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on December 3, 2011
I have actually found a QUALITY product that has not crapped out on me within days of purchase. I cannot speak for everyone but, here is my review:
I have been searching for 2 years ( consumer reports, product updates,friends, businesses etc) to find a wireless color printer that can do what I need and canon came thru with flying colors! The best feature is the wireless faxing. Canon customer support if and took care of a simple issue ( which was operator error not the unit) in minutes...good bye more ink jet!
Super quiet and faster printing than what they stated. The quality of my printing is superior! NO skipped prints even on copies...this baby does not miss a beat.
I put 55 pages in to copy...all pages came out in order and perfect...scanner: I scan reciepts into this unit it has not turned or grabbed the thin flimsy receipt like other scanners do...then I tried 60 multiple sizes at one time...still did not skip a beat and all were straight and exactly what I put into the top loader. Fax: sends in color if recipient accepts and timeout errors like my HP and other units I have tried over the years.

I just do not know what else I can say about this unit...I love it and for those of you who are tired of the costly ink jet...welcome to the new world! The replacements are a bit pricey but Amazon took care of that, I found a seller who was competative and free shipping thru I bought extras and am ready to roll for my next ???? copies etc.
The laser cartridges last a heck of a lot longer than original factory installed starters gave me over 2500 b & w, and over 1800 color...I honestly think there is more ink left to go on printing.

My shipping was fantastic, Amazon shipped my unit within a week as opposed to the 3-6 week wait I was told...cudos to amazon! If you are looking for a totally wireless unit that will print from your 3rd floor laptop to ground level, which is where the unit is...this is your new best friend!
So, for all of you that are looking for the best home office (or business) wireless have just found it and it does not break the bank!
Thank you again Canon and Amazon!
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on December 14, 2011
I originally bought the Brother MFC-9970CDW but was unhappy with the print quality and numerous other issues (see my review of the Brother). Before returning the Brother I purchased a Canon MF8380CDW. I did side by side comparisons of the print quality and there is no doubt the Canon produces much better output. I did have to tweak one setting in the printer driver to get the best result (under the Quality section, set Halftones to Resolution), but this was only to improve light gray scale reproduction. The clarity of text and images is much better than the Brother regardless of the driver settings. The Canon is also a bit smaller, quieter, and doesn't flicker the lights in my office like the Brother did. I have not had any jams with the Canon, but I haven't printed envelopes with it yet. The only weakness of the Canon compared to the brother is the user interface. The Brother's user interface is definitely better, but I was able to get the Canon up and running without difficulty. I'm happy with the Canon.

One reviewer complained about the black text being a little light. I agree. However, you can fix this in the printer driver (on a Mac, anyway) by going into the quality settings, select advanced, and move the Black slider to darken it up (I went to +3). Combined with the halftone setting I mentioned above, I am now getting very excellent quality output from this unit. Prior to these tweaks, it was still much better than the Brother. I knocked off one star for the obtuse user interface.
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on November 24, 2011
does color and B/W, 2 sided works great, fits in small places, I have connected to my router thru wire but works great w wifi too. used both for XP and 64 bit windows 7. Works better w 64 bits windows 7 for me. Can copy 2 sides. Very easy setup. not too noisy, great energy saver mode, print speeds ok, the paper tray contained within unit and not sticking out. Sits under my PC table. Feel free to ask anything, bought for 499.
Please be careful how you connect to your router. You can use wire or wifi but DONT use both, otherwise the printer would stop working.
Also it doesnt have a email link to send to printer, so if you are looking for e print, canon is still behind.

Update after 7 months: The scanner works great, gives color PDF's or Jpegs that looks good. Legal is the max size you can scan. You can scan from PC or printer. I found scanning from PC faster. You can scan multiple pages at the same time through the top feeder. I think you can scan 2 sided copies as well. You can scan two sides on to the same PDF. Instead of having two PDF's now you will have one PDF with two pages. Again you dont need to be connected to the scanner, images just pop up on the connected or specified PC. I love this printer but is missing cloud printing. Since Canon recently introduced cloud printing, I am hoping this would get update.
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on August 17, 2012
Just to give you an idea of the speed, Printing 200 copies of the same page, both color and black takes 10 minutes 5 seconds from the time I hit the print button. This was the same regardless of whether I printed in regular quality, graphics, photo, or even CADD mode. It is a true 20ppm speed at that quantity, and that's including the 20 or so seconds it takes for the first print.

