Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G ED Auto Focus-S Nikkor Wide Angle Zoom Lens
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227 of 242 people found the following review helpful
on December 28, 2007
Nikon's new 14-24 lens is just phenomenal. The clarity is that of a prime lens. In fact, this super-wide angle zoom lens effectively replaces the equivalent prime lenses within most of its focal length (except perhaps the 24mm range); it's like owning a bag full of prime lenses that have been combined to make one superlative zoom lens.

Yes, it's that good. If you check around the web, you will see the pros falling over themselves for this lens after they test it. It's built like a tank and is precise as a Swiss watch.
Highly recommended.
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107 of 117 people found the following review helpful
on June 14, 2008
I have been fortunate to use Leica SLR cameras and lenses for many years. Thus, my yardstick for any other lens is very high. I also own and shoot a Nikon D-200 and D-300. In particular, lens resolution, light fall off at the edges, and color saturation are very important to me. This lens is superlative in all these important respects. It is heavy, bulbous and expensive. However, I believe that the pro-sumer market is moving towards full 35mm size sensors so this lens is an investment in the future although it works extremely well on DX sensor bodies > D-40. One negative, it cannot accomodate filters, in particular, the all important circular polarizer. In my opinion, software can do remarkable things for color etc. but glare is best removed with a polarizer. If you can live with this deficiency, as I must, the lens is highly recommended.
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88 of 96 people found the following review helpful
on January 13, 2008
If you want an amazing ultra wide angle lens for both FF and DX, this should be your choice hands-down. My old Sigma 12-24mm is a laugher by comparison. Talk about clarity and detail! Nothing out there comes close! Better than my old AF 20mm 2.8. The only down side is the inability to use filters, and the fixed hood is just a bit too wide for my Lee LF filter holder. But, in these Photoshop days, most filter effects can be post-processed as long as the image isn't overexposed. If it wasn't for this inconvenience, this would be a 5-star lens all the way.
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104 of 117 people found the following review helpful
on February 24, 2008
I got it about month and a half ago. I used Tokina 12-24 before and was not very happy with the edge performance. 14-24 is the only wide lens that lets me get the resolution that I expect from medium range and telephoto zoom lenses. Color and contrast are amazing. Much more even than my 17-55 Nikon. Very good built and handling. Over all, very happy!

That being said you should also remember:
It is not as wide as 10-12 APS-C ones.
Cannot use it with filter; both for safety and visual effect.
Flare appears more often than with 12-24.
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65 of 72 people found the following review helpful
on July 20, 2008
Gorgeous super sharp WA lens. Sharp corner to corner, at wide open aperture, at entire zoom range. The color is just pop. It is better than my AFS 17-35 (sharp only in the center, at wide open, need to stop down for sharper entire frame).

At 1st, I kind of reluctant to try it since I have 17-35 already. But after I tried it, holly smokes, I MUST to have it. It is has kind of quality that I cannot get from 17-35. The color and bokeh is just way more pleasing to my eyes. It makes D300 shows its capability in WA department.

NO filter ring is the only my draw back. I guess I have to make my own custom Lee filter holder myself. The IQ of this lens is very hard to resist. It is worth the price.

Flare is a problem, but it can be controlled easily with your technique. Most WA lenses have flare problem. I think this lens has the least.

I am not a WA guy, but after owning this lens I start to take panoramic photos.
For weddings, this lens is an absolutely must use lens.

If you need real High Quality WA lens, this IS THE LENS.

BTW, that bulbous almost protruding lens shape looks sexy, attracts quite a lot of interest at several parties. It is not fish eye lens, as many thought.
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36 of 38 people found the following review helpful
The 14-24 2.8 Zoom lens is (IMO) about as optically perfect as a lens can get.

What is this lens exactly? And why do I recommend it?

First off, this lens can be used by pros and amateur alike. The price is steep and this is considered a pro lens, but if you enjoy super wide angle zooms, do not hesitate.

There are 2 "pro" lenses that reach the 14mm mark. This lens and the 14mm 2.8 "prime" lens (fixed focal length - ie..not a zoom). This lens is considered by many professionals and critics alike as not only the better of the two, but one of the best lens Nikon has ever made. Some of the advantages this lens has -
- fast 2.8 f-stop
- sharpness through out the entire range
- great build quality
- little of the distortion found in cheap wide angle lenses.

