Customer Reviews: Samsung UN46D7000 46-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver) [2011 MODEL] (2011 Model)
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on May 28, 2011
Use the picture settings in my Review listed at the end and the Samsung un55d7000 will look awesome. First off I notice major black light bleed out of the box & even after tweaking the TV on my own until I found the right settings from a other users.

What I really like about this tv is that my playstation 3 is synced with the tv. My tv come's on when the playstation is turned on and I can control my ps3 with my Samsung remote nice feature. The tv is nice a thin not very heavy. The 2d to 3d conversion is total crap some stuff looks good but for the most part it's a BIG gimmick. Movies & stuff filmed in 3D look amazing sometimes it's a hit & miss. So far my favorite 3d movies are : ( Monsters Vs Aliens ) ( avatar ) ( Despicable me ) Resident evil looked like crap & I really didn't like monster house. I am hoping the studios will improve 3D filming and make live action films pop out more. I tried some playstation 3 games in 3d I like the idea but WoW it really makes your eyes hurt after awhile.

Setting up the tv was pretty easy I did found setting up the wireless on the Tv to be a real pain. I am pretty good with computers and wireless network it was still a pain. I have a netgear router and I was not able to link it with normal settings the tv kept saying my pass word was wrong password ended up doing the button method on my router and samsung tv. Right away the Tv found the router and no more issues.

Now for the calibration settings that will make your set look amazing and reduce the famous Samsung clouding issue and black light bleeding which I couldn't stand until this ! Make sure you have a hdmi 1.4 cable I did notice a issue with my old hdmi cable and the 1.4 cable solved the slow lag, any cheap one will do as long as it's 1.4

Picture Mode Movie
Backlight 8 (3D: 11)
Contrast 92
Brightness 48
Sharpness 15
Color 50
Tint 50/50
Black Tone Off
Dynamic Contrast Off
Shadow Detail 0
Gamma 0
Color Space Custom
Flesh Tone 0
Edge Enhancement Off
xvYCC Off
Led Motion Plus Off
Colour Tone Warm2
Digital Noise Filter Off
Mpeg Noise Filter Off
HDMI Black level Low
Film Mode n/a
Motion Plus Clear

Colour Space Red 58 2 0
Colour Space Green 0 58 9
Colour Space Blue 7 0 54
Colour Space Yellow 48 53 7
Colour Space Cyan 0 54 58
Colour Space Magenta 56 4 45

R-Offset 20
G-Offset 24
B-Offset 24
R-Gain 19
G-Gain 26
B-Gain 25

1 5 1 -2
2 2 0 -1
3 0 0 -1
4 -2 -3 -3
5 0 -2 -3
6 1 1 -4
7 2 3 0
8 1 2 0
9 -1 2 2
10 0 1 1

Make sure you select each color in the color space and enter them like above. These setting where produced from a computer calibration. You may need to add a little or less depending on your room. If you don't like the setting simple reset your picture but honestly you will notice a HUGE difference right away with just these settings.
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on April 15, 2011
I'm going to cut down to the chase.

The TV has so many good features (especially design) that are too many to list, thus, I will focus on the two things I have encountered that I know someone else might have experienced or will experience and are rather disappointing...but don't lose your hopes just yet!

1) Backlight bleeding - My TV came set up for 'store' usage mode, instead for 'home', which increases the bleeding drastically.
Changing to 'home' is quite challenging so you have to read the manual. After I changed the usage mode to 'home', it decreased considerably but was still noticeable.
I visited some forums, websites, and some even advised to put pressure on the screen with my fingers (until I see the screen changing colors), etc, but nothing seemed to work.
I decided to contact Samsung support and they advised me to change PICTURE MODE to 'STANDARD' and adjust the 'BACKLIGHT' to the value of '7'. The support guy/girl mentioned to leave this setting on for 3 weeks. After the three weeks, I should be able to change to any picture mode and to any value for the backlight. Finally, it was mentioned that if I did not see any changes, that a service ticket needs to be placed at this link (you will need to register your TV with Samsung): [...]
I made the change today 4/15/2011 so I will wright another review within 3 weeks to let you know the end results.

