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on July 2, 2014
Style Name: Tablet with Dock BundleVerified Purchase
For the price, this is a very good tablet with keyboard. It is very fast, well made, and performs very well. I bought it over a week ago and have used it extensively to wring it out. Below are my observations:

DOCUMENTATION: There is a 7 page (without appendices) printed User Guide that only shows drawings of the tablet and charging instructions. And a 10 page printed manual of the Keyboard showing drawings, how to dock/undock, special keys and the touchpad. THAT'S IT! If you want to learn how to use it you have to go to the Web. There is a very good e-manual PDF file (158 pages), for the tablet on the ASUS Web site. Go to ASUS>Support>>Service Programs>Downloads and type "TF103C" in the search window. Then android+manual>version "E9028" and download file "e9028_tf103c_for_web_only" PDF file. About 8.2 MB. (for English version). The tablet does have "Guided Setup" that starts automatically and guides you through WiFi setup and your Google Account setup. There is a Icon for this in the "All Apps" screens if you need to re-do the setup.

I have a cheap ($99) tablet (Nextbook) that I bought from Walmart that has a great printed User Guide, Quick Start Guide, and FAQ's. If they can do this on a $99 tablet, why can't ASUS do better on a $299 one (or at least put a link to the manual on the tablet)?

CONSTRUCTION: The construction seems real good. No flexing, squeaking, or gaps anywhere. When the tablet is docked to the keyboard, there is a slight rocking back and forth in the keyboard slot but the tablet is secure. The tablet weighs 1 lb, 4 oz. and the keyboard weighs 1 lb, 4 oz.

SCREEN: A very good IPS screen. Not the highest resolution but I can't see much of a difference between it and my ASUS ME302c which has a higher resolution. Like my other ASUS, I find the default screen settings to be too dull and too warm. But there is a pre-installed App (Splendid) that will change the color temperature and vividness. I also need my screen brightness set to about 80% to please me.

ASUS ZEN UI: I like it very much. It is different than the stock Android, but I prefer the changes made by ASUS. There are a ton of pre-installed Apps on this tablet that you cannot remove. But you can remove the Icon clutter easily by "hiding" the ones that you don't use or "disabling" them. I don't think that will save you any memory, however, but it is easily reversible.

KEYBOARD: Very nice. Feels well made (no flexing), the key press is good, and the touchpad is sensitive. The keys feel a little cramped for me but I have big hands.

PORTS: There are two USB ports (a micro USB on the tablet, and a full size USB on the keyboard). Both will support a mouse, keyboard, flash drives, and a portable USB powered Hard Drive. There is NO HDMI port. The tablet has a speaker/microphone port and will support a micro SD memory card up to 64GB.

ANDROID 4.4 (KitKat): I have a Lenovo tablet that just updated to Android 4.4.2 and I like the new OS. But the Lenovo does not have "Multiple Users". Lenovo stripped it out. This tablet does have "Multiple Users" and "Profiles". And there is now a "Printing" setting. The new OS seems very smooth and responsive and there are a number of new "things".

OPERATION: This tablet is very fast (Antutu Benchmark =33,336 and Quadrant Standard = 17,983). Web page loads are very fast. In over a week of extensive use, there have been no slowdowns, or error messages, or "double taps". It has downloaded and run all the Apps I use on my other tablets except for one (Temple Run, but Temple Run 2 will play). It froze up once in the web browser (tablet freeze) and I had to hold down the power key until it shut down. All of the free system memory can be used to store Apps so there should never be a problem.

CAMERAS: This tablet has two cameras. Front and rear. Both are low quality. Android 4.4 has added a number of new camera features you may want to try. But consider tablet cameras as only back-up devices. No tablet camera I have ever seen can match a dedicated camera or even a smartphone camera.

VIDEO: I don't watch much video or movies so I can't comment except that it has played all of the videos that I have tried and seems to play YouTube well. The screen is not high enough resolution to display 1080p but 720p works well. If you have a problem with any video formats, use a different video player (MX player has always worked for me).

