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Do readers think GRRM will finish Song of Ice and Fire completely? I like GRRM. I read his "not a blog" and he seems a cool well rounded chap. But he also seems amazingly busy and pulled in too many directions at once. I am a huge fan of his Game of Thrones novels and worry they will never be completed. Or at least completed in the quality in which they started, As I thought Feast for Crows fell slightly under the quality of the novels before. Wondering how other readers feel?
asked by Kurt R. Harris on November 25, 2008
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I think he'll finish the series but with so many other commitments it will take him years to finish. I agree with what you said about Feast Of Crows is was slightly below par compared to his other works but at the same time I think it was vital he tell that part of the story to set the readers up for A Dance Of Dragons. I think all fans are hoping that A Dance Of Dragons will match up to his better work, fro what i've read of the book so far it looks to be amazing.
Amazon Customer answered on November 28, 2008
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I am beginning to have my doubts. His current book is now two years overdue and I wonder if he had it as worked out as he thought. He doesn't seem to care much either, judging from his "not a blog" entries. I love the previous volumes in this series and didn't even have many problems with the last volume, but I'm losing patience.
S. Ellwood answered on December 19, 2008
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I'm starting to have my doubts as well. I was at the Anaheim Worldcon in Sept-06 where he read a chapter from the upcoming book. At the time, I got the impression that it was nearly finished. It is now over two years later and there is still no sign of a release date. I'm also worried that by the time the next two books come out, I will have to re-read the first 4,000 or so pages of the series just so I can refresh my memory aobut what is going on. I know you can't rush the artistic process, but I don't know how long I will be willing to wait for a sequel either - especially when there are so many other outstanding fantasy novels being released in the meantime.
earthjim answered on December 26, 2008
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Last I heard, the new one is supposedly coming in April. But I wouldn't hold my breath.
Graves answered on December 28, 2008
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I hope he will. I really got pulled into it against my better judgement, and was utterly knocked out by it. I've become very cynical about lengthy series, as after a while they start to seem masturbatory. Agree about the Feast for Crows as being lessor, I'm hoping that's because he split the original into to by storyline, and that with the second half that will heal.
If Jordan (a much lessor writer, imo) weren't already dead, I'd kill him for dying before completion.

According to Amazon it's now on an October release. Poof.
C. Sachs answered on December 30, 2008
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It's been 12.5 years since the first book came out, a little over 7 years since A Feast for Crows was released. Odds are, either GRRM will die before he finishes the series, or I will. At this rate, I've already forgotten too much of what happened in previous books, and I'm in no mood to start over.

Some people have said we should be more patient, because quality writing takes time. I think I could forgive GRRM for taking as long as he needs to write his lovely books if he would just stop using "cliffhanger" endings! It's hard enough to wait from one season to the next when a TV series ends on a cliffhanger, but imagine waiting over 6 years . . . oh, wait, you don't have to imagine it. :-/

I've gone beyond frustrated, straight past angry, and into a sort of bleh funk about this series. I doubt I'll bother with the next book whenever (if ever) it arrives. If I do, I'm buying it used. One thing's certain: I'm too old to start reading series that aren't already completed and in print, and I firmly resolve never to do it again.
Spare-Time Critic answered on February 8, 2009
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I hear you all. I'm frustrated too. I'm particularly disillusioned with the website post that promises no updates until it is done. That was 12 months ago! Please, tell us SOMETHING.
But, to those of you are find that rereading the other books in anticipation is a daunting task, I offer you an alternative: listen to the books on CD. I have one of those boring jobs that takes little thought but requires me to stare at a screen all day. So, I started listening to the books on tape/CD/MP3 and was blown away. It's a good way to stay current AND enjoy the books in a different format. The reader for the first 3, Roy Detrice (sp?) is FANTASTIC. Give it a try. You won't regret it. It definitely helps keep the content fresh.
Erin Rubenstein answered on February 13, 2009
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I doubt GRRM will finish this series if he continues to publish at this rate and the story continues to expand without working toward resolution. GRRM originally stated the series would be 6 books, but that now stands at 7 and he has been hedging on that in his "not a blog." We are past the stated half way point in the series and the true villian has not been revealed. I hope he can pull it together and finish it but as soon as he was crowned the "American Tolken" the pressure was on and the delays began.
Brian Martin answered on March 28, 2009
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I met GRRM at a book signing in Chicago right after the release of Game of Thrones. I got there in a raging snow storm and was embarrassed for him I was the only one there. But then again, I got his full attention. He told me it was a 6-book saga. I asked him straight out: "Are you going to live to finish this series?" He laughed good-heartedly. I fell in love with him at the start of the 80s when I picked up the hardcover of FEVRE DREAM. I think he is working on the screenplay for that. If that is true, I have to admit it is time well taken.
A fan answered on March 31, 2009
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GRRM just posted in his blog, http://grrm.livejournal.com/81642.html that he is having trouble with A Dance With Dragons and is taking on a partner. Howard Waldrop is going to help him finish the book. Personally I've never heard of Howard, but am not surprised to hear Marting was having trouble with the book.
C. waits answered on April 1, 2009
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