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Customer Review

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3.0 out of 5 stars Gorgeous picture, but QA not the greatest (updated), May 24, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: LG Cinema Screen 55LM8600 55-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 240Hz Dual Core LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Six Pairs of 3D Glasses (2012 Model) (Electronics)
***EDIT (06/04/2012)

You may want to read the entire review, but I'm posting the update at the top so you can see the most important pro/cons right away.

- Display is very bright, and colorful. Children programming looks outstanding.
- Apps open quite quickly (guess that's what the Dual Core is for)
- Very thin. Looks great when flush on the wall. This, however, will make the TV look smaller (depends on how far you sit from the TV, etc)
- 3D works amazingly well on 3D content, better so than a 55ST30 with active shutter glasses, with less artifact and crosstalk. However, look at the 3D point in the Cons as well
- Sound: Speakers sound well enough in situations where you don't need/want additional speakers. The speakers can fill up the room, if configured properly.
- Settings: great menus for setting up the TV. Image quality increases greatly when properly calibrated, and 3D, speaker sound, etc all have their own long menus of settings.

- QA, as commented on the title. At least I'm using this as LG's scapegoat. The TV I received had numerous problems. The light bleeding and clouding was unacceptable. It was all over the place. The easiest way to find this: turn on your TV (when it arrives) and move the mouse around the blank screen. If a vertical strobe of light follows your mouse, you've got a problem. Then, turn on any dark app on the TV, like Vudu or CinemaNow. Look for light bleeding around the corners and the sides. In my case, it was at all ends of the screen.
- Magic Remote: I did not like this at all. It was a great gimmick that would probably work well if you were browsing the internet on the TV. For everything else, you'd be better off with a normal remote. The fact that the bluetooth would stop and the remote had to be re-paired with the TV every day was annoying, though at least it's easy to pair back up.
- Glare: it's an LCD LED TV, but glare is worse than with a Plasma TV. OK, not worse, but about the same. I brought my 55ST30 upstairs to compare, and there was no difference. YMMV on this as my room is not your room.
- Wireless issues: When the TV connects to Wifi, it tends to do it in under 10 seconds. That is, from the time you press the ON button, Wifi is ready in like 10 seconds. HOWEVER, some times the WiFi will not turn on at all. It'll just say "connecting" but won't do anything.
- Netflix issues: In the 20 days I owned this TV, the Netflix app had several different issues: 1) At odd times it decided it'd not play any shows. It'd just say connecting and would not display the show, at all. Verified wifi/corded connection and everything else in the house was able to connect to the internet without a problem. 2) TV would lose App settings. Happened 4 times. We'd go to Netflix and our user name and password had disappeared, like if it was the first time we were booting up the TV.
- 2D-3D conversion: doesn't really provide much. Was a big let-down. Maybe it's my fault for expecting similar depth to a 3D source. Sure you can make the show look like it's far away or closer to you, but the show itself doesn't change, and it causes strain on your eyes.
- Channel Surfing: If you're used to switch from SD to HD signal on antenna shows by pushing up and down on the remote, I suggest you look elsewhere. For most people this is a non-issue since they all have either a cable box or a directv/dish box. However, the TV automatically generates channel listings. It groups the channels by type of signal: Antenna Analog, Antenna Digital, "Cable" Analog, "Cable Digital. In order to change from Channel 2 to 2-1 you have to either scroll through like 50 channels, or click on a remote that shows on the top right corner, click on 2 > - > 1 > OK. A new, "better" remote should help you make things faster, not slower.
- QA, yeah I mentioned it already, but it's that bad, at least with the set I got.
- 3D errors: while watching any 3D sources, at times the TV would go blank for several seconds and would come back up stating "3D signal detected". It kind of destroys the experience. The worst part is that, even when the 3D is turned off (while watching a 3D movie), this would still happen, and the image would switch to 3D automatically.
- Lipsync issues: Sometimes, you'll get lipsync problems, even when using the TV's speakers. This, to me, was ridiculous. Was watching YouTube videos on the TV, and when I switched to regular TV, the lipsync issue appeared. In order to fix it, I had to turn the TV off and back on. Makes me wonder if the other lipsync issues I was getting were the receiver's fault or the TV's. Now I'm thinking more of a TV issue.

I'm sure I'm forgetting many things.

In the less than 10 days between my first review and my update, the TV became such an annoyance that we didn't even want a replacement anymore. We simply refused the delivery when they came to pick up the original TV, and Amazon has been great at processing the refunds. Amazon CSRs get a 5/5 here.

Updated Conclusion: I got a great price and jumped the gun. Reviews looked to be quite positive, and at first impression I liked the brightness on the set. The light bleed/clouding/lighting issues were noticeable immediately, even on the initial setup. There are 3D signal issues, the Magic Remote is more a pain than anything else, the image and audio (from the TV) are not always on sync, some apps lose settings randomly, the TV started shutting off and restarting the same day that the carrier came to pick it up.

As much as I wanted to love this TV, the unit we got was so bad that, while I'm willing to give in and accept most issues could be isolated to just my unit, or a bad batch, I cannot give it more than 3 stars out of 5. Yes, PQ is crisp, clear, and bright. And there's no soap opera effect. And when it works, 3D looks great.

Maybe I'm too picky or something.

