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Well I had a 7 year old Sharp Aquos 52" that died recently and instead of repair chose a new TV. I looked at several makes and models but all had to have at least 60" and 3D with excellent quality. Several were in the running and I narrowed it down to one of the Samsung 1080p or 4k models, or the Sony XBR 65" 4k model or this one. I just could not bring myself to pay nearly $1800 more for a TV than this one. So, that left the 1080p models in my price range. I chose Sony because it had nearly the same processing as their XBR 4K model which I thought was the best TV on the market at present. Also this one is 70" and that was also a big plus. I looked at this in this showroom of local dealer and thought the color accuracy was much better than any other TV except the Sony XBR.

I am a self proclaimed Home Theater SNOB so I am VERY picky about audio and video and I am usually an early adopter of new technology except this time I chose to not pay more for 4k technology.

When we first received this TV out of the box the settings absolutely suck!! So I popped in my ISF HDTV Calibration DVD and calibrated my TV as I always do with a new TV. (For those that do not know ISF is the Imaging Science Foundation and makes standards by which many Movie Theater screens are calibrated. Consider it the THX of the Video world.) Anyway, that made the set MUCH better BUT it still sucked....only less than before. Sony has absolutely NO info in the Owners Manual about calibrating the TV or using the settings available in the Options Menu.

My wife initially complained that we spent nearly $3000 for TV, home delivery, install/setup, removal of old 52" TV, and 5 year warranty and got a fuzzy weak washed out video even after ISF Calibration. After an argument, frustration, and an element of buyer's remorse I decided Sony couldn't possibly send out a TV of this Caliber with NEARLY the same guts as their 4K XBR I drooled over and have such poor clarity and washed out image as I was seeing. So I fiddled with the settings and my wife and I both agree it is INFINITELY BETTER. It looks like a top quality cinematic picture with just about any HDTV source. It looks completely transformed compared to initial or even ISF calibration settings.

I ended up with a custom setting on the TV that I think is as good as it gets short of Sony's 4K XBR. My settings are:

Picture Mode - CUSTOM
Backlight - MAX
Picture - 92
Brightness - 53
Color - 56
Hue - 0
Color Temperature - NEUTRAL
Sharpness - MAX. (I realize that usually Sharpness should be low but,...it just looks better with NO Ghosting)
Noise Reduction - HIGH
MPEG Noise Reduction - HIGH
Dot Noise Reduction - AUTO
Reality Creation - MANUAL
Resolution- MAX
Noise Filtering - MAX
Smooth Gradation - OFF
Motion flow - SMOOTH
Cinemotion - AUTO
Advance Settings
- Black Corrector - HIGH
- Adv. Contrast Enhancer - HIGH
- Gamma - 0
- Auto Light Dimmer- OFF
- Clear White - OFF
- Live Color - MEDIUM
- Detail Enhancer - HIGH
- Edge Enhancer - HIGH
- Skin Naturalizer - OFF

With these settings the skin tones are natural, colors are believable, images and sharp and so real they are ALMOST 3D even without the 3D feature turned on. There is NO significant Jittering of the image even with fast moving objects. Motion is cinematic quality and very fluid. Blacks and whites are near perfect. The level of detail and crispness of the image even in low lit screen images is AWESOME. One of the most difficult images for any video screen to display is a checkered or tweed type pattern typical on a male tweed jacket. There is NO discernible ghosting or edge enhancement/glowing which is easily noticed on a males checkered/tweed jacket. Detail is so good you can see most pores on someone's face and even the fibers and texture of a T-shirt. Hair strands on someone's head or beard are crisp. It truly is an AMAZING VIDEO QUALITY!! As long as you fiddle with the settings you will be happy. I suggest starting with my settings above and adjust to your liking.

Also in my opinion the remote is terrible. I have a universal remote so I rarely use the remotes that come with electronics except for first time setup. This remote is NOT intuitive and buttons are not laid out in a manner that makes sense except the Play/Rec type buttons and keypad as those are standard. The center buttons are what I mean by poor lay out. Once you get past that then calibrating the TV for AWESOME video took some time but is very doable.

