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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When evaluating a computer it is useful to compare it to other alternatives. I also have the HP Pavilion 23-p010 23-Inch All-in-One computer. Although this particular HP model costs $200 more, it is interesting to see what you get for that additional $200 (which is not much of a price difference considering how long most people usually keep desktop computers).

The Lenovo C260 is a nice computer for kids since it is affordable and doesn't take up much space on a small desk. In my couple days testing so far, it is good for basic office applications and web browsing, but I wish the performance was better during Windows startup or while playing high resolution videos. But this still plenty sufficient as a kid's homework and web browsing computer, or for newer computer users.

Now for the comparison:

The Lenovo C260 has a 19.5" 1600x900 screen while the HP 23-p010 has a 23" 1920x1080 screen. This Lenovo is more compact to use up even less desk space, while the HP 23-p010 has a wonderfully large screen.

I noticed some things that work pretty fast on the HP are much slower on the Lenovo. If we look at the CPU stats, the Lenovo scores 2,064 on the PassMark CPU benchmark, and the HP scores 4,198 running the same PassMark CPU benchmark. The Lenovo uses the new Intel J2900 processor which was designed for low power use. But along with the super power efficiency of the Intel J2900 comes reduced performance.

There are a some other technical measures that are better on the HP (memory, drive space, wireless, graphics) but the two that I mentioned are the ones that are the most noticeable -- the screen size and resolution and the overall performance. Is it worth an extra $200 to get something like the HP 23-p010? If this is for your primary desktop computer, I recommend one with better performance. This Lenovo is ok if you use it more for office type apps rather than cutting edge games or multimedia.

Pros: price, compact size, very low power use.
Cons: poor performance relative to other desktops.
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on August 12, 2014
I love this all in one.
- Touch – The touch is very responsive. It is 10 point touch – you can squeeze windows, drag drop freely etc.
- Image quality- Screen is really really sharp. I love watching movies and Netflix on this.
- Pentium processor – I can run my complex financial models on excel without crashing.
- Sound quality – Speakers are great by any standard. I play music on it without needing to buy a speaker.
- Keyboard and Mouse – comes with accessories – so don’t need to spend more $$
On the flip side, this is no apple. This is well built and good looking, but it is not a beauty like Apple. Of course, you cant expect that quality for this price!
This is the lowest priced touch desktop that I have ever seen. Great value for money!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was hesitant about this computer because I wasn't familiar with the brand and I'd heard mostly bad things about Windows 8. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much. I have been pleasantly surprised to find I am loving this computer.

If you aren't familiar with touch screens (tablets, iPads, etc.), then you might find Windows 8 to be a difficult adjustment. This is not a assessment of Lenovo's product, but just a warning for those who are strict desktop users. I have a tablet, so I was already familiar with how this new Windows works. Still, learning to navigate the new setup is taking some time.

The image resolution is excellent. Photos pop out with perfect details. If you work with graphic arts or just like playing around with photos, this screen is fun to work with. It's also ideal for videos and streaming movies.

I find the touch screen easy to use. It's sensitive enough that you don't have to push hard. If you've never used a touch screen before, you'll want to have a soft cloth handy to wipe off the fingerprints now and then

The computer works faster than I expected. It doesn't quite meet the standard of my other desktop, but my older one also cost three times more than this one. The apps have a slight lag in opening, though nothing at all problematic. You can switch from the screen shown here with all the apps to the traditional desktop. You can also personalize which apps you want to see on your start-up screen.

I love the portability. It's like having my desktop in tablet form, so I'm not stuck at my desk. I can use this in my living room or my bedroom, or even outside on my patio table.

The keyboard and mouse are not wireless, which is a minor drawback. Also, the power cord is fairly short. It's fine if you're placing this on a desk. But if you plan to take advantage of its portability, be aware that you'll need to be close to an outlet.

This is an ideal computer for those on a budget, for children and teens, and for anyone who uses their computer mainly for entertainment.
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VINE VOICEon October 24, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using this Lenovo for about a week, and it's a serviceable All-In-One computer. It's cheaply made, it feels cheap, it looks cheap, it's considerably slow, and isn't going to win any design awards, but for someone who's just looking for a touchscreen experience that utilizes a decent-sized hard drive with a medium-ranged processor, this might be a good choice.

