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on June 7, 2009
A few months ago I purchased an iMac from Amazon, my first Mac by the way. I could have not been more pleased. I am a student learning computational science and I wanted to become familiar with all the major systems: windows, Mac and Linux. I have been a frustrated Windows user for many years and was pleased with the Mac. Recently I just purchased this Macbook for mobile computing. I spend most my time away from my apartment and wanted a Mac to work on when I am on the go. This computer is perfect, the size and weight is just right for carrying around everywhere. Compared to my Windows based laptops I get over three hours of battery life, which is perfect for me.

The power of the Macbook is perfect for daily computing and basic development. The addition of the Nividia graphics cards adds a lot to photo, video and light gaming. I am also very pleased that Apple did not increase the price when they added the faster 2.13GHz chip and expanded the hard drive space. Originally I was going to purchase one of the new aluminum Macbooks just for the better performance but the recent addition of this computer changed all that. I am going to keep this review short because I wrote a longer one for the iMac I purchased. If you need a mobile computer that is not being used for extreme gaming and extensive video editing then this computer would be perfect for you. As I mentioned it compliments my studies in programming and also allows me to work with the Adobe Web Premium bundle without a problem. Furthermore you can increase the RAM to 4 GB for about $60 from; they have videos to show you how, and it is not that difficult. Even though I love Amazon and usually make all my major purchases through them I will say that if you are a student you can buy this Macbook for less through Apple and receive a free ipod Touch until September, just something to keep in mind. However, if you do not need an iPod avoid paying tax and purchase through Amazon.

This is an update to my earlier review of this Macbook. I was unaware at the time I purchased this that a new less expensive Macbook Pro 13" was being released. I really wanted one of the unibody Macbooks but because of the cost I went with this computer. However, with the release of the new Macbook Pro 13" I was able to return this computer and upgrade to the unibody. My review of this Macbook still stands and I was very happy with it but with the lower price on the new Macbook Pro coupled with the student discount that deal could not be beat! If you can afford the additional cost roughly $100 for student and $200 for non-student, I would recommend the Macbook Pro 13", you will get more bang for your buck. The white Macbook is still a good investment if you need to keep your cost below $1000.
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on June 10, 2009
As a 2nd time owner of a MacBook (my previous MacBook Pro purchased last September) I am amazed at the huge package you get for such a little price. At the Apple Store, I was able to purchase a newly released product (3 days old) for less than Amazon (949.00 with the student or teacher discount, and they didn't even ask for proof) charges and until September 2009 it includes a free iPod Touch. (Or any iPod valued up to 229.00). I compared the specs side by side to my Pro and found it to be almost completely caught up, except for the video card and display screen size. Even the memory had a faster bus! My Pro is still working great, but my husband needed something mostly for school. The glossy display is gorgeous and the slightly smaller resolution than the Pro goes unnoticed. I have the Pro for photography and graphic design but this little MacBook can handle those as well if it really needed to, what with all the extra processing speed. (2.4 vs 2.13).

Overall a tremendous value and a power packed little computer. For an entry level, I think it is loaded with a ton of power to stay ahead for the next few years. Even the Mac "pro" at the store recommended it over some of the more expensive ones due to my husband primarily using it for Office programs and internet based with some photos and music on the side. I'm confident there isn't anything this little Macbook white couldn't do that my Pro could.

P.S. Play with all the menus in the apple icon on the LH top for the most personalized experience. This includes touch pad "gestures" letting you use finger combinations to scroll, right click, turn pages, etc; hotspots that let you make a program or app come up just by going to a deep corner of the screen; Spaces, which lets you have multiple applications running on several screens that you can hop between so your windows are more organized; and many more options. Don't be afraid to try stuff with menu options, you won't break it!
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on August 2, 2009
Had I written this review, say a half-year ago, I would have undoubtedly given the Macbook 5 stars. I took it with me to college after my previous laptop - an Acer Aspire - failed me horribly. My Aspire had an issue with overheating, which only presented itself after my warranty expired. The cost of repairing it was not worth it when compared to getting a new laptop that was smaller, lighter, more powerful, and more capable of multi-tasking (more RAM).