2) Sound stops working - I only have a PS3 and a DirecTV satellite box connected to the TV via HDMI cables (hight speed and 3D capable). I have noticed the TV produces no sound for like 1 second and then gradually comes back at a lower volume until it reaches the original volume. I have also noticed it only happens when the picture is set to 'STANDARD' and have only noticed it when the source is the DirecTV box.
I do not run the PS3 on standard mode so I can't compare, but I will do so and pay attention to the results.

In summary, I have to wait for the 3 weeks picture test, and also test the sound using the PS3 source on standard mode.

I know it's a hassle but for a TV that costs over $2000, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get a "perfect" picture and normal working sound (although you would not expect to do this since you are paying a lot of money)

...And if you got this TV from Paul'sTV (whether by Amazon's reseller program or directly from them) expect to pay 15% restocking fee and $100 shipping if you plan to return it.

Hope this helps and please post any questions/comments you may have, and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.
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on March 31, 2011
I just got the TV in today, and from I experience so far is that this TV is amazing.

Black level is great! One of the best I seen so far.

Internet connection is great on the TV. Very useful for watching Netflix.
The qwerty remotes that came with my TV is very useful for web browsing, but don't expect the browser to be like normal computer browser because it is very bad, slow, hard to navigate, and cumbersome.

For gaming, in my opinion, there is no lag if you turn off the picture enhancements options, and also turning on the game mode. I would say the lag on the TV would be probably somewhere between 30-50ms.

3D is great! I watched Shrek 3D, and it's just stunning. A major improvement from last year model. I probably will buy Tron 3D, and see it on the TV soon.

Cons: HDMI input is located on the side. Clouding & Flashlighting that can be seen in dark screen.

Update: After 2 weeks of having the TV I noticed some flash lighting / clouding that can be seen in pitch black room. Not a big deal at first, but overtime I am starting to be annoyed by it. I am thinking of getting it exchange for higher end model. Therefore I am rating the TV 3/5 stars. If would be a solid 5 stars if there is no flaw.

Update 2: Returned my set and bought 46" Sony HX929.
review image
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on December 4, 2011
This has to be the most spectacular TV I have ever seen. While I am sure it is not for everyone, it is the perfect TV for my home.

To begin with, I think the first thing people need to decide is what their priority is. I think every TV purchase has to include five factors, the picture, the sound, the design, the functions, and the cost. Many reviewers seem to focus on only the picture and not the other factors, so if you are considering this TV, be sure to read reviews that agree with your priorities. I am not by any means a videophile, but I do love technology and I like gadgets that are really cool, and this TV certainly has that. For me, this TV meets my criteria for picture, sound, function and design. While the price is high, it is no more than I paid for my last HDTV.

In terms of picture quality, I think it is spectacular. Many reviewers are only concerned about the picture, and if that is your case then a different TV might be for you. CNET's Best 5 HDTV Picture Quality list from 11/28/11 includes Panasonic VIERA TC-P55VT30 55-inch 1080p 3D Plasma HDTV, Black ;Samsung PN51D7000 51-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV (Black) ;Samsung PN51D8000 51-inch 1080p 3D Ready Plasma HDTV ;Sony BRAVIA XBR55HX929 55-Inch 1080p 3D Local-Dimming LED HDTV with Built-In Wi-Fi, Black ;Panasonic VIERA TC-P46ST30 46-Inch 1080p 600 Hz 3D Plasma HDTV. This TV is not on the list, but those reviews are weighted toward picture quality, and are almost all plasma TVs.

