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Sennheiser G4ME ONE PC Gaming Headset, White
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on April 14, 2014
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First thing is first...let's get this out of the way...While I'm far from an expert, I would consider myself somewhat of an audiophile and like the Martin Logan speakers I own, the sound quality produced from this headset depends greatly on the source you are feeding it!

Don't even think about wasting your money on this headset unless you either already own a sound card with a built in amp or separate amp/dac like a Fiio, or are planning to purchase one! By all means, you can do so, but don't say I didn't warn you!

Now I realize some may look at the G4ME ONEs and say, "but they only have a 50 ohm impedance!" Amps are typically served best with headphones with a higher impedance than 50 ohms, but you'd be surprised what providing a little juice will do for these babies!

I can say this with the utmost confidence because upon purchasing the G4ME ONEs, I initially had neither a dedicated sound card nor amp/dac. So what I did was what most might do, which is plug them directly into my motherboard's audio ports on the back of my PC. The end result was sound that was equivalent to sticking your head up inside a metal trash can at a live performance/concert. The sound was terrible IMHO.

However, not wanting to give up on the Sennys after reading so many rave reviews about this brand of headphones, I decided to purchase two ASUS Xonar sound cards -- the DSX and the DGX. Upon receiving them, I noticed that the DSX did NOT come with a built-in amp. Seeing the price of the DSX was $20 more than the DGX, I had assumed the DSX also had a built-in amp. My bad for not reading the specs well enough and we all now what happens when you assume!

As you might expect, the sound while improved from the onboard sound from my motherboard, still left a lot to be desired. So, I proceeded to swap out the Xonar DSX for the DGX.

After setting the DGXs built in amp (under HP Advance Setting) to "Pro-gaming Mode" which is made for headphones with impedance ranging from 32-64 ohms, I was greeted with markedly improved sound. The sound quality was noticeably different and more authentic and open.

I'm not certain as to whether or not there is a burn in time-frame required of these, but based on my experience so far, I'm fully expecting the sound quality to get even better as the more I listen over time the better they seem to sound.

Are they as good as my Martin Logan floorstanders? Not a chance -- but they are headphones so nor should they be! However, they are certainly without question the best gaming headset I've ever listened to and I've listened to everything from Logitech to Plantronics, to Razer, Turtle Beach, etc. Basically, the only popular headset brand I haven't listened to are the Astros and none I've heard so far compare with the Sennheiser. But, as I've said, you really need to give the G4ME ONEs some juice to fully appreciate the top notch sound they're able to deliver.



- Very clear and natural sounding. Noises sound like they should and there is very little coloring. You are hearing sounds as they were meant to be heard.

- Adequate bass and a fantastic mid-range with clear and crisp treble.

- Not bright. The highs are airy without sounding tinny and harsh or making your ears bleed or causing fatigue. You can listen to these for hours and you will never feel you need a break as with so many other headsets.

- Not boomy or bassy sounding. Yes, for me that is a pro as an artificial bass response colors the music and sounds you are hearing. The G4ME ONEs have just the right amount of punchy bass without sounding muddy.

- Open-acoustic design. The G4ME ONEs are an open speaker which means that a little sound will leak out into the room. Not a lot, but some. I don't believe it will be a noticeable disturbance for those around you or those hearing you over voice-chat software like Mumble or Vent. I, myself actually prefer an open-acoustic design as I believe it improves sound quality and provides a larger and fuller soundstage. However, this may or may not be a con for you.

- Well designed aesthetically. I personally like the look of these and the plastic does not feel cheap. Plus, the color combo matches my PC case! :)

- Extremely comfortable ear pads. I prefer these cloth or felt type of ear pads over the fake leather or that synthetic material you find on other headsets. With these my ears don't sweat and end up sticking to the pads. Nor will I have to worry about the material cracking and peeling off like it did on my Logitechs.