SPEAKERS: For a tablet, these speakers are good. The music quality is good and the speakers are loud enough for a small room.

WHAT COULD BE BETTER: There is no external indication of charging. I like a external LED that shows charging and charged. The back of the tablet, along with the screen, is a fingerprint magnet.

BATTERY: Charging from 15% takes about 4 hours. Battery run times using "Battery HD" calibration are as follows: (Screen brightness at about 80% and without the keyboard attached).

Music Playback = 16 hrs, 40 min
Video Playback = 8 hrs, 20 min.
Internet Browsing = 6 hrs, 15 min.
Talk time (VoIP) = 7 hrs, 11 min.
Reading = 9 hrs, 54 min.

CONCLUSION: I like this tablet and keyboard bundle very much. It will be my main Android tablet until someone makes one with the same weight but with a 12" to 14" screen. My 74 year old eyes (even with glasses) like more screen area.
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Style Name: Tablet with Dock BundleVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The ASUS Transformer Pad is a decent 10.1" tablet running KitKat. I was shying away from Android for a while, having given Windows RT a chance (and I liked it, but it was kind of limited), but I decided to give Android KitKat a real chance to impress me, and I have to say I'm definitely happy with some of the KitKat refinements and improvements... Though I dislike that they seem to have completely disabled the ability to move apps to the SD card unless you trick the system, somehow.

On the hardware side of things, ASUS always impresses me and this is no exception. The construction is solid, though it does feel a tiny bit more plastic-like than some higher-priced competitors. The micro SD card slot is recessed enough to avoid accidental release. The touch screen is clear, crisp, and doesn't screw up even when using five-point touches. The color is deep and the contrast is decent. The unit doesn't get hot, but I have noticed that-- even on the highest battery-saving setting-- it does go through battery life a little faster than expected.

And it's suitably fast. The Intel CPU does, indeed, make a difference in this device. If you want to do more advanced things in Android, you'll be happy to know this seems to be able to handle high-end video, serious gaming, and lots of multitasking.

The keyboard is fine-- A little cramped, of course, but you have to expect that in a 10.1" device. However, I absolutely HATE the touchpad. Like my previous ASUS Transformer, the touchpad is way too sensitive and unless I turn it off via the convenient function key at the top of the keyboard, I find myself moving the pointer in the middle of typing. There's no way to adjust sensitivity, either. It's either on or off. Why couldn't this be like the amazingly nice touchpad on my Samsung Chromebook 2? That one doesn't react when your hand gets near it, requiring you to actually touch the touchpad (Hey! What a novel concept!) to make it do anything. This is my one area where I get annoyed with ASUS, and this seems to be a common theme with every ASUS notebook and Transformer I've used or owned (and I've had quite a few ASUS notebooks).

However, since this is a touchscreen device, it's no big deal to turn off the touchpad entirely and just tap the screen. The dual USB ports also mean I can connect a standard wireless mouse, and I also have the option of a Bluetooth mouse... So really, the touchpad being horrible is far less of a concern than it could be. Still, ASUS needs to work on this. I've never been satisfied with an ASUS touchpad's sensitivity problems.

I do find myself constantly wishing the keyboard dock would have a port for the charging cable, so I could dock and undock the tablet portion without having to connect a cable when I want to charge, or disconnect the cable in the morning when I want to grab just the tablet and go. If it were on the dock, all I'd need to do is put it in the dock or press the release button and remove it, and there'd be no tether. In reality, this dock is just a keyboard, touch pad, and USB hub. That's nice, but these are all functions that could be handled by other external devices just as well, and I think this diminishes the importance of the dock. If it handled extra power, extra storage, or did some cable management, I'd be more pleased.

All in all, though, this is a great Android tablet, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new KitKat device. The keyboard is a bonus.

I subtracted one star for the lousy touchpad, but this is still a solid, enthusiastic four-star device.