I personally think the picture quality is fantastic. The clearview glass does cut down on reflections. Not as much as an antiglare matte screen, but very good nonetheless. The screen, even without the 3D, seems to add more depth to the images than our other TVs (Toshiba LCD, Philips LCD, and Philips Plasma). Movies almost look like plays since the image is so clear. While some feel 3D is a gimmick, that was the only reason I wanted to upgrade our current TV. The 3D on this set is amazing. Additionally, it has a 2D-3D conversion that is really good. I used it to watch network programming and was surprised by how well the conversion worked. I also used it to play Skyrim on my XBox and it was fantastic. The main concerns that I have read about this TV's picture is variability in the blackness of the screen when the screen is dark, as well as some leakage of light from the edge of the screen. This TV has an excellent black level. It is considerably darker that my other TV's. I bought this in November 2011 from Amazon, and received the H302 screen. There is some internet buzz about the H303 being better than the H301 or H302 screens. When I first set this TV up, I did notice that when the screen is all black, which happen with some frequency during game transitions while playing Skyrim, that the screen was mottled. It was only visible when the screen was all black, so not even visible 99% of the time. I was quite concerned at first since I had read reviews about this problem, but honestly I am not sure I would have noticed if I hadn't read reviews about it and specifically looked for it. I read one comment on a samsung question site that reported that this is normal temporary phenomenon when the TV is transitioning from shipping to home due to environmental changes, humidity etc. However, after seeing so many reviews about this online, I did not expect it to go away. To my surprise, it was virtually gone the next day, and was completely gone within 48 hours. I could only see it at night with all the lights out anyway, but was pleased that it resolved. Now the screen blackness is just as uniform as my other tv's, just much darker. The other thing some people complain of is leakage of light from the edge lit screen. There are videos of this on YouTube, but I don't really see that on my TV.

I love the sound on this TV. It is much clearer than any other TV we have, especially for voice. Music on Pandora radio was a pleasure to listen to. I prefer not to have an external sound component, so I was thrilled to see how much better the sound could be in a TV without having to go to a sound bar. While I am sure a soundbar is nice, I prefer not having extra hardware. The TV also has a different sound setting for 3D to make closer objects sound closer which was a detail I appreciated.

As far as design, I don't think there is any TV on the market that compares to the elegance of this TV. It is superthin, and gives the appearance of a picture floating in the air. For me, it was a way to get a much bigger TV 55 inches in a space I previously had a 46 inch TV and could maximally fit 50 inches. However, the lack of a black from around the picture seems to add something to the experience. It really does seem more like a window than a TV. I was considering the D8000 model, but CNET actually felt the picture quality was the same and they said they felt the D7000 was a better looking TV. I went to Best Buy and agreed. The D7000 has a translucent bezel, and the D8000 has a chrome bezel. The translucent bezel actually looks smaller even though it is the same size, so it looks better to me, and saved me a couple hundred dollars.

As far as features, the main feature is the Smart TV with a unique remote. The Smart TV function responds faster than other TV's, but not nearly as fast as a computer or iPad. It has an assortment of apps. I was surprised that it does not currently include amazon video on demand in the smart TV hub, or in the Yahoo Widgets Hub, which was a little diappointing for me. It has Netflix, Hulu, Blockbuster, and VuDu apps. I think I will most likely just use pandora though. It also has Yahoo Widgets which is a bar of apps that you can bring up on the bottom of the screen while watching a show. I liked the Yahoo Widget function more than the Samsung Smart TV hub, but I am sure these things will change with firmware updates.

The 3D feature is very good. The glasses automatically registered to the TV and turn off as soon as you turn off 3D. The TV uses bluetooth technology so last years samsung glasses won't work. The glasses Samsung SSG-3100GB 3D Active Glasses - Black (Only Compatible with 2011 3D TVs) ;3ACTIVE 3D Glasses for Samsung. Compatible with 2011 "D" Model TV's. Rechargeable. ADULT ;Samsung SSG-P3100M Megamind 3D Starter Kit - Black (Compatible with 2011 3D TVs) ;Samsung SSG-3300CR 3D Active Glasses - White (Compatible with 2011 3D TVs) ;Samsung SSG-3500CR 3D Active Glasses are sold separately.

The remote control has two sides, one side has a qwerty keyboard, the other a regular remote. It has a sensor in it so the side on the bottom is always deactivated so you can't accidently push buttons on one side while using the other. The usual remote which is infrared works out of the box. The qwerty side requires bluetooth registration with the TV which worked well. The TV also supports a samsung remote app on an iphone or android phone. It works well as long as the TV is on. It cannot be used to turn the TV on.