There are some drawbacks to this lens. None are really enough to warrant either a drop in review stars or hesitation in buying it.
- It is heavy
- This lens CANNOT take a screw-in filter. It has a mounted hood that cannot be removed and a big bulb of curved glass
- It is expensive (get what you pay for)
- using this (or any ultra wide angle lens or zoom lens) takes practice. People in other forums write that they bought this lens but never use it. It just sits in their camera bag. That is actually sad to hear as this lens is perfection. If you are asking yourself if you want to buy this lens, think about all the possibilities for it. They really are endless, and to hear this gem of a lens sits in a bag is to hear about a photographer that really needs to look at the world in a new and exciting way.

I used the 10-24 mm DX lens prior to my buying this lens. I used that lens all the time for both professional and hobby photography. I know I will use this lens just as much. My first few photoshoots have produced amazing results (combined with a new D3s btw)
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19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
This silly little thing defies physics, warps space, and projects light in pandimensional ways. It makes you weep everytime you pull the cap off. It weighs as much as the land rover you use to transport it. When this lens enters the room, all other lenses genuflect. God doesn't have eyeballs. He has two of these things.
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61 of 74 people found the following review helpful
on February 15, 2009
This Lens is amazing!! It gets crazy wide and sharp images!! You will be happy with this if you are a wide angle junkie like I am!! Extremely fast lens across the zoom.
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37 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on March 2, 2011
Before buying this lens, I had used a Sigma 10-20mm on my D90. The Siggy was a fun lens and good for the price, but I was not happy with the sharpness and wanted to get a sharper and more professional lens on the ultra wide side. Unfortunately, I am also in the market for a D700 or another full frame camera (as of this writing its replacement isn't announced) and didn't want to invest in any more DX lenses since I lost so much value when I finally did sell the Sigma.

I had heard the 14-24 was the sharpest lens out there so I decided to buy it and use it on my D90 until I go full frame and really get the benefits. I had read reviews saying it would be a waste to use this on DX and it might be if you plan on staying with DX for a few years, but for someone in a transitional period, I was hoping it would work out. And it did!

This is a very sharp lens. It's built like a rock, it feels solid, it looks good too. 14mm on DX is still very wide and I've found on many shoots I only need to take this lens along with my 85mm lens and get most all the shots I need. I love it so much that I'm selling m 18-50mm DX lens also and will just keep this as my ultra wide/normal zoom.

If you're on DX and plan on upgrading, this will be a great choice. I will update this when I do use it on full frame too.

Minor complaints

- the lens cap is kind of weird and falls off easily. This also doesn't take filters but I never use filters anyway. I guess some will complain about the weight too but I was dragging this and a bag around downtown all day and it wasn't THAT bad.

************update and reason for taking off a star*******************
It saddens me to take off one star off this lens because the optics are brilliant, but this lens is just too fragile for a $2000 professional grade lens. I got my lens used but it was in perfect shape. I have babied this lens and kept it in it's bag when not used and it doesn't have a single scratch. Unfortunately, while I was packing my camera, the camera and lens rolled off the bag and fell to the floor a distance of 6 inches. Not 6 feet, but INCHES. Not only that, the camera is what broke the fall not the lens.

At first I thought nothing had happened - I took a picture, it focused, and still not a scratch but then I noticed the zoom ring was stuck. I was able to move it again but it's very rough and stiff. I was shocked because I've seen people beat the hell out of the D3's and 24-70 or 70-200 lenses and nothing happens, so all of a sudden, a little 6 inch drop destroyed the internal workings of this camera. It doesn't even have a VR!

After doing some research, it appears that this is somewhat common problem since the tolerance is so tiny. In fact, this happens during shipping at times according to one blog I read from a lens rental place. I don't make a living off photography, but I love wide angle shots. I just wanted the best lens in one category and spent a lot of money on this. I don't want to spend another $400-$1000 fixing a 6 inch drop.

The zoom ring has loosened up a little more now so I can use it though nervously, but be forewarned. This is not an every day lens.

