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on November 20, 2015
We bought a couple of these for work to refresh older Linux machines in the lab that still had mechanical disks, and we're quite happy. This was a cheap upgrade, and was very much worth it.

These systems don't need much in the way of local storage; everything of importance gets stored on a network file server, so these were primarily intended as OS & application drives. Because they're older, they don't need the latest and greatest by any means; their SATA ports are limited to 3Gb/s, so spending the money on the fastest SSDs known to mankind would have been a real waste.

For the price, these seem to be great. They're significantly faster in use than a spinny rust drive, which is all that mattered to us. Compared to the latest and greatest from the likes of Samsung or Crucial (or even Sandisk's own Extreme Pro line, which are no slouches), these seem almost laughably slow, but that's not the point.

In desktop usage, they seem snappy enough. Applications launch far faster than they did with the old mechanical drive, which is the whole point.

Real-world file use with an ext4 filesystem suggests sequential reads are somewhere in the 270MB/s region, and writes a bit slower, perhaps 200MB/s or so. I didn't see any particular difference between fairly random, uncompressible data or a pile of zeroes from /dev/zero.

On these older machines, copying data from one place to another on the same drive seems to be limited to a little under 110MB/s on average for long file copies (for example, 18.3GB of test junk copied to another file in 2m50s). The net bandwidth is obviously doubled as the data is read from the drive and then written back, so call it 220MB/s over long copies. The transfer rate was fairly consistent. with 'iotop' showing instantaneous peaks around 130MB/s and lows around 90MB/s.

Actually, they're very consistent. Repeated copies of the same 18.3GB gibberish test file (an mp4 video that a colleague put together for a talk concatenated on itself a bunch of times to bring the size up to something reasonable) completed to within a second or two; copy times of 2m50.1s, 2m50.9s, 2m50.8s, 2m49.3s and 2m49.8s were observed back-to back.

This consistency suggests that performance also doesn't go off a cliff when all of the available blocks have been written to at some point, which is a very good thing. It just seems to plod along at the same rate regardless, which is preferable to a drive that's amazingly fast until there are no more zeroed blocks left, then slows to a crawl. All the blocks on this drive have likely been filled at some point during my testing as it currently reports a total of 176GB written.

In terms of raw performance. this is nothing to write home about. They work, but they don't come close to setting records (and the drive is apparently also not capable of saturating the available 3Gb/s SATA link). This would definitely be a 3-star product if it weren't for the price.

These are significantly cheaper than a 120GB Evo 850 or Crucial BX100, and given we'll probably go through more machines to do the same thing with them, the cost savings start to add up quickly; three of these are roughly the same price of two of Samsung's or Crucial's offerings. For situations where outright speed isn't needed, a permanent buy-two-get-one-free setup can't be ignored.

SMART reports 'Total_LBAs_Written' and 'Total_LBAs_Read' attributes, which appear to be in units of GB (both rising by 18 after copying said junk file) so guesstimating the remaining drive life should be simple enough (Crucial says > 80TBW on their website). I'm not sure what the raw value for the 'Media_Wearout_Indicator' represents, as it appears to climb over time and is larger than LBAs written. This did also rise by 18 for one copy so perhaps this is an indication of the effective writes after any amplification effect stated in GB?

SMART's reported temperature doesn't rise by any huge amount while the drive is active. In this particular system the idle temperature appears to be about 30C, rising to 36C during minutes-long copy operations.

I can't judge their long-term reliability just yet (i'll try to remember to report back in a year or so), but these have thrown up no initial surprises in installation and initial usage.

To summarise, for replacing mechanical disks in cases where you don't need a lot of local file storage, these are a no-brainer. They're not exciting and aren't nearly as fast as the state of the art in SSDs, but they're far better than spinny disks, they appear to perform at the same consistent level instead of being very bursty with large peaks and troughs, and are cheap for their capacity. There are far faster and larger SSDs on the market, but if price is more of a concern than size or speed, these are definitely worth considering.
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on October 11, 2015
Installed in a 2009 MacBook Pro, cloned over the old drive with carbon copy cloner (free trial), swapped it out and booted up. So far so good, read speeds 296, write speeds 202 mb, boot up time 20 sec with Mac OS X 10.10 El Capitan. It's ok, not terribly fast, but my laptop is still stuck with SATA2 speeds.

