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Apple iPod touch 8 GB 3rd Generation (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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4,461 of 4,587 people found the following review helpful
on September 11, 2009
Before i start let me just tell you "what's New" with the iPod touch Third generation" :

-Faster Cpu/Double the ram/Better graphic (faster Boot time/faster loading is all what i did notice)
-Double the storage for the same old price
-Voice control (I'll explain it in a second)
-Latest firmware for free
-New Earbuds with built in remote+Microphone (So you can use voice control)

And that is everything~ depends on your needs upgrading from 2G to 3G might be not worth it.

*Important Note* : only the New iPod touch 32GB/64GB are third generation ~ (8GB is repacked 2G) Details below.

About the new Voice control function, if you love to take your iPod with you to the Gym the new feature "Voice control" is pretty cool, it does allow you to control your music via your voice, no need to get the iPod out of your pocket you can simply say "Next" to move to next song, say "shuffle" for shuffle , say "Pause" and music playback will stop etc, that is why i recommend the iPod touch over iPod classic for gym users, my friend bought an iPod classic and now he complains that the iPod classic is too heavy for him when he goes to the gym and he will have to buy another iPod "properly Nano" for his Gym, for me i use my iPod touch for the gym, it's so light that sometimes i forgot that it's even in my pocket.

After playing with my iPod touch 3g for a while i honestly did not notice any difference from the outside or the inside compared to my old iPod touch Second generation (It's supposed to be faster but i did not notice anything during music and video playback or the menus, however browsing with safari and loading facebook was faster, same thing with boot time), you properly can only notice it being faster with heavy applications since video/music playback is already fast enough with 2G.

I got the 64GB iPod 3G for [...]$, if you think of upgrading your 2G iPod touch honestly do yourself a favor and save yourself the money unless you really need that much of a storage (I do that is why i bought one), also remember that the 3G battery lasts less than 2G,(3G battery = 30 Hours of music playback versus 2G 36 hours of music playback according to apple official specs)

*VERY IMPORTANT* for the people who wants the new 8GB version, the new third generation 8GB iPod touch is NOT 3G it's a second generation iPod touch but apple did repack it/renamed it to 3rd generation, which seems to be misleading by APPLE and it's not cool at all, it is IPod Touch 2G+Updated firmware and that is it.

The iPod touch 3rd generation 32GB/64GB versions comes with a free mic+remote with the earbuds while the 8GB do not (it comes with normal earbuds), the 32GB/64GB have the New CPU+Graphic (According to apple the new cpu is twice as fast just like the iPhone 3GS) while the new 8GB use the same old CPU/Chip from the old iPod touch second generation.

Here is APPLE description on the iPod touches page about the 32/64GB versions : """Enjoy all the great features of the 8GB model along with better performance, richer graphics and voice control"""

The iPod touch 3rd generation is the same awesome iPod touch second generation was.
You can play your music/watch your videos/play games, even read your kindle books/etc "you can read amazon big description of what it's capable of if you do not know yet, it's better than what would i say because it has pictures and everything.

The iPod touch got the best browser i have ever seen in a portable device, i do not even need to carry my netbook with me anymore thanks to my iPod touch, if you hated browsing with lame browsers that crash a lot or slow (many mobile phones) trust me on this one, the iPod touch browser is not a toy or a gimmick it is a browser you can depends on, it's super fast and smooth and after using it for like a full year it has only crashed on me once!

Short list of pros and cons about the iPod touch

-Slick,small and light device
-Great touch screen
-The BEST web browser on a portable device
-Amazing video/music playback
-App Store (Too many cool applications for Free)
-Display screen is clear and bright
-No bugs and annoying stuff a very reliable hardware
-64GB Flash based mp3 player

-Not much of an upgrade over 2G (people were disappointed because they did not get upgrades like camera/OLED/etc)
-Weaker battery, only lasts 30 hours for music playback versus 2G iPod touch 36 Hours music playback
-Expensive for the 64GB version
-Still no FM radio without the use of online applications
-Bluetooth is still half locked

