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on July 20, 2014
I purchased this product from newegg for 499.99 USD and was delivered to me on July 18, 2014. I will update this review if necessary.

NOTE: After purchasing this computer, you must update the BIOS available from the zotac website. There is incompatibility between the cpu i5-4200U and the GTX 860m which causes the video card to stop working with the newer video driver and preventing its use.

I got this computer because I wanted something cheap but powerful and a very portable form factor as I need to travel between work, school, and my home very often. I didn't want a laptop because they tend to be overpriced considering the specifications and tend to have a low quality monitor, keyboard and touchpad. So I decided to get this as a transitional computer from a laptop to a desktop.

I must say and I nothing but pleased with this computer. Performance is top notch, while I was worried whether the cpu would bottleneck the cpu, I have had no such problems. I get a consistent 60 fps (with vsync on) at 1080p on high settings on all games so far, and ~45-50 fps on the highest settings. There are no performance issues that I can speak of. Although I would not recommend this computer on the basis for video processing or anything cpu intensive, for those looking for a well performing machine that can run all the latest games (as of the time this review is written), I can not more heavily recommend this computer.

Temperature is a non issue. The highest temperature that I am getting on load is the lowest temperature on my laptop on idle (albeit it was a terrible laptop). When opening the device, you can see an absolutely huge heatsink (relative to laptops) which will not let you down. On Idle I am getting 35-40 degrees celsius and on full load (ex; benchmarking with furmark) I will get maximum 75-80 degrees but while gaming the temperatures generally stay around 60-75 (gpu and cpu respectively). One note is that depending on whether you choose to use the included stand or to mount it on the back of the monitor, mounting it will cause temperatures to rise about 5 degrees due to the decreased airflow. I haven't encountered any throttling while doing this but that is something I wanted to note. Bravo to the engineers who designed this.

This machine is quieter than whisper quiet. This thing is ridiculous. Although I do not have a meter to measure the decibel output I literally can not hear this machine. And no, I am not using literally in a figurative manner (yes, literally can mean figuratively now). When idle the machine does not make a sound. I can not hear it at all. Even when putting my ear next to the fan, I can not hear it. No the fan does not stop at idle, I can both see it moving, feel the air being pushed, and monitor the rpm in hwmonitor. This thing isn't even ridiculously quiet. It makes no sound. Although, I can't say that if you happen to live in a sound proof box, all my time I have used it, I have never heard the fan when sitting in my chair. And yes, that includes while benchmarking or gaming. The only downside to sound is that while benchmarking, I can in fact hear the fan, when I put my ear next to the fan (that was a joke, it's not a downside). So even while gaming, this machine is below whisper quiet. Sound is not an issue.

There is plenty of connectivity in 4 usb 3.0 ports, a dvi and hdmi video output, two ethernet ports, one spdif audio output, an sd card reader, ir sensor and 3.5 mm audio in and out. I do wish they included a displayport rather than hdmi but that is a small nitpick. It is interesting that they included two ethernet ports but I suppose one of them could be used in a NAS setup. I have not fully populated all the usb ports but I do have a usb 2.0 hub which I am using for my keyboard and mouse.

There are two options of storage in the form of a msata ssd slot and room for a 2.5 inch hard drive or ssd. Both can be populated at the same time. I am currently utilizing a msata ssd as a boot drive and a 1 tb hard drive for media. One unfortunate thing is that when I did populate both internally, I had issues with my hard drive which tended to stutter and stop reading and writing inside the device. I did end up using an external enclosure with usb 3.0 connection which works well enough. I do not know whether it is a problem with my hard drive or if it's a problem with the computer as this hard drive has had problems. I will do further testing and update the review as necessary. I have not used a hard drive as a boot drive so I can not comment on that. I did have difficulty when trying to install my msata ssd because the standoff was not properly secured to the pcb, requiring me to secure the standoff with a pair of pliers in order to remove the preinstalled screw.

The nitpicks I have to say is that I can not seem to get the included stand to actually fit on the device. It's not impossible as I've done it once but it is more difficult than it needs to be and I ended up mounting it on the back of my monitor. There are no drawbacks to that (other than a slight rise in temperatures as mentioned earlier) but I would have preferred to use the included stand. The front of the device, when turned on, has a glowing orange circle that looks rather nice. Also, the entire face and back of the device has a glossy and reflective plastic coating. I'd prefer a matte finish because fingerprints but as I probably won't touch the device too often, it isn't a very big deal.

The final thing I have to say is the pricing, god damn is this inexpensive. The device itself costs 500 dollars, if you already have a hard drive, monitor, keyboard and mouse, and a pair of headphones, which I'm pretty sure a lot of people do have, this is a steal. Even if you need to purchase said items, (50-80, 100, 20, 5-10 [educated guess of cheap prices] = 210 + 500), it is still less than purchasing a laptop of equivalent prowess (And equivalent laptop going for ~1200 or 1000 at the cheapest if you can find it). This thing is a bargain.

EDIT - July 22 2014: The stand is not difficult to put on. I found out I was trying to install it backwards. Yes, I am that stupid. But using the included stand is not difficult at all so long as you pay attention as to how to install it.

EDIT - July 23 2014: There is no problem with the hard drive connection. I simply had a bad drive. After doing some tests with a new 2.5 1 tb hard drive and 120 gb SSD, the read and write speeds are perfectly fine. Populating both the msata and hard drive caddy has no problems at all.

EDIT - July 23 2014: The device seems to not be made from the most solid material in the world. Not that I expected a carbon fiber enclosure with titanium supports, but it does feel a little bit flimsy, while I haven't encountered anything too bad, it does leave me worried about the longevity of the device.

1; High Performance
2; Low Temperatures
3; Low Noise
4; Low Price

1; //Can't seem to get the included stand to work - Disregard as of July 22 2014
2; Shiny (fingerprints)
3; //(Which I'd prefer you disregard until I get more definitive results) Using a hard drive internally with an msata card seems to have problems which essentially prevent the hard drive to be used. - Disregard as of July 23 2014
4; Not the greatest build quality.

Overall, a very well made and well performing device. I can heartily recommend this even as there are almost nothing wrong with the device. I knocked one star off because I really just dislike the glossy coating but if not for that I would have given this a 5 star rating and I think others would probably do too. I'm really happy with this purchase.
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on July 15, 2014
Spent many many hours comparing all of the different Mini PC on the market and read various reviews, finally decided to take the plunge and purchase Zotac's EN760. I wanted to share some of my opinions of this little gem :-)


1. Runs quiet after 6 hours of heavy gaming.
2. Ran cool the whole 6 hours of gaming, temperature was only at 76C.
3. Am able to play all of my new PC games on High or Max settings. (Currently playing Tomb Raider, Titanfall and Watchdog)
4. Runs 4K movies very smooth and no stutter at all.
5. Able to connect to a 4K TV for movies, and a 1080p monitor for my 2nd screen. I'm fancy.
6. Optical HD Audio, sounds amazing on my surround sound system.
7. Played FIFA 2014 on my 4K TV smoothly at 4K resolution, my PS4 can't.
8. Great Wifi, full signal inside my locked entertainment cabinet.
9. Lower priced than other comparable systems.
10. Easy to change out the HDD and RAM, tool-less case.
11. Can add mSATA SSD, along with included 1tb SATA drive.
12. Latest Nvidia driver installed without any issues after BIOS update on Zotac website.


1. The orange LED light doesn't match my living room.
2. Some of the games are not able to play in 4K.
3. Only comes in all black case, cannot get in other colors.
4. Cannot upgrade graphic card.
5. No remote control included.

Here are some sources from when I did my research:

Linus did a review of Gigabyte's Gaming Brix system, although the Gigabyte has better graphic card it runs much hotter, noisier, and has lower performance compared to the Zotac EN760.
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on January 2, 2015
At great risk of being flamed by both gaming nerds and home theater nerds, I bought this Zotac thing and attached it to my TV to act as a home theater computer (HTPC) / DVR / client for HDHomeRunPrime w/cablecard.

I had been running NextPVR on my ancient, Windows Vista off-the-shelf-from-Best-Buy computer with a Raspberry Pi running OpenElec/XBMC attached to the TV, but the Vista computer and the Raspberry Pi were both pretty sluggish, resulting in long delays while doing "intensive" stuff like loading the EPG.

Now I have this Zotac Zbox attached to the TV (via HDMI) running both NextPVR and Kodi.TV (XBMC) on Windows 7, and in comparison, it's a 5 star upgrade for me and my purposes.

I don't know about the latest drivers or video games or 4K or fan decibels or any of that stuff. All I know is this box is quiet and is of a size that occupies way less room and less electricity than the Comcast DVR which is going back to Comcast the very second I can tolerate going and standing it line at Comcast, while also making my TV be a computer too, so when Judge Judy is going on another boring "I don't like you because I'm an intolerant old lady, and because of that, your case is dismissed" rant, I can pop up a browser on the TV and do whatever alongside Judge Mathis.

Or I can close out the cablecard/PVR stuff and watch videos through an actual computer using whatever software I want and not through some stupid clunky YouTube app built into a TV. My only hitch was having to run out to the store and buy a USB DVD drive to install the operating system. Nothing I had around the house worked, but considering the low price of USB DVD drives, I didn't try that hard to rig up something for the OS install.