I hope this helps others that are in the market for a Top notch HDTV.
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on June 23, 2014
We were looking for a large size HDTV to replace our aging Sony projection TV. We are not much into 3D, NetFlix, or playing Blu-ray. So, I was looking for just a pure HDTV and if it came with 3D, so be it but it was not important to us at all. My family room is about 20'x14', so I was trying to figure out which TV size would fit the bill and 70-inch screen was it. You may think that such TV would be an elephant in the room but it wasn't the case. TV looks surprisingly perfectly sized.

We have looked at quite a few TVs including different brands but settled yet again on Sony. I just couldn't make myself to shell out four grand for a 4K TV considering there is very little programming available out there to support it. I ordered KDL-70W850B in early June and it arrived within 5 business days on my door steps as promised. It weighs over 100 lbs, so be sure to either have a strong back or have help putting up the screen on a TV stand. TV arrives with legs installed at its widest points. My TV stand was narrower by several inches. Luckily, Sony has made provision to reposition the legs closer and that really made the difference. I used a foam block that was part of the TV packing material to prop it up which help me unscrewing the TV legs and moving them closer. A word about choosing a TV stand: I found that having a TV stand with top shelf 22-24 inches off the floor made the TV really stand out, perfect for someone watching it from a couch level.

The setup was quick and intuitive. I forgot to attach the IR blaster (included accessory), so the TV instructed me to do so before proceeding with the rest of the setup. The TV asked me about my current cable provider, my zip code, wireless settings and off I was able to start using the TV a few minutes later.

First impressions.


TV looks great. TV profile has this new trapezoid design allegedly for better sound and contrary to some reviewers I found it to be a non-event. As other reviewers complained that TV looked like it was sitting at an angle, I do not see it that way at all. Our family room gets quite a bit of sunlight in there but TV's surface is not really reflective. So, it is really tolerable to watch it in rooms that gets a lot of sun.


As others have mentioned, TV's picture looked horrible out of the box. The colors looked washed out, there was a quite of bit of ghosting and people faces looked liked in bad water color paintings. On the advice of one of the reviewers, I changed TV settings to mimic that of the reviewer and then I changed certain things to my liking and the TV picture looks just awesome. No more ghosting, watching dark scenes is more than acceptable, colors are bright and vivid. I compared watching "Thor" (lots of dark scenes) before and after adjustments and the comparison is day and night. My friends are just in plain awe and asked me several times whether this was a 4K TV and I said no to their amazement. In addition, we have Comcast and the set-up box by default was set to produce up to 720p resolution. By changing set-up box default settings to allow resolution up to 1080, the TV now does show 1080 on most HD channels.

Available apps.

TV has your regular slew of installed apps like Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

The one in particular is Plex. This one is a neat app that allows to connect to any media device running Plex Media Server. On this TV, it is preinstalled. All you have to do is install the app on your favorite device such as your smartphone, computer or tablet. I was able to stream video and photo files from my computer upstairs to the TV using my home wi-fi. I also installed the app on my smartphone and can immediately stream freshly taken photos and videos to the TV. The Plex app on TV creates a list of scanned devices and you can pick and choose which one to connect to.


Here is not so fun part. TV arrived with a defect. There was a bright beam of light extending from the middle top of the screen down 2-3 inches in length which I could not get rid of. It was visible only when reproducing light scenes. I spoke with Sony Tech support and opted for repair as repackaging/shipping this heavy TV was not going to happen. Sony Tech support has made a quick decision to have the TV replaced and assured me that whoever is going to do the replacement will take care of the swap. They were nice enough to send me an email with tracking information. The replacement arrived a week later on a truck with 2 guys who took away the faulty TV and installed the replacement within 15 minutes. There is no more problem. Bravo, Sony!

TV's picture looked horrible out of the box on this one as well. I restored my saved settings on the replacement TV and it looks amazing yet again.