Setting up this computer is the exact same experience you've had setting up any Windows based machine: very easy. Give yourself 10 minutes to set up the language and settings, and you're ready to roll. It wields a 2.41 Pentium processor and 4GB of ram which is already out of date for most apps and websites to ideally function, but this will still be enough to get you around the internet. I used websites like Google and Yahoo to check my email, and Yahoo especially was slow and choppy. Not surprising at all considering what's under the hood. The computer holds 500 GB of memory in its hard drive which is pretty good for a machine like this, so if you're looking to use this as a primary way to download music or store photos, this can be a great addition for you.

I suppose the main draw of this machine is the touchscreen, which works fine. I use an iPad all day, so I'm used to that screen's responsiveness and intuition -- something this Lenovo most certainly does not offer. The screen touching has a lag which is slightly annoying, but I'm guessing the majority of people who will look upon buying this won't notice the delay. The screen is vibrant and colorful, looking quite beautiful when watching HD movies or viewing pictures.

It comes with a keyboard and mouse which are wired. This computer does not have bluetooth capability which is a bit of a head-scratcher, even at this price, so that is something people will want to note. It seems all computers on the planet sport the bluetooth function these days, so this is a considerable drawback in my opinion.

In the end, this is a tough machine to recommend. It bills itself as a device that you can tote around and check your email on, but that's not going to be easy with the slow processor and low RAM. It does brag about being a device where you can view video playback, and in that regard it does perform well. But it's lack of bluetooth, it's cheap keyboard and mouse with gangly wires, and its plastic frame make this not worth the $520 asking price. These Windows touch screens basically want to give the iPad experience without the speed or quality, but instead replacing those attributes with screen size -- for some, this may be enough. But for over 500 dollars, you should be able to get a faster processor, and at least 8 GB's of ram. You're going to need at least that much firepower to get you through the most basic of websites at an acceptable speed.

I can see this computer being useful for people who want a nice big screen to watch movies on, and the big hard drive will be a bonus for storing these types of files. 500 bucks seems steep if you just want to do that, though. I would definitely test this computer in person before buying.
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on November 17, 2014
Ok, so after reading all of the negative reviews I have to admit I was hesitant to make this purchase but went ahead and took a chance. I have had this computer for just about a week and I was pleasantly surprise at what this all in one can do. My main concern was windows 8.1 but after watching tutorial videos on u tube I quickly became very comfortable with this windows operating system. The DVD player works flawlessly and the sound and picture are great. I am in the process of removing the McAfee anti virus software and enabling the Windows Defender (which is free) and already install in the system. The McAfee software takes up a lot of the hard drive and is free for only 30 days. The Windows Defender software is the best way to go and is Free. It Also protects against Malware and other potential risks to the computer. I am well pleased not only with this computer but also with Amazon and there outstanding customer service employees who do all that they can to make sure you are satisfied with your purchasing experience. If you are on the fence as to whether or not to buy this unit I'd say you won't be disappointed if you do.
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on December 1, 2014
I had purchased a previous version of this Lenovo PC a few months ago and liked it very much. So I got this one to replace my husband's ailing laptop. Everything went fine until I decided to install the enclosed Lenovo Driver Disc. What a big mistake. It was loaded with malware that hijacked the browser. The pre-installed McAfee did nothing to protect the PC from all the malware that popped up. Luckily Lenovo has a one key recovery system. I kept my fingers crossed and used it to reset the Lenovo back to the factory settings. Then I carefully started over. The very first thing I did was install Norton 360. I did not go to Microsoft to register until the Norton was up and running. As the Norton was installing, It detected the McAfee and uninstalled it for me.

The Lenovo has been in use a couple of weeks now and is working beautifully. My husband loves it and Windows 8.1. No after effects from the disastrous first set up. I don't know why the disc was sent with the computer, but it doesn't seem to be necessary for the PC to work well. All I can say is thank goodness for the Lenovo One Key Recovery system.
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on October 20, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Overall, this is an excellent quality Lenovo PC, but it does have a couple of minor drawbacks.

To begin with, setup is extremely easy. Basically, you plug in the keyboard, mouse, and power cord. Once it boots up, Windows 8 takes you through the first setup steps. This whole process takes less than 10 minutes. Next, the computer comes pre-loaded with a month of MacAffee antivirus, so that had to go. I logged in to and installed the latest Norton Internet Security (another 10 minutes). From that point, the computer was ready to go.

The computer is very fast, and the touchscreen is responsive, but there is a very slight lag in response. I use an iPad and iPhone all day, so I noticed the lag, but if you aren't used to the iOS responsiveness, you likely won't even notice the lag. The gestures are a little difficult to make work consistently. I have another touchscreen with Windows 8, as well as two laptops, so I am used to the gestures. I did notice that if you want to bring up the menus, you have to start with your finger actually on the bezel and swipe in. Anything less will simply act as if you slid your finger across any part of the screen. I find that re-sizing or scrolling is a 50/50 proposition as to which you will get. I would like to attribute these to Windows 8 flaws, but I don't have these problems on my other Windows 8 PCs.

The keyboard and mouse are not wireless, so you will need a place to stash them, but you can do nearly anything by touch here, so it isn't much of an issue. It is unfortunate that the keyboard is slightly too thick to slide under the front of the screen. I have mine setup on a narrow surface, so it would have been nice to be able to slide the keyboard in and out.

The start-up is really slow for a Windows 8 machine. My UltraBook starts up in four seconds, my old Windows 7 touchscreen that I updated to Windows 8 starts in 20 seconds, and an old laptop that I recently added an SSD and Windows 8 to also starts in about 15 seconds. This PC takes about 60 seconds to boot up. Fortunately, it goes into and out of sleep so quickly that that negates the boot time problem.

The screen is crisp and clear, and it is able to display fast motion with very little blur (I used it with NHL GameCenter Live, so if it can display hockey, it can display anything.). Be careful when unpacking, however. The screen does not have the clear, peel off coating that everything else has on it. As a result, there was a good bit of Styrofoam gunk attached to the screen that I had to carefully wash off before starting.

The DVD RW drive feels flimsy, like a laptop one, but it works fine. With the form factor, this type of drive makes sense. My other touchscreen has a slot-loaded BluRay drive, but that drive has already failed. This will likely last longer, regardless of the feel.

The sound is excellent. I fired up iTunes and blasted The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars, and it held up well.

Finally, the stand on the display has many settings, so this would make for an excellent desktop PC for just about any situation. It did feel like I was going to break the stand when I first pulled it out, as it takes quite a bit of pressure, but it held.

If you are looking for a good quality, general use PC with a touch screen, this is an excellent choice.
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on February 21, 2015
I bought this for a family computer and only use it to browse the web/Facebook, do schoolwork online, and play Minecraft. So far we have had no problems.

Windows 8 is fun and easy to get used to if you come from older operating systems like me. I would recommend deleting the apps you don't use to save you space.

The moniter is large and has a great picture. My only concern was that the stand on the back of the computer looked a little small and I was/am afraid it will get knocked over easily. So far it has not even come close, and even seems to be a really smart design because when it is pushed back slightly the stand stretches to move with the computer and would likely prevent it from falling.

I purchased a separate Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard combo from Amazon also because the ones it comes with are wired. It is incredibly convenient to be able to move them around the room with me and the computer even has the magnifier app which really makes that possible.

The touchscreen is very nice, it allows for multi-touch and is awesome for playing games. My 3 year old is able to do a lot more on this computer than others because of it. My 7 year olds play Minecraft, and they are able to work together a lot more having a touchscreen.

I will update in the future.
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on October 21, 2014
i really like this computer because it fit my needs.the pentium processor may be a little bit outdated(even tho its a quadcore) but it fit the bill for e-mail,youtube videos and visual novels.the size of the screen is just perfect for me because its not big but not small either,just right(19 inch).speaking of screens,it has touchscreen which is a nice addition that fits with windows 8.1

the bad thing is that once opened you have to wait a little while to actualize everything.but once that done everything is pretty fast with wi-fi or wired if you like it that way.this thing even has 3D for dvd, all in all, i'm a pretty satisfied customer so far!
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My husband finally decided to purchase this computer when the dinosaur computer we had since college finally tapped out. So, this computer is especially amazing for us, because it's such a jump in technology. The touch screen is large and the colors are fantastic, it's a lot faster than our old one. Having just a screen, without a big tower also cleared up a lot of desk space for us, so, all in all a great buy!
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