UPDATE 11/2014:

Well, I've had a little trouble with this unit. The touch screen has stopped responding. For a touch-based device, that's bad news. I've sent the tablet in for repair/replacement. We'll see how ASUS customer support works out in a situation like this. Fingers crossed!

For now, I'm leaving the review at four stars. This rating may, of course, be altered by my experience with ASUS' RMA process. We'll see what they send back (or, I suppose, IF they send anything back). Until then, just be aware that this sort of thing can happen, and what counts is not whether or not defects occur, but how the company handles it. Watch this space.

UPDATE 11/2014 (a week later):

ASUS's RMA process was easy, and their turn-around on repairing my tab was fast! For those wondering, YES, they repaired mine instead of sending me a refurbished unit! I"m VERY satisfied with the service I received from ASUS and will bump the review up to FIVE stars to reflect that. While I hope most people don't experience problems with their device, I recognize that stuff happens and sometimes a bad unit slips through. What's important is how the manufacturer deals with these problems, and I'm happy to say ASUS passes the customer service test with flying colors!

I will say that despite my five-star review, I still hate the touchpad. Luckily, I never need it on this touch-screen device. Frankly, I think ASUS could skip the pad entirely and go for a bigger keyboard and everyone would be perfectly fine with that. Keep the touchpad issue in mind, but like me, balance it against the speed, general quality, and good customer service from ASUS.
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Style Name: Tablet with Dock BundleVerified Purchase
I've got to say I absolutely love this tablet! I love that it comes with its own keyboard. It's sleek and portable. I like the finish on the back. I enjoy using it everyday because I am able to multitask without any stuttering or slacking. The battery lasts for a good 8 hours as a tablet before recharging is necessary (I don't like to wait until its dead before charging). It has 1280 x 800 sharp screen which I'm satisfied with and I have no complaints with whatever I'm viewing! I've used the keyboard with it but not as much as I've used the tablet alone however I'll get the real scoop on that this semester when schools is back in session!

If you don't NEED to have an iPad and you just want to have a really great looking, fully functional, down-right bad-ass tablet with docking station, the ASUS Transformer Pad is the choice for you! I really believe you'll be well pleased! I know I am.
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on November 4, 2014
Style Name: Tablet with Dock BundleVerified Purchase
I'm a big fan of ASUS, and have been for years. I bought two of the original Eee netbooks, the original Transformer tablet (which still works decently despite a lot of physical abuse over the years), a couple nettops, a laptop, and multiple desktop motherboards. So my 1-star review is tough to give, but ultimately the tablet is nearly useless for the purposes I was (reasonably) expecting to use it.

The build quality on this tablet is solid, and the price is the best out there for a 10 inch tablet from a brand-name manufacturer.
The display is beautiful, and the general user experience (i.e. performance) was decently responsive. Except...

Because this tablet has an Intel Atom processor, it is not guaranteed to be compatible with ANY android apps.

Unfortunately there's no way of knowing if your favorite game or app will work until you buy the tablet and try to install your apps on it. Only then *may* the Google Play Store notify you that your nephew's favorite game (e.g. Kingdom Rush Frontiers) is not compatible with your brand-new tablet even though the game works fine on your old tablet, which has the same model name and is made by the same manufacturer.

Or even worse, the Play Store actually let's you install the incredibly useful and popular productivity app (CamScanner), and it's not until you're in the midst of using the app that the app starts crashing, or freezing, for no known reason. This causes you hours of frustration and/or lost work, until you finally discover someone else who - like you - was foolish enough to buy an Android tablet with an Intel processor and foolishly expected their new tablet to work with some of the most popular Android apps in the world.
That's when you realize it wasn't the app, or faulty hardware, it was just a stupid design decision on the part of ASUS (and Google) to run Android on an Intel processor and pass it off as a true Android tablet, without big warning signs that your favorite apps have a decent chance of not being compatible.