My main gripe about this TV is it doesn't include a real instruction manual, just setup instructions. I like to read the instruction manual and reference it when I am adjusting the settings. The remote has an "E-Manual" button which brings up a manual on the screen, but you can't adjust the TV settings while using this manual so it is a bit awkward. Also, there really is no instruction on adjusting the remote, so I can't use the remote to control my comcast box, and I don't even know if the remote can be programmed in such a way.

As far as cost, it seems well priced to me since it seems to be so much less than MSRP. It is feature rich and compares favorably to similarly priced sets.

In summary, there are much cheaper TV's on the market with excellent pictures to consider, but they don't offer the complete package that this one does. If you want a truely beautiful television, that is rich with features, with a great picture, that allows you to put a bigger screen in a smaller space, then this is it. This TV clearly raises the bar in the design of TV's with its narrow bezel, and because it is so unique, really has the WOW factor. There are many reviewers who have criticized this set, saying it is too expensive for the picture quality it offers. I think these are mostly unfounded since this set really offers so much more in design/features. I think the picture quality is outstanding. A Panasonic VT series plasma may have a better picture in the reviewers eyes (personally I don't agree), but it just looks like an ordinary flat panel TV. I am sure there may be compromises in making the bezel so small, and TV so narrow, but to me the TV design was worth it. I couldn't fit a 55 inch TV without the narrow bezel design.

I have now had my TV for a month and am still in awe when I watch it. I wanted to comment on my experience on TV settings. I found this TV fantastic out of the box. Of course with all of the settings to dabble with, I couldn't help but try. I tried the online settings and the most popular ones on amazon reviews, but they made my TV seem darker than I like. I then bought the Disney WOW: World of Wonder [Blu-ray] . This actually made my old LCD really look great, but it didn't make a huge difference for this TV as I really like the TV set with the factory "natural" setting. I did change motion plus to clear and kept the tint at G55:R45 suggested by the Disney WOW disk.
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on April 26, 2011
First, this is my second Samsung LCD TV, I still have my old LN52A650A in the back room, where it needs to be as it wasn't bright enough to work in full sunlight. That has been my only complaint of that TV, the need to shut the curtains to cut the reflection off the glossy screen.

When I saw this new LED lit 55" designers dream in Best Buy I was amazed at how great the picture looked. It also did 3D so that was it, bigger brighter and 3D, for about the same price I'd paid in 2008.. I ordered one the next day.

When it arrived it as well packaged, easily assembled (the stand took about 3 minutes) and up and running with my PS3 bluray in minutes, no fuss.
The first thing I watched was Avatar, AMAZING. The second film was Kick Ass, where I noticed the movie sometimes had a larger than life quality to it, almost like a High Def home video, but not really a problem.

The issues started when I watched Ticking Clock on blu ray. It had many darkened scenes and I could see LED light seeping in from the corners, and at times I could see grid of leaking light coming though the movie. I thought it might be that particular disc. A few nights later I watched disc one of Mad Men on Bluray, and all manner of leaking light during darker scenes.. Finally I watched a letter boxed DVD and that was too much, blooms of light in all four corners and I had the set turned to movie mode, which is the least back lighting. So I played about with the presets modes and none of them really overcame the problem.

It's a shame as the set looks FANTASTIC, it is so thin it virtually disappears as you pass it by. There is pretty much zero bezel, which is amazing. I actually got the tape measure out as I was thinking it was smaller than 55", but no.

2 other cons I found, that were not deal breakers per say. Netflix had an annoying habit of dropping the picture momentarily every couple of minutes, which was annoying.. but since the PC streams Netflix at closer to HD than the TV will I did not really care too much.
Con number 2, I could not make the qwerty keypad on the back of the remote sync with the TV. This looks like a very useful remote function indeed if it had worked. The Smart TV has a host of internet enabled services that were awesome.