Update : one more reason to avoid the 8GB ipod touch, Apple announced today "April 09 2010" that iPhone 4.0 OS will be released this summer and it will bring many new features to the iphone and ipod touch, however some features like Multitasking will only be available for iphone 3GS and higher or Ipod touch third generation and higher (As i said before the 8GB is second Generation only, a third generation 8gb ipod touch do not exist! so you wont be getting multitasking if you buy the 8GB ipod touch),

I hope my review was helpful :)
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133 of 144 people found the following review helpful
on November 19, 2010
I love the iPod touch, and if you are thinking of buying one, I'm sure you'll be very pleased. However, please note that there is no such thing as an 8GB 3rd generation iPod touch. Apple did not manufacture and 8GB version during the 3rd generation era. If you are buying an 8GB edition, it MUST be either a 2nd generation or a 4th generation version. Anyone claiming to sell an 8GB version of a 3rd generation unit is not providing accurate information.

For example, this serial number MC086LL/A (as described by an seller) is not a 3rd gen version, even though that is what they are advertising. It is probably a common misconception, but people need to know what they are buying.

One easy way to determine the version is to verify whether or not the iPod touch has a camera on the front (screen) side of the unit. If it does, this is a 4th gen model. If it does not, it is a 2nd gen model (assuming we're talking about the 8GB version specifically).

I'm not suggesting that you should avoid the 2nd generation model. I just want you to be able to make an informed purchase decision. Good luck! Hope this has helped.
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63 of 66 people found the following review helpful
on November 27, 2009
This is my first iPod Touch. It's the 8GB 3rd Generation model.
My thinking was, the 8GB would be fine since I intended on using this
mainly as a pocket computer for email/internet and I don't have
a huge amount of music/pics/movies that I wish to carry around
everywhere I go. Ordered it from Amazon on Sat morning and it was
on my doorstep Monday morning! Mad props for Amazon on that one!

The Touch is everything I expected it to be and more. Am having a lot
of fun with it and have loaded up some family pics, video, and music
but I don't have a huge library of music so the 8 gigger should do
me fine for awhile.

To touch base on some of the + features. The wifi works flawlessly on mine.
I've only had this iPod for five days now but I've connected to wireless
networks other than my own and it hasn't missed a beat.

I've been using the alarm clock feature every morning since I got this thing! Love it!

The screen is amazing! Really is crystal clear. Very impressed with that. Loaded up a movie
and even though it's small, it is very clear and fun to watch on the iPod
when on the go. Makes sitting in a doctors office waiting room far more tolerable. ;-)

The Touch screen is very easy to use. I can see the keyboard being somewhat difficult for
people with big hands, but it works well for me.

I like everything about this little device except the earphones that come with it are junk.
They hurt after just a few minutes. I'm pretty sure that Apple could include a more
comfortable set if they wanted to.

edit: I had this one for 4 weeks and loaded up a bunch of games, music, photos, and 4 movies.
Began noticing low Ram and choppy play with some of my favorite games so I sold
the 8GB and bought a 32GB which is much better. Never goes low on Ram now.
For people who may not load up a bunch of stuff I'd say the 8GB is fine but if you
will be loading it up with a lot I'd say get the 32GB right out of the gate.
I bought both of them from Amazon and couldn't have been more pleased with the transactions.

I'd strongly recommend ordering a case/cover. There are a wide range of covers/cases.
I've got the Speck CandyShell and love it.
review image
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95 of 106 people found the following review helpful
on March 24, 2010
Same problem other people had--Apple's refusal to honor warranty. Battery was not able to hold an acceptable charge after only one month of use.

Apple said it wasn't their problem, it was mine. They said there was "liquid contact damage" even though they admitted the BUILT-IN "liquid contact damage indicator" showed NO liquid damage. And no wonder, as there never was any "liquid contact." So either the (non-existent) liquid contact was at an acceptable level--or the "liquid contact indicator" would have detected it--or the indicator is faulty which would mean the product is faulty to begin with and it is no surprise then that the battery is faulty also, because Apple admits that even the fault indicator doesn't work!

But anyway, Apple would not fix their faulty product. No wonder they have had class action suits filed against them in the past. Don't expect Apple to honor their warranty. If you buy one of these, you better buy the "Square Trade" warranty as protection against Apple not honoring their own warranty.

And when they returned the iPod with the bad battery, the on/off button did not work correctly (it only works now if you push it repeatedly). Thanks Apple.

Product is fine otherwise as far as its ability to do things that it should. They were even very helpful when we had a problem shortly after buying the product (purchased application programs disappeared). But they want $99 to replace a battery which should be a warranty item. Not honoring the warranty drops the rating to a one star. I will buy a different brand of product in the future.
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22 of 23 people found the following review helpful
Much of the world is I-pod compatiable and I thought I should join I purchased the I-Pod Touch. I LOVE it. The calendar is my favorite keeps me on track to be where I have commitments...and in retirement, one is busier than ever before, and it is light and easy to carry without weighing down my purse. I also love the weather option to see where I might be travelling to...and the world clock for places that I have relatives or friends...or wish to go to.

Learning to use all of the features takes time and patience for me...I am technologically somewhere between a beginner and a geek...I can maneuver quite well as a user, but encountering problems my troubleshooting takes time. I am still working on the e-mail app. for example.

It took a few tries to get the SYNC operation working with what I wanted, but that is A-OK now and very easy to use.

Overall, I highly recommend this I-Pod Touch...great way to stay in touch with anything in the world and especially your own life. AND having your own music, from your own CDs on board, means you never have to listen to anyone else's choices when waiting.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on November 13, 2009
I've never been a big fan of Apple. Maybe it started in college with Mac owners paying hundreds more for their computer, and having little to justify it but a simple, "it's better for film editing". Or maybe it began with the original iPod, and EVERYONE owning one a year later. Perhaps it was the iPhone, and how my friends acted like it was the greatest device ever built (well, it really is the best phone/PDA out there). Either way, I held off the Apple train, resisting the iPhone and buying the original Zune when it came out.

But here it is, years later and my poor Zune is dead. The headphone jack became loose and it will only play if I hold the connection at a particular angle (rendering it useless for any mobile activity). My first thought was to get the new Zune HD. It looked amazing (OLED = beautiful picture), and I have been a fan of the Zune Pass for quite some time. Then there was the iPod Touch. Right next to the Zune HD, staring at me with its big screen and thousands of apps. Deciding that I wanted just a little more than "just a mp3 player", I broke down and bought the iPod.

I've played with an iPhone before (who hasn't?), but never had any real time learning the OS of the iPhone/iPod. That being said, I had no problem understanding how to use the iPod Touch from the second it turned on. Ever aspect is easy to understand, and it moves very quickly from task to task. If there was an instruction manual in the box, I wouldn't know. The OS is amazingly friendly and within minutes I was connecting my WiFi and downloading apps.

Having come from a basic mp3 player, the iPod Touch is drastically more than just a music player. It does so much it boggles my mind. Sport scores (fantasy football!). Weather. I can order a pizza from it. I wanted to listen to music, and got much more. The size of it blows me away. It doesn't feel cheap, but it's light and tiny. It fits in my pocket, but does more than several items combined. It makes me have iPhone envy, only for the reason I could have one item in my pocket, and not the two I have now.

Oh yeah, I wanted a music player (notice how long it took me to get to this?). This is the best music player I have ever owned. Easy to use, with great sound and functionality. Within the first hour I had it I packed it with music, videos, apps, etc.. I went to buy groceries the other day, and had a tiny computer at my side, able to switch from song to song with ease. To top it off, the Genius feature (like a shuffle, but the a genre) gave me endless playlist to enjoy.

Not all is amazing with the iPod Touch though. iTunes does not get a thumbs up from me. I just don't like it. Having come from a Zune Pass where I downloaded what I wanted with no sync issues, iTunes just doesn't feel right to me. I have 70 gigs of music on my computer all pulled from CD's, but when I transfered some of it, the tags were messed up, music files were thrown all over the place, and album covers were available sporadically. Nothing a few hours of editing couldn't fix, but it was something I never had to do with my Zune.