I put 16GB ram and a 256GB mSATA SDD drive into the box, and have an old Seagate 2.5TB USB drive attached as DVR storage

I had a brief The Gov moment trying to insert the memory but then I thought of my secretary.
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on August 28, 2014
This is my first time reviewing a product so I'll try not to be bias. I think for the pricing of this unit and the amount of casual gamers that want powerful machines for a cheaper price, this product isn't nearly advertised enough. The machine is amazing. I can run any game I want to on ultra or high with little to no tweaking. The only reason I gave it a 4 was the lack of OS, though I'm not sure if Zotac ever includes the OS in any of their machines. If that is the case disregard the 4 and throw on that fifth star and tac on an extra one because I truly believe it's worth it.
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on August 13, 2015
Best performance you would everimagine from a small router sized PC.
I added these to this system.
1- Crucial 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR3-1600 MT/s (PC3-12800) 204-Pin SODIMM Notebook Memory CT2KIT102464BF160B / CT2CP102464BF160B
2- Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB mSATA 2-Inch SSD (MZ-M5E500BW) .
3- Toshiba MQ01ABD100 - hard drive - 1 TB - SATA-300.
4- Cable Matters® Gold Plated DisplayPort to HDTV Cable 6 Feet.

This one didn't work.
5- Seagate 1TB Laptop SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive) SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 2.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive (ST1000LM014)

Use the system in a vertical position for better cooling.
I used the system with windows 10 and its working perfectly.
review image
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on August 28, 2014
It's quiet! I was expecting it to scream like a banshee, but it's so quiet I've got it on my desk in my bedroom running 24x7. Even when I'm gaming on it, it's exceptionally quiet. The graphics card is a monster. I love it. It runs all my flight sims and first person shooters without issue. The DVI port is handy for when I need to drive an old VGA monitor, but mostly I convert it to a second HDMI port.

The orange light on the side is neat, but I could do without it. It's not super bright, but would be distracting if you're going to use it for a home theater pc. That side isn't vented, so you can stick a book on it to cover it.
I use a usb strip to augment the existing 4 ports.

Putting in the memory and hard drive were beyond easy... there's a few thumb screws and everything else just clicks into place... it took all of two minutes. This thing rocks.
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on July 18, 2015
I ordered this from Amazon a couple days ago and had to return it because the included mounting screw for the msata drive broke while trying to remove it. I like the computer a lot and recommend it as an excellent solution for doing work and some gaming. It outperforms similar machines in tests across the internet (just search "Zbox EN760 gaming" and you'll see). It even outperforms some tower based PC's. This is because of the dedicated graphics card, which means if you want a small form factor pc for work and occasional gaming, this is one of the best choices. Below I will itemize some pros and cons for others considering purchasing this machine.


01. Extremely easy and fast access to the ports for installing the ram, msata drive and other SSD - case opens with thumb screws
02. Small footprint and energy efficient
03. Fairly quiet operation
04. Mounting bracket included for mounting to the back of your monitor
05. Can run on an msata drive exclusively (not included), no need for another hard drive unless you want one
06. Includes all needed drivers on a usb key (install them after you install the operating system)
07. Aesthetically pleasing - For those who appreciate good design, this is nice to see on the desk
08. Start up from msata drive is blazing fast if you use it as your main boot drive (highly recommended)
09. Includes the msata screw already in the motherboard, just be careful unscrewing it, because it's fragile
10. Has enough USB ports - you will likely need all of them for installing your operating system (for keyboard, mouse, external DVD drive for installing operating system, etc) - Not sure if wireless peripherals work while doing a system build, because the drivers aren't installed until after the operating system is installed


01. Msata mounting screw too fragile, snapped while trying to unscrew it, leaving half of the unremovable screw in the motherboard
02. USB ports are all around the machine, which seems convenient, until you have cables sprouting off in all directions, lol
03. Outer shell is somewhat flimsy plastic and fingerprints are extremely easy to get and even harder to remove, worse than a stainless steel fridge

Ok, so here is my configuration which is compatible with this system:

01. Msata drive - Samsung 840 EVO - available from 120GB to 1TB:

02. RAM - Crucial Ballistix Sport:

03. External DVD drive for installing operating system - Samsung TSST Ultra-Slim -

04. Operating System - Full Windows 8.1 Disk which installs directly to 8.1, nice and easy - since it's not the OEM version (it's the full version), it's not tied to specific hardware, making reinstallation easier (definitely worth the extra $15):

05. Keyboard: Corsair K70 Gaming Keyboard - the highest quality keyboard I've ever seen (aluminum top, fabric wrapped usb cables, programmable illumination of your choice of