To top it all, ASUS filled the tablet with their own apps that you can't uninstall, aren't very useful, and are always running in the background - slowing performance, and nagging you to be updated.

Very disappointing, ASUS.
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Style Name: Tablet with Dock BundleVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm putting this review up quickly because I have been having some issues with the Asus website and free "content and services" that I think people may want to consider before buying this product. Hopefully Asus will make a point of fixing these problems quickly, and then I will adjust the review.

So far the hardware has been fine. The tablet and keyboard have been running smoothly for the few hours that I've been trying it out. It's powerful enough to run HD mkv files without any slowdowns. The screen's bright but the colors don't pop, and the keyboard doesn't have the features that the more expensive Transformer keyboards do. There's no extra battery or memory card slots there. The keys and the layout of the keyboard look and feel about the same as other Transformer keyboards I've tried. There's bound to be some compromises on a tablet at this price.

The Asus website has been a huge disappointment, though. For a major manufacturer, it's almost shocking. The first thing I noticed is that images sometimes didn't load. Instead, I saw that little symbol that tells you there's supposed to be an image but the image file won't show up. It took many attempts to register the tablet. I kept getting an error message for the wrong serial number, despite double and triple checking, until I was able to submit the form. The free "content and services" then did not come through. Even the one that's through Asus, for a free 2 year upgrade to 500 GB of web storage. The E music offer did go through when I updated and ran their app, however you don't really get 75 free songs, you get 37.50 worth of store credit for signing up with them. It would only add up to 75 if every one that you bought were songs that sold at their minimum price of 50 cents.

I did get a customer service representative fairly through their online instant messaging link, but all he did was give me a link to email them about the problem. He seemed to have no idea about the offers on the Amazon listing. And the page he sent me to also failed to work. I got an error message that told me "cannot be empty", even though I filled out every field on the form, even the optional ones. Error message after error message, and it wouldn't tell me what was missing so that I could fix it.

Even if you are not interested in any of the offers in the amazon listing, I think buying this tablet might be a little bit of a gamble. Even something as simple as redeeming some offers that come with the tablet has been frustrating. I would hate to have to deal with them if there was some kind of hardware failure and I needed to use the warranty.

Edit: I've had more time to spend with the tablet and am just as happy with that as I was when I received it. A few other points: The keyboard does have a usb input, so while the keyboard is attached you can use external hard drives and other peripherals. Very handy. Typing on it isn't too bad. It's cramped, even though I have small hands for a man, but that cannot be helped with one of these small keyboards. The trackpad is the one part of the transformer that actually felt cheap. It just feels flimsy and it has this annoying tendency to move the pointer when you press down on it. You have to push down pretty deeply for a click to register, which probably causes this. The Atom processor is pretty zippy too. I tested it with an MKV file at 1080p and it ran well.

Problems with Asus's website and customer service continue, though. I did get a code for the Zinio subscriptions through e-mail a couple of days after sending in a complaint on the website, which took many tries, just like registering the tablet did. Asus did nothing to explain how to redeem the offers mentioned on the Amazon listing, so I have no idea if I got the code because I complained or because it takes a couple of days to process it after you register with Asus. Again, ASUS gives you no instructions and doesn't tell you what to expect. With the e-music offer, it appeared after I updated the e-music app. You have to register to receive it that way, though, so I'm not sure it would work if you're already an e-music customer.

And I STILL haven't received the free 500 GB from ASUS, days after sending in a complaint, or a reply from them. This is easily the best of the offers that ASUS says they are giving away. I'm going to try Tien, who responded to my complaints in the reply section of my review. I shouldn't have to through so much hassle and confusion to get these things. Either they are purposely making it difficult for people to take advantage of these offers, or they are just disorganized, but they need to do a better job communicating with customers. What happens if you get a lemon and need your tablet replaced or repaired? Is it going to be this difficult to deal with the company?
review image review image review image review image
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on November 26, 2014
Style Name: TabletVerified Purchase
The ASUS Transformer Pad is good for the price.. BUT
Definitely has a few cons.. Let me explain:

I got this about 5 days ago, I'm a pretty technical person when it comes to PC's, Linux, and it's distro's such as Android. First thing out of the box, I power it on and it starts up in a decent amount of time. Noticed TONS of bloatware. Mostly ASUS and oh -- can't forget good ole' Google software! The battery life isn't very great, takes about 5-6 hours to fully charge @ 15-20% and for moderate use, it'll last you 6-10 hours.