I come from a family that has been using Macs for over a decade, although I myself preferred Windows computers...up until Windows Vista came out. We had many Macs around the house growing up since my parents use Macs in their office, and I was never really impressed with the Apple Operating System, so I had doubts about the Macbook. But since the Macbook is loaded with 2GB RAM and an Intel processor, you can run BOTH Mac AND Windows operating systems with ease. I therefore figured worse comes to worst, I'll use my Macbook as a laptop to run Windows XP with. I used it very heavily in college and it served me very well. It's light weight allowed me to easily carry it from class to class, its included photo and video editing software gave me hours of productivity, and perhaps best of all, it was reliable! I really loved my Macbook and would like to give it 5 stars...but...

My sister, who was in graduate school, also got a Macbook at the same time I got mine. Her laptop fared well, up until the end of last year. For some reason, the laptop started getting'd freeze, it would overheat, it became a major nuisance. We've reformatted several times, hoping that would solve the problems, but to no avail. I HIGHLY recommend getting the AppleCare protection plan. We regrettably didn't, and really don't feel like forking over the money to repair the Macbook since she doesn't use it much anymore anyway. But our attempt to save money by not getting the protection plan will end up costing us more money now, should we choose to repair the laptop! The experience with our second, identical Macbook, is why I have to give 3 stars instead of 5 for an otherwise strong performance product, that can run both Windows and Mac, that comes bundled with a lot of great software, and that looks really cool (especially on a college campus where almost everyone has Macs!)

A last note...I have more recently purchased the sleeker Macbook, and would like to emphasize that while its construction is nicer, and it doesn't look as cheap as this plastic one, I still think this is a good deal. If you're looking to "wow" people and can splurge, get the newer model, but if you are looking for a powerful laptop and don't care too much about having the latest build, this one is just fine. I still use my plastic one even though I have the newer (cooler-looking!) one.
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on August 26, 2009
I used Macs all through college, but then I entered the work force and had to learn and use PCs. In my current job, I was provided with a PC laptop, but I was so frustrated with it that I bought a Mac with my own money in December and haven't looked back since. I even got an iMac for my office (you know, so that I'm not supplying my workplace with a computer at my expense). I travel a lot for my job, which makes me love my Mac for several reasons. First, my Macbook is LIGHT. I was previously lugging around an IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad, which got extremely heavy when walking around airports for hours on end. I travel overseas for work, and the Thinkpad was not only cumbersome to carry to a place where I might have internet access, I was lucky if it worked when I needed it to. Email became a nightmare. Getting it to hook up to wireless internet, or any internet for that matter, was a crap shoot. And then the crashing. And crashing. And crashing. Only a few months after I got my IBM, it was crashing so much that I was having to reboot several times a day. Not fun when you're overseas in the field, with no IT department to help you.

And then came my Mac. It's pretty, it's intuitive, it has features and software that make my husband's PC look like a donkey with pots clanging around on it. It doesn't crash. Setting up email was a snap--not a several-day ordeal as with my IBM (that's right--switching email from PC to Mac was easier than PC to PC). I've traveled with it several times, and haven't had any problems. It did what I needed it to, when I needed it to.

It took some getting used to, but Apple's site has some great tutorials on switching from PC to Mac.

I'm still exploring and figuring out some features, but I'm always pleasantly surprised. My only complaint is with the Finder. I find it difficult to organize and locate my files, but I figure it will just take some time to get used to the new system. For example, I want to find a document, say with the word "Costumes" in it. I type "Costumes" into the finder, and it pulls every email I've ever written that contains that word, which could be hundreds, and I need to find my one costume document out of that mess. But this is probably user error. Even with that, I'm still extremely happy with my Mac.

My mom and her husband are constantly grumbling about their PC and use me as their personal IT person. Neither of them are particularly tech savvy, and I think a Mac would be perfect for them. With a PC, you really need to understand how the machine works in order to troubleshoot. With a Mac, you don't have a lot to troubleshoot, and everything is so intuitive. You don't have to "look under the hood" all the time.
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VINE VOICEon July 15, 2009
My wife purchased this great machine for me and I'm a happy camper. It is as fast wireless as hard wired and small enough to carry anywhere but big enough to still be used in comfort. Good-bye PC machines.