As to the sheet feeder, I have printed both from the main drawer and from the multipurpose tray. I have printed on standard 20 lb paper, heavier 24 lb paper, and avery labels that say they are equal to 42 or 52 lb, as well as already printed on paper that was folded into quarters. Nothing has jammed the machine except for the 2 very WORST sheets of the used, printed on, folded paper. But almost all of that (over 100 sheets) fed without problems, and the great thing, they came out nice and smooth because the heat just ironed them flat.

Today while printing, the printer gave the message that the black toner life was depleted. The great thing about Canon printers is, all you have to do is go over to the printer and select the option to keep printing anyway and select "ok". I did that, and so far have printed 200 more pages of half color, half black (all just text and tables, literally 2 colors, red, and black), and the quality of prints is just as good as the first prints from the cartridge.

Another note about finding help for questions about the printer. There are a BUNCH of different settings you can change by going into print properties (sometimes called "preferences") either from the software or from the control panel under devices and printers. On each tab of printer properties there is an option to view settings and also the option to change the settings (I think it's called "advanced settings"). There are many settings there which after searching the manual on the cd, the online manual, and the tech support canon website, calling canon tech support and the tech not even being able to explain the features, a senior tech finally said to click on the help button in the bottom right corner of the page for each tab. That brings up a very extensive help menu with detailed descriptions of what all the settings are for. Nothing in the manuals reference this fact.

For aftermarket new (not re-manufactured cartridges), I recommend abacus 24-7 private (type those words into the google search bar and make sure you click on the link that has "private" in the address because the prices are much lower than the other portion of the site). I have not ordered the cartridges yet, but a set of 4 cartridges is $133.75, which prints roughly 3400 black pages and 2900 for the color cartridges. I have ordered aftermarket inkjet cartridges there, and they are a great company to work with, with a guarantee on their products of 1 year from the order date. They do either refunds or replacements. Of over 70 cartridges ordered, we had 4 that were leaky which were replaced without us even sending the originals back. All of those 4 worked perfectly fine once I wiped off the ink on the outside of the cartridges. Their is a user (H. Guncheon) on this website who actually ordered the cartridges from abacus and has posted several useful comments as response to another user's review. Don't know who posted the review, but it is the only review with over 30 comments posted. So that is a place to check for results of toner cartridges sold by abacus. He also mentions cartridge hub, which sold very leaky cartridges, as a supplier to avoid. UPDATE 12/14/12: not long after writing this review I ordered cartridges from Abacus which worked perfectly. Sadly, they yielded less than the starter cartridges that came with the printer (which are rated at half the amount of regular cartridges).

This printer has also been great for prints that are completely waterproof. I work for a small tortilla manufacturer and we print our own labels which go into the bags with the tortillas. Ours are as close to homemade as you can get, so they go into bags while they are still VERY warm, which results in a fair amount of moisture in the bags. Labels printed on our inkjet in color completely failed, ran very badly, but not on this printer. (Only labels printed in grayscale using only the black pigment ink, not the color dye based inks were waterproof) Laser is the way to go for waterproof since the technology "burns" the image on the page. Four our tests, dipping in a sink of water results in absolutely NO ink run.

I will later update with information on using different size papers in the multi-purpose tray, including cardstock. Also will be testing the auto-duplex feature for scanning and copying, as well as posting my experience and opinions about refilling toner cartridges and the color and quality of prints with the refill toner. UPDATE: I've been able to use 4x6 with no problem. Haven't tried any other page sizes.

UPDATE: 8/25/12 After the message to change the black cartridge, I got a little over 300 more pages printed before quality was affected. Of these, 100 were printed in solid black, and the other 200+ were 1/2 red, 1/2 black.