It loaded nicely the first few hours, but after personalization as well as installing a 32GB MicroSD loaded with pics, music, video's, etc. it got kind of 'laggish'. I ended up doing some research and got it rooted (Gives user Administrator privileges). Took me awhile to find a way to root it, since it's the new Android 4.4.2, but with success of Googling "rootzenfone.apk" and installing the package on the phone, successfully rooted.

This Android is pretty GREAT rooted!!

After removing all the bloatware, and a few other minor tweaks, it runs very smooth. It boots up at least 25% quicker, doesn't have a ton of annoying apps taking up memory and RAM memory which significantly can improve performance depending on the level of the tweaking done.

All things aside, this is a good tablet, build quality is 'nice' but could be better and if rooted, it has a lot of potential. I give it 4 stars because of the bloatware and charging/lasting time. I could go into a more technical term regarding hardware, the Intel CPU, etc. So, if you have any questions regarding that, leave a comment!

Quad-core Intel CPU (runs very snappy)
Quality and Build
Screen Looks/Feels Nice

Only 1GB RAM memory
Webcam (Very blurry at times and low MP)
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on July 20, 2014
Style Name: Tablet with Dock Bundle
Spend enough time with the TF103C and it's patently obvious why it only costs $299. ASUS has whittled the dockable tablet down to the essentials, with just about every luxury tossed aside; you won't find a breathtaking display, good cameras, long battery life or video output. What's left, though, continues to be tempting. This is a brawny tablet for the money, whether or not you use the netbook-like functionality all that frequently. If you do, it might even be an ideal laptop substitute. The Transformer Pad is more expensive than the cheapest Chromebooks, but it's slightly faster and carries an abundance of native apps.

You do have to ask whether you need the keyboard at all, though, and that's the real dilemma -- many people don't. If you're no fan of the Transformer concept, the TF103C won't change your mind. The savings from passing on the keyboard can be rolled into a tablet that may not be as good at productivity, but could easily be superior for books, games and movies. Give the Transformer Pad a close look if you're at least mildly curious about the dock; just be sure to keep its competition in mind before you take the plunge.
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Style Name: Tablet with Dock BundleVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am one of the lucky few who gets to review this product before market launch. I was also one of the early owner of first generation transformer pad. The new keyboard, unlike the first generation keyboard with batter, has now no built-in batter to offer extended usage. It's nice to still have a USB port on the left side. The KitKat 4.4 is excellent but I won't focus on that.
The keyboard dock is very secure and has a nice latching and two metal tab to secure the folding actions. The release button is also very easy to operate. However, if you don't push hard on dock, sometimes the tablet doesn't recognize it.
My first impression is good. But when I started to play streaming music off Amazon, I found out there's not a visible speaker port (hidden thru a meshed holes in the back) The music is hidden behind the pad (where it is loudest) and the music is louder if you place the pad facing down and the sound is a bit muffled.
The screen glass is very smooth. When typing with the keyboard, sometimes, the system is busy with updating app, it will miss a few characters. I guess this is caused by the small amount of RAM (only 1 GB). The unit is lighter than the previous generation (no more battery in the keyboard). The bronze finish is not as exotic as before. The performance is acceptable, considering the whole bundle is sub $300!!!
The fact that some apps are default either in portrait or landscape is kind of difficult to use while docked.
One last complaint is the battery charges really slowly if you are using it at the same time. I had it plugged as soon as the unit arrived, with only 30% battery, and after two hours, it is still at only 34%.
Also, it only picked up my 2.4GHz wifi and not the 5GHz one.
The screen size is 1280x800, very good resolution. The browsing window is a bit small for me so I often had to enlarge it.
The camera resolution is also very low (a new product like this should be at least 5M but it is regretfully only 2M).
It's a worthy contender in the hundreds of different tablets in the market, and soon phablets iPhone 6.
Hope this is a good review for you to make a wise decision.
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Style Name: TabletVerified Purchase
I bought two of these. This review is a bit lengthy.

