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4.0 out of 5 stars 5..4..3..2..1...The Countdown Is Over As Jericho's Career FINALLY Comes To DVD, October 5, 2010
This review is from: Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho (DVD)

You can call him by any of his names but the fact is that Chris Jericho is one of the greatest sports entertainers of this generation. A man who has the complete package of wrestling ability & entertainment value. This release is long overdue but finally we can hear the story behind the man. Throughout the presentation, you'll hear from various people including those close to him (his father & former NHL player Ted Irvine along with other childhood friends) along with WWE talent from the past (Lance Storm, Eric Bischoff, Goldberg, Roddy Piper) & present (Bret Hart, Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Christian, Joey Styles, Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, Edge, Matt Hardy, The Miz, Michael Hayes, John Morrison, Big Show, John Cena, Evan Bourne, Vince McMahon, Wade Barrett, Pat Patterson).

The documentary stars talking about his childhood in terms of how he was very active while getting into his two biggest passions of wrestling & music by age 12. How Jericho went to a community college while waiting to join the Hart Family training camp was discussed next before he going into about a talk he had with Jesse Ventura along with meeting Lance Storm at the training camp was talked about next. His international travels was discussed next such as going to Mexico was talked about as far as getting his nickname of "Lionheart" & becoming a heartthrob to the audience & being able to work various shows on a daily basis before going into his work in Germany where he worked for 42 days straight at one point. His venture into Jim Cornette's Smokey Mountain Wrestling talked about his "Thrillseekers" tag team with Lance Storm & how he learned the ability to cut a promo was mentioned before going into his tours of Japan were more wrestling based. His run in ECW was heavily discussed next detailing such things like how he was booked in a matches against Taz & Cactus Jack got him over with the crowd along with the importance behind his tagline of being "the last survivor of the Hart Family Dungeon." The story of Eric Bischoff giving him a job on the spot the first time they ever met thinking he would be one the top names for the crusierweight division begins his WCW career where his constant problems were heavily discussed like how being a "vanilla" babyface wrestler made his career difficult, the impact of the crusierweight division on the company, and how being turned heel was a blessing. From there, he goes into memorable moments from such as him being a "Man Of 1,004 Holds" & also a "Conspiracy Victim" before going into details about what went wrong with his storyline involving Goldberg (with comments from Goldberg himself) that convinced Jericho to leave WCW. How Jericho saw a countdown clock in a post office lead to his WWE debut before going into how he felt that he didn't live up to the hype almost 2 months later. His storyline with Chyna over the Intercontinental Championship was talked about before going into how his angle with Stephanie McMahon elevated him & beating Triple H for the WWE Championship on RAW was his breakthrough moment. Becoming the first Undisputed Champion was discussed next with people like Rey Mysterio saying that it opened up the road for smaller guys like him to become champion before going into his true thoughts on working with Stephanie leading up to WrestleMania X8 & how he felt about being the last match on the card following Hogan vs. Rock. His ability to have good matches with anyone & how he wanted his "Highlight Reel" to be a modern day "Piper's Pit" was discussed next before going into the importance of his feud with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XIX to the point where Jericho said that match meant more to him than winning the Undisputed title & talking about his entertaining partnership turned rivalry with Christian. Jericho's thoughts on John Cena were up next as he talked about how Cena reminds him of Austin (his words, not mine), the reaction of the crowd cheering for him over Cena, and his true feelings on the way he was "fired" from WWE. What Jericho did away from wrestling was talked about next before going into the concept & evolution of his rock group Fozzy along with his autobiography that became a New York Times best seller & the death of his mother. The story behind his comeback to WWE was heavily discussed with both Shawn Michaels & John Cena playing a heavy part in motivating him was talked about before going into why he felt like he had to turn heel & where elements of his character came from. Highlights & discussions his feuds against Rey Mysterio & Shawn Michaels & Edge were up next along with his involvement with Wade Barrett & NXT before closing out the documentary with Jericho's thoughts on if he really is the best at what he does & how he would want to exit wrestling.

DVD extras include bonus stories of Jericho talking about being a wrestling fanatic, his first wrestling name, being on a mexican wrestling version of "American Idol", calling Paul Heyman for a year to get into ECW, Christian telling a story of how everyone knew Chris Jericho in a town they were in, and Joey Styles calling a move Jericho did turned into a big inside joke between the two. Other DVD extras include various video packages from Smokey Mountain on the Thrillseekers tag team, Jericho reading his list of 1,004 holds on WCW Nitro, going to Washington D.C. to get justice for being a victim of a conspiracy theory in WCW on Nitro, his own comedic take on Goldberg's entrance on WCW Thunder, his father confronting him on WCW Thunder, a promo with The Rock where they traded insults against each other, post show moments with Steve Austin on RAW & having a verbal battle against an old man on SmackDown, a highlight package of his greatest entertaining moments, and his debut & return to WWE round out the extras.

Matches Include:
Debut Match vs. Lance T. Storm - The video quality for this match isn't real good but keep in mind that it came from a very old VHS tape (from Storm's personal collection). Both men told a great story for this being their first match with them having a mix of high flying moves & mat work like Jericho working over Storm's arm early with various armbars & armbars as the match went to a 15 minute draw but the work was so great that the fans chanted that they want more.
Oct. '90
Alternate Commentary By: Chris Jericho & Matt Striker

Thrill Seekers vs. The Infernos - This was their Smokey Mountain Wrestling debut & nothing more than a showcase of their fast paced high flying style offense including an impressive double dropkick from the top rope.
"Smokey Mountain Wrestling" Mar. '94

International Junior Heavyweight Championship Match vs. Ultimo Dragon - This was match from Jericho's own archives so the visual quality isn't completely clear while the japanese commentary had some audio problems at times. Jericho did lots of high flying such as a springboard dive off the top rope multiple times (which he completely missed on one occasion) & a big splash while also implementing in-ring wrestling like an impactful double arm powerbomb but Dragon brought the fight to Jericho too including stealing his top springboard dropkick at one point as this really picked up over & towards the end, there was a heavy series of close near falls with both men kicking out of impactful moves against each other resulting in a quality match from early in his career.
July '95
Alternate Commentary By: Chris Jericho & Matt Striker

vs. Cactus Jack - Stevie Richards & Blue Meanie had a moment with Cactus before the match with Jericho spoiling it causing Cactus to attack aggressively with punches & kicks to the face while Jericho used his various styles of kicks along with using Cactus' own momentum against him before Cactus was able to catch Chris & get more aggressive using the environment around him to his advantage only for Jericho to get extreme in his own right in a competitive back & forth match that had a deeper meaning behind the scenes as it since Foley helped Jericho get into ECW.
"ECW" Mar. '96

WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match vs. Eddie Guerrero - This was a rematch from their previous Clash Of The Champions match as the crowd threw Eddie off his game early with Jericho taking advantage with quick offense causing Eddie to get aggressive with chops & uppercuts only for Jericho to not only return it right back but also using his momentum against him to keep Eddie on the mat as they traded momentum back & forth executing similar offense against each other going into series of reversals & counters with Eddie heavily focused on a specific area of the body with strikes & submissions while Jericho continued to deliver impactful offense such as back to back powerbombs & release german suplex in a very physical encounter.
WCW Fall Brawl '97
[Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story]

WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match vs. Juventud Guerrera - Juventud must either win the championship or lose his mask as Jericho showed that he was heavily overconfident early allowing Juvi to execute a heavy series of offense from the springboard position along with other lucha libre influenced offense causing Jericho to attempt different tactics from his championship advantage to eventually getting more aggressive as they traded momentum with both taking it to the air along with impactful in-ring offense & countering their opponents offense into their own as this was a very impactful match that came down to one man being able to catch the other.
WCW SuperBrawl VIII '98
[Rise & Fall Of WCW]

WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match vs. Dean Malenko - This was Dean Malenko's final title opportunity against Chris Jericho with Jericho attempting to get a jump start before the bell only for Malenko to caught Jericho in mid-air as they traded momentum going through a series of roll throughs & counters delivering their trademark offense from impactful moves to submissions as it ultimately came down to one man losing his focus on winning the championship that ultimately cost him.
"WCW Nitro" July '98

Intercontinental Championship Match vs. Kurt Angle - It should be noted that Kurt Angle came into this match also as European Champion while Chyna was in Jericho's corner with Jericho taking control early on in the match sending Angle to the floor where the match turned into a brawl with the ring post & steel steps used before going back into the ring where Angle was able to target an injured body part of Jericho's to the point where Jericho was showing signs of it hurting when executing his own offense. This was a good quality encounter but both men would go on to have better matches throughout their career against each other.
No Way Out '00
[History Of Intercontinental Championship]

vs. WWE Champion Triple H - Jericho was able to manipulate Triple H into making this a championship match before revealing that his hired the A.P.A. as insurance while Shane & Stephanie McMahon were also at ringside. Jericho was able to stay one stay one step ahead early using Triple H's momentum against him before Triple H caught him & slowed down the pace working over Jericho with brawling tactics pushing the limits of a potential disqualification as Jericho was able to counter not only moves by Triple H but tactics attempted by the McMahon's at ringside before Triple H decided to focus his aggression on someone else that would eventually come back to haunt him with an aftermath that was never before "seen" in the history of WWE up to that point.
"RAW" Apr. '00
[Best Of RAW: 15th Anniversary]

vs. WCW Champion The Rock - This match happened during the period when WWE had brought WCW and the WCW Championship was defended on WWE television. The big story behind this one was the fact that Chris Jericho had never won "the big one" as every single time he had a chance at a World Championship, something went wrong & he didn't win it. Both Rock & Jericho were fan favorites at this time so the crowd was heavily split between both men. This was a very physical match as it never once got boring or slow between both men as it started out as a wrestling match but got more personal as the match went on with both men countering each other's signature moves along with The Rock delivering a Rock Bottom through a table while Jericho was stealing moves like the Rock Bottom & People's Elbow. Stephanie McMahon made an appearance & accidentally assisted Jericho to use whatever "stroke" he had left to finally become a World Champion.
No Mercy '01
[History Of World Heavyweight Championship]

Undisputed Championship Match vs. Steve Austin - This match was setup in that Steve Austin faced & defeated Kurt Angle in the WWE Championship right before Jericho's match with The Rock over the World Championship which was joined in progress where Jericho beat The Rock with help from Mr. McMahon. The match with Austin started right afterwords with Austin going right after Jericho before Angle & Rock got involved. Austin took the fight right to the floor with both men ending up hitting the exposed floor after failed attempts of a Stunner & Walls Of Jericho on the announce table. Jericho worked over Austin's arm & shoulder with submission moves like an armbar while stealing Austin's own stunner. Things got way out of control with appearance from Vince McMahon, Ric Flair, former WCW referee Nick Patrick, and Booker T before Chris Jericho walked away with two championships & history being made.
Vengeance '01
[History Of WWE Championship]

No Disqualification Match vs. WWE Champion Hulk Hogan - Hogan was able to easily overpower Jericho early on including shoving him out of the ring to the outside causing Jericho to take shortcuts & use illegal tactics along with his trademark offense to have the momentum in his favor as they went back & forth with Hogan still relying on his power while Jericho used his speed & illegal tactics out of desperation as it took one man taking advantage of another's distractions to gain the victory here in a solid contest.
"SmackDown" May '02
[Best Of SmackDown: 10th Anniversary]

vs. Shawn Michaels - Shawn's WrestleMania return here didn't start off well as two of this pyro guns didn't go off & were duds. Both men exchanged wrestling early on with headlocks & armlocks Shawn attempted to work over Jericho's leg with moves like a figure four while Jericho worked over his back with various moves like a vertical suplex, the Walls Of Jericho on the outside, and ramming Shawn's back into the ring post twice. Jerry Lawler made the comment that "both men are so similar that it's almost like wrestling yourself" which we saw apply to Jericho various times such as using Shawn's trademark moves like his flying forearm & Sweet Chin Music while Shawn pulled out some tricks of his own like the countering a suplex into a crossbody. This was definitely a quality match fitting of Shawn's reputation of "Mr. WrestleMania."
WrestleMania XIX
Alternate Commentary By: Chris Jericho & Matt Striker
[Shawn Michaels: My Journey; Shawn Michaels: Mr. WrestleMania]

"You're Fired" Match vs. WWE Champion John Cena - This was the rematch from SummerSlam the previous night with the special condition that whoever lost the match would be fired from WWE with Eric Bischoff at ringside in favor of Jericho & kept getting involved throughout the match as Jericho was completely dominate here with Cena only able to brief momentum with clotheslines, punches & shoulderblocks while Jericho used dirty tactics along with whatever he could get his hands on working over Cena's back throughout the match including the Walls Of Jericho to the point where you saw this effect him when trying to deliver the FU. This was the performance from Cena that he gets heavily criticized for while Jericho was able to adjust to Cena's style of the time to make the match work.
"RAW" Aug. '05
[John Cena's Greatest Rivalries]

vs. Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy - Both men came into this match very aggressive coming at each other with slaps to punches & takedowns right away to the point where the referee had to get physically involved to separate them as the intensity picked up with both men taking advantage of an opening the other left either in the ring or on the floor while either hitting some big moves like the Whisper In The Wind or Lionsault or countering them such as the Walls Of Jericho & swanton bomb. This was a very intense fast paced match between both men.
"RAW" Mar. '08
[History Of Intercontinental Championship]