- Great mic! The best mic on any headset I've tried period! You will be hard pressed to find a headset at this price with a better mic. My guildmates tell me that I sound "so clear" and a female even made a comment that my voice sounded sexy! :) Gotta be the mic, right? Well, maybe a little ;)


- High price! The price of admission on this headset is a bit steep and although I believe you often get what you pay for in terms of quality, I highly recommend waiting for a sale to purchase these if you can. While I do believe they are worth the money at the price I paid of $187, I feel the original asking price of $249 is a little rediculous. Just a wee bit.

- Snug fit. The clamp is a little too tight and will need some stretching. It may feel like it is squeezing your head a bit at times, which may become a slight problem for those with larger sized noggins. This can easily be remedied by storing the headsets over something that will stretch them out slightly while not in use.

- Need a break-in period to sound their best. This may or may not be something you are willing to live with, but the easy fix is to let them run over several nights playing your music library.

- The need...the need to feed! This headset is far hungrier than what the their impedance might suggest. I STRONGLY urge you to pair the G4ME ONEs with adequate power via a sound card w/built in amp or amp/dac component such as a Fiio. Otherwise, these headphones will sound like crap and ARE NOT WORTH THE MONEY! It's akin to buying a Porshe or Ferrari and slapping bicycle tires on them IMHO. Well maybe not quite like that, but hopefully you get the point!

In Summary

Great natural, clear sounding, open-acoustic headset with a fantastic mic and a nice aesthetically pleasing design. However, they will need an amp to sound their best and are not recommended for those not looking to feed them properly.

Feed the beast! Feed it!
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27 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on March 28, 2014
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
First off, I'm NOT a serious gamer. I have played some Call Of Duty with this headset and the sound has been amazing compared to my laptop speakers, but that can be expected at this price point.
What I actually was looking for was a great sounding pair of headphones that I could wear for an extended period and use to take phone calls for work. I work from home frequently and have to participate in conference calls and IT support calls with clients, so I wanted something I could plug into my iPhone (you do need an adapter cable) that would allow me to hear clearly as well as provide better isolation and sound on the microphone side as well (it can get noisy at my house). I priced commercial "office" and call center style headsets and was underwhelmed at the audio specs and "noise cancellation" options out there. Having been a recording engineer for over 10 years in my previous life, I decided to shift my search to high quality headphone manufacturers that I've had experience with in the studio and Sennheiser tops that list for "open" ear designs, all day comfort and sound quality. Audio quality and frequency response on these headphones is top notch. As for the mic, it must be doing an amazing job because the first time I used it I had a 20 minute phone conversation with my boss while running from room to room to keep away from my toddler's screaming and barking dogs. When I finally gave up and apologized for my non-professional behavior and background noise, he responded, "What do you mean? I didn't hear a thing."
That is exactly what I bought these 'phones for.
If you are considering the "G4ME ZERO"- I actually tried these as well. They sounded great too, but I'm not a fan of being completely isolated in leather or plastic ear cups for prolonged periods of time. The G4ME ONE still keep me in the game or at work without sweaty earlobes and I'm not so isolated that I'll miss my other phone ringing or a knock at the door.
The only downside is that they are a bit bulky, not at all heavy or awkward, but just big and white... so you'll look like an 80's air traffic controller with them on. Depending on the size of your skull (my head's pretty big), it might take a couple times to fully break them in. My earlobes ached for a few minutes after the first few hours on my head. Now I can wear them all day, they are extremely comfortable and I almost forget that they're on.
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on April 13, 2014
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
Coming from the Razer Tiamat 7.1, the Sennheiser G4ME ONE is a world of difference. The microphone stands out best between the two and seems to be of a higher quality than the Tiamiat I used before.

Audio, overall, is fantastic. It really packs some punch with the bass and most levels seem to be great. Playing games like Battlefield 4 with these on really immerses you in the game environments. Music and video playback also sounds great, and - again - the bass really stands out here. (So if you don't like bass in a headset, you probably won't care for these!)

These things are also incredibly comfortable, with the soft cloth earcups and relatively lightweight build. After hours of use, I barely even remember that they're on! They have some huge earcups and you can also adjust the overall size of the headset to accommodate any head size!