Here are my TV picture settings:

Picture Mode - CUSTOM
Backlight - 4
Picture - 70
Brightness - 45
Color - 70
Hue - 0
Color Temperature - NEUTRAL
Sharpness - 75
Noise Reduction - AUTO
MPEG Noise Reduction - AUTO
Dot Noise Reduction - AUTO
Reality Creation - AUTO
Resolution- MAX
Noise Filtering - MAX
Smooth Gradation - OFF
Motion flow - TRUE CINEMA
Cinemotion - AUTO
Advance Settings
- Black Corrector - HIGH
- Adv. Contrast Enhancer - HIGH
- Gamma - 0
- Auto Light Dimmer- OFF
- Clear White - OFF
- Live Color - MEDIUM
- Detail Enhancer - HIGH
- Edge Enhancer - HIGH
- Skin Naturalizer - OFF
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on June 6, 2014
I am not sure what other reviewers are expecting from a display of this size at this price point, but I'd challenge anyone to find one more impressive than this item. The clarity, color and contrast are absurdly good. As others have indicated, however, the out-of-box settings are lacking so configuration is a must to get optimal performance. That being said, no one sells a display that doesn't require adjustment so I can't fault the product for this requirement. The design makes it thicker than competitor's offerings to provide sound enhancement. I question Sony's decision to go this route as most people who are in the market for a 70" television probably have external audio to pair with the device. Additionally I am not thrilled with the choice to locate the IR sensor in the middle of the bottom bezel. Regardless, these are minor gripes. I bought the display for the viewing experience and it delivers this exquisitely. The set also has 4 HDMI inputs which is a selling point for me as I have exactly 4 other devices that I use for content.

Another major factor in my choice of this display is a feature that TV manufacturers do not advertise: Input latency (display lag). This display has an average input latency of less than 25ms. Why does this matter? Video games! There is not another display of this size that even comes close to this low of a latency rating.

If you are shopping for a 70" display you will not find a better product dollar for dollar.
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on January 13, 2015
I purchased my Sony 70" television April 18, 2014. Eight months later a dotted vertical line appeared on the screen from the top to the bottom along the right side of the television screen. My television is still under manufactures warranty through Sony. After calling Sony and be placed on hold and transferred numerous times, I will never never buy another Sony television. Also if you do a google search on this television red dotted vertical line you will see lots of customers who brought this television and having the same problem as I am having. "DO NOT BUY THE TV". Go with another brand. Sony will not replace your TV even under manufactures warranty. Sony call centers are based in India, the reps don't mind placing customers on hold and transferring them to odd departments.
review image review image review image
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on January 21, 2015
Be sure to measure your space as this TV is huge! Had to order a special wall mount for hanging in a corner area but worth it. If doing the same the TV is 63.5" wide. Need articulating mount that can extend out 22" straight from wall and tilt at an angle up to 30" while holding 100 lbs. mount cost $200 at installers cost. The TV picture is so crisp and vivid you have to get use to it. The 3d technology (using active glasses -TV comes with 2 pairs) is really good. The sound on the TV is so-so, recommend getting a sound system with this TV if you want decent theater like sound. All in all, happy with the TV for a great price!
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on January 18, 2015
This is really the one of the best LEDs out there for gaming, with one caveat: if you want the 70 inch version, you basically have to accept that there will be a degree of radial banding. I had four of these shipped to my house (I was upgrading from a 60 inch, so I wanted something larger). Every one of them had radial banding to one extent or another. One of them was so bad that any bright scene looked like it had a bullseye superimposed over it. If you can accept the radial banding, I don't think there's a better LED on the market for playing games. The "impulse mode" does a great job at eliminating motion blur (which I find intolerable), though it basically requires that the contrast and backlight be cranked up to 100 percent. I ended up returing the tv (1) because I couldn't get a panel without radial banding after four tries and (2) because I couldn't find any information on whether impulse mode with max backlight would prematurely age the TV (if the led's age according to peak brightness, then it will, but if the age based on average brightness, running in impulse moe would likely extend the life of the tv...). I couldn't get a straight answer out of anyone about it, however.
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on March 7, 2015
I bought this to replace a Sharp LC-60LE640U that was the victim of a thrown remote control. This Sony blows it away. The bright-room performance is much better due to a matte screen finish, the blacks are deep with no "black crush", and the colors are vibrant and natural. I've watched several Blu-Rays on it; with MotionFlow set to "True Cinema" mode and CineMotion set to "Off" and the noise reduction and edge enhancement turned off, the picture is film-like and movement is clear with no motion blur.

Gaming performance is phenomenal. With my PC and XBox 360 inputs set to "Game" picture mode, the input lag is less than 24 milliseconds. This is the lowest input lag of any TV this size, and is vastly better than the Sharp's 70ms. The difference is immediately noticeable, accuracy feels as if you were playing on a PC monitor.

The only minor downsides are that the screen edges are slightly dimmer than the rest of the picture, and reds are pushed slightly toward orange. The edge darkness is only noticeable on a uniformly white or light colored background, it doesn't show up in movies at all. The orange push can be taken care of with a slight tweak to the hue setting, but it's pretty minor in any event.

The sound is OK, but I have this TV connected to my Denon receiver so I normally never hear the built-in speakers. I listened to them for a bit when I was first setting up the cable TV channels; they are certainly better than the speakers in my old Sharp.

The HDMI ARC feature works flawlessly as does the CEC feature for controlling devices. The TV automatically turns the receiver on, and vice versa, and if I turn on my Blu-Ray player that is connected through the receiver, it automatically switches to that input.

I can't comment on the "smart" features, as I haven't even connected this set to my home network. I use a Roku 3 for streaming, and my Blu-Ray player and XBox also have streaming apps, so I really don't need yet another streaming device. I bought this TV for the picture, and it delivers.

For the price, this is a fantastic TV, especially if your main focus is on picture quality and gaming performance.

Almost forgot: the delivery was a pleasant experience. The delivery company was Pilot, and I was a little concerned because they don't have the best reputation. But these guys were great. They called a couple of hours before the scheduled time and arrived exactly when they promised to. I live in upstate NY and it had snowed the night before; they couldn't safely drive their truck down my long and rather steep driveway, so they hand carried it. They performed all of the "enhanced delivery" steps they were supposed to, and were polite and professional the whole time. I'm sure YMMV with delivery, but in this case I have nothing but good things to say about them.
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on September 12, 2014
I was very pleased with my TV from the get-go! Out of the box the TV settings were adequate but needed some TLC for my particular viewing area. Many have posted some settings, which in my opinion was an overkill to picture quality. As I tweak with settings I will keep you updated with what I have as far as my personal settings for my set up. To begin I have my 70" Sony in my den area that is well lit in the daytime due to big windows. At night time the den is semi dark due the open floor plan adjacent to the kitchen but can become really dark if I kill all the lights but I usually keep one light as an accent light (about 6 feet away from TV in a corner). I used the Disney WOW Blu-ray Advance Setting Feature to calibrate this TV (great tutorial by the way.) My source unit is a Pioneer Elite BDP-62FD Blu-ray player connected to a Pioneer Elite SC-25 then feeding into the Sony KDL70W850B.

The Pioneer Elite BDP-62FD Aspect Ratio is 4% over scan which is a default of the player itself. (I could not get a FULL picture even at the Full setting within the player.) Nothing major but just letting you know. Keep in mind most player will have some type of over scan so if you are shopping for a player try to find one that will give you 100% FULL picture with no clipping.

I also had an early audio output (166.6 milliseconds) from the player via the Pioneer Elite SC-25 Receiver to the TV (not noticeable to the human eye or ear but from the calibration results). I tweaked that within the Pioneer Elite SC-25 under Audio Parameter settings (Delayed Audio -Auto.)