As another small note, the included earbuds are average at best. Now, I own a pair of $200 Ultimate Ears, so it's not an issue for me, but if you got this as a gift, you get a pair of unbalanced earbuds (very muffled mids, and under-average highs). It's like buying a Lexus... with a tape deck. On the plus side, the internal amp is able to drive larger headphones like my Sennheiser HD-595. Granted, they sound DRASTICALLY better on my Headroom amp, but that's not portable. Take what you can get sometimes I suppose.

Rather than ramble on I'll stop here (your questions can be answered by this thing we call 'the internet'). It's fair to say I have used my iPod Touch more to explore apps than listen to music. I just wanted a mp3 player, and I have now have a pocket sidekick. I'm ordering food right now, on a device that fits in my pocket, has hundreds of songs, and replaces several items I own. Apple might have converted me (though I still won't admit it).
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20 of 23 people found the following review helpful
TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon December 12, 2009
A great device has gotten even better. The question is - how much better? The 3rd Generation offers you all of the great applications, wifi capability, music, videos, games but it also includes

1- a 64 gig model - Which is great but I am not sure if out-weighs the cost of the 32G
2- Increased speed over the 2nd generation - yes it is noticeable when used loading large applications - such as games. The increased speed is probably 25-30%
3- Voice Control - The 3rd generation has a microphone built into the headphones (I know I would prefer it NOT to be in the headphones too). However, I have had not any success in getting the Voice Control to recognize what I am saying. Even if it worked perfectly I wonder how often I would use this feature.

In my review I say that the iPod Touch will change your life. That may be a bit dramatic, unless you do a lot of travel. Those of us who spend a fair amount of time on the go will find that having an iPod Touch or an iPhone is a must-have since it provides us with instant access to email, weather, stocks, videos and with the use of a Slingbox our favorite TV shows!

Final Verdict - I am not completely convinced that the price difference between generation 2 and 3 warrants the price difference. In truth, it doesn't matter which generation you get both are certainly worth the money!

5 Stars
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
The iTouch has been hugely outdated by the iPhone, but I find I still use mine a bit for things I don't necessarily want to use my iPhone for. I use the iTouch to watch downloaded movies, saving my phone's battery life. I also use the notes function in the iTouch to record weights sessions in at the gym, so I don't have to carry my phone around the sweaty gym. And when I'm overseas I love being able to hook in to free WiFi places on the iTouch and email back home for free, without having to get roaming on my phone. When I have free WiFi I also use Skype to send cheap text messages. It's a great product for anyone who can't afford the iPhone, or doesn't want the phone functions. It stores heaps and is really easy to operate.
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204 of 266 people found the following review helpful
on December 29, 2009
This should make you really mad. I will explain the issues and offer some solutions.

I have owned a lot of iPods, I just got a new 64GB Touch 3G only to find it would not charge with any of my docking stations, car chargers or wall chargers. Why?

Apple decided they needed to make more money by selling you new chargers for your new iPods, so instead of leaving well enough alone they engineered a change in their newer iPods so they would NOT WORK with older chargers.

First I will explain some basic facts about the methods used to charge an iPod. Typically, your iPod will connect to a USB or a Firewire connection to charge. There are some other dedicated chargers that connect directly to your iPod and they suffer the same ailments I describe here and also have similar fixes, though they are somewhat more complex.

USB has one and only one voltage that it uses, that is 5 volts DC. Firewire has one and only one voltage that it uses, that is 12 volts DC. There is no difference in voltage between devices of the same type, period. So why is it your old USB charger worked on your old iPod, but wont work on the new iPod? After all 5 volts is 5 volts is 5 volts.

USB Type A connectors (as used on iPods) have four contacts, the two outer contacts are the power, one side is ground (pin 4) and the other is 5 volts (pin 1). The two inner contacts (pins 2 & 3) are the send and receive data contacts for communications between devices, for instance your computer and your iPod.
Apple engineered a new "feature" in their new iPods that looks for a signal on the data contacts (pins 2 & 3) before it will accept the device to charge the iPod. Older chargers had only two contacts in use, the outer ones to provide the power for the iPod. There was nothing connected to the data contacts because there was no reason to have anything connected to them, at least not until now. You new iPod will reject a charging device that does not have a signal on the data contacts (pins 2 & 3). This could be your computer communicating with it or simply a small voltage (2.5 volts) on EACH data contact. If it sees this signal it will accept the 5 volts on the power contacts and charge the iPod. If it sees the 5 volts, but does not see the signal on the data pins it will present a message to you informing you it will not work with that device. Bear in mind again, this is the same 5 volts that is on all the older chargers and it must see the 5 volts to even give you the message that it won't use the device. There is no excuse for not using the 5 volts and simply charging itself.