The auto-mute function of the microphone (when you move it into the upright position) and the on-earcup volume adjustment are two great little features that you don't really see elsewhere. I find myself using the earcup adjustment a lot now that I have it and would much prefer it over a bulky inline piece.

On top of all this, the thin, braided cable is lightweight and won't pull your left earcup downward. For some, the non-removable cord might be a dealbreaker but for me, it works just fine.

Overall, this is a great (and relatively expensive) pair of headphones. While I do think they're fantastic, I can only recommend them at a price of $200 or less. Anything above that price puts you into territory with some other "better" headsets. But if you can find this bad boy on sale or just love the features, it's well worth the price!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on January 24, 2015
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
I wanted to write a review, not just about these headphones, but comparing them to the G4ME ZERO. I originally purchased the G4ME ONE, and upon waking up the next day, realized I bought the wrong ones. I wanted the closed version. So I ordered the ZEROs right away, and within a couple days I had $400 worth of headphones sitting on my desk.

First off, both sound absolutely fantastic paired with an adequate amplifier. I gave the ZEROs a good test run with a couple long gaming sessions and listening to some tunes. I was impressed by the quality of the sound, they sounded great. Gaming is where I ran into trouble. I typically use closed headphones, but I've always used cheaper ones, which don't isolate the sound as well as higher quality headphones. Games sounded great, but talking to teammates was very troublesome. They are so well isolated, I can't hear myself talking. At all. Plug your ears with your fingers and try holding a conversation with someone, exactly like that. Even enabling the stereo mix setting that allows you to quietly hear yourself through the mic, it wasn't enough. I just could not stand it. Enter the G4ME ONE.

I finally unboxed my G4ME ONEs today and plugged them in. The sound quality is close on both, but these seem to be a bit cleaner, especially on the lows. On the ZEROs, bass felt ever so slightly "detached" from the mids, if that makes any sense. On the ONEs, the frequencies seem to blend better. They're outstanding. Mids and highs are crystal clear, bass is clean and punchy but not boomy at the extreme low end. They sound very natural all around.

One small con about both headsets, is that the volume wheel on the right ear cup doesn't go to 0 volume. It only goes down to about 25% volume, which is a little irritating if you want to quickly silence your headset.

A few other differences between the two is that the ONEs are an all-plastic design, whereas the ZEROs have a metal rod connecting the ear cups to the headband. How much that actually adds to the structural integrity, I don't know. The ZEROs also come in a carrying case (that nobody in their right mind would use) and so the ear cups rotate 90 degrees to fit into the case. The ONEs only rotate a few degrees, which is fine for me. The ZEROs win hands down in comfort; it's like soft, leather-wrapped pillows around your ears, and they're large, but my ears got very hot very fast (and I was wearing them in a ~55-60 degree house). The ONEs have slightly smaller felt cups and are a little denser but no temperature issues. Other than that, they're very similar.

In summary, the ZEROs would be ideal if you're just listening to music (but then why are you buying a headset?), and the heat isn't an issue for you. For all around use, the ONEs are the clear winner here, at least in my opinion. The sound is incredible and slightly better than the ZERO, they're plenty comfortable, and if you need to talk or hear a fire alarm going off, you can. They don't suffer from the heat issues and feel reasonably durable.

Overall, very, very happy.

ZERO Pros:
- The most comfortable headphones I've ever put on my head.
- Excellent sound isolation.
ZERO Cons:
- Excellent sound isolation. So good that it becomes a problem to talk.
- They get VERY hot, very fast.. no breathability.

ONE Pros:
- Ever-so-slightly richer and more fluid sound.
- I can hear myself talk.
- Ears stay nice and cool
ONE Cons:
- Because of the open design, you can hear the outside world pretty clearly.. but this is to be expected.
- Slightly firmer, slightly smaller ear cups. Fabric (microfiber?) instead of the amazing leather-wrapped heavenly marshmallows in the ZEROs. Still very comfy though.

