How reliable is the traffic advice on Garmin GPS How reliable is the traffic advice feature on the Garmin 1350/1450 LMT?
Because if this is not very very reliable then it is better not to have it or better to ignore it.
asked by Amazon Customer on June 18, 2011
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Went on a trip last Friday travelling about 350 miles. The traffic info it showed is absolutely wrong most of the time. We were stuck in really bad traffic time to time and this device gave no warnings. It showed the green all clear traffic icon when the traffic ahead was really congested for many many miles. On other times when traffic was clear it shows as severe traffic delays ahead. What is worse it wanted us to get off the highway and take small roads to avoid the non-existent traffic jams. So I learned to turn off this feature.

Other than that this unit is great. Loved the huge database of points of interests and the very user friendly interface to get to any place you want.
Amazon Customer answered on July 3, 2011
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Traffic is definitely a hit and miss. Main reason I keep this model is for the combination of Lane Assist and Lifetime Maps. May turn off Traffic later on to turn off the adverts (although it's not as intrusive as some people make it out to be IMO).
Stuck in Houston answered on January 11, 2012
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Not very reliable at all, and the traffic delay times make absolutely no sense whatsoever! One night it kept saying the delay would be 7 minutes, yet as it approached 20, then 30 minutes, it didn't change, but went down to 1 or 2 minutes, which made no sense whatsoever!
I thought I was going to really like this feature, but it is so unreliable, I'm almost afraid to follow it's advice. One night, on the way to work, it had me sitting on the freeway for 20 minutes, going nowhere, insisting I hang in until the next exit, when I realized I might make better time jumping off where I was. So I did, and in less than five minutes was there; had I continued sitting there as it told me to, I'd have spent another half-hour, so in effect, it cost me that half an hour, & would've put me behind an entire hour, since it could've said to get off right away, instead of leaving me sitting there.
Another time, it had me go one of two routes, and it took me the one that was all backed up, and made what would've been a quick 20 minute drive, take me over an hour! Not good at all, for it was quite clear one way was clear, the other grid-locked, how it could be so absolutely wrong was quite distressing, so knowing any route it gives me is simply a roll of the dice, makes me greatly disappointed. Why pay more for a feature that is wrong over 50% of the time?
Steven J. Charles answered on February 28, 2014
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