UPDATE: 9/2/12 After the message to change the magenta (almost all of our labels are about half black and half red only) we got another 225 copies before quality declined on the red. Yellow finally said it's out, we've printed another 625 since then without changing the yellow and no decline in quality yet (but again, our labels are pretty much red and black, though a few are brown and black). Ordered cartridges from abacus private and have installed the red and black so far. Not a single problem. Perfect from the first print, no leaks, no mess and toner cartridges were packaged extremely well. We have now printed well over 3000 pages and no problems. No problems with paper jams either. Have printed on 110 lb cardstock and labels that say they are equivalent to 60 lb paper I think. For both of those, I didn't even change the paper type on the printer menu and everything was perfect. Love how fast this thing prints duplex.

I also bought refill kits from toner refill store online and a tool for melting a hole to refill the cartridges. They are very helpful with any questions and stand behind their products. I've never had any hold time when speaking with them. This was 64.95 for 4 colors with new chips, static cloths for cleaning, and I think a pair of disposable gloves. They are also willing to customize which 4 colors you use, in case you use more of one color over another. That way you get the lower price by buying the 4 pack. To get this service, call the 800 number on their website. You can even pay with paypal, whether you order over the phone or on the internet.

Found a really good video on youtube for good instructions. Toner refill store also sends some pretty good instructions with good pictures. It takes a little learning, but the refills did work, however, on the aftermarket cartridges, I had trouble on the second refill. I ended up buying one OEM cartridge of each color on newegg where they are the cheapest. So far I have refilled a couple of these 3 times and they are still going strong. If anyone is interested in tips for doing the refills-things I've learned from experience, I will gladly share. Just post a comment with your questions.

I still LOVE this printer. I've even printed on 3x5 and 4x6 cards and 1/4 size paper (which required some initial setup from the control panel in Windows).

UPDATE: 01/28/2013
Finally found a source for good remanufactured OEM cartridges which guarantees the cartridges. Not only do they work, but I was able to get the same page yield as the original OEM's and I have been able to refill them. And I am talking the same page yield where we print thousands of the same page (labels for our products). I have had one that was defective, but their policy is to send the replacement first, along with an RMA return shipping label, THEN you send the defective one back to them.

It's called monoprice (dot com, of course). The cartridges run $30-$39 depending on color. Black & blue (cyan) ones are $30, Red (magenta) and yellow are $39. IMPORTANT note: If you type canon 118 into the search box, the black and cyan cartridges will display in results. The magenta and yellow will not. but the product ID#'s will get you the right cartridges. Black: 9515, Cyan: 9516, Yellow: 9517, Magenta: 9518. It will show as an HP cartridge, but I have ordered them and they ARE absolutely the correct cartridges. Hope that helps anyone who may be looking for reasonably priced dependable cartridges. I have had one that was defective, but as I said, the company promptly sent a replacement and RMA label so I could return at no cost to me.

UPDATE 08/05/13
We had a problem with the printer I thought others should be aware of in case they run into something similar. It was making ghastly noises and I thought it was actually a printer problem. After about 2 months of the issue, the manufacturer was going to send us a replacement printer, but when I changed the cyan cartridge (which had been putting streaks on pages only some of the time), the noises (and occasional blue streaking) vanished. Incidentally, the culprit was an OEM cartridge which had never been refilled. Defective from the manufacturer. Printer is still working great and we have printed over 66,000 copies with about 6400 being black, the rest color copies.

