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on May 18, 2014
(Note: This review is by Lydia McGrew, not by Tim.) I bought this camera after a lot of shopping. (Full disclosure: I didn't actually purchase it through Amazon.) I am not particularly good at photography, and it is just what I need. It has enabled me to take really nice shots both inside and out. You do have to get the owner's manual and read a little bit, but it's not a steep learning curve. I have found it quite easy, and I'm so far *extremely* pleased with the results. It takes pictures quickly enough for me, and even one or two that it said were going to be blurry were quite nice. I find that indoor pictures with lower light are more likely to blur if you use the zoom function. The orange hand-shake symbol will warn you, and you can try zooming back out. It usually does not give the hand-shake warning unless I try to use zoom, even under indoor lighting conditions. The files are rather large, so not convenient for sending by e-mail. Perhaps I could change the file size by altering the default pixel settings, but they look so nice that I don't want to mess with anything. I'm getting better shots with this than with our fancier Canon with more settings, because I can understand this camera. After approx. a week of use, I highly recommend it. Don't forget--you do need to buy a separate memory card.
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on July 16, 2014
The camera takes great pictures and it uses the same SD card as my Sony DLSR camera.
I bought it for ease of use for quick unplanned pictures. It's almost too small and lightweight but I did check it out in a store before ordering so I knew the size very well. One advantage over a cell phone camera is that you can see the display window when it's bright outside.
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on September 23, 2014
I read the reviews for this camera and was hesitant to purchase but this is the best shoot and point that my husband has ever had. The shutter speed is instant, the pictures are GREAT, and the camera is small enough for your pocket. If I could give this 10 stars I would!!! ** We aren't professional photographers, but professional photographs wouldn't be looking at a $129 camera. ha! This is great for vacations and just about anything else you might need it for. Highly recommend.
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on June 8, 2014
First off, the size is great. It fits well in my pocket and the battery life is great! I don't like how there is no option for always flash. It has auto and flash off, but no always, however it still takes great pictures in rooms without the flash. The pictures are in great quality, but sometimes it would blur when I turn it on for some reason but would fix when I zoom in and out or take a picture normally. The biggest issue is when I zoom in while recording something, you always will hear the zoom noise on the video which is irritating and will get on your nerves. Overall good camera, but I recommend using something else to record.
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on March 22, 2014
I needed to replace my aging Kodak V570 23mm wide-angle camera. This Kodak was one of three I purchased in 2006. While it still works most of the time, I frequently have to take multiple pictures of the same scene due to inconsistent focusing.

The Canon (ELPH 150 IS) is marketed with as a 24mm wide-angle with a 10X optical zoom, plus digital zoom. While the difference in the wide angle aspect is just 1 mm, I can see the difference in comparison photos taken on a tripod in my backyard. However, my Kodak's photos are less clear; whereas the Canon's details are very sharp. Clearly the difference is in the sensor, as the Canon is a 20 megapixel camera vs my 5 megapixel Kodak. Additionally, the Kodak's details are washed out in my photos with white stucco, whereas the Canon photos are well defined.

The Canon is marketed with many features. Upon receipt yesterday, I thought there was a typo in the Canon literature as I could not access the special effects. The "instructions", a double sided large sheet are next to worthless, including a reference to the full manual on Canon's web site, which were nonexistent. A phone call to Canon support corrected this oversight as the Canon tech pointed me to an instruction manual for the ELPH 140 that is also applicable to this ELPH 150 IS. Additionally, while the tech could not access many of the camera's functions at first, he directed me to perform a reset to factory defaults, which solved all. This camera can do a lot. The 120 page manual is well written, but don't try to absorb all the options in one reading, as it will put you to sleep.

OK, do I like it? It's a point and shot with a 24-mm wide angle/10X optical telephoto lens that is smaller than my wallet. It will do all that I need and fit comfortably in my pocket. I am not happy about the protruding lens, but that's an easy tradeoff from my old camera. In taking inside and outside photos I am impressed. The color details in macro photos are rich. The flash, while not powerful, surprisingly provided well-lit photos of my dark, two-car garage. Cycle time with the flash is slow; perhaps 2 to 5 seconds. In setting the flash to auto, the camera provided quality photos of my home, inside and outside without any adjustments on my part. Hair-line cracks in crown moldings were explicit using the telephoto with and without the flash. While I would not rate this camera a ten or even a 9, a 7.5 seems fair for this $150 point and shoot as it meets my needs.

