Customer Reviews: Samsung BD-H5100 Blu-Ray Disc Player (2014 Model)
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on May 30, 2014
We have a few DVDs and our DVD player gave out. We also have a non-network HD TV and wanted to watch Netflix. This Samsung Blu-Ray player costs less than many streaming players yet provides both functions.

This is a non-WiFi player (there is another Samsung model that has WiFi) and installation was simple. Connect to the router with an Ethernet cable. Connect to the TV with an HDMI cable. Put the batteries in the remote. Turn the player on. Done.

The first thing the player does is check if the firmware is up to date. It was not, so the player asked for permission to download the latest version. No need for a computer to download the firmware update onto a USB stick, either.

Major purpose for this purchase was to watch Netflix. Setup a brand new account using the player itself. Again, no computer needed. And the Netflix application is easy to use and fully featured.

What about the other built-in apps? YouTube works fine, and you can pair it with a computer if desired. There is Pandora, AccuWeather (not as nice an app as the Panasonic Blu-Ray version), and a few other free and paid services. There is enough free content on YouTube and the other apps to keep you busy. And if one wants one of the paid apps, great.

Thought the loading time for each app was reasonable. It's under fifteen seconds to go from the home screen to either YouTube or Netflix. And within NetFlix, the time to start watching is about the same as on a desktop web browser.

The remote has some TV controls, but only for Samsung brand televisions. But that true with other manufactures as well: usually "Brand X" Blu-Ray remotes only control "Brand X" televisions.

Five stars because this is a great value. A streaming player that makes any HDMI TV network enabled and a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray player. In one inexpensive, easy-to-setup box.
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on April 9, 2014
Being that I only really purchase Samsung televisions, picking the brand of blu-ray player was simple. I also have Amazon Prime (which I strongly suggest purchasing) and this was eligible for free shipping which was a convincing factor.

The player itself is incredibly lightweight. The top of the player has a small touchpad that allows you to control the player easily in-case you lose the remote. The remote is standard as far as Samsung products go. If you're unfamiliar with Samsung electronics: all remotes works for all products. That means this remote works for my television as well as the blu-ray player. And, indeed, this was the case.

I turned it on and decided to choose the quick-start option, which allows for the player to remain in an active sleep state when not in use. When you're ready to use the player, it turns on immediately. When I say immediately, I really mean immediately. There is virtually no delay when pressing the power button on the remote for the player. I've used products with quick-start options in the past and none were as responsive as this. Next, I set up my Netflix account to be associated with the player. It didn't provide me with an access code and instead had me log in with my email and password. Fine with me; saved me the trouble of opening my laptop and whatnot. It will keep you logged in until you decide to log yourself out; this includes shutting the player off. Netflix was very responsive and I have zero issues with it still. It also has Hulu and Pandora on it but I don't use those often so I didn't bother checking them out.

Overall for the price, this player is easily the best on the market right now. My one complaint is that it doesn't have wifi. I had to hard wire it into the router but we keep it next to the television anyway so this was a non-issue. Still, it's a little strange that it wouldn't have wifi being that this is the most recent model of *this* Samsung product. It's the year 2014; we have dedicated wifi in airport bathrooms. Why isn't this blu-ray player equipped properly?

This is the only thing keeping my rating at 4 stars. Otherwise, what a great product. I highly recommend grabbing it.
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on June 28, 2014
It is an good Blu-Ray player. Shipping was fast and the price was appropriate.

Be sure to order a HDMI cord as this Blu-Ray player does not come with a HDMI cord.
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on March 28, 2014
I was really excited when this blue ray player arrived. It does need to be hardwired. Here is the issue. It may be the player or it is an issue with Netflix. Simply put, Netflix stopped working with an error code nw-4-8.My network is connected, all other apps work great! I contacted both Netflix and Samsung who were not able to resolve the issue. Netflix said it was a software update issue, Samsung stated software IS up to date because it is a NEW device verified software version IS current!? My problem is still pending as now has to go to Samsung software specialist dept. I will keep you updated.

