portrait mode one way, unlike my android devices.
Since I am not a heavy app user, I did not do my app homework very well. I found that Barnes and Noble had not developed a Nook app for the Windows phone (yet?) Also Pulse News is missing from the app store, although Fuse is not too bad as a substitute. Acorntv has not developed an app for any device. It would be nice if a Windows phone would play Flash.

Addendum:21 Dec

I have now taken off one star because of the Bing "button." It is both unnecessary and too sensitive. Too many times while holding the phone, my finger has brushed it by accident and the Bing Search screen appeared and shut off whatever I was doing. It could be just because my hands are small, but if I could I would disable the button so I could have the real estate at that corner. I would rather have Bing as an icon/app (or not at all). I am going to the Att help center tomorrow to see what can be done although I doubt there is a fix.

I was promised a free case from Microsoft but they were out when I picked up my phone. I will also go over the the Microsoft store tomorrow to pick one up. I have not had cases on my other smartphones, only on tablets. A downside of the 1520 is the limited number of cases available. No really nice leather options.
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