Sony KDL-70-W850B

Picture Mode - CUSTOM

Backlight - 7 (No need to touch this for my set up)
Picture/Contrast - Max
Brightness - 54 (Tweak from 52-54, Readjusted from 49-54; bounce back and forth between Picture and Brightness)
Color - 55
Hue - G2 (Really helped to bring out more natural tones to all objects)
Color Temperature - NEUTRAL
Sharpness - 76
Noise Reduction - Default
MPEG Noise Reduction - Default
Dot Noise Reduction - Default
Reality Creation - Default
Resolution- Default
Noise Filtering - Default
Smooth Gradation - Default
Motion flow - OFF
Cinemotion - AUTO
Advance Settings
- Black Corrector - Default
- Adv. Contrast Enhancer - Default
- Gamma - 0
- Auto Light Dimmer- Default
- Clear White - Default
- Live Color - Default
- Detail Enhancer - Default
- Edge Enhancer - Default
- Skin Naturalizer - Default
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on April 10, 2014
After 2 months of anticipation I am not jumping for joy about this TV. I originally owned the KDL65W850A and was wowed from the second a picture came on to the screen. The blacks were deep an rich the color popped and was accurate. Unfortunately I kept receiving TVs with panel problems (Banding then clouding). I tried four of those before I gave up and decided to wait for the new models due on March of this year.

After taking Amazon forever and a day to get this TV (KDL70W850B) in stock, I finally got my TV delivered today 4/10/14 and when I turned it on I immediately knew this TV was not going to wow me like the KDL850A. The colors looked dull and not as accurate in comparison. I also noticed a bit of white clipping before making adjustments. I noticed also some ghosting and luckily after a bit of tinkering it seemed to subside or it could have been the specific TV channel picture was of poor quality. The blacks are good but not great. I also noticed a bit of clouding and ever so slight flash lighting while looking at a total black background (Windows desktop) while sitting in a darkened room. I was a bit bummed to see that since only 1 out of the 4 KDL850As I had received had those issues. I can definitely tell you for sure that the TRILUMINOS display makes quite a bit of difference and SONY made an big error removing it from this TV. Sony should have forgone the extra 5 inches in screen size and just tried to continue improving on what they produced last year with the KDL850A. I also read somewhere (not 100% sure) that the panel manufacturer for this TV are not the same as the one for the KDL850A.

Some other quick things of note. Sony Changed the home screen layout from the KDL850A. Now the configuration icons are located at the top right hand corner of the screen and are quite a bit small for such a large screen. Looking for the software update location was a bit frustrating as they also moved that. You have to hit home on the remote then go to the upper right hand corner of the screen and click on the question mark and scroll down to I believe is Support and click that and then scroll down again and click update software. I also want to add that the GUI seems like it lags a bit as well as the response time in the remote. Also a lot of the pro calibration features have been stripped from this TV.

I will add more info and correct any while also adding pictures in the coming days. For now I am rating this TV a 3.5 out of 5


Noticed the picture on the TV no matter how much you calibrate looks soft and lacking in clear detail also there seems to be a slight motion blur and the only thing that helped was changing the settings so I ended up with the Soap Opera Effect.
Another thing, the clouding is much more pronounced than I originally thought. Earlier I was watching in a semi dark room and it was noticeable but not overly distracting but at night in a pitch black room watching a dark film like Tron or Riddick was painful. Increasing the Advanced contrast feature helped reduce the clouding a bit but it also degraded the picture quality. I tried using the Disney WOW disc and while it made some slight improvement overall, I don't think it will be enough to keep me from returning this TV. I think since I can not afford the 4k SONY tvs that I will try the KDL65w850A once more and see if I get lucky this time. At this point I would of even gone a lot smaller and tried the KDL-55W900A but it seems Amazon is not carrying it anymore other than used ones through it's Warehouse Deals.


