Customer Reviews: Samsung HTD6500W 5.1 CH 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System
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on July 13, 2011
I did a lot of research before buying this unit to replace an older JVC home theater system. I wanted "wireless" surround speakers, but didn't want to sacrifice sound quality. We've had the system for about a month and we're totally satisfied with it. The sound is superb and the picture quality is great, plus I have the capability of upgrading to a 3D television w/o having to buy a new DVD player (I'll have to work on the wife to get that done, lol). For those unfamiliar with "wireless surround speakers", they are not totally wireless. The system has a remote receiver that plugs into an electrical outlet and the rear speaker wires plug into it. It does eliminate having to run speaker wires across the room from the main unit, but you still have wires between the remote receiver and the speakers. I would highly recommend this system.
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on August 14, 2011
The Samsung Electronics HT-D6500W Home Theater System is an excellent Home Theater In A Box. I compared it to the Sony BDV-E580 Blu-Ray Disc Player Home Entertainment System (Black) Both spent a week at my house before returning them BOTH for various reasons. First, I want to preface that the reason I returned the item is because it had a faulty Auto Sound Calibration (ASC) unit. The Samsung has quite a few positives against the Sony model. Here we go:

+ 2D to 3D conversion included
+ Extra tweeter in speakers (Truly makes a difference over Sony)
+ Well thought remote
+ Much better quality sound
+ Can play MKV and several other formats, either from a USB Stick or DLNA device like a home server (Good if you don't already stream through a game console or HTPC)
+ Wireless rear speakers (not true wireless, but you needn't string wires from the TV to the back of your couch)
+ Fully customizable and preset sound options (Big deal over Sony)
+ Menu Layout is WAY BETTER than Sony

- Sony has much better 3D Support, current and future.
- Customer Service is lacking, not very helpful.
- The Sub woofer is the weakest part of the system. It's not very powerful, and it's not a down-firing sub either, unlike Sony.
- The wires are MUCH shorter than Sony, you will likely need RCA AH1650SN 50 Ft. 16-Gauge Speaker Wire
- No power saving options, unlike Sony

Overall, the Samsung is truly superior. The biggest strengths is that it has 2D to 3D conversion, and the sound quality is far superior. However, Sony does have a much better/louder Sub woofer.
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on September 6, 2011
The Samsung HT-D6500W is easily one of the best Home Theater In a Box sound systems you're likely to find, especially at the price that Amazon is offering it for. The sound from the speakers is incredibly clear and the subwoofer provides plenty of bass for action soundtracks. The HD sound really does make the difference. Pop in Saving Private Ryan and just listen to the opening sequence at Omaha Beach and you'll realize what I'm talking about.

As for the Wireless Rear Speakers, there is absolutely no lag and the sound coming out of them sounds excellent. The wireless receiver hub is about the size of a Hardcover book, so the only problem you may face is finding a place for it in the back of the room. But don't worry, the wires are long enough so that you can put the receiver hub on either side of the room.

I don't have a 3d TV, so I can't speak for the 3d aspect, but as far as 2d goes, everything I've been watching has looked incredibly clear and the loading times have been pretty short.

Setup was pretty painless. All of the speakers are color-coded, so you just have to match up the colors on the wires to the back of the system. As far as sound calibration (frequency, db level, audio lag, etc), the included microphone (which plugs into the front) eliminates the need for trial and error.

The built in Wi-Fi is great and the number of apps that Samsung offers is pretty extensive. I also like the Netflix button on the remote that takes you directly to the Netflix app, which ran smoothly and also had good sound. FYI, not everything on Netflix is offered in 5.1 surround sound. Depending on what you watch, you may only hear sound from the front speakers, but this only means that whatever you're watching may just be in stereo and not 5.1.