So it's going back tomorrow when the Pilot folks arrive and being replaced with a 60" Quatron, that I have reviewed at a friends house, and did not display edge leakage. Hopefully that will be it as far as getting a nice 3D tv for now.
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on September 1, 2011
TV shipped to me in excellent condition. It was very easy to unbox and get it set up. Not too heavy or unweildy despite the large size. I was able to move it from the box to the TV stand by myself.

Setup: It is set up running with a TIVO and Samsung 3D BluRay disc player. Those connect to a Marantz SR-5005 receiver via HDMI which connects to the TV via HDMI.

Settings: Watch it on movie video mode. I don't use the internal speakers because I have surround sound.

Picture: It is better looking than our Sharp 26 inch LCD and Samsung 42 inch plasma. The colors are very crisp. The blacks are rich and deep. It's a joy to watch hi definition shows on this tv. The few shows that are standard definition still look great in this tv. It is a great screen.

Features: 3d has been really good. It's easy to turn on the 3d function and to turn it off. The glasses which came with a special promotion (not included with this tv when we got it) work seamlessly with the TV. I haven't watched a movie with the 3D yet, but I probably will at some point. I watched soccer from ESPN 3D and that was sort of fun.

I don't have any regrets about this TV. If anything changes I will update this review. Even if 3D isn't something you are looking for it is important to remember that 3D is simply a feature. The best 2D pictures come on TVs that have 3D options on them. If you never watch 3D, this TV will still be a great option.

Edited to add:

I forgot to mention that the remote control is pretty nice. I don't use the tv remote a lot because I use the Tivo remote. But for times when I need to use the tv remote it's nice. Especially if I'm watching netflix and want to search. It's easy to use the QWERTY keypad on the back of the remote.

Another reviewer didn't like how long it takes for the tv to start up. I haven't noticed that as a problem. Perhaps that is because I'm used to watching a plasma tv which took a little bit of time to get going. My TV seems to start quite quickly.

Firmware upgrades: These are flawless. I have wifi, so I have the TV set to automatically connect with the wifi in my house. The TV will download new firmware while the TV is on standby if you allow this option. Then it'll tell you when it's ready for the TV to upgrade itself with the new firmware. Great way to keep the the TV software current.
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on June 29, 2011
The short version: Fantastic
I don't care about 3D. If it weren't for thrusting swords pointed at the audience, there would be no 3D content. But, in order to get the best picture today's technology has to offer, you have to buy the 3D feature. I hate the manufacturers for doing this to the public, but they have a lot of money riding on the success of 3D. Well, 3D ain't going to happen for them in any great numbers.
I compared many big display TV's, but I kept returning to the D7000. It looked stylish and the picture was just outstanding. I had a salesman plug in a blu-ray player to several TV's and I fine tuned them all, but when all was said and done, the Samsung had that something extra than I could not quantify. Two days later it was in my living room.

The TV is slow to turn on. It is not instant-on. I hate that. There is only so much time you get in this life and using that precious time waiting for a TV to come is a waste. Samsung engineers need to do better. Anyway, give it at least five seconds for the picture to appear. When going online with the TV, another five or ten seconds are required. Tick. Tick. Tick.
Upon its arrival I plugged in the Dishnetwork receiver. History HD had some landscape shots on that looked so good, I had to gasp. My test Blu-Ray is HD Mood Aquarium and the colors from it just leaped from the screen.

As I become more familiar with this model, I'll post updates on josephlcooke dot blogspot dot c0m