I had bought (via Amazon) two ASUS tablets that were smaller (7" and 8") to use mainly as GPS units and for that they work perfectly, not a single complaint. My wife started using WeChat so often though that I ordered a couple of these 10" Transformers but without the keyboard because WeChat is so easy to use without it.

Build Quality:

The Transformer Pad is very well built. It isn't super thin but it does have a nice feel to it, there is something to hold onto. The textured back of the tablet makes it easy to hold even if your fingers might be slightly wet (say you wiped your hands but they are still slightly moist) and fingerprints do not show on the back. There aren't any tweaks or noises because the Transformer Pad doesn't twist easily, it is very sturdy. There is some heft to it but I really didn't notice it that much unless I held the 8" tablet for a while and then moved to the Transformer. Even so, I found it easy to hold for long periods at a time. Fit and finish are very good.


The Pad has the usual connections plus the added connections for the keyboard. Those connections are well placed and not obtrusive when holding the pad. The ports seem to be well placed especially when using the pad in landscape mode. The power cycle button is at top left and along the left side toward the top is the volume control rocker and just above that is the SD Card slot - nice. Left side toward the bottom is the USB charging port. Now here is a gripe - this whole micro USB thing is one of the dumbest things ever designed. I have yet to find a micro-USB port that was easy to use when plugging something into it. Part of that blame goes to the cables because they are marked in black or the whatever color the cable is so you end up fumbling and turning the connector around to get it to work. HOW ABOUT CLEARLY MARKING THE CABLES WITH A DOT?

On the right side near the top is the audio out connector which is best placed for portrait mode than landscape but you can't have it both ways.


Ok, this is where ASUS fell flat on it's face. For some reason, both Pads, brand new and out of the box, would not allow a newly created Google username (as created through the setup process) to work for any Google services including PLAY and even YouTube. It took resetting the Pads to factory to get them to work. One, I could see but both? That speaks to the process that really needs to work better.

Now for the real maddening thing, the ASUS account. ASUS allows you to create an account to access it's cloud services and so on. The integration of that account creation is about the most convoluted thing ever. I highly advise you to skip through this and not create an ASUS account at the time you initially setup the Pad, it will make you frustrated. Do it later.

Since you really only go through setup once, I don't see this a a show stopper and still give the Pad 5 stars because of the other high performance and quality marks but ASUS can and should do better.

HINT: If you are giving this tablet to someone like a child or family member either explain to them to reset to factory after going through setup or do it for them before they get it. Also, as soon as it connects to the Internet you'll get a notification of an update, go ahead and take it and let it install. ASUS is pretty good about sending out updates so if you use the Transformer off-line a lot, once in a while connect and get updates as needed.


While not the highest resolution display on a tablet, unless you are editing photos for professional use or something like that, the display is wonderful. The brightness can be set so high it makes your eyes hurt after a while so watch the kiddies since they won't care. A good setting is about 3/4 bright. There is no auto sensor to adjust brightness but once set at a comfortable level it seems to work just fine.

I watched movies on it and the quality is very good and you won't get tired of looking at it.

The screen is glossy so that means it shows finger prints easily. I am not a fan of screen protectors but the ones that reduce glare are useful for just that purpose. The bezel around the display is large enough to allow you to wrap some fingers around from the back to hold the Pad and that is nice. Some tablets have such a narrow bezel that your fingers are always over some part of the display, this is a nice feature. It isn't so large that it detracts from the display itself but just makes it easier to hold.