Some additional things I want to add. First the viewing angle is not fantastic. At about 45 degrees about a 1/3 of the screen or slightly more seems to become a bit washed out. So if you have a large L shaped sectional or a side chair setup off to the side of your main seating area, the person sitting there is not going to have the best viewing experience but then again very few TV offer anything better. Second my experience playing FPS games. I played COD BO 2 multi-player for 2 days (Not 2 days straight, heh) and felt there was a considerable amount of lag on Game mode scene select. I tried other modes and it just made it worse. I don't know what the lag time is on this TV but I cannot believe that is the same as the W850A (18 ms). It's not horrible like with some TVs where it takes away from the total gaming experience but it was noticeable and took a bit of time to get used to. I personally would not recommend this TV to anyone who does a lot of FPS multi-player gaming. Last thing I want to add is that I was very irritated at the fact that the 55 inch version of this TV has the TRILUMINOS display tech on it but the 60 inch and 70 inch do not. I have a really hard time understanding SONYs thought process on this. Although it might explain why the 55 inch and the 60 inch are the same price currently on Amazon. It just makes no sense to me. I would of gladly spent a few bucks more if they included the TRILUMINOS tech on the 70W850B so I didn't have to fork over $2000 more just to get that tech in a 65 inch 4k TV. But maybe that is SONYs plan to force people to buy the new tech.

Unfortunately Amazon has no more NEW KDL65W850A TVs in stock as of 4/16/14 only used TV through the Warehouse Deals But most of those have bad pixels or scratches on the screen and housing( I don't know if they are getting any more). I am very curious about the 55 inch version KDL55W950B(This is the successor to the KDL55W900A. The specs look promising especially some key specs below. Too bad you have to go smaller to get better specs.

KDL70W850B: Frame Dimming/No TRILUMINOS /Blinking Type:Line Blinking/ No mention of XDR/ Motionflow XR 480

KDL55W950B: Local Diming/Yes TRILUMINOS /Blinking Type:Frame Blinking/ XDR? for 2x brightness/ Motionflow XR 480
(This TV received a pretty harsh review. I hope the same doesn't hold true for the 65 inch version) www dot hdtvtest dot co dot uk/news/kdl55w955b-201403103661 dot htm

KDL65W950B: Local Diming/Yes TRILUMINOS /Blinking Type:Frame Blinking/No mention of XDR?/ Motionflow XR 480

Note: The (2014) KDL55W950B has Motionflow XR 480 Last Years model the (2013) KDL55W900A had Motionflow XR 960 (I have read this makes a big difference to Gamers.

Update# 3
I found out that this TV (KDL70W850B)is not the successor to the KDL65W850A. Just went to the Sony store site and found the KDL65W950B.
The specs seem more in line with the KDL65W850A. The new KDL65W950B has local dimming and the TRILUMINOS display and the pro calibration settings are included. Retail is $3299.00 but I saw it for sale or pre-sale at ABT for $2798. I am glad I did not convince myself to keep the KDL70W850B and did more digging. I will wait for Amazon to get the KDL65W950B in stock and order it. Since ABT electronics has this listed as back-ordered (I think they meant pre-order) for 1 to 3 weeks, I am assuming that to mean that this TV will be available in 1 to 3 weeks at the Sony store and hopefully shortly after that on Amazon.

KDL-65W950B @ the SONY Store (hopefully Amazon is soon to follow)
Accepting Pre-Orders Now. Estimated Ship Date 05-24-2014
$ 2,799.99
review image review image
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on November 23, 2014
Awesome tv!! I was trying to decide between this and the Samsung UN75H6350 75-Inch since they are similar price. I'm glad I went with Sony. The color is more natural. I notice that Samsung tends to over-saturate. It comes with an IR blaster I haven't used yet, as well as 3D glasses. The sound is very good, accounting for the wedge-like design. I hooked up my own sound system but the TV speakers are pretty good. Has mirror imaging and you can play YouTube videos directly from your phone and on to the TV. I didn't mount the TV but it fits beautifully on a stand I also ordered from amazon:
review image review image review image review image
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