Some things I do not like include inability to charge the battery while in the camera. Slow cycle time in burst mode. Protruding lens when in use (as I tend to bang things around when I am working). Additionally, selecting some of the camera's special functions is difficult to find within the double-function controls.
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on December 3, 2014
Oh, do I love these small, light pocket Canon's. I own major digital photographic equipment, but when I travel for recreation, I don't want to carry the weight and the worry of bringing a large, good camera. I've used the Canon Powershot Elph since they were invented, years ago. This Elph 150 is probably my 4th or 5th generation and new to me (December, 2014) but, so far, is terrific in every way that counts for me in a small travel camera. It's always available and ready to go! It's super light, slips in the front pocket of my pants without being large enough to dig in when I sit. Or, it pops into the front pocket of my purse or fanny pack without adding noticeable weight. I especially like the 10x optical zoom. For more than that on a special shot, I pull photos into Photoshop where I can play with the closeup. (Really, it's hard to do a good extreme closeup just in the camera.) The Canon menu is more user friendly than Nikon, which is why I swung over to Canon digital in the 1990's. Be sure to buy extra batteries and high quality SD cards. You will need the extras. (I travel with three or each.) The camera does not come with an SD card which gives you the opportunity to upgrade. Don't look for the bargain card - they can fail and you've lost all your pictures. Also: The camera for this order does not come with interface cables. It's just the camera, charger and one battery in the box. Just another note: I've had the Lumix, the Nikon Coolpix, and the Casio similar models and much prefer the Canon. For these little point and shoot models, the Canon lenses are just fine. I'm very pleased with this purchase.
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on July 13, 2014
This one works great!!! Very clear pictures and easy to use. Nice zoom and still nice clear pictures even freehand. I bought this as a replacement for my Canon Powershot SD450 that I had had for years and the buttons were starting to not work so well anymore. I was hoping that this might at least be nearly as good. Even though it was only a 3x zoom and 5 MP, it took great pictures for when I needed a point and shoot. The new one, with 10x optical zoom, 20 MP, and image stabilization takes spectacular pictures! After upgrading to this and seeing the difference, I may just have to upgrade my DSLR as well since it is about the same age as my SD450 was!!
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on March 30, 2014
Nice and small. Pictures come out very nice! I'm not an expert on cameras but for just taking pictures of family and random stuff its great. very simple operating, not difficult to use
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on April 22, 2015
I have debated for a while whether to get Canon's SX600 or the ELPH 150, both of which I have tried. Finally, I decided I really do not need a wi-fi camera and that I would rather have a lighter and smaller camera, so I went for the ELPH 150 IS. The camera arrived way ahead of the expected delivery date, so I was very pleased. The ELPH 150 chimes when you turn it on or off, which does not bother me - it could be a good feature to alert you in case you accidentally turn it on. The photos of the ELPH 150 came out as good as those taken by the SX600, and the videos are actually of a much less grainy than the SX600, even though the ELPH 150 video has a lower resolution. The ELPH 150 is so small and lightweight that you can easily slip it into your pocket or pocket book, whereas the SX600 is a few ounces heavier and feels a bit stockier to hold. The ELPH 150 has a built-in flash, whereas the SX600 has a pop-up flash. I'm very happy with the Canon ELPH 150 IS and would highly recommend it to someone looking for a simple, lightweight point-and-shoot without Wi-Fi.
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on September 5, 2014
Mother's Day gift for my wife and she loves it. Last Nikon Coolpix started acting up at Disney World - NOT a place you want to have your camera crap out. Granted, it didn't break, the pictures just came out all fuzzy, which basically ruined the after-effects of the wonderful family trip. I mean, who does NOT want to show pictures to others? After a lot of research for a (SIMPLE) point and shoot for under $200, this was it. Takes great action shots for our young son's sports activities and such, and she LOVES the one-touch video recording. The Nikon took a few steps to get to the video recording, and by then you've missed seconds of action. With this, you press a button and it's going. Shots are coming out great, and she loves it - which means I love it! Read the reviews before buying, and many seemed to try to compare it to thousand-dollar models and claim it's "sub par". Well, when you just need a small point-and-shoot for everyday needs, and not professional photography caliber cameras with the professional photography caliber prices, this is it for us!
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