Of note, the package is bare with zero documentation, just the drive in plastic sleeve haha that's it. So if you need a little hand holding, this is not for you, probably because it's marketed to businesses.
review image review image
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on April 3, 2015
Hard drives are like silent partners; you don't usually appreciate them until they're gone or they flake out on you, and so they don't get the usual ecstatic "this changed my life" kind of praise that other components such as video cards get. I'm not about to rectify that imbalance with this review, but I am quite pleased with SanDisk's 256 Gb 2.5 SSD.

I received a MacBook Pro recently and knew that the second or third thing I would do was swap out the 5400 hard drive for an SSD. I went searching around the interwebz, and found that Amazon had the best price. The SSD arrived quickly and installation was a breeze. With the OS installed and TRIM turned on, the MBP has been a joy to use. It's completely quiet, fast, and has generated no problems whatsoever. If you're looking for read/write speeds and a comparison of this SSD vs. others in the Samsung line or other SSDs, sorry -- I don't have other SSDs around to do that. However, a rather well-known fix/repair/upgrade site recommends this family of drives.

It does what I wanted it to and after weeks of light-to-moderate usage and no problems, it's fully deserving of five stars.
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on May 13, 2016
This brought new life to an old workstation. Solid state drives are much faster than rotating magnetic media. Computers boot much faster and large applications load much more quickly. I've purchased many types of flash memory from SanDisk and have never been disappointed.
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on December 8, 2015
This is the second SSD that I have purchased and it seems to be faster than the Samsung that I installed in my laptop. It is a great investment to add life and speed to an older computer and programs like adobe illustrator just fly with it.
Couple of things it is a bare drive, no instructions, no software, no cables. If installing in a Desktop or tower straight connector cables maybe in order. Do a dry fit (mount drive, attach cables, look at the routing) before you start installation in a tower or desktop, laptop should be very straightforward. You will need a usb 3.0 adapter cable to mirror existing drive. Sandisk has both a dashboard and a single use disk cloning software If i was going to buy the software, I'm impressed with Ez Gig as it worked the best out of several I attempted. However both free versions work well. I am considering on getting one for a 4 year old IMac
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on March 10, 2016
This works fine. Super easy to install and I've had no issues. The price was good too. I did have to find disk copy software to transfer the data from the old drive as it doesn't come with anything like that.
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on March 26, 2016
I purchased this as a performance boost to my old HP all-in-one PC. It worked great.

Note: I used velcro to hold it in place in the PC because it is a different form factor than the original spinning disk. However, I knew when I purchased it that the sizing was different. I could have purchased an 'adapter' to make it fit, but the velcro works great so why spend the money?
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on April 7, 2016
These drives have 'spoiled' me.. I'm Converting all the office computers over to SSD. This drive fits right into the area that the 3.5 came out of and. using the mounting frame allows you to secure it like the OEM drive. Amazingly fast. Good price-Fast service. Solid 5
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on February 28, 2016
I bought it after days of searching the best option to replace a MacBook Pro HDD. Easy to replace, 100% compatible with no delay when doing a clean installation of the OS. Runs fast, specially at startup, but I expected a 100% improvement in performance (at eagle's eye I think it's a 75%) and in battery life (30-60 min more than the HDD). Despite of it, using it day after day gets better and now I recommend it if you want to give your old MacBook pro a boost and a second life. Nice.
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on April 29, 2016
Night and day between an aged spinning disk and this solid state bliss. Unless you need hardcore performance, this is plenty for all use cases. I use the adobe suite (photoshop, dreamweaver, illustrator, etc) regularly and have no issues whatsoever. Also, startup time on win10 went from nearly a minute (to usable desktop) to about 5 seconds. I kid you not. Color me impressed.
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