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Are people receiving copies with The River included? Rio Grande Games says they're no longer including The River with the original Carcassonne game, however Amazon and the other vendors here might still have some old copies that do still include The River.

Has anyone who has ordered recently received a copy WITH The River included? If so, when did you buy and from whom did you buy (Amazon or a specific vendor, and if a vendor: which one)?

Has anyone received a copy WITHOUT The River? If so, when and from whom?

asked by JSTL on March 11, 2011
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When I purchased Carcassonne, I bought the "Big Box III" version of the game, and it did not come with the River Expansion but four other popular expansions in the set. Has a nifty storage box for all components for the five game and expansions, and room for a couple more, in the one box. I purchased the River II expansion set and it is a fine addition to the game. The River I expansion is out of print.
Joseph A. Nardi answered on April 5, 2012
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Make sure you order the Z-Man version, it comes with the River. The old Rio Grande version does not.
Spooky Robot answered on February 17, 2013
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I ordered the base Carcassonne game from Amazon in December 2011 and it DID NOT have The River included.
Brett Grime answered on April 1, 2012
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