The screen is almost a flush fit with the case with just a very narrow edge that rises above the display itself. That gives just a little bit of feel when you grab the Pad, again I think it is a nice design feature.


The WiFi is typical ASUS, decently fast, quick to connect and it maintains a connection as expected. Throughput isn't on par with something like a Panasonic ToughBook but it is more than fast enough to stream full screen video. The Bluetooth works just as well.

Downloading a 360 meg map file for OsmAnd GPS went quickly enough that I could wait for it. While that isn't a statistic or a to the second test, I find it comparable at least to many other WiFi devices I've used and that would include everything from the Samsung Note 3 to Windows based tablets and laptops. BTW, OsmAnd is hand down a premier GPS solution for Android, online or off-line. Off-line it really shines.

The sound that comes from the twin speakers located on the center of both side (backside) do a good job. What is really nice is that is you are holding the Pad in landscape mode your hands will cup the speakers and enhance their sound as it hits your hand and bounces to the front. The speakers also sound much richer if there is something behind the Pad if you aren't holding it with your hands. While you aren't going to confuse the sound from the Pad like top grade speakers from a surround sound system, they do a really good job. If you need better you can easily use any of the Bluetooth speaker systems.

For using Apps, the quad core CPU is more than up to the task. One of the best things ASUS did was move to the Atom CPU from Intel, it is very fast even though the tablet has 1 gig of RAM (16 for storage but expandable via the Micro SD Card slot). I've run intensive full screen apps on the Pad and it never missed a beat.


I have yet to run across an App that didn't work on the Pad. While I am sure there are going to be some that either don't work or don't work as expected, that is going to be true of any tablet or computer for that matter. Yes, Apple apps tend to always work but then you are also limited to what Apple blesses to work along with the other limitations of that system. Yes, Android has limitations too but this isn't about Apple VS Android so please lets not get into all that.


The battery seems to last forever. I have used the tablet for more than 5 hours and still had about 50% remaining. My display is set to dim after 10 minutes but since I had the display on constantly, that duration of battery performance is quite good. This use was a mix of video, chat, browsing, music. Your battery use might be different based on your use but for me it lasts plenty long enough (there are other things to do :) )

Charging is relatively quick but make sure you use the supplied charger or one that puts out 2.1 amps because the lower amp models will make charging an effort in futility. While the battery isn't removable, it last so long that having a removable battery wouldn't really add anything for my use.


I saved this for last because the GPS sensors ASUS puts into tablets is one of the best I've used. It locks onto the satellites very quickly and because it also uses the Glonass system you get much better accuracy and faster and more reliable service than straight GPS you find in many other tablets. The ASUS GPS works with any mapping App I've thrown at it.

If you need to use off-line maps then this Pad will work great. No Internet connection needed, just load up your favorite mapping app and go. Now, Google Maps needs an Internet connection to be really effective and it's off-line maps aren't really good for a whole lot so keep that in mind. With Apps like OsmAnd you really don't need Google maps though and the experience is far better than any other mapping solution I've come across.

Setup the Transformer Pad, load some apps and make sure to include OsmAnd and the person that gets it will be thrilled.

Would I buy another one? Well, I did and in fact now have 4 ASUS Tablets and as far as I'm concerned, the company makes very good high quality tablets for a very reasonable price.
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on October 28, 2014
Style Name: Tablet with Dock BundleVerified Purchase
I had to return the first one as it was not delivered encased in cellophane as was the second and would not power up at all. The second was securely packaged upon opening and is operating wonderfully. I am an ASUS laptop owner and have enjoyed my current laptop for 5 years and still going strong. These products are "top shelf" as far as I am concerned- for the price. I utilize the Transformer in presentations to my Clients and for school as well. Good job AMAZON on the return and replacement policy!!!!!
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