Has anyone purchased an InnoTab for a 2 year old? If so, how user friendly is it and would it be a good purchase for an advanced 18-24 month old?
asked by bigfoot64485 on October 28, 2012
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My son was 2 last year when we purchased it. He LOVES it even more than my then 5 year old. He plays with it everyday. He enjoys the games and books. I definitely recommend it.
R. Pinckney answered on November 6, 2012
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I am in your boat, i wanted something like the leappad or innotab for my 20 month old i originally went with the innotab 2 however.. after looking at what the online downloadable apps were for both i switched and bought her the disney princess leappad2 package. at two i figured she would more appriciate watching videos and listening to books rather than playing games she also likes to listen to music. innotab doesnt have downloadable videos or music you can upload videos and music but i am not tech savy so that's not good for me plus leappad has WAY more apps to choose from and last but not least we had already bought my son a leappad2 for his bday by getting my daughter a leappad also i can download the same games videos books and more to both leappads and save money :) hope this helps, i would think about what your child is capable of doing at this moment and what they would enjoy the most at this age and then decide if it's important to have videos and music :)
sunshine23 answered on October 28, 2012
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