Packing quality of Hard Drive?? I've recently purchased two Brand new WD1002FAEX hard drives from the seller New World IT, and they were packaged very well (see below).


Unfortunately for me one of the drives was DOA and the seller doesn't have anymore in stock. Since I need to order another WD1002FAEX, I wanted to know how well Amazon's store would package the drive compared to New World IT's?

I'd really prefer if the drive was packaged the same way with foam padding like before...
asked by Frankie on August 9, 2012
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I can't see your photo but I've recently (within the past month) had 2 WD HDs shipped to me from Amazon as parts of different orders, both were in static bags, in a box where they were held in the center buy plastic inserts at the end and air filled bags around the drive itself. This box was inside a second box with with more air bags to keep it from shifting.
William J. answered on October 31, 2013
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