The estimate I got from Nikon was $691 before taxes and shipping. This is unacceptable for a "professional" lens. I have an old 80-200mm professional nikon lens and that thing is a tank.

***edit #2*****
Once I paid for the repairs (after some words were exchanged), the lens came back to factory condition and the actual repair was closer to $500 so it took off a little bit of the sting, but as a non-pro, I could have used the $500 for a variety of other gear- namely, I was going to buy the 24-70 to complete my collection and was planning on getting the D600 which will have to wait a few months.

The weird part is that the person who answered my email initially without looking at the lens gave a price much closer to the actual repair than the guy who looked at the lens! Nikon also has a monopoly on repairs so there is no way to get a second opinion to see whether the price they charge is fair.

***update #3, about 3 years of ownership now on full frame****
Since getting the D600, this lens is serving its intended purpose as an ultra wide angle lens and it doesn't miss a beat in that department. 24mm IS very wide on full frame so I was worried that I may not need this lens given that it's $2000 but though the 24-70mm lens is on my camera most of the time, there are plenty of times where 24mm is just not enough and 14mm shines.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on January 27, 2015
As a real estate and architectural photographer, I literally make a living with the use of wide-angle lenses. And, the 14-24 is up there as the finest wide angle zoom lens I've used, with only the Zeiss 15mm Distagon prime being on par with the 14-24.

Picture quality is outstanding. There is minor barrel distortion when used at the 14mm end, and minor vignetting when used wide open at 2.8. However, the barrel distortion quickly dissipates as you zoom in some...and vignetting is gone by f/4. Corner to corner, the images are extremely crisp (as opposed to its little brother, the 16-35mm lens, which is horrible at the wide end) throughout the entire zoom range. There is very minor light falloff to the corners at the wider end when also used at 2.8, but it's hardly noticeable to all but the most strict pixel peepers.

Color distribution and contrast is well managed...I have never noticed significant color fringing (chromatic aberration) at any f stop, even in wide dynamic range environments. And, this lens does a remarkable job handling scenes with wide dynamic range in general...for landscape photographers, that's an extremely important trait, as this lens renders bright horizons/skies with darker foregrounds extremely well. In these situations, the image isn't oversaturated with colors that are harsh to look at. Instead, it tries very hard to render the image how you want to see it. It's rare that I have to do much desaturation of an image with this lens.

It's somewhat heavy, but easily hand-holdable if you so choose. For a comparison, physically its sort of a little version of the 200mm f/2. It's a bit bulky, but not long, so the camera doesn't suffer from significant (and annoying) front-tippage. As a result, its nice and balanced when used on a tripod.

The biggest drawback to this lens is its inability to hold a filter in the traditional, screw-on way. Instead you have to opt for an aftermarket filter holder like the Lee SW150, which is a contraption that mounts to the front of the lens, making it possible to hold 6" X 6" filters. The Lee filter is not cheap, so if you intend to use this lens with filters, be prepared to invest a lot more than just the cost of the lens up front.

That said, using this lens with the SW150 proves to be easy, and very rewarding. This lens absolutely shines for long exposure photography in landscapes and waterscapes. I've shot many a waterfall, rivers, beaches, and farmland in long exposure with the SW150 and neutral density filters, and it all works to perfection, consistently and accurately. On the 14mm ultra-wide angle end of this lens, the depth of the image literally pulls the viewer into the scene, a beautiful trait for landscape shots. On the longer end, the distortion levels out and you get an outstanding, wide-normal perspective that is exceptionally well balanced from corner to corner.

Autofocus is quick and practically can hardly tell its working, which is the highest praise I can give an autofocus mechanism. Manually focusing is simple and enjoyable. The focus ring turns smoothly and affords the photographer the ability to precisely nail the focus point, without any "drift" of the ring after you release your grip. The focus ring stays firmly in place if you re-compose after focusing.

The construction of the lens is top notch. It feels as if it's hewn from a magnificent chunk of composite granite. It's solid and rugged...easily able to survive a clumsy drop or two, and holds up just fine in poor weather condition.

To sum it all up, you will never find a better wide angle zoom lens on the market, anywhere. If you can afford it, don't even think about it...just buy it. You will have no regrets.
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