For $477, this should be a no-brainer. The HD sound is fantastic and the system works great. I highly recommend this system to anyone who wants to upgrade to HD sound.
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on July 27, 2011
Needed a new home theater system, my 6 year old Bose Lifestyle (mabe a little older) had a broken CD player, and the remote chronically ate batteries like candy. In retrospect, the length of cables provided by Bose created a mess in my room. Since I have a Samsung LCD, I went with Samsung. Components are all physically much lighter than Bose; don't let that fool you. Excellent sound, played a movie with bombs, moving cars, guns:better than the Bose. Can't say the installation was flawless, since HDMI cable from cable box to TV had to be removed so another could be inserted, AND, since the LCD only has 2 HDMI inputs, I had to disconnect Apple TV (which I use infrequently anyway). Note well: a button on the remote changes the speaker use from just the two front to all of them, with all the sound options!!! Don't forget to push this. If you don't you may think only your front speakers work when they all do. Buy two HDMI cables at Radioshack, they take returns. Amazon was out (weird). IPOD dock work perfectly. I am getting some delay when switching sound from CD to TV. Don't know what that's about. Oh, the ugly triangular bottom slides off the front speakers if you don't like it; I took mine off. All speakers connect to the wall if you want. Rear speakers have no problem connecting "wirelessly;" they are connected to a small reciver, but have no other connections, i.e. almost wirelessly. Why spend almost $3,000. when you can get this for $500.
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on November 28, 2011
The system is excellent in all respects, including a wide range of settings and apps availabillity. Netflix is easily set-up and down-loaded. I've been buying and assembling high-fidelity and subsequently, stereo systems since 1956. This system's sound is superior and more compact than all others I've assembled. The volume of sound is adequate to fill the 30' X 15'room in which it plays. Using the system to expand sound from the TV enhances that experience. The Blu-Ray experience is stunning when played on a large-screen digital TV.

This product provides excellent audio and visual experiences with one exception: the Blu-Ray player will not play Pixar Blu-Ray disks made in October, 2011 and later, more than once or twice. After visiting with techical assistance on two occasions, I learned that Disney (Pixar) has imbedded a new software on its Blu-Ray disks to resist copying. That software has not been purchased or acquired by Samsung as of this writing (11-28-11) to all its devices. This software will be released as "firmware" when an agreement has been released. At that point the home theater system can down-load it directly, or, using a computer, can be down-loaded onto a flash-drive and then up-loaded to home theater's compuerized system. Current Pixar Blu-Ray disks will play once or twice and then won't load. Older Pixar Blu-Ray disks work perfectly, as do all other Blu-Ray disks. We've been assured that Samsung will make the software available. I consider this a temporary matter that should not prevent persons from purchasing the equipment.
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on December 1, 2011
Had for week and no complaints what-so-ever. Great budget home theater, setup easily. Wireless rear speakers not really "Wireless" as you have to plug in the wireless node to AC, then run your rear speaker cable to the rear speakers from there. WiFi setup is a breeze once you define your home network authentication type. one button Netflix is a nice feature too. Blu-ray is crisp and has an amazing picture. I'm a bit of an audiophile (not a purist but enjoy great sound) and the bass response is deep, mids great and highs are crisp. I added a Logitech one universal remote with simplifies things abit so you don't have to cycle through the ample list of inputs to get to the desired HDMI input.
Update: 12/8/11, dropped from 4 star to 1 star.
Problems started after about a week... when I get it work, picture and sound are amazing, however:
Issues I started having since first review:
I have found that I can no longer access the Smart hub / internet apps without first inserting a Blu-ray disc, then hit stop.
HDMI ports have started having issues synching with the cable box and the TV, does not pass through HDMI or present the signal consistently, requiring multiple cable box and TV reboots for the signals to synch up.
DVD discs will not play
Blu-ray discs (new) often stutter and lose sound requiring a very movie disruptive power cycle and then go through the entire movie preview / menu / scene selection.
Netflix button will not work without a Blu-ray disc inserted, and Smart hub input open.
Boxed up unit for return today.
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on June 21, 2011
We purchased this system 15 days ago. It was easy to set up and it works fantastically. The sound quality is very good. From adventure movies, to war movies, to the sound of the rain in Out of Africa....we are very very pleased with this system.
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on May 24, 2011
First off I will start by saying this is my first home theater system.... so of course I'm going to think its WAYYY better than my TV speakers alone. Also I will make the disclaimer that I'm a 23 year old female who is not extremely tech savvy. After making those disclaimers I believe this system was fairly easy to set up. Really all you have to do is plug the wires into the speakers and then into the receiver, it's all color coded so it's pretty simple. The rear wireless speakers are just as easy to set up.

Now my reason for four stars.... after getting it all set up I discovered I was getting a picture from the cable box but no sound, I was getting sound from the Blue Ray player, the radio and the apps so I figured it wasn't a problem with the speakers. I contacted Samsung and they ran me through several different sequences of unplugging HDMI cables and plugging them back in, and switching their ports, and finally resetting the entire system, after all of this they determined the HDMI ports on the receiver were faulty.... I called Amazon and told them what Samsung had told me... the friendly representative told me she would speak with her manager to get the approval to replace my system... I really didn't want to send it all back and she said that sending me just the receiver was not an option. So while I was on hold I did my own trouble shooting and plugged my old Blue Ray player into the HDMI cable that the Cable Box had been plugged into ( Samsung technical support had not even suggested this) and WAHLAA, I had sound. So once the Amazon representative came back I apologized and told her that I believed the problem was actually with the cable box. I called by cable company and they were able to reset the box and everything worked fine! It's not really four stars for the product itself, more for Samsung customer service.

All in all the system is a good system for a first time Home Theater user. I decided on this one after extensive research, since I didn't know anything about home theater systems at first. I had some options that I knew I wanted, and could live without others (such as XM radio receiver built in.)
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on February 9, 2012
**UPDATE** October 5, 2012 **UPDATE**

The rear speakers are creating all sorts of terrible sounds and as a result I have had to unplug them all together. I have yet to call Samsung to see what the deal is but since I ordered these in Feb 2012 - one would expect them to still be in working condition. My usage of these speakers have been minimal at most, and they have not really been moved from where they sit. It's difficult to describe the sounds they are making, they go faint for loud noises that are supposed to be in the foreground and for the background noises they are super loud with a sort of obnoxious echo. I will update this again if Samsung can provide a solution.


I have the Samsung Smart TV, so I figured sticking with Samsun would be in my best interests for simplicity. I was correct in this assumption, I only need the remote that came with the device to operate both the tv and blu-ray. Another added benefit is with the wireless card you can control your TV with your wifi connected iPhone via a simple app. This makes searching videos on youtube alot easier because you have a keypad to type in your queries.

The sound quality is amazing.. With the speaker set up you have positional related surround sound on Xbox games.. I tested this out with Skyrim.. Someone talking to you as you are walking away will be heard from whatever speaker would relate to where ever the speaker would be in relation to your character.. I am sure this would be beneficial for an online FPS.

The Apps are very cool, and even though my Samsung TV already had 2D to 3D mode available, it feels as though the HT-D6500W provided a better quality 2D-3D conversion. Playing a couple HD YouTube videos you could definitely notice a big boost in sound quality.

The wireless receiver could be a bit stronger as I am not getting full reception on the bars.. But I have not noticed any sort of issues in relation to a weak signal.

The sound is amazing.. Some of the options for sound settings are a bit confusing and I am still working on optimizing the sound output.

Make sure you buy a couple HDMI cables because this unit provides you 0. You will need one for the device to the TV, and additional one for each device you will be plugging into the receiver.

Overall I very much enjoy this product!!
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on January 20, 2012
Short version: We love it! Buy it!

Long version: The sound is amazing, the subwoofer is deep, the dynamic range is outstanding. And it's a beautiful piece of equipment! What's not to love?

I'll tell you.

We bought a Samsung UN55D8000 3D HDTV at the same time, and fully expected the two to talk to each other. They do. They argue.

The most egregious example of this was when I pointed our Logitech Harmony One universal remote at the system and press "Watch TV". It's configured to turn everything on (which it does) and the satellite picture and sound came up beautifully... for 10 seconds. Then the input changed! All by itself! It would take 4 steps of going through various menus just to get our satellite back on the TV!

After a Samsung technician came out and spent an hour and a half troubleshooting it, we finally found the culprit: a feature called Anynet+ was enabled and for some reason, the Home Theater was changing inputs. Anynet+ is a bell/whistle that really doesn't need to be there... especially if you have a universal remote. What it does is control the home theater's volume and power from the TV remote. Since we use a universal remote, it's entirely unnecessary and causes more problems than it fixes. I'm telling you: if you buy a Samsung Smart TV, a Samsung Smart Home Theater, and a universal remote, the first thing you'll want to do is disable Anynet+ in the settings. Trust me.

Like any Blu-Ray player, it's going to take a minute or so for the disc to load and start playing. Well worth the wait: the image is crystal clear and the touch controls on the front panel are responsive. If you CHOOSE to connect this player to your home wifi network, make sure your network is 802.11n speed. I choose not to connect the player to my home network unless I'm checking for - and downloading - software updates. Which yours will likely need out of the box (though I don't see much difference).

At any rate, I'll summarize this novel by saying that the HT-D6500W is phenomenal hardware and it looks good doing what it does. Just disable Anynet+ and you should be fine.

EDIT: One of the great features of this receiver I forgot to mention is calibration mode. It comes with a small microphone that you plug into the ASC jack on the flip-down front panel, and position in the middle of the room. Each discrete speaker then emits a test tone (at significant volume!) and balances out the speakers for the acoustics of YOUR room. Awesome! Just make sure you do this when the house is completely silent and all speakers are placed where they're going to stay. I've now had this equipment for a couple of months and we absolutely love it!
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