Please, feel free to read the rest of the review and to post a reply.



Purchased this TV about 2 weeks ago, and I must say I have mixed feelings. I want to love it, I really do, but I believe my unit is defective.

Picture Quality:
Outstanding. My wife and I stared at it for a while, couldn't believe the picture quality was so much better than that of our previous TV. I researched the image configuration for a similar TV model (I think it was the 55LM9600, which is still on pre-order), and the picture looks more real, instead of so "vivid", or cartoony. Both 2D and 3D look impressive, with 3D making believers out of nay-sayers. Now, don't get me wrong, choose your movies. Don't try to show off the TV to a friend watching a 2D-3D conversion, because it really doesn't add much, and don't use a 3D Blu-Ray like Green Hornet (wow what a waste). You're better off purchasing the 2D version and applying 2D-3D conversion in the 2-3 action events throughout the movie. In fact, my son was so disatisfied, he asked me to put it on 2D if possible.

However, get Avatar 3D, or Underworld: Awakening, and it'll feel much different. What a trip. My wife didn't like Avatar that much. Granted, it's slow, but full of special effects. She admited, after watching the entire length of the movie on 3D, that she likes it much, much more. The special effects, and the completely 3D movie makes it much more entertaining. A "wow! look at that brain" when they're checking for brain activigy in the connection to the avatar, which is like watching a movie on 3d, where they're watching something on 3D, and you see it on 3D! I don't know, it made the TV a worthy purchase.

Not tested. I do have the TV hooked up back to the receiver through SP/DIF Optical cable, and the sound is just fine. On the TV itself, you don't see any speakers, feels more like a monitor than a TV in that aspect, but the sound from the speakers was good enough for going a couple days without the sound system and not complain. We put it at level 9-12 and you can hear it all clearly.
When passing a 3D blu-ray from the PS3 to the TV through the Receiver, I end up having to put the lipsync all the way up, or video and audio end up way out of sync. I've never used the lipsync functionality and I was quite shocked that I'll have to use it every time I watch a movie. It happens on 2D too. However, I don't know if this is the TV, the PS3, or the receiver's fault.

Very, VERY lacking. I guess, maybe, it's my fault. I've come used to my tablet/xbox, so having HBO Go, MAX Go, Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Crackle, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and Spotify seemed like very basic requests. I Can play Amazon video on PS3, (have Prime), so the TV didn't add much. It does come with some 3D content, and that's always welcoming. So missing some of these on TV, makes me feel like the industry is working too hard to put the same technology in every piece of equipment. Why do I need the same apps on a network connected TV, a network connected receiver, a network connected blu-ray player, an xbox360 with LiveGold, a ps3 connected online, and a roku 2 XD? Each one adds its own benefit, but I'd rather see one single box that has all the apps that I use, and plug that in, so that I don't have to rely on other equipment. "Do you want to watch Netflix on the TV, xbox, or ps3?" Wait, what? In the end, we do tend to watch it on the TV.

I have not tried browsing the internet, but my son did crack up at some youtube on the TV, and it looked ok. The WIFI is fast, and quick getting connected. I haven't had any problems. It detects my wife's computer when she turns it on, and I'd like to research on how to share some content with the TV, and its capabilities. I'm not that great at reading instructions lol.

2D-3D Conversion
One of the reasons I wanted an LG 3D TV was that I had heard they were the best at 2D-3D conversion. So, of course, I tried it out. Yeah, I don't know. Can you really tell a difference? Now, you can make any movie "3D" in that you can push it further away from the front of the tv, kind of like looking at the far end of a box, or you can pull it closer toward you, where it feels like it's out of the TV. However, we watched Cars 2 on 2D>3D, and a couple other shows and there was nothing at all on 3D. I tried playing Borderlands on 2D>3D, and it hurt my eyes. Everything was on 2D, in reality, but some things did pop out (like some menu options, banners, Ads, etc along the road. Using the sniper also gave a 3D effect, but it was shortlived. It was more a gimmick, and a bad one at best, than anything else. I'm not expecting Dora on 3D, but I was hoping that at least some games would look "cooler". My son was playing COD:MW3, and I told him to switch to 3D. All I noticed is that, in order to generate the 3D imagery, the TV was cutting some vertical lines from left and right, and making the image a few pixels smaller. But then there was no real 3D. My said "oh, it's in 3D!", but not 10 minutes later he had already stopped wearing the glasses and the TV was back to 2D. It wasn't adding enough depth to the game to be worthwhile. This is just personal experience, and I'll surely try again with different content. In the meanwhile, I'm thinking of purchasing the Nvidia 3DPlay software to see if 3D gaming through the PC is viable. I'm not putting my hopes up, though with the machine doing all the recalculations instead of the TV, and the TV simply displaying the video, it should be much better than LG's own contraption. If this 2D>3D conversion is much better than in previous models, I can't imagine how it was before.

The TV comes with 6 glasses, and the added-for-free LG 6-pack was useful so that my daughter could wear some glasses. I like the male adult glasses on the set. However, My wife hates the female adult glasses from that set. She and my son reverted to the original ones that came with the TV. All in all, it's still 12 sets of glasses, and caters to multiple uses (does wearing prescription glasses, toddlers, adults, etc). Imagine purchasing 12 sets of glasses for an active shutