Customer Reviews: Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p 15.6-Inch Laptop (59406648) Dusk Black
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on February 15, 2014
Here's what's rotten--there are about a zillion different "y510p" models of the IdeaPad. So comparison shopping is extraordinarily difficult. This is compounded by the fact that, despite what some commenters are saying, this exact model number is *not* available on the Lenovo site. Even more hilarious is that contacting Lenovo support to ask details on the differences is a moot point--they'll tell you that, despite it being their product, if it's not listed on their website, they can't tell you about it.

So for more details on this exact model number (59406648), check out the listing on Tiger Direct. As I said, there are many, many different IdeaPad models, but that Tiger Direct listing has some more specifics (for example, on the processor).

Another thing to be wary of is all of the confusing information that exists about the Ultrabay. In terms of the Ultrabay, this exact model from Amazon comes with the second graphics card. So yes, it's a dual-graphics card setup straight out of the box--you do not need to upgrade this. I have to add that this might still be confusing when you first fire up this machine, because they give you all of the DVD software, including the burning suites.

But again--this does NOT come with a DVD or BluRay drive. You do get tons of bloatware though! A quick internet search will help you delete the garbage you don't need.

Performance-wise, this is amazing. It runs a little hot, but modern games on high settings play well, and don't seem to chug. The speakers (the JBL ones everyone's so hyped about) are nice and loud, but they tend to favor the mid-range.

That's the bulk of it. Everything else is pretty clear-cut, but I wanted to help anyone else who was a little confused about the lack of and/or conflicting information out there. Especially when it comes to other models--you *cannot* get this model many places, including Lenovo's own site, and it really is remarkable for the money! Thanks!
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on February 12, 2014
This is my first days with the laptop and will update my review after sometime of using it.

I have been searching for this laptop for a long time. It is one of the most powerful laptops in graphics, with its dual Nvidia GeForce GT 755M GPUs it can run Battlefield 4 or even Assassin's Creed IV in ultra settings easily. Moreover, it has the 4th generation i7-4700MQ CPU and 16 gigabytes of ram. REALLY you can't find those specs in any laptop with a price less than 2000$.

- Astonishing performance.
- New and great GPUs.
- Price-tag.
- Well back-light keyboard.
- Solid ports and build quality.
- Loud and clear JBL speakers.

- Touch-pad clicking is not that good and two fingers supporting is not working well " I don't mean the scrolling ", they must update the app.
- The body of the laptop gets dirty easily from dust and finger-prints.
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on April 17, 2014
I moved from a 17" Sager laptop purchased in 2009 to this. It was a sad day when my old laptop sailed down the river Styx due to overheating issues. It was a great laptop, and this Lenovo has a lot to live up to. I was never a Lenovo fan. I had worked on them for years as well as many other brands of laptops/desktops, but Lenovo never really wowed me. They have always had a solid line of business laptops that seem to be quality and I would never discourage someone from buying a Lenovo (can't say the same for Acer, Dell, and HP's), but they were never on my short list either. Well I can happily say that has changed. Lenovo has stepped up their game in recent years and this Laptop is hardly the exception to their new improved lineup.

Very good. For the specs and performance this laptop offers, it is a great deal. Most Laptops with SLI are well north of the $2000 mark. This seems like a steal in comparison. It has quality components all around. Are the components on the cutting edge of performance? No. However for a laptop just over $1000 new, you will have an extremely hard time finding better. I know, I tried.

I was surprised to find this laptop to be almost identical in size to my old 17" laptop. The screen is only 15.6", but the bezel around the screen is quite wide. I think they could have easily fit a 17" screen in the same space. This makes it look like Lenovo got a little cheap and put a smaller screen in and then encased it in about an inch of plastic all the way around. I realize I bought a 15.6" laptop and not a 17", however I thought that would also get me a smaller form factor laptop as well. This has the body of a 17" laptop with a 15.6" screen. When it is closed it is not really thick, but by no means would I call it thin.

I like the feel of this laptop. It feels very sturdy. The Aluminum is very nice, if a fingerprint magnet. I trust the laptop to be able to withstand some punishment and still keep ticking. The keyboard is great, I love the individually back lit keys and feel of the keyboard. The keyboard feels very high class and quality. Everything all around feels like it is quality made. I have handled many laptops through out my career and this feels and looks top shelf in comparison.

This laptop performs incredibly well, both in games and in day to day life. The Intel Core i7-4700MQ is quite powerful. I rarely ever tax the CPU even when running video encoding and other CPU intensive tasks. The 16 GB of RAM is more than enough for every task. I have run multiple games at the same time (Eve Online, Marvel Hero's, Neverwinter, and LoL) and I have never once ran out of available memory. The Video Cards are awesome. One GeForce 755m would be enough to run games at max settings, add in the second and it just dominates. The only weakness of this system is the Hard drive. The 5400RPM 1TB drive drags the whole system down. I'm surprised Lenovo even put this hard drive in the system, regardless of the 8GB "cache". 5400RPM drives are never seen anywhere near gaming hardware unless it is a secondary or tertiary storage drive. It feels like a slap in the face and like Lenovo definitely went cheap on the hard drive. There is no excuse for it. Luckily the laptop comes with a M.2 NGFF SSD slot. I got a MyDigitalSSD SC2 Super Cache 2 42mm SATA III 6G M.2 NGFF SSD Solid State Drive (128GB). I installed my OS on it, and now the laptop is as fast as it should have been from the factory.

As soon as I got this laptop and my M.2 NGFF SSD Solid State Drive (128GB), I format reloaded it. I hate bloatware. I refuse to bow to any company's pre-packaged software. Now that being said, reloading a Windows 8 laptop Computer is far harder than it should be. The OS Product key is in the BIOS, not on a sticker or anywhere else. You need to download a tool to read it from the BIOS and write it down somewhere in order to have a physical copy. Then MS has decided that they no longer want to offer the fast easy download of a ISO so I can burn it to a disk or create a bootable thumb drive. OH NO, I have to use some Windows 8 Upgrade Adviser, and then my product key is not a Retail Key, but an OEM, so I can't even do that. I had to use a Generic Windows 8 Key from a google search and then download the bootable USB drive image and then after the OS install change the product key. So many hoops to jump through. So Much BS. I ended up installing Windows 7 Ultimate and skipped the head ache. Best decision I ever made.

In conclusion, this is a good to great laptop. It has flaws, but it really shines in places as well. There is a reason Amazon keeps selling out of them. If they are don't buy from a third party retailer, wait for Amazon to get it back in stock and save yourself $200-$300. For someone like me who is comfortable cracking it open and upgrading to an SSD in the M.2 NGFF slot, I can not recommend it enough. Even if you just want to use the M.2 NGFF slot for another or larger cache drive, it WILL boost your performance 3-4 fold. I'm happy with my purchase and would recommend this Laptop to others, IF they are willing to overlook the flaws.
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on May 18, 2014
Mine came with the GT 755M SLI for those who wanted to make sure.

One heck of a laptop!
Specs for the price just puts it at the top. There are enough reviews talking about the great stuff like specs, gaming and stuff so I will state the things I don't like.

Cons: It does get a little warmer than I like but then again I am paranoid and it shares a cooling fan between the cpu and one of the gpu's and it DOESN'T overheat! But it still is a con, just not a deal breaker.

The palm rest right by the front lip sticks up making it uncomfortable to rest my wrists on it as it pushes in on my skin. No, it hasn't scratched or drew blood, but I am considering sanding it down or something. Not enough though to really take a star off as I see not everyone has this problem.

End of cons

Note: don't get this thinking your get a good battery life, you won't. Think about what is running! a really good quad-core cpu, and 2 decent mid range dedicated gpus! (Unless the game doesn't support SLI)

Games I've played on this without stutter and on "High" or higher detail settings. (Sorry no fps's, but I tend to see when it drops low enough to be unplayable)

Minecraft, Borderlands 1 and 2, Simcity 2013, Starbound, Terraria, Sims 2 and 3 with all expansions, Diablo III with Reaper of Souls, Command and Conquer 3 and Red Alert with expansions, Bioshock 1 and 2, Dungeon Defenders, Marvel Heroes, Torchlight 1 and 2, I'm sure I missed some, but I am all over the place so it's hard to tell. I just know I am happy with the horse power.

I bought this so I wouldn't have to carry around my big 17" DTR laptop. I'm happy to say it has the same cpu and amount of ram as my big laptop.

Only thing I upgraded in this machine was I put a Crucial 960GB SSD in it. Mine did have the M.2 port in it in case your wondering, but I had the money at the time and decided to 'Go big or go home!' This machine really benefits from an upgrade to an SSD! That should be the next thing you get after buying this laptop.

If you choose to use the M.2 port:

That would work and you put Windows on it, then put all your data on the 1TB slower HDD.

Overall, a great performing laptop for the price I paid and I don't regret it so far. I will update this review if anything changes or once I hit the year of ownership mark.
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on February 21, 2014
This applies to this (59406648) model.

First off, I previously owned a Lenovo Yoga 13 that I had sold to acquire this one. It was the top of the line model with 256GB SSD etc, and it was blazing fast. It had some bloatware and tweaking that needed done, but not too much.

This thing is LOADED with bloatware. I've currently spent 30+ minutes removing most of the stuff that they've installed.

With that being said, I'll move on.

The first thing I did when I received this (before I even turned it on for the first time) was opened up the bottom to check and see if it had the connector for the m.2 SATA port...and it did! I was thrilled about that. I will definitely invest in one.

The first time I booted it up, it seemed to take forever to do the initial setup. Granted, I've been so used to pure SSDs that I may just be spoiled, but I hear the more you use it, the more it will cache on that 8GB in the 1TB drive, which will make it faster to boot.

It has a nice backlit keyboard, and a wonderful bright matte display. The sound quality is amazing coming from a laptop (at least in my opinion). I work on computers for a living, so I see all kinds of laptops come and go.

The trackpad isn't what I prefer, but some people like it. It reminds me of the one that is on the Yoga which took me some time to come around to, but I just miss having physical buttons. The one on the Yoga was much smoother to the touch, while this one has more of a rough surface. This one can also mess up from time to time, and is probably one of the worst I've ever used when it comes to response.

The fans on this thing are super quiet compared to what I had expected. The temps seem relatively okay. Using Intel Burn Test I maxed out the CPU around 90C before the fan kicked in and almost instantly dropped it to 80C again. Seems to hang around 80-82C while maxed out. after a few minutes it drops the clock speed.

It kind of freaked me out because I was trying to run furmark to test the GPU temps, but only 1 card was working. Got Metro LL benchmark up and running and it turns out Furmark was the one with the problems. No worries. Ranged from 70C to 80C max load.

Fingerprints are also a huge issue if that sort of thing bothers you.

From what I can see in one day, it's a great laptop to grab. -1 star for all the bloatware and trackpad though.
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on February 26, 2014
Nothing comes close to this laptop in terms of performance and build quality at this price point. Like others have said the track pad is awful. I was able to tweak the sensitivity a bit which helped but its still terrible. It plays pretty much any game on high settings, runs quiet and has a great screen. The keyboard is great; very solid and well lit just a bit on the cramped side.

I never even ran windows 8 on this. As soon as i received it i installed a SSD, downloaded the windows 7 drivers from the lenovo site and installed W7 Professional. I really like the fact that Lenovo is supporting windows 7 and was a big factor in my decision to purchase this laptop.
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on May 10, 2014
Out of the box, this laptop is ready to go. Windows 8.1 is not a deal-breaker as some people point out in other reviews, chances are they only refuse to use the new Start Menu or install 3rd Party software to bring back the original sidebar menu style, anyway. Windows 8 does a better job with using the machine's hardware, so it boosts the FPS on most games. It does not come with that much bloatware as I expected, it ironically has mainly CD Burning software, which is strange for a model computer without a CD drive. Any bloatware can be removed either by hand, or what I did was ue a nifty little program called the PC Decrapifier, which allowed me to make a system restore prior to making any changes and then removed all of the selected programs I did not want without having to select the programs and then "Uninstall" and a UAC message in between each program.

Like most laptops, its touchpad is a bit off and tends to glitch when you try to tap rather than click, but this is a Gaming Laptop, so chances are you won't be using the touchpad anyway. The "FN" keys can easily disable it while typing or using the mouse, which I recommend as the Windows 8.1 gestures could pull you out of the game and back to another, previously opened application with a accidental swipe on the touchpad.

The backlit keyboard is a plus, I've always preferred a red glow. Its the perfect amount of color for a computer, unlike those expensive Alienware disco-balls, which this computer can compete against and win due to its extremely low price for what you get. Also, a NUM pad is always helpful on a keyboard. Once again, you can adjust the backlight if it bothers you, either off, low, or high settings.

The dual GPUs work great unless you're on battery power, the GPUs automatically drop into a power saving mode to preserve battery life when not plugged in. Its understandable as well, because there is not really a battery out there that can keep two GPUs running for an extended period of time. When on battery power, most games have a drop in FPS so high that it IS unplayable, but chances are you won't be far from a power outlet when playing a game.

The Lenovo One-Key recovery option only took twenty minutes to back up, make sure you do this too before installing or uninstalling any programs, it keeps the Operating System "fresh" to how it came, that way if anything happens you know there isn't a problem after restoring to these settings.

All 16GB of RAM works great, and it DOES boot relatively quickly. Contrary to other online reviews or videos I have seen, the 5400RPM hard drive allows for fairly fast file and program access. I've timed the computer off of a cold boot to load Photoshop CS5 in 7 seconds, which is not bad even comparing to an SSD. Adobe Flash Professional loads about the same.

Sound quality is the best I've heard from a laptop. I barely turn it above 40% due to how well it sounds and how loud it is, it certainly beats my old laptop, and can challenge my home stereo to a duel.

2x USB 3.0 ports have great transfer speeds, the other 2.0 port duals as an "always-on" port that emits power even with the computer off, but needs to be enabled in the BIOS. I use it for my Cooling Pad, that way with the computer off, it still gets airflow to cool down.

Here are some game settings for a few games, they all run without any hiccups and never drop to unplayable FPS unless on battery power.

Battlefield 4 -

Screen Settings = Full Screen 1920 x 1080
Ambient Oclusion = HBAO
Anti-Aliasing - High
Graphics Quality - High
Effects - High
Lighting - High
Terrain Quality - High
Texture Quality - High

Titanfall -

Screen Settings = Full Screen 1920 x 1080
Texture Filtering - Bilinear
All Settings are set to "High"
Anti-Ailasing - 2x MSAA

Minecraft (With Optifine) -

Extreme Render Distance
Fancy Graphics
Maximum Smooth Lighting
Fancy Fog
Clouds : On
Animations : On
HD "Sphax" Resource Pack
Full Screen Mode
FPS AC Power- Averages around 200
FPS On Battery - Averages around 143 (keeping in mind that only 30 FPS is needed to play most games)

All in all, this computer is great for the money. Having it for three or so weeks has let me put it through all the tests I would need to. I would definitely recommend this computer to anyone.
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on February 19, 2014
I bought this to use at college for research and writing papers, as well as for playing games at school and at home on a 29" monitor. There was not a ton of bloatware to remove, and Windows 8.1, once properly setup, works perfectly fine. The keyboard is a charm for someone like me who types very fast and really pounds the keys, I find myself making very few mistakes, and the lighting is incredibly nice. I've tested this playing a few Steam games (Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Source), and League of Legends, so far it runs everything beautifully without any hesitation on max settings, and it does not get terribly warm (certainly not as warm as my last laptop would get). I'm not a fan of trackpads, but I was able to navigate around within Windows removing and installing programs for several hours without any problems (until my wireless mouse arrived in the mail; I don't intend to touch the trackpad again save to wipe it down on occasion). The speakers are pretty nice as far as laptops go. I will likely order a SSD within the next few months, since the hard drive is really the only thing "slowing" the computer down, but so far I'm incredibly happy and impressed.
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on February 19, 2014
Like one of the other reviewers said, buying a y510p is hard. There are many different configurations. The thing to know about this one (59406648) is that it has the latest dual graphic card configuration with Nvidia GeForce GT 755 video cards. Some of the other y510p are still using last years Nvidia graphics cards.

This thing is a beast. I'm currently playing BioShock Infinity on the highest setting and it is flawless. I'm sure there are better gaming laptops, but you won't find one at this price point. I'm really happy with this purchase and can't wait for Titanfall.

The only nuisance is the edge of the laptop where you hands go if you are using the touch pad. The aluminum sits just below the front edge which isn't the most comfortable. It is only a problem when you use the touch pad which doesn't bother me that much. The touchpad itself gets slammed a lot in other reviews. I found it took about a day to get used to. Then it is fine. You will have to customize the settings but you can get there. I use a mouse a lot anyway. The performance of the machine makes these two things minor issues, but if you are sensitive to those types of things buy something else.
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on September 8, 2015
I had this laptop for a year and three months before the motherboard went out. The computer ran extremely slow the whole time I've had it and would take 15min + to boot up sometimes. It would cost over $600 to have someone replace the fried board and over $500 to buy a replacement and put it in myself. So I now have an $1100 paperweight. That's a very expensive paperweight!!! I will NEVER buy another Lenovo anything. Their cheap junk has put me in a really bad place because I can't afford another computer. For the price I paid for this piece of trash I could have gotten a decent MAC, that I would still be able to use. If I ever get enough money to buy another nice computer I will definitely be buying a MAC, LESSON LEARNED.
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