By intuition (the manual is in the TV's firmware and it stinks) you can fine tune the D7000 in more ways than you can imagine. Search the web for a PDF manual for 55" D7000 to get an idea of this set's flexibility as the two have similar operational characteristics.
I easily got the wireless internet connection established. (later I went to a wired connection because it is 5 times faster than my G router) The Smart Hub browser is clunky (perhaps it's still too new for me) to use and the browser does not support Java. Dumb. Very dumb. To have a TV this great and not have Java in its browser screams, STUPID. The main Smart Hub screen is crowded with pushed content that cannot be deleted. Users need to have more control here. One thing you will learn to hate with the Smart Hub browser is the frequently displayed message: Plug In Not Supported. Another message users will tire of is: The Browser Will Stop Loading All Windows For Stable Browsing; despite only one window being open. Come on, Samsung, get with it! Make the browser useable.
The remote ( Samsung QWERTY Remote BN59-01134B RMC-QTD1 ) is two sided. One side is for the TV, the other, for the internet. It has a full QWERTY keyboard and a touch pad that is half the size of the fingernail on your pinkie. And, it works. It takes practice, but it works. The TV side of the remote is infrared and the internet side is RF. The RF side of the remote has to be paired with the TV. Hint: The remote must be within a few inches of the TV or it will not pair. My wife discovered this ahead of time in an obscure online posting during her research of the D7000. This critical bit of info is not in the manual. Lastly, aiming the infrared side of the remote must be directly at the sensor on the lower right side of the display or you'll not have a remote control function.
After owning it for awhile, I remain in awe of the picture quality of the D7000. Despite a quirk here and there, it's a keeper.

Update: The length of time it takes the TV to turn on has turned out to be a real irritant, so I not longer turn it off and just mute the audio.
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on August 17, 2011
First, let me caveat by saying I reviewed dozens of TV's and relied heavily on reviews prior to purchasing this TV. I think it's important to actually read the reviews, rather than relying on average ratings. Albeit there are defective products sold from time to time, many negative reviews are obviously effects from operator error, improper installation/use, etc. Enough said.

To begin, this TV is part of a home theater system which comprises a pair of Bose 301 V5 bookshelf speakers, a Sony SDRDH520 7.1CH 3D receiver, a Yamaha NS-C210BR center speaker and Klipsch in-wall speakers. Primary input source is HD Directv. Again, going to back to other reviews, it kills me when reading a review about a 1.2" thick TV where the reviewer complains about the sound. Really? If you're not setting this TV up as part of a home theater system, you're buying the wrong TV. Also, please splurge a little and don't buy the cheapest HDMI cables on the rack. No need to spend $200 on cables, but you get my point.

Looks: Killer... this has to be near the top of the list and primarily driving my 5-star review. The screen goes almost completely to the edge and the thin silver frame looks like a work of art mounted above the fireplace. There are just no comparisons with other plasma TV's out there and most other LED TV's fall way short in the "looks" department. For you married folks out there, my wife loves the appearance; it is super-sleek.

Performance: After mounting and hooking everything up, I used the specs posted by CrazyShopper918 on 5/28/11 (Thanks, by the way!). The picture quality is phenomenal and I've had no issues with bleeding, distortion, backlight effects, or anything of the like. One difference: most calibration recommendations I read pointed to "Movie" picture mode. I guess it is the lighting in our den, but I found "Dynamic" picture mode produced the most vibrant colors. Small caveat: when the TV is receiving an input and the screen is black (i.e. just before a movie/show or in between commercials) there are some minor differences between the blacks. Again, if you want to sit in front of this gorgeous TV and look at a black screen and post a negative review, feel free. For the rest of us (those who actually desire to view moving images), the image quality is impressive. I ran several tests via Directv with various HD sports, nature shows and the original Transformers movie (all in 1080i), and saw no lag, blurring, etc. The screen performed above and beyond. From a normal sitting distance, even 720p/i resolution looks good, but you need 1080p/i to fully appreciate this TV. In summary, I highly recommend the settings mentioned above, but you might need to tweak them a little in order to get the best picture for your room. I have not viewed an on-demand movie in 1080p yet, but I'm confident it will render flawlessly.

Other: Wireless connected to home WAN on 2nd attempt. The AnyNet feature is great, as it lets you control multiple components of a home theater system via one remote through the TV (I'm using my stock Directv remote for everything). Why does this matter? This means you don't have to buy an expensive all-in-one remote and program it or keep multiple remotes handy. Also, my receiver (non-Samsung, by the way) is hidden in a cabinet, so it is nice to close the cabinet door immediately after turning it on. I do not have to keep the receiver out on a shelf or in a glass-front cabinet. I've fooled around with the apps a bit, and most seem to load quickly. The browser did take a while to load, but I did not buy this TV to peruse the Internet. Mounting was easy, as the TV weighs only ~35 lbs... sure as hell beats trying to mount an 80 lb plasma. I used one of the compatible ~$20 ultra-slim mounts found on Amazon... no need to buy the expensive Samsung mount. Quick note on programmable remotes: the Samsung "D" series was not available in the Directv menu, so I selected the "C" equivalent and everything works fine.

