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on March 13, 2012
The company is a horror with lousy impossible to follow instructions, wildly weird upgrade routs and it tries to fool you into buying more updates/upgrades than you want (lots more) by having them already checked in the upgrade page,etc., etc., that is, if you can even find the page. And their technicians are somewhere with weird accents (maybe India or thereabouts) and their phone system is noisy, hard to understand, and worse.

The application seems to work without wrecking anything. But if someone told me something better to use, I would drop it and forget about MacKeeper. I wasted a whole night trying to upgrade, and still haven't, even though I bought three upgrades, which took me 4 hours to do. And I am supposed to entrust my computer to them?
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on May 12, 2013
What is particularly nasty about this product is that it masquerades as something from Apple/Mac and peddles its service in an especially intrusive way. I was, after much effort, able to extricate myself by finally reaching an actual human being associated with the company (I believe I had gotten to the point of saying I was seeking out the Better Business Bureau....); I found the person to be impervious to any comments about the company's business practices. But, I was free at last! Now, when the ads continue to pop up in the midst of my work looking like messages from my Mac rather than like ads from an outside company, I know just to avoid them like the plague.
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on April 10, 2012
Zeobit is contacting past buyers of MacKeeper offering free upgrades and prizes to spread opinions and reviews of MacKeeper. So if you've got an itch to review, contact them to get your piece of the pie!

And if you're reading a positive review, how do you know whether it's a side effect of the free pie and prizes or honest now?

Don't you just hate that? I hate that more than the MacKeeper pop-under ads.

Try Googling free MacKeeper alternatives for, well, alternatives and pie-free critiques of whether MacKeeper is even necessary.

(Review not enhanced by any pie from Zeobit.)
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on September 19, 2012
A couple of years ago I paid nearly $ 50 for a lifetime of Mackeeper and it has never worked. I've contacted the seller ( several times and they have no idea what's wrong. Gee, that's a lot of help.

I didn't buy this piece of crap through Amazon but I'm happy to place a review here to warn others.
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on November 30, 2012
I was very disappointed with this product. It wasn't able to help speed up my mac, only identify files I might need (such as different language packs). It created a whopping 800mb of space on my harddrive, which is a drop in the bucket on a large drive. Now I get pop-ups from mackeeper, random scans that slow my machine down, and the like. I have removed this software and wouldn't recommend it at all.
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on January 19, 2014
Customer service by phone or chat is horrible. They get upset if you aske too many questions it is almost like you have to know everything about a mac in order to use Mackeeper and if you ask them to simplify the instructions they are annoyed.
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on April 27, 2012
I just trashed Mac Keeper after 2yrs of it doing nothing, Apples own fire wall is better than Mackeeper or you could try the two other programs out if you have to have something besides the Apple firewall.
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on January 17, 2014
My wife and I have been wondering why our MacBook Pro was so slow for a couple years now. I hadn't thought about MacKeeper until reading a review that said it slowed down her computer. Our computer has been consistently slow - waking up, delay with typing, switching between users, everything! I uninstalled this piece of crap and instantly all is better.
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on November 13, 2014
I would urge you not to install any Mackeeper software. Because my browser speed had declined dramatically, and I had been bombarded with pop-up ads from Mackeeper, I agreed (in desperation) to allow Mackeeper to run its diagnostic test on my computer.
Of course, the test showed that my computer was "dangerously" filled with malware, and then urged me to clean my Mac for $58.95. Next, You contact a Mackeeper CR in Kiev who takes over your browser and 'cleans your computer.'


No change in very slow browser speed.

And so the CR asks you to consider a 'full cleaning' to address the problem for $169.00. Foolishly, I agreed.
Then I decided that there was no point in ordering the 'full cleaning." I mean, the initial cleaning was of no help.
I instructed the CR to cancel my order. She is unsure if she can do that on her own and consults her 'supervisor.' Then she says,
"It's OK. We haven't started the cleaning yet, so we can issue you a credit for $169.00. No problem."

You can guess the rest: Mackeeper never credited my card account. When I disputed the charge, Mackeeper informed the credit card company that the charge was valid and indicated that I "never told them to cancel the cleaning."

Yeah, I know. A bold faced lie!

In fact, during the investigation by the credit card company, Mackeeper consistently denied that I ever cancelled the service request.
Without a paper trail (and there is none when you deal with Mackeeper), you can't provide documentation of your request to cancel.

Eventually, the credit card company decided that they would absorb the loss (about $230.00 in total) as they clearly believed that I had been ripped off by Mackeeper--even in the absence of a paper trail.
Yeah, I know. I was initially dumbfounded and amazed that a credit card company would behave so humanely. But they did.

I believe that Mackeeper is a scam. I say this based on:
a) You are lured into considering the 'cleaning service' by intrusive ads for Mackeeper that derail your browser in the first place. I must have seen 30 full screen ads before i capitulated and called them.
b) They provide a 'free diagnostic test' of your browser speed. And I will wager the test always, or almost always, indicates that your Mac computer is 'dangerously' infected.
c) Mackeeper flat out lied to the credit card company by insisting that I never asked that the service be cancelled (before the installation).
d) When a Mackeeper technician later called me for additional information to do the cleaning, I immediately responded to tell him the request had already been cancelled. It turns out that Mackeeper as based in Kiev and uses Skype for their outgoing calls
(I would suppose to save money), you can't return a telephone call from the technician on your cellphone.

Here's the rub:

After being scammed by Mackeeper, and still desperate to remedy the deteriorating sped of my browser and its vulnerability to derailment by websites like Mackeeper, I held my breath and responded to an offer for cleaning software from a webite called "The Safe Mac."

The software was free and I took a chance and downloaded it. And then, to my astonishment, my browser speed improved significantly. I also read through some of the commentary written by The Safe Mac techie. No surprise there!
He considers Mackeeper a scam and strongly advises against its use.

Yes, the software is provided at no charge. I confess that I later decided to make a voluntary contribution to the site for its operational expenses. The website owner later emailed me to thank me for the contribution.

So if your browser speed is deteriorating on your Mac and you cannot stop the intrusion of unwanted websites in your browser searches, well, here's your choice:

You can pay a shady company based in Kiev called Mackeeper to 'clean your Mac' for about $230.00
(for both initial and full cleaning). Don't hold your breath in the hope that it will work.
Or you can download software from the The Safe Mac that is free, and certainly worked for my Macbook Air. If you are grateful for the help from The Safe Mac, you could consider a small voluntary contribution for their service, or not.

I mean, you decide.
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on April 24, 2014
These guys are some of the worst spammers in the industry. I wouldn't own their products if they paid me. Say hello to the slime of the software industry.
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