World Heavyweight Championship/Ladder Match vs. Shawn Michaels - This was a different type of ladder match than we're used to seeing...and that's a good thing. Just like their previous matches like the Unsanctioned Match at Unforgiven, this was more about each man trying to beat the hell out of each other with the ladder making moves more impactful instead of pulling off a bunch of cool looking high spots. Couple of moments to look for was when Jericho took a fall off the ladder straight to the floor that we normally see except he didn't have tables to break his fall and one hit with the ladder right in the face that resulted in one of his teeth getting knocked out. Fun match with both men (innovators of this match in their own rights) setting a different standard for a ladder match.
No Mercy '08
[The Ladder Match 2: Crash & Burn]

No Holds Barred Match vs. Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio - Jericho didn't do his usual entrance as he came through the crowd with words for the WWE Universe as Rey took the fight to Jericho right at the bell taking the fight to the outside using whatever he could get his hands on to beat on him before Jericho was able to neutralize him by slowing down the pace & reversing any attempt he had at momentum as they went back & forth with series of counters & pin reversals as Mysterio continued doing his trademark lucha libre offense from different areas of the ring & Jericho's own momentum against him only for Jericho to keep attempting to remove the mask & keeping him grounded throughout the encounter.
Extreme Rules '09

vs. Undertaker - It should be noted that not only was this a non-title "champion vs. champion" match but also the first ever singles encounter between both men despite being in WWE at the same time for over a decade. Taker was dominate early on using his trademark offense & size advantage only for Jericho to reverse one of the holds attempting to neutralize the superior size advantage along with using dirty tactics whenever he could staying one step ahead with different counters cutting off any momentum attempted in what was a solid encounter that came down to one man catching the other in a situation he couldn't escape from.
"SmackDown!" Nov. '09

World Championship Match vs. Edge - For those trivia fans, Edge & Jericho did have some interaction over the years in TV matches along various tag & multi-man matches but this was their first ever singles PPV match. As it was put over throughout the match, these two men knew each other so well here that they were able to reverse & counter each other's trademark moves at various times like Jericho being able to counter the spear various times into other moves like the Walls Of Jericho & even a Codebreaker while Jericho even attempted the spear only to run into a big boot. As Jericho made clear going into this match, he focused heavily on Edge's ankle including viciously stomping on it & even stealing his a move from his old "Thrillseekers" tag team partner Lance Storm with the half crab where he put the pressure on Edge's ankle. This wasn't a fast paced match but one that had a calculated pace that allowed them to tell a story that was constantly built over time but left you wanting more when it was over. However, the biggest highlight & memorable moment came afterwards when Edge delivered the one word that he promised would happen to Jericho at WrestleMania..."SPEAR" and boy did he ever.
WrestleMania XXVI

In the end, the documentary is one of the best I've ever seen WWE do as far as quality goes where they covered everything possible as far as his life in & outside the ring while the matches themselves were each quality in their own right. The only thing negative I can really say on this is that because WWE waited so long to put this set out that nine of the matches on here were already released on other DVD sets as although I understand each of these matches are significant in their own to his career, it's just too many repeats for my taste hence why I can't give this a 5 star rating but this is definitely a set I would put high on your "wish list" & that anyone should add to their collection.
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Initial post: Oct 6, 2010 1:40:20 PM PDT
Scotty M. says:
I'll probably save this one for a X-mas present of mine. And I agree too, I'm disappointed about the reptitive matches and I feel other certain and meaningful matches had a right to be a part of this set such as his Steel Cage match with Christian on RAW or their WM 20 bout (since their rivalry was discussed in the doc.) but I'm more interested in the doc. then anything else. So I will definitely pick this one up sometime. Good job dude.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 7, 2010 7:38:12 AM PDT
Scott Stessl says:
I picked it up yesterday. While some of the repetitive matches are disappointing, I also do not have all those sets either. So in a way, it works for those people that don't have the other sets, but I definitely see what you guys mean. However, I can watch HBK v Y2J from WM 19 all day, and I have that match on multiple sets and DVDs. They HAVE to include that match! I'm personally excited about the documentary anyway, so I think the good (documentary) will outweigh the bad. (repetitive matches)

Posted on Oct 9, 2010 1:16:18 AM PDT
Great review! Don't mind the match selection since I don't buy or own much WWE stuff, so this is great!

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2010 6:46:05 PM PST
CE says:
Hey man. Chris here. Thanks for the review! I might get this one later on. I am a little disappointed they only included three WCW matches on the set though.

Posted on Oct 28, 2015 9:21:53 AM PDT
D.P. says:
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