I can and will recommend an Apple MacBook for all the reasons all Apple users state. Be a friend to the environment and buy an Apple
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VINE VOICEon August 17, 2009
I am in love with my laptop. I love the highly intuitive nature of a mac. I never have to troubleshoot with a mac, the way i had to on a daily basis with a pc laptop. Each new laptop that comes out is faster and more fully loaded than the last. Each new laptop the comes out also seeks to correct some issues that the previous model had.

This particular model has an issue with heat. The computer gets so hot it will burn your legs if you actually use it on your lap. The excessive heat also causes hairline fractures in the encasement around the fan in the back. After the fractures have shown up, dirt is attracted, and then you have dirty looking cracks all over the back of your computer. The most annoying problem with this model is the encasement cracking and breaking off from the wrist resting area, leaving an exposed rough and sharp edge. It is difficult to get apple to replace this, as it is not a default, but wear and tear according to them. Its been a major issue among users of this model. I suggest getting a skin to protect the area, I use Moshi PalmGuard Macbook 13-inch Unibody and 13-inch Pro Palmrest Protector - Silver and it has prevented my palm area from cracking this time around for over a year now.

Overall this machine is an excellent product. Once you go Mac, you wont go back.
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on August 29, 2009
Most reviews, strangely enough, are written within a week or 2 after something is purchased. This is a problem when it comes to laptops, which need to prove sound over time.

I bought my white macbook 3 years ago. I've probably used it, on average, for 5 hours a day. I carry it with me all over the place, on planes, on my bike, and I've used it to DJ at dance parties (no spills, thankfully).

This is a really great and very sturdy laptop. There have been a few problems. Because of the way the top of the casing is designed, the edges near where your palms rest have broken slightly. And there is a tiny bit of roughage on the screen where it closes, but I only notice if I look really hard.

Other than that, smooth sailing and much happy use. I've never had a virus, never had to bring it in for repairs, and no real problems.
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on August 6, 2013
I ordered this because I wanted a 'vintage' type laptop that would still work and wasn't expensive as hell. So I went ahead and ordered this from Amazon. It is the most perfect product ever and I wouldn't have gotten any other laptop. It came in perfect condition and perfectly clean and almost new. With such a nice pricing range, I don't know why anyone would buy anything else! This review is being typed in by this product, which I love so much.
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on July 12, 2009
This is Apple's least expensive notebook, but I believe the 2009 13-inch MacBook Pro is worth the higher price for the following reasons:

- it's a little faster
- it's a little lighter
- the aluminum finish is more durable
- the all metal body should dissipate heat better
- trackpad is larger and fingers glide easy over its glass surface
- multi-touch gestures make it easier to navigate
- LED-backlit display has better color and wider viewing angle
- keyboard lights up at night
- expands up to 8GB of memory (useful for the future)
- longer battery life
- the matte aluminum finish with black keys is beautiful

For me, these features justify the extra cost, which is why I purchased the Pro -- others might not feel they are important. I am writing this review mostly so people thinking about the white MacBook at least consider the Pro version before making their final purchase.

Note, the 13-inch MacBook Pro has two versions. I got the least expensive which has a slightly lower processor speed, smaller disk and just 2GB of RAM. The processor speed of the more expensive model is not significantly faster and the disk and memory can be upgraded later when prices drop (I eventually will get a solid-state drive and 8GB).

In late October 2009, Apple updated this notebook with the same large trackpad as the MacBook Pros. This new revision also has a faster processor and larger hard disk. I still like the aluminum body of the MacBook Pro (and the Firewire port can be useful), but most of the objections I had with the old MacBook do not exist on the current model.
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on August 2, 2013
I always wanted a mac but the new ones are so pricey. the quality of apple MacBooks are unsurpassable, so you get what you pay for. i figured for my first mac this would be a good choice. it's a little older and for a good price. and it'll give me a chance to familiarize myself with OS X. It works great. i upgraded the 2GB RAM to 4GB for about $45. and Upgraded snow leopard to mountain lion for $20. for a first time mac owner i'm in love. i will def buy another mac.
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