UPDATE 09/10/15
A long while back I quit doing refills because the volume of prints we do made it cumbersome for the frequency required. We went to buying cartridges from suppliesoutlet dot com and their cartridges were good most of the time with maybe 1 of 15 cartridges defective and only $88 for a set of 4 cartridges. They were good to replace defective cartridges. However, I recommended them to another business owner and when they had a defective cartridge, the company refused to stand behind their warranty. Some while back there started to be may defective cartridges. Then after a time that cleared up (they started sending different cartridges). Sadly, the new cartridges which have had rare problems are only giving about half the page yield that they should. I am currently looking for a new supplier and will update once I have found a viable solution.
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on December 10, 2011
Just bought this printer at Staples a few weeks ago, I saved 200 bucks with a $150.00 instant rebate and $50.00 for a broken printer to exchange.
Overall this printer is great for what I have done with it.
1. Supports 64 bit software and everything is going to both 64 bit Operating Sytems and WI-FI.
2. WI-FI is great. I have three computers hooked up vis WI-FI without any problems.
3. Scanning is fast. It scans faster than my Epson Workforce 840. I like being able to scan directly to PDF to any computer I choose via WI-FI.
4. Color copies are very, very good. Photo printing needs adjustments, mine are not flesh tone but more sunburn looking. Text black could be a bit darker but I am assuming thats OEM toner is why its not as black as I would like, but very doable. I can change the darkness by increasing it some.
5. Copies are good. I like being able to put two copies on one page, even four on one page. Thats a nice feature to help save paper. The printer copies fine, copy output (1st Page) is slower than my Canon D880 printer/fax/copier but thats not a big deal.
6. Setup was good, fairly easy for the most part.
7. Duplex printing is always on unless I go into printer properties and choose single sided. I did figure out that if I go into the Device and Printers for Windows I can change the preference to single sided as standard.
8. Toner is affordable,I have found sites that offer all 4 colors for 160.00. Thats very affordable compared to the ink jets cartidges my Epson takes.
9. Canon customer Support is very good. Had an issue and it turned out to be ATT Uverse problem.

1. My Canon D880 holds a whole ream of paper, the Canon 8380 does not.
2. The operaters manual is difficult to understand probably because there are so many features for me to get my head around.

The Printer is great overall and would recommend this unit to anyone.
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on February 29, 2012
I rate this printer a Five-Star because:

(1) It has duplex printing,
(2) Networking both wired as well as wireless
(4) Fax
(5) Scan to JPEG/PDF (Tried OCR could not get through)
(6) Printing
(7) Easy Network Installation (Just run the CD that came with the printer, done!)
(8) Price is less than $400
(9) Compact size with the robust features of other machines
(10) First print starts in less than 20 seconds
(11) No curly output
(12) Color Printing is flawless original printing

I don't know if anyone can expect more than this for the price of $399.99.
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on January 18, 2012
I purchased this printer just before Christmas to replace an old Okidata color laser and a Cannon ink jet all-in-one. I wanted an all-in-one that had wireless capability as my router is not near where I wanted to put the printer. After researching several different printers, I chose the Cannon after reading the other reviews. And I am glad I made that choice.

Pros: Very good picture quality, ease of set up and the features.

Cons: No paper level indicator on the outside of the printer.

This was the easiest printer I have ever set up. After unpacking and un-tapeing it, I plugged it in and went through the set-up procedure in the Quick Set-up Guide and in about 10 minutes the printer was working. The wireless set-up was just as easy. I went through the wireless set-up and chose WPS Push Button Mode, confirmed my choice and then pushed the WPS button on my wireless router and within a few seconds the Cannon found and connected to the router. After that, I installed the Cannon software on my laptops and after each software install, the laptop found and installed the printer. It took about 30 minutes to install the printer on all three of my laptops.

The print quality is very good and pictures, while not as good as an inkjet, are good enough for everyday use by my family's work and school projects. The printer allows you to fax from a computer and the copy quality is also very good. As with other printers I researched, we have not had a problem with the paper rolling too much after a print. There is some minor rolling to the paper but it flattens out after a minute or two.

My one complaint, and it is a very minor complaint, is that there is no paper level indicator on the outside of the printer. My old Okidata had a lever on the paper tray to tell you how much paper is left but Cannon did not include one on this printer.

Overall I am very happy with the printer so far.
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on February 8, 2012
I loved my Canon pc1060 copier. I needed to replace my fax machine, get an additional printer and scanner. While this machine does all of these tasks well, it does not do them great. I prefer my ScanSnap scanner for speed of scanning and ease of use, including labeling and placement of the scanned files. I prefer my HP P1006 printer to this machine for its quick easy ability to change printing tasks. Everything with this machine is multistep.

That said the quality of the images scanned, printed, copied and faxed is great. The compromise here is on convenience.

I have been using this new machine for about a month now.
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on November 3, 2012
Let me start by saying that I had a Brother 9840CDW for about 5 years and was happy with that printer for about the first 6 months but then problems started. Fortunately, I had purchased an extended warranty for the issues, but the peripherals were outrageous and once the warranty ended it got costly. So when it came time for a new printer I researched. The comps I found (price range wise) were the Brother 9970CDW, HP m375nw and the Canon 8380CDW.