Summary: I am one of those "middle of the road" guys who wanted a nice TV to anchor a home theater system, but did not want to spend $3 - $5K. So far, this TV has exceeded my expectations from a performance standpoint and it looks phenomenal even when turned off. I would have purchased the 60" model, but the frame above our fireplace limited me to the 55" model. So glad football season is right around the corner.

Hope this helps!
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on June 28, 2011
After several months of reading reviews and hanging out in various brick-and-mortar stores I finally settled on the Samsung UN55D7000. Let me start off by saying the picture quality is fantastic, probably the best LED/LCD screen I've watched. I personally prefer the brightness of an LCD over plasma, so my search was primarily focused on LCD style TV's. The design of the TV is absolutely beautiful, and one of the reasons I went with the 7000 series over the 6000 series.

Picture Quality (2D)
As they other reviewers have said, there is defiantly clouding and edge bleeding (especially at the corners). Is it apparent? Yes - but only when the screen is almost completely black (for instance when you are turning the TV on). Is it distracting or does it take away from the image quality? Defiantly not - 99.9% of the time you won't even notice it. The image quality is just flawless and there enough picture adjustments to make everyone happy. Obviously not everyone is going to like the same picture settings so you'll have to play around until you find what you like. Awesome black levels and the fast action motion is blur and artifact free.

Picture Quality (3D)
I've only played with the 3D feature at this point but from what I watched for a few minutes last night the 3D on this TV is just as good if not better than any plasma. Images are crisp, clear, and bright and there is almost no cross-talk. The 3D effects are absolutely stunning and it really makes the movie come to life.

Design and Connectivity
As I stated before, this TV looks gorgeous even when it's off. The bezel is almost invisible and it makes the TV feel bigger. There are plenty of connections on the TV for all of your A/V components. The component and composite inputs are achieved via dedicated break-out cables and I personally appreciate the VGA PC input. The TV is HDMI 1.4 compliant (and supports ARC through HDMI 2 only). I highly recommend using HDMI 1.4 high speed cables (they can be found on Amazon for less than $10) to avoid any video issues. The TV and my Yamaha receiver recognize each either through AnyNet+ (HDMI-CEC) but the control-ability is very limited (you must have AnyNet+ enabled to use ARC). The TV also sports a dedicated LAN connection. I personally am using WiFi and had no connection issues at all. The WiFi can use either 2.4GHz or the 5GHz frequencies and supports Wireless N.

SmartTV & Apps
The Apps and SmartTV are easy to setup (you must create an account with a Credit Card # the first time you login). I haven't had a chance to play with many of them yet, but my take on the whole SmartTV system is that it's a "nice to have" but not something I'd use all the time (and certainly not a replacement for a computer by any means).

Great idea but not a great implementation. Pairing was a pain. After trying about 10 times I found a forum online that said to stand about 1 ft away from the TV when pairing, which worked just fine. The remote itself is a little awkward to handle. When using it as a "standard" remote you must point it at the TV (it uses IR). The shape is slightly awkward in that it isn't a rectangle but more of a trapezoid and sits in my hand awkwardly. The backside is a QWERTY keyboard and connects via Bluetooth - it's a nice feature but not the easiest thing to type on (think typing on a smartphone)

Summary of Pros:
1. 2D Picture Quality: amazing deep blacks, crystal clear picture, no blurring or artifacts during fast motion scenes.
2. 3D Picture Quality: limited cross-talk, bright, clear picture, smooth and no blurring
3. Design: beautiful barely there bezel, super slim, and ultra light
4. Other Features: 5GHz wireless N built-in, plenty of connectivity, supports HDMI 1.4, SmartTV/Apps are a nice addition