Both Pros:
- Unbelievable sound quality.
- High quality braided cord, doesn't tangle.
- Mic conveniently turns off/on when you flip it up/down.
Both Cons:
- Volume wheel only goes from ~25%-100%, not down to 0%.

I have mine paired with a Sound Blaster Z sound card. Do not, I repeat, *DO NOT* try to run these without an aftermarket sound card, they WILL sound terrible. The onboard audio controller on motherboards does not supply enough power to drive them adequately, and is often accompanied by a fair amount of electrical interference. And don't cheap out and buy a $20 sound card either, those typically don't offer any more amplification than onboard audio.

UPDATE (5/2015): I came back and re-read my review, as I do from time to time, and I don't think I put enough emphasis on just how good these sound. I am consistently floored by the quality, even after 5 months of daily use. I listen to a large variety of music, and everything I've played through these sounds just absolutely fantastic. This has honestly been one of the best purchases I've made in a very long time. Sennheiser knocked it out of the park.
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
Color Name: White
Like all things Sennheiser these headphones are extremely high quality. Sound quality is top notch and the large and very padded ear cups are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. As other reviewers below indicated, you'll very quickly learn how good (or bad) your sound card is when using headphones this nice.

The microphone isolates sound nicely and can be muted by just by lifting the arm up. A volume control on the opposite ear cup can control the volume.

The long, fabric wrapped cable should be adequate for gaming rigs that reside under desks. The cable doesn't easily kink or get tangled, so it's very easy to roll up the cable for transport. An adapter like this one from Startech can get things working on a Mac or game console that only has a single port for the headphone and mic ports.

DISCLOSURE: Sennheiser provided me with this sample to review.
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on December 23, 2014
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
Got these headsets to use with my Xbox One and PS4, but don't do much PC gaming. Had no problem(s) hooking these up, as all you do is just plug the audio cord (not packaged and sold separately) into the Xbox adapter on your controller. No extra power cords needed. Over the years I've purchased several other brands for online Xbox gaming including: Triton, Astro's (30's), and Turtle Beach. I can say without any hesitation that these Sennheiser's blow all the others away! The sound is clear and crisp, and when playing BF4, I can HONESTLY SAY I've heard more sounds in that game now, that I wasn't able to hear using my Astro's or the Turtle Beaches. For example; the amount of footsteps from all the players in your general vicinity is DOUBLED, compared to what I heard from the other brands I've listed, which actually has me looking behind me more than usual trying to avoid knife attacks....The cups are very comfortable around your ears, fit very snug, and haven't caused any heating problem(s) to your head or ears like some other reviews that I've read. The cord also had a nice velcro wrap for the extra length; so the main line always remains out of the way. I'm sure as time goes on with these headsets I'll find more positive things about them, but as it stands now these are the best headsets that I've purchased to date hands-down!!
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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on June 1, 2014
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
I know this looks like a long review. I wanted to include everything relevant to a prospective buyer for a few minutes of their time.

First, I want to say that I have many, many pairs of headphones. All of different brands. I spend a good amount of time on my Playstation 4 and wanted a headphone system with a built in microphone. After some research, and many recommendations from friends I gave the G4ME One's a shot. If you play on a PS4 this is the best option Sennheiser offers. My points are listed below:

1) Comfort - I play for 2-6 hours at a time and nothing is worse than when your ears are sore from headphones. Before, I was using a pair of Beats by Dre studio headphones. I don't think they are designed for long use. These are. Not only is the velvet super comfortable on your ears, they are light (just over 300g) and my favorite part is they are designed to enclose the ear, not rest on top. Thats why Sennheiser headphones look larger than most other brands. They will be a little tight for the first week or two, as everyones head is a different size. Its like a pair of shoes, you have to break them in. Eventually you will forget you are even wearing them.