My important specs were:
- image quality, speed, duplexing (both print and copy), ease of use (both set up and daily), customer service and longevity.

I've now only had this printer for just about a week but am pretty enthusiastic about it, and here's why:

1. The imaging on this printer is AMAZING. Seriously, the new Brother can't even come close. The HP looked just about as good.

2. This thing goes from "energy saving mode" to copying like 10 times faster than my Brother did. I don't know how the others compare but this is more than satisfactory. It's also a very quiet machine.

3. This auto duplexes perfectly and has multiple finishing options that the other comps did not have and I don't think that the HP even has auto duplexing (it may not even have duplexing, you'll need to research this more but I got conflicting info on that one).

4. Once you get things configured, it's simple... BUT be forewarned, there is definitely a learning curve. Because this machine has so many options, you need to spend some time figuring out your own best use scenarios. For example, it doesn't automatically pull from the manual tray if that's open and has paper in it, you need to set it up do to do that, both on the machine AND from your computer when you go to print. But if you have certain things you need to use that tray for, like labels, etc... after you set it up once, you're ok. As for initial set up (i.e., right when you get the machine) that's easy (except if you want to print from mac, here you'll have to download multiple drivers - they definitely could have/should have simplified this process).

5. Customer Service - Seriously unparalleled. Whenever I call I get a human being that speaks clearly and understands the machine. They also NEVER asked for my serial number or when I purchased it. They simply helped... exactly what a company should when you purchase their product.

6. The price of peripherals are MUCH less than Brother, and most importantly, the cartridges are both ink and drum, so no replacing the drum if it gets scratched and your copies turn out poorly. Those Brother Drums alone are like $250.

As for longevity and quality consistency... can't say just yet, but for now, I am very glad I did the research and made this particular purchase. Lastly, I did just want to say, that I am not one to typically write reviews, but the reviews here on Amazon have been so helpful to me on so many of my various purchases that I felt the need to pay it forward. I hope this was helpful to you.

THIS IS AN UPDATE 8/10/13 (which is also in the comments below):
I'm updating my review because I spoke too soon.... this is a great printer in terms of quality, no doubt, but it has a number of issues. 1) it just simply doesn't work well with a MAC. You can set it up but if it loses its connection, which it does randomly, it's like a whole new install to get it to work again, so if you're a Mac based office or even have a mac, I would not get this. 2) It's also super complicated and not fully intuitive. You need to adjust settings every time you want to switch a tray, or use a different weight paper... and 3) when it gives you an error and stops working, you literally have to guess which button to hit for that issue.... because there is no set button or guidance per issue. I take my review down to a 3.5. Sorry Canon... They do have great customer support though, I will give them that.
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on February 29, 2012
To whomever finds this useful,

This printer has the potential to be one of the best All-in-One printers on the market. The features are amazing, the speed is amazing, and the clarity is awesome. However, if you are like many in my office who have difficulty adapting to new machines without the ability to dedicate the hours it takes to properly begin using this machine then I do not recommend anyone purchase this machine. Thankfully I do feel comfortable deviating from the directions of technical manuals in order to make a machine work.

Long story short, the directions are terribly written and most of the time I have found myself trouble shooting basic needs in the office by figuring it all out on my own without the directions book. I feel the directions should be re-written after a few test runs over basic printer errors are corrected. Clearly, these directions were written by a tech who has no experience dealing with normal people and has written them with technical jargon too advanced for the common person.

The other thing that disturbs me about this printer is the constant resetting of modes by turning the machine on and turning it back off. The way Canon has decided to allow users to change technical settings on the product requires shutting the machine down and letting it reset itself to your new settings. This slows down the office dramatically because you will be without a fax or copier while you may want to quickly change the default settings. I constantly find myself having to do this over the basic tweaks in the settings to provide better defaults to my fellow employees.

I repeat, if you have the time to mess around with the unit (5hours or more, plus quick training for each person 30 minutes each) than buy the unit because the features are worth it. If you do not have the time to set-up and waste a day, do not buy the printer because I am sure there are better and quicker machines on the market for similar price.
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