Summary of (Minor) Cons:
1. Clouding and Edge Light Bleeding - only apparent when the screen is extremely dark and does not affect picture quality during normal viewing.
2. I never could get ARC (Audio Return Channel) to function just right. It works, but not all the time. I can't necessarily blame the TV, it could by my A/V receiver, but nevertheless I had to purchase an Optical Toslink cable to connect the TV and my receiver
3. Pairing the included (yes, it's in the box) QWERTY remote was a pain. The trick is to stand about 1 ft away from the TV when you are pairing it - when I did this I had no issues.
4. Probably not a big deal these days but the hole pattern for mounting the TV on the wall is non-standard (i.e. not VESA compatible). Most wall mounts will fit just about any hole pattern these days though.

Even with its minor flaws, this is the best TV I have ever owned and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
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on April 23, 2011
The UND series is the 2011 successor to the successful UNC line of LED TV's. There's little question that Samsung is the leader in innovation in this market and the UN55D7000 is no exception. Encased in an acrylic frame, the UN55D7000 is stylish, thin, and lightweight. The TV mounts easily to any wall mount or the included chrome x-style stand. Set-up is relatively straight forward and the TV will update its software via Wifi or LAN (connection to an antenna input is not necessary contrary to the manual's reference). Overall, picture quality is nothing short of phenomenal for an LED/LCD. Colors are vivid, albeit a bit oversaturated on the default settings with outstanding contrast and no visible ghosting. Glare is essentially non-existent and is one aspect of the Samsung TV panels that is truly exceptional. As others have noted like all current LED TV's, the UN55D7000 suffers from some edge light leak or clouding when the screen is black. If these are issues for you, skip the current LED's and consider a plasma though they come with their own respective drawbacks and issues. The micro-dimming is ok though I find that it tends to reduce brightness a bit too quickly as ambient light decreases. 3D is gimicky and not really worthy of discussion.

The UN55D7000 boots up reasonably quickly, is extremely quiet, and runs cool. I say "boots up" because Samsung realizes that TV's are now morphing into visual work stations. Are we there yet? Not quite, but it's close. The UN55D7000 sports 4 HDMI connectors, a pair of USB's, a variety of other connectors including optical, DVI, pass throughs, etc. and it manages them well. Like all other TV's in this category, the sound is just ok. If you are looking for premium acoustics, think sound bar or surround.

Samsung has yet to produce logical, computer like, simple navigation and the various controls are buried under a variety of different menus. I'm under the impression that they have chosen to add features and processes in layers rather than producing a coherent OS - is it Android? Nonetheless, it's a very nifty TV that can easily be used to Web browse, display pictures, stream music/videos, and run some interesting Apps. The offerings aren't on the level of the Apple store or Android market but one can use the TV for google talk, facebook, netflix, twitter, youtube, and some other interesting things and the browser is reasonably robust - one can even do PIP while browsing. Also, Samsung has their own network but the content is lacking and it is essentially advertisements for their own products. They also offer some e-help videos and an e-manual but I found their utility questionable. I've yet to encounter a system hang, serious crash, and since it isn't windoze based the blue screen of death is not an option.

All of the system's controls are managed by a proprietary remote/controller. One side is a conventional remote while the other offers a qwerty style keyboard for data entry and an optical trackball like sensor that simulates a mouse pointer. The keyboard is a bit tight and slow, and it would be nice if Samsung would allow one to tether a wireless keyboard via one of the USB ports. As such it means keeping another controller around exclusively for this system.

So to summarize:
1) Phenomenal LCD Picture
2) Seamless and functional Wireless/Networking
3) Web Browser/multiple Apps

1) Clouding/light leak
2) Not quite a work station
3) Proprietary remote/cryptic menus

If one could, I would rate the TV 4.5 stars but I give it 4 because while the UN55D7000 is clearly one of the nicest LED TV's on the market, it just misses the mark for being a shade less than perfect. Priced several hundred dollars less than the top of the line 8000 series, the 7000 series offers almost all of the bang for a slightly smaller bite out of the wallet.
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