2) Sound - Sennheiser offers headphones in categories such as "audiophile" (music), "DJ", and "Gaming" just for a few. I play games like Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, and Gran Turismo. In all the game genres they perform in my opinion - 5/5. Specifically with Battlefield 4. I can hear small things like water drops and shell casings rolling on the floor. They provide surround sound so instead of stereo right or left, I can hear the helicopter fly from my front right to my back left as if I am the player and the helicopter is flying over me. Exactly how the game is designed. The microphone is just at advertised. The noise canceling is superb. There is a demo of this on the Sennheiser website of how they work to cancel noise in a crowded room, and they hold true to that demo. The mic sound quality is great, my voice is crisp and clear, very important in games like Battlefield where there is a lot of action and background noise at the same time.

3) Music - I wanted to mention that although not advertised, these are great for listening to music. Ive used them to listen to rock and hip-hop mainly and even without custom tuning my EQ, these sound great. When I'm not gaming Ive actually been using them to listen to music at home over my Beats by Dre. Obviously these are not practical for wearing out, with the microphone and all...unless you just don't care.

4) Value - This company offers top of the line audio headphones that will run you 1.5K for a pair, they are serious about sound. For $249.99, you are getting great value with the G4ME One. Personally, I would have paid $400-$500 if thats what they cost for these. Some professional tech website's reviews I read online said the plastic was cheap as a con. This is a good argument when buying expensive headphones, however in the case of the G4ME One, metal would add much more weight. The whole concept with these was comfort and sound and to make them comfortable they needed to be light. They are in no way cheap or not durable. Ive had them for almost a month now and they are still like new.

5) The last point is a point I want to make by itself. The cord is split into two cables: microphone and headphones. You can just plug the headphone in and they will work, but the mic won't. The headphones and mic are each 3.5 jacks, but they need a specific adapter that takes both and makes it into one "4 POLE" 3.5 jack. I went to Radio Shack and called many stores and couldn't find this adapter anywhere. The only thing they had was a 3.5mm "3 POLE" adapter. This will NOT work.

Sennheiser sells a combo audio adapter called "PCV 05". Its $14.99 and Amazon sells similar generic combo adapters, but in my opinion I wanted the adapter that was made for the headset, and this is what I recommend. Search for it here. I didn't know this when I ordered them and had to wait a few more days for the adapter.

I hate waiting for things, I overnight everything from Amazon, Sennheiser's best option on the adapter is 3-day select shipping and they came through and exactly three days. Looking back, instead of overnighting the headphones you can save money and just 3-day it from Amazon since you have to wait for the adapter anyway. Unless you don't have a problem using them without the mic for a few days.

This is all why I gave them 5/5 stars. I know this was a long review, but I hope it was helpful. Make sure to read other Amazon buyer review's and professional reviews as well. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Thanks & Enjoy!
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on July 25, 2014
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
I probably am what you would consider an audiophile and I absolutely love these headphones. Bought them so I could listen to music and play games with my friends using it's Mic instead of my crappy internal Mic and they have performed flawlessly. Note that I got them primarily for their similarity to Sennheiser's sort of mid tier $200 range audiophile headphones, the fact that they have a mic was purely a bonus for me, albeit a very well made, sturdy and clear bonus. I also got these over the G4ME Zero versions because they are the exact same thing except these are open backed and don't have a set of extra hinges to fold up. But I don't really travel with them, even though the box they came in can double as a case since it is really high quality cardboard with a good hinge. I got these for music first and gaming second and I am not displeased.

Also that little volume dial on the side, which you could easily overlook in the headphones specs, is really usefull. Same with the mic's ability to mute when it is pushed up and away.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on October 14, 2014
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
I really love this headset. It does a fantastic job of cancelling out surrounding noise, especially noticeable when compared with my friend's Turtle Beach headset. Very comfortable too, I much prefer the felt feel over the normal plastic/leather type you get with other headsets.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on October 13, 2014
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
Very Comfy and indeed do not make your ears sweat like Razer Products due, The Clarrity in sound is astounding. They are not as bassy as say and audiophile headset but they aren't bad at all and project 3D Sound very well in Gamming Situations.
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