One more thing to consider - the rainbow effect, lol. Many of these components illuminate with a certain color while in use. I didn't think about this. They can be turned off of course, but maybe you enjoy having your keyboard illuminated, etc. Well, then you may want to consider the color coordination of all of these devices' illuminations. I am planning to change my mouse for this reason - it illuminates blue. So now I have a computer with an orange illuminated ring, a keyboard with red illuminated keys and a mouse with blue illumination. Clashing colors is unpleasant to see, especially on a daily basis, so you should think about this when planning your assembly if this is important to you. Ok, that's all! Just wanted to get the info out there that I was looking for when I made my purchase. Good luck to all of you!
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on October 28, 2014
This little machine is great. It's tiny and practically silent, but powerful enough for the vast majority of users. It's not for hardcore gamers or other specialized users that need absolute power or flexibility, that's a given. But for everyday tasks, work, occasional gaming and such, it will do fine.

The CPU is a tad on the weak side; it got the lowest score on my Windows Experience Index. Given that there are ZBOXes with quad-core i7 processors but weaker graphics, my guess is that Zotac had to compromise on a lower-powered CPU in order to include higher-powered graphics, which is an excellent trade-off, if you ask me. CPUs have reached a higher level of maturity and they generally aren't a bottleneck. Even my old Core 2 Duo was still adequate until I replaced it with this. More powerful graphics are much more necessary.

The build quality is good, I had no problem installing an SSD and RAM in no time, and all the included drivers worked fine. I really have no complaints. The only "issue" is that the bootable Windows 7 USB drive only works when plugged into a specific USB port. If I plug it into any of the others, the computer stays on the POST screen until I unplug it. I don't know why, it could be a BIOS setting or something like that. All the USB ports work fine otherwise.

Unless you have specific needs that this system can't satisfy, I thoroughly recommend it.
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on July 7, 2015
I have to say that this barebone is going to be more than good enough for some light to medium gaming with the Nvidia GTX 860M GPU and also excellent for multimedia editing (for example on Adobe products). Here are some pros and cons-

1. Very small, compact and low profile. Barely takes any space on your desk and can be mounted on the monitor or TV.
2. Extremely quiet. It is surprisingly quiet for a PC having a significant Nvidia GPU. At Medium to High settings on GTA V and 4 to 5 hours of Gaming the fan had barely any noise.
3. Has three USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, Ethernet port and most importantaly SD Card reader slot.
4. Thumb screws on the chassis for easy disassembly.
5. Comes with Driver CD and also a read-only driver USB stick for installation of the Drivers.
6. Easy to install hardware and upgradable (Hard Drive, SSD mSATA, and RAM).

1. The USB 3 ports don't work reliably with wireless mouse, keyboards so I am not sure if it is USB drivers or something else.
2. Wifi reception is pretty bad. It shows a max of about 10 to 12 MBps where my other device show an average of 20+ Mbps. For now 10 to 12 MBps is good enough for me. It could be an outdated driver issue but folks who need more speed will need to get an external wifi dongle.
3. Installing the mSATA SSD was easy, but screwing it to the base of the board was tricky since the mount screw has 2 separate parts which needed to be taken apart and was difficult to do so, plus it's super tiny which made it even more difficult.
4. The Intel Core i5-4200U CPU could have been slightly higher clocked.

The Zbox EN760 Plus comes pre-installed with a single 1TB 5400rpm HDD and a single 8GB Crucial DDR3 1600 RAM Stick (specifically this model - I ordered an additional 128 GB Transcend mSATA III SSD for my Windows Boot Drive (this model- , and another 8 GB Crucial Stick for the Zbox and installed it myself. Installation of the hardware was pretty easy, setting up the boot sequence was a breeze from Zotact Bios and then Windows 8.1 Pro installed fast without any issues.You can replace the pre-installed 1TB 5400rpm HDD with a SATA SSD but if you use the mSATA SSD config for boot drive I think the pre-installed drive is good enough.

Overall, very pleased. Even though this is not my primary PC at home I use it mostly for some multimedia editing and gaming.
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on May 12, 2015
One thing one must know (hopefully I'm not the only person who didn't know)...the output on this unit is DVI...I was thinking that DVI was DVI...but find now that there are several flavors of DVI. This one is DIV-d and while Zotac did provide an adaptor, it was for HDMI, and the monitor I wanted to use it on was VGA. That's not possible unless you invest in a convertor that has smarts built in, and that's not cheap. I know now that the output on this unit is digital and will not work with VGA which is analog. I'll be better informed in the future. The other review here talks about how the fan on the unit surges now and then and become more noisy. That's true and while it hasn't been a problem for me, I did experience that. I have loaded W10 Tech review on the machine and so far it's very nice. Oh, the unit does have Display Port as well as the DVI-d.
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