Will it also work with other SIP providers? I am reading the comments here that for now all calls (incoming and outgoing) are free until 2012. I am wondering if this unit will work with other SIP providers such as sipgate, in case Google decides to start charging for GV later and its rate may compare unfavorably to other SIP providers. I know for now there is no reason to use this unit other than with Google Voice, but technology-wise, can this unit work with other SIP providers? I know on sipgate (which I am using now) website, they have not listed this device as being supported. Has anybody ever tried with other SIP providers just for checking compatibility purposes?
asked by Winston T on September 11, 2011
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yes, you can set up obi 110 to work with sip providers. i don't know if you could see the obi forum or obi help but there are instructions how to set it up to work with sip providers. actually, obi states that is the way to get most of the device. i don't know if google will start charging for voice but if it does, i am sure google will come up with competitive rates and a better customer service. I had problems with Vonage and their customer service was horrible.
MLA answered on September 13, 2011

In addition to Google Voice, the following SIP provider configuration templates are available on the OBiTALK web portal device configuration helper. They have been populated with the common settings for the particular provider chosen. The currently available OBi devices support up to two services which may be configured this way. All that is required from the OBiTALK user are the particulars, specific to their SIP account -- typically SIP username and password.

- Broadvoice
- Callcentric
- Engin (Australia)
- Future Nine
- Google Voice
- InPhonex
- Sipgate
- Vitelity
- VoicePulse
- voip.ms

Note: There is also a "Generic Service Provider" option, where the user can input individual settings for the following parameters:

- Configuration Name
- Make This the Primary Line to Call Out (Option)
- 7-Digit Dialing for USA & CAN (Optional) + Area Code Entry
- Service Provider Proxy Server
- Service Provider Proxy Server Port
- Outbound Proxy Server
- Outbound Proxy Server Port
- User Name
- Password [Note: OBiTALK does not store this password]
- URI (SIPAuth)
Sherman Scholten answered on September 13, 2011

The respective phone jacks on the OBi110 are for one PHONE connection and one LINE connection. With that the OBi devices will support up to 2 GV (or SIP or combo of the two) accounts (SP1 and SP2) -- each with their own number / individual registration. But since there is one PHONE port, the accounts will share this for incoming and outgoing calls to the phone port.

Outgoing Calls:
If the VoIP account on SP1 is the Primary Line to Call Out, then people just pick up the phone and dial a number normally. If the VoIP account on SP2 is not the Primary Line to Call Out, then people will need to prepend the dialed number with a **2 to make a call via the SP2 service. Since the OBi110 also has a LINE port, if it is not the Primary Line to Call Out, people will have to dial **8 to make a call via the service connected to the LINE port. Note that by default, if 911 is dialed the call will go out the LINE port -- no need to dial **8.

Incoming Calls:
Calls to the LINE port and SP1 VoIP service will ring the phone connected to the OBi with what would be regarded as a traditional ring cadence. Calls to the SP2 VoIP service and OBi No. will ring the phone connected to the OBi with a ring tone that is a little different from the "traditional" ring.

Bridged Calls:
It is important to note that the OBi can bridge calls from one service to another so that a phone caller coming in on the LINE port service could bridge their call to the VoIP service on SP2. This could be happening simultaneous to a call from the OBi PHONE port to a number via the SP1 VoIP service or the OBiTALK network.

Of course, all of the above described behavior may be configured to behave differently. All the information on how to do this is in the OBi Device Admin Guide.
Sherman Scholten answered on September 13, 2011

Thank you Sherman for providing the info. Will looking into the Admin Guide for the 2 line config.
Winston T answered on September 15, 2011

Hi, Sherman:
Thanks for the posting. It's good to know the SIP providers supported on this device. One more question--you mentioned that the device "support up to two services". Will it support 2 separate GV numbers/lines on the same device? From the photo, I can see there are 2 jacks.
Winston T answered on September 13, 2011

@Albu: thanks for the note. Actually after I posted the question, I checked the spec and also went to the forum and found out that other SIP providers are supported.
Winston T answered on September 13, 2011
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