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on May 12, 2015
Here is a honest review for someone who is looking into getting this laptop. First I would like to state that you must keep your expectations in line. This is a $250 laptop and it will preform as such. Let me start off by saying that the other reviews that state that the processor is to slow, are wrong. The processor is plenty for what this laptop allows you to do. Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, they all run great on the E1 apu. The problem they are having is with the hard drive. the hard drive in this laptop is a standard 5200rpm hard drive. it only has a 16mb memory buffer making this a terrible hard drive. It is an absolute bottleneck. If you keep the hard drive that it comes with you will experience alot of delay when trying to browse the web simply because the hard drive cannot read/write the data fast enough. I upgraded to an ssd and now the computer runs as if it were $900 (the ssd cost $50) I would recommend you upgrade to an ssd right away. Sure it will bump up the price to $300 vs the original $250, it will be well worth it.
Like most budget laptops (any laptop really) the webcam included is terrible, but it gets the job done. Its fine for skyping, but don't expect to make youtube vlogs with it. I really enjoy the ability to upgrade this laptop It has to dimm slots for ddr3L ram which is great because you can throw in another 4gb stick and have 8gb total. also the hard drive is removable so you can either opt for a larger hard drive, a hybrid hard drive, or and ssd. Also the dvd drive can be removed and upgraded to a blue ray reader. I myself replaced the screen with a 1600x900 IPS display for better color reproduction and viewing angles. All in all this was a great buy. Its a wonderful computer for school, and there is lots of room to upgrade. At the end of the day with all the modifications I made to this computer it works just as well as a surface 3. With the blazing fast ssd, amazing display and relatively powerful apu.
To answer the age old question,"Can I do some light gaming on this?" no you cannot. The one board graphics were only meant to allow you to have video playback at 30fps. I tried some games off of and none of them would run. Again this is a $250 laptop. Some might say, "well I could just build a gaming pc for $300 that could play some light games better than this" this is true, but you would need to spend money on the windows operating system, monitor, keyboard, mouse. all of these things already come built into the laptop. At the end of the day this laptop has about $100 worth of computing power, the rest is the screen and battery etc...
If you Want a laptop for web browsing and word processing, with casual video playback here and there, then this laptop is for you. if you want a hardcore gaming laptop trying the lenovo y50. This laptop will be great for writers and students who just want something to write up some word documents on. If you want it to be very fast and pleasant to use, get a ssd. If you want to have a little more multitasking capabilities, get another 4gb stick of ram. All in all I give this laptop 5 stars, because of its price to performance ratio, and its vast ability to be upgraded.
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on March 9, 2015
This is my second Toshiba Laptop and it's as solid as my first one. Long life on its Lithium-Ion Battery, Great Display and Keyboard (although I still prefer the wireless external mouse I bought to the mouse pad and buttons built in). Furthermore, this laptop has a GREAT processor and taking the price in account this laptop was one of the best I could find to buy new; and it doesn't disappoint. The computer has a great readable screen, plenty of memory, plenty of storage at 500 GB and a DVD or CD + and - player/writer, plus an HDMI port to hook up to your widescreen 1080i Big Screen TV as a second monitor, and Speakers built-in or headphone jack with microphone input. Another reason why I bought this laptop was because of my old laptop which is listed here:

The laptop listed above was very slow and also had Windows 7 installed. So before buying this Toshiba Satellite with Windows 8 on it I was a little bit worried to use this for the first time but I can tell you that it is easy enough to get used to new Windows 8 interface.

