Customer Reviews: Panasonic VIERA S1 Series TC-P46S1 46-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV
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on September 20, 2014
Great item!!
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on October 21, 2011
I've owned this tv for about 2 years. For the first half of its life, it barely got any use if any. It lived in the living room, not a usual place to have a tv but hey, I'm a geek! Given that I basically was barely in the living room, it practically got used once every two weeks. It was then relocated later on to the loft where it now enjoys nightly use from me.

When I first got it, the colors were absolutely stunning and popping... It still is. Albeit it does suffer from white degradation reported with this model year. My whites are no longer as white as I'd like. It's not gray, it's still white with a black tint. It sounds odd but I can't describe it. It works well enough to go unnoticed on usual scenes but give it a mostly white picture and it becomes prominent again.

I'd also begun to notice that the blacks are losing definition. It produces great blacks but there's not much details to be made out anymore. Sometimes, it gets so bad that the underside of cars appear black giving the cars a really fake feel to it. It's a great deep black though. Just wish I can actually make out what it's trying to define.

Since first using it, I noted that it turns out lots of heat. Wasn't surprised, it's a plasma after all. Something to bare in mind. On another note, it makes those yule logs ran during the holiday season all the more realistic. Great set for leaving on during the winter to serve as a backup heater. That being said, be warned that the fans at the back could become audible. I say could because you have to know what it sounds like for it to start bugging you. If you don't know what it sounds like, then you won't notice it but after owning it for a few months, you get to develop a certain ear for its pitch.

Note that this doesn't have internet connectivity at all(no LAN port).

It's a good tv, I'd recommend it for a basic no-frills set. If you want more, especially since this model is two years old, look elsewhere.
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on September 23, 2010
The picture is great and the TV looks cool. I'll recommend this to anyone, especially for the price.
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on April 30, 2010
After looking at plasma's for over a year, finally bought one. Love it!!!!! Price was great, ordered it on a Sunday and it was in my house and set up by the following Friday. EXCELLENT!!!!!

Easy to set up and I love the picture. Sound quality n/a because I use a home theater system.
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on April 20, 2010
This is our first plasma, and the picture quality is lovely. We love the colors and picture quality. The only issues we had with our unit was that the TV arrived with a blown speaker on the left side. There was also a small scratch on inner part of the glass. We're going to return this one, but we're looking forward to the next set. We love this TV even with the issues. It will be hard to part with it!
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on April 11, 2010
Panasonic has really dropped the ball on their plasma TVs as of late. I am a huge fan of Panasonic products; owning them 20+ years and have loved their reliability in the past. But as of recent, Panasonic seems too focused on mass-production and have let their QC slip. An Issue involving rising black levels was first discovered on AVS forum (at this point I didn't think much of it) and followed up by CNET. Folks I'm here to tell you it's true. You marry a raven-haired beauty only to watch her turn grey overnight. My panasonic has no better black levels than a low-end LCD. Not to mention the case of severe IR to boot. I'm not one of these people who will boycott Panasonic products, but I won't be buying anymore of their plasma TVs for a couple of years or until this at least gets sorted out.

If I could this review would get 2 1/2 stars.
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on February 9, 2010
Great feature set and PQ for the price. Fantastic size choice for a 10 foot viewing distance. This may not be as important to others, but this TV runs VERY cool. I bought it for a medium to small bedroom and in the last five years I have used a 32" CRT, a 37" LCD, and lastly a 42" DLP before this. Each of these TV's has made a pretty big difference in how warm the bedroom is in summer. This is the coolest running set I've ever seen or even heard of.
This TV does 'push' green a bit just as others have reported but a couple of ticks of adjustment does the trick for me. As soon as it has been used a month or two I'll run an AVIA calibration on it. I also have a 50" PZ85U Panasonic in the living room. We really love this set!
The speakers are small and down firing but are OK for late night quiet viewing, but most people will bypass these for a surround system. I just purchased a receiver with Audessey sound leveling and the difference is incredible if only just for the pleasure of NOT having my local stations cut in thier advertisers over the network feed and blow my hair back with the volume difference. I can't be the only one that gets annoyed by that. The oversaturation is so bad on some of the local commercials in the DFW area that the stock TV speakers actually had what sounded like cone breakup without being overdriven at all. It's like having some annoying ass in your house, monkeying around with the volume control.