Recent update. 7/25/14. I finally received the correct information for resolving this issue. By returning the settings to factory reset, you can reset the Netflix account. Simply press the "info" button until the screen appears. Just follow the prompts. I also found it helpful to keep the network connection settings on 8888. I have to do the network checks before operating the apps on the blueray. Each time of use check the network settings, network test, check for updated software in the support section. Just simply go back to the menu using the return button and it works just fine.

I give this 4 stars because of the steps needed to take to simply operate the device. After all, it is a lower priced item, so I guess you get what you pay for but for a low budget blue ray and the recent fixes, it works just fine. No more complaints.
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on July 9, 2014
Love the player i just connected the HDMI cable and the player works, i tried every kind of dvds also BlueRay ones work with out problem. I tried even to watch movies with usb player and my 1tb hard drive, worked like a charm, tried to listen to music, worked to. Works quietly, the screen is touch screen, i dont know if there is WiFi build in but i tried to connect my ethernet cable to the player and it worked youtube, netflix, worked great...
review image review image review image
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on August 27, 2014
Ugh. I'm starting to really loathe Samsung products though my entire house used to be Samsung even down to my washer and dryer - again, USED to be as I'm becoming more and more loyal to LG as I buy new tech.

Anyhow - this thing is a beauty, which is why I bought it but I've since gone through TWO of these, with amazon being its usual stellar-self when it comes to returns and replacements.

The first? Randomly wouldn't open the tray. This was after using it a first time - I'm just thankful there was no blu-ray in there at the time and I'm not out a 30$ movie.

The second set? Plays... but after less than a month has started emitting a high-pitched squeal as it plays. It isn't a constant sound, it's one that you can't tune out.

It's really hard to find a decent blu-ray player in this price range, especially one that lets you stream, so I don't know what I will replace this with but I'm not going to bother with trying out yet another unit.

If one unit had been defective and the other was fine, I'd say take your chances but with two duds, I'd look elsewhere!
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on January 5, 2015
The description repeatedly says this device has wi-fi. It does not have wifi. The included samsung manual clearly states "This unit can only be connected to a network via a wired connection." I bought this as my first blu ray player, and as a way to conveniently stream netflix to my tv. This is not an option because IT DOES NOT HAVE WIFI. Now I have to return the product, and I'm left with a bunch of brand new blu rays I can't play anymore. In short, this situation sucks.
A huge retailer like amazon should have no reason to misrepresent its products. THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION STILL SAYS THE H5100 HAS WIFI. IT DOESN'T. STOP LYING TO US AMAZON.
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on May 9, 2014
I purchased this because my older Samsung player was not working to stream Netflix and I would prefer that service, Hulu Plus seems to work fine on all the players. I got the same error code after about a month mentioned in the other reviews. There is a fix as I'm guessing the player must store some data that needs to be reset (as long as all your updates are done). On the home screen, hold down the stop button on top of the player for about 7 or 8 seconds and it will do a hard reset. I was all set to return and then I did once more search for answers and ran across a help topic that suggested that. I had to log back into Netflix, but seems to work fine again. This player works well otherwise, it is really small and has a fast start up. I do miss the digital display at times, but have gotten used to it.
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on March 19, 2014
SImple: The only output is HDMI (and a coax which i think most people won't use). I have Roku so I have no need and didn't test the unit's ability to provide additional wi-fi/ Netflix services. If you put photos, video, or music on a chip - with a USB adapter - it will easily find and display those items. I tried it and it is easy to visualize and it works fine. The unit is soo small and easy to fit on the shelf.
Slight pains: the manual is in ridiculously tiny print (can go to their site and see it in large pdf type). And the remote is not my favorite at all: the rapid advance/ rewind buttons require tiny fingers to work them; and they are in the middle of multiple other buttons (that I will never use) rather than easy to access on top.
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on June 22, 2014
I have used multiple DVD/BluRay players and similar devices requiring connection to home networks. This device was incredibly easy to setup and use. Literally 5 minutes to open box, plug in, and connect to network. Was able to use Netflix app immediately. Disc playing is solid even with scratched discs. Great value in a BluRay player.
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