Overall, this Toshiba laptop is a very decent laptop. Not lightning fast but certainly not slow either. And this for a good price in comparison to so many laptops out there (and also lower cost than many tablets!). So I would surely recommend this to everyone!
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on March 19, 2015
I love my first real laptop. Own an ARM chromebook and have been "getting by" for every day usage. However, for those who already know, you can't do much on a chromebook if you seriously need programs for intended business purposes. It has windows 8.1, which is not a big deal, at least for me. Albeit, 8.1 is tricky to maneuver, but with reading and doing, am slowly learning that the "apps" shortcuts are a lifesaver. The wifi signal is actually better on this than my chromebook. It runs very smooth, but only after removing the games from WildTangent. Added another browser, Opera and updated the various settings to my needs. For the price, it can't be beat. I was very surprised how huge it is. A bit bulky but not complaining, considering it comes with the major selling point that made me "want it", the dvd/cd player. After a couple of days, it does go through major upgrades and is fast, I mean like super fast! If Superman was in a race, this laptop would be the 'man' and Superman would be the sidekick. I did purchase a messenger bag and a mouse. The touchpad is small, wish it was larger though. The mouse will help that; can also plug in my external extra hard drive. The dvd software gets upgraded immediately to CyberLink PowerDVD. The other items that I thought were good: easy registration of device, downloading is a snap ( CCleaner is a must have ) and clarity. The quality is awesome but the color is ho hum, only comes in black, actually a gray black. Has energy star qualifications, and great edit tools built in ( haven't tried those yet ).
If you're in the market for something to listen to music, do multi tasking, watch Netflix, Youtube, etc and on a decent budget, you can't wrong with this laptop. I seriously am enjoying my experiences with this.

Updates: ( 3-24-15 )
I came back to check other reviews and it appears there are many issues with connections. If you're having wifi troubles, why blame the laptop, that's usually an ISP problem- call your carrier and see what internet deals they have and bargain. There are control settings for power consumption; I don't understand the zero stars for nothing reviews. Some people want everything to work " out of the box " but are not willing to do the work involved to maintain sustainability in tandem to how the product is being use. Also, don't expect to use Google Chrome as your main browser, use something else. Chrome is an eater in consumption, get a chromebook for that. If you want to check, right click your taskbar and go to task manager.
Another update: ( 4-3-15)
I was encountering major wifi issues as well so had to go to the chromebook and figure out what to do for the last 2 hours; all from ipconfig, release, renew, etc- testing the driver to see if it is updated and whatnot. As new grey hairs were developing, came across a site called and read some comments on the limited connection / wifi problems. One stood out; go to Control Panel, device manager, network adapter and right click the one that is causing problems. Under the advanced tab, there is a the 802.11 option ( mine didn't say that but... ) and change it to accept long and short. It worked for me and as I type this ( 10:37 pm ), fingers crossed- working.
One more update ( I promise! ): ( 4-30-15)
Uninstalled Norton, turned out to be a real activity hog in the task manager and am using the built in defender. Loads faster after doing so.
Called my ISP and told them my predicament; I recently had a modem/router update so that shouldn't have been a problem and hate to fiddle with those settings because just one inadvertent can throw everything off. To make a long story short, they updated the security to channel 11 to allow the modem/router to accept wireless stability. Don't know if this information will help anyone else with headaches such as others and myself but lacking my own 50-50 review, am deducting a star from my original first impression.
One more update: ( 7-31-15)
In case anyone is still reading reviews and contemplating this laptop, be advised there was a MAJOR manufacturer driver update for the graphics and wifi. Once this is done, you should receive a better connection. I've been playing my Pogo games like crazy and am loving it; designing with Paint Shop Pro ( if you're into that, version 9 is extremely compatible ) and if you do not wish to be hassled with Windows 10, DISABLE the last update number ( KB3073930 ) in your control panel and reboot, that pesky icon in the taskbar will disappear.
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on March 13, 2015
This is a kind of cheap laptop with a nice performance such as AMD Dual-Core E1 and Windows 8.1 and AMD Radeon HD 8210 on-board. But You must experience on this to get more how slow of surfing internet and downloading. This is a good laptop for playing light games and watching movies. You also should not use this one for work outside because of only 3 – 4 hours battery. For a better performance, I recommend another such as:

Some Specs of this.
- Windows 8.1
- Good price
- Led Blacklist Display
- Full-size keyboard with handy numeric 10-key pad
- Touch pad with multi touch
- Usb 3.0 get maximum performance transferring speeds
- HDMI port to scale your gaming, movies and music on a home theater with full 1080p
- No Bluetooth
- LAN card only 10/100 Ethernet
- Battery 4cell/32Wh – This is so low for 15.6 widescreen.
- Slow Internet browsing and downloading, this is actually a nightmare
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on March 11, 2015
Received this product very quickly ,it works brilliant ...Great laptop PC and an ideal choice for a working professional ,or student .
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on April 25, 2015
I'm returning this. It is slow slow slow. I kept getting messages that the cpu was maxed out and I was only on internet explorer, not doing anything that should take much effort. Not sure if the amd processor is too puny. My old toshiba is way faster than this one. I'm no computer whiz, but this didn't meet my basic computing skills.
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on April 26, 2015
The processor is very slow and takes forever to run a task. Acts like an old aging computer with insufficient memory. The screen froze often and I have to force quit and restarted. I thought Japanese product is good in electronics such as camera and Hi Fi and find myself very disappointed with the Toshiba Satellite C550-B5308 laptop. I end up have to return to the seller.
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on April 4, 2015
The hardware works fine, the OS/software sucks. The screen is bright and easy to see indoors (I don't use it outdoors), the keyboard and all the drives work fine. The biggest drawback is the Windows 8.1 OS installation. As usual there is a bunch of crapware that's difficult to get rid of but that's been standard for so long that I expect it. What I didn't expect was that I would have to power down and reboot every 3 or 4 minutes as the browser would lose the internet connection. The screen icon would show the machine to be connected but the browser would say it could not find a network connection. The only way I could find to reset things was to power down and reboot from cold, then it would work for another 3 or 4 minutes. Had I been planning to use Windows I would have sent the machine back and tried another brand. But I planned to use Linux anyway so I kept it. I installed Ubuntu 14.04 as a dual boot setup with the Windows OS and it works fine, stays connected all day if I want it to, uploads, downloads, browsing, email all work great in Linux. Keep in mind that this is the same machine that craps out every few minutes in Windows and it should be apparent that there is no problem with the hardware. A quick web search reveals that many users are having this problem and the only help they get from Toshiba or Microsoft is suggestions to update drivers, change power saving options, etc. - never a definitive answer as in "we found the problem and we will fix it". I wasted a few hours chasing down blind alleys and finally gave up. Fortunately I only need to boot up Windows once in a blue moon, usually to do something with Garmin stuff. I hope that Garmin eventually sees the light and introduces Linux support but that's probably a vain hope.
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on March 26, 2015
Does seem a little slow. I am wondering if the hardware is pushed too far by the Windows 8 OS (which is ridiculously cluttered). I would like to run an older OS (Vista, 7, or Linux), but that conversion seems like it would be a very difficult task. Other than that complaint, it works fine. The set up was a pain, largely due to Windows 8, but was made worse by some listings in the index of the Toshiba on-line user's guide that were in reverse syntax to a native English speaker. Considering that the price is just a little more than a net book, I was not unhappy and was torn between 3 and 4 stars.

UPDATE: After several hours of tedium, I got it running a little better. I had to uninstall ALL of the: games, news apps, shopping apps, AND replace Norton with AVG. The processor is the pinch point - unless you want to run a very lean ship, I would avoid this and get something with more guts. As I said above, the price was right, and I think this will suit my needs, but the CPU is unquestionably underpowered to operate as set up out of the box.
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on May 28, 2015
The fact that this lemon wasnt recalled shows how much disrespect Toshiba has for their customers and for them selves. I have been a full-time Internet user since 1994, have owned at least 2 dozen different laptops and this is by far the worst one... Customer support, or tech support act shocked when I mentioned this despite dozens and dozens of negative reviews with the same complaints about this laptops dysfunctions. The product has obvious flaws and cannot even open up a simple page.this flaw and others are well documented. Toshiba ignored my requests, proving it really don't care and will not stand behind its products. I know it's a very inexpensive laptop, but shame on Toshiba fir not recalling them all! Stay clear of this model and because of the couldn't care less attitude, zero interest in standing by its product and the over all inferiority, I'd stay away from all Toshiba products!
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