None really but could really use a dedicated sleep timer button on the remote. Also, does not help me pick winning lotto numbers.
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on February 7, 2010
Finally pulled the trigger and purchased this TV after shopping for 18 months, largely based on reviews. First, [...] shipped me a broken one, and it took me 10 days (and probably 10 hours of headache) to get a response from them - clearly not worth the good price I got. Then the replacement was broken. (I have read multiple other accounts about this, so would guess this is a fragile model.) Unit #3 was finally functional, a month and a half after I ordered, but I have been terribly disappointed by the limitations of this TV. There is no VGA input, so I have had to purchase either an expensive docking station or converter box to hook up my laptop. There is only a digital audio out, and it is a fixed line-out, so I now have to use the remote from my stereo to mute or adjust the volume. My previous 15 year old TV at least provided RCA audio outs which could be adjusted via the remote. So basically I've taken a step backwards in terms of usability. If I were to shop around again, I would be much more sensitive to these issues, as they now affect my interaction with the TV every time I use it. Very disappointing; clearly Panasonic is cutting corners and cheapening their product.
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on February 2, 2010
I received this tv about a week ago and right out of the box the wife noticed the left side speaker had a very annoying rattle noise when any bass frequencies came through it.Called Amazon and they told me to contact Panasonic first to see if they could resolve the problem.They had me do alot of finagling with the audio adjustments to determine if I had set it up right or not I guess,all of which I had already tried.When I told them the problem was still there after the adjustments he tried to tell me it was caused by the tvs speakers being so small.I knew this couldn't be the reason because the rattle was only on the left speaker.Still he insisted there was nothing wrong with the set.When I told him that I was just going to return it to Amazon he then offered to send out a tech to look at the set with the caveat that if the tech decided that there was not a problem I would have to pay for the service call.I told him that this was not acceptable since the tech would probably be biased in their favor since they are paying him,they informed me that was all they could do.On that note I told that him I would be having Amazon pick up the set for return and terminated the conversation.Needless to say I am very disappointed in Panasonic's handling of this issue and am considering returning the blu-ray player I also just purchased from them.
The picture on this tv in HD is very good as long as the room is not bright,Standard def is mediocre at best.I guess the days of companies standing behind their products is just a thing of the past.
On the plus side Amazon has been very cooperative so far but have not yet tried returning the set yet.
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on November 23, 2009
I set out to get the best 46" LCD that I could get at the best possible price. After a lot of reading reviews online and visiting 5 stores and comparing all their LCDs, I narrowed in on Samsung LN46B640 (sure the 650 and 750 were better, but not at the price being asked for). Compared this model with Sony's V, W and XBR series as well. Just when I was ready to take this set home, a representative from a store alerted me to the performance of the plasma sets (he was not aware of my budget, likes/dislikes and my decision to get the specific LCD). Plasma? Are they not dead? Is the new thing not about LCDs and LEDs? Sure it is and they are just as great. However I now spent 5 hours in 1 hour sessions to compare a plasma set - Panasonic TC-P46S1 with my favorite LCD TV Samsung LN46B640. After looking at 5 different feeds (TV source material/channels) in 5 different stores, I was convinced that the Plasma set performed a little better and provided better color accuracy. Dark and natural green on plasma against Neon green on LCD. Snow on mountains was natural on plasma compared to a Clorox white on LCD. The LCD was indeed good and provided a little better clarity but colors on Plasma were natural. I even changed the settings on the LCD to bring to the same color accuracy of the plasma but could not. LCD presented what I wanted to see, while the plasma set presented it more close to the natural color. On a dark background, the plasma offered colors that popped, while the same colors on the LCD faded. I compared this with the 640, 650, 750 and Sony TVs I mentioned. You will find many websites that tell you that burn-in problem on Plasma is no longer an issue and power consumption gap has also been narrowed down. For my usage power consumption was not a factor. Life of the set is also not an issue any more. Dynamic Contrast ratio and refresh rates, the two most talked about measurements are as follows for the ones I looked at; Plasma: 2 Million:1 and 640 hertz, LCD: 80K:1 and 120hz. Again Dynamic Contrast ratio is very subjective term and you should trust your judgment when comparing models. Its only recently that the LCD sets are catching up to the plasma on the two specs, while the plasma is catching up with the LCD on the power consumption spec. Before you get carried away with these terms, see how it matters to your viewing. In the end, I purchased the Panasonic TC-P46S1 at $200 less than the LCD. However I would not have thought twice if I had to pay the same price for the plasma as the LCD. Reason behind writing this is, do not take any technology for what is being churned out by the marketing machines, media and the hype. Trust your eyes and experience only. If you are reading this, you are reviewing one of the models I had short listed. I am sure whatever you buy will be the best model and in the end your own considered decision. Good Luck.
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