There can be no other explanation for why they engineered this change into the newer iPods other than they wanted to purposely make the old charging accessories obsolete so they can sell you new ones. As an electronics engineer for the last 37 years I can say this with absolute certainty. I can understand why the new iPods do not work with the Firewire devices, Apple probably did not want to support both 12 volts and 5 volts as it takes separate circuitry for each one, but to work with newer and to not work with the older USB devices is in my opinion, criminal.

I would like to see a class action lawsuit against Apple for this greedy stunt.

By the way, if you can get inside your old charging devices there is a fairly simple way to modify them to work with the newer iPods if you are somewhat handy with a soldering iron. I just modified an old automotive (cigarette lighter socket) charger using this technique and it works great with my new iPod Touch 3G. You will need four 47K ohm resistors (1/8 watt is large enough, but any wattage will work) and possibly a few inches or small gauge wire.

Solder one end of each of two resistors to one of the two center contacts of the USB A connector inside your charger. If there is no room to place he resistors directly at the connector use a small piece of wire to connect the resistors and place them where there is room. Now take the other end of one of the resistors and connect it to the 5 volts outer contact and take the other end of the second resistor and connect it to the other outer (Ground) contact. Do the same thing using the other two resistors from the other of the two center contacts this time. What you have done with these resistors if split the 5 volts in half at the center point between each pair of resistors and connected it to one of the data contacts. The second pair of resistors does the same for the other data contact. This puts a 2.5 volt signal on both data contacts and the iPod will now allow itself to be charged with the device.

I have also created a small 1.5 inch long male/female USB A adapter using the exact same technique with four resistors. By placing this adapter in line with my iPod USB cable I am able to charge my iPod from any older USB charging device (or hub). I did not have to buy any new chargers and all it cost me was about 16 cents for the resistors, an old USB A extension cable and a little time.

I hope this helps. It is not that hard to make these alterations.

Now go out and get mad at Apple for trying to rob you.
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16 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on December 16, 2009
First I would like to say that this is my very first Apple product. I find Apple's product line over priced, and unless you are a hardcore professional graphics and web designer, you really shouldn't be buying a $3,000 laptop when you can get by with a $400 one. It's like buying Voss water when Aquafina will quench your thirst just fine.

I'm also HOPING that this was a glitch; that somehow I ended up with a runt, because I am not pleased with this product.

Within one week of initially falling in love with my Ipod Touch, the problem began. So far it's just one problem, but it's big enough to get on my nerves. The apps I purchased do not work after the day I use them. What I mean is that after playing two games and hooking the system back on my computer to re-charge - the next day when I select the apps, it pops up and then immediately closes. I've researched the issue online, and found that the only answer is to restore the system. I've had to restore this system 3 times in one week alone! That means having to re-download everything every time!

In addition, I don't like the fact that this product does not come with a wall charger. I understand that it is not a phone, but come on! I just don't carry my laptop everywhere. Plus, the battery could use some help. It simply does not last, and while I know that games and apps are battery hoarders, the "Touch" should hang around at least for 4 hours before giving me a low battery signal. It doesn't.

But as with everything there are pros (when it works). It's a nice, sleek looking thing, no doubt about that. The graphics and sound are clear and crisp. The wi-fi speed is perfect. In fact the Ipod Touch has a faster response than my HP MINI Netbook. It is very easy to understand and maneuver around. I also appreciate that Apple knows when you have already purchased an app, and will not charge you again if you have to re-download it.

So, as long as it works it is worthwhile. However, for $200.00 (give or take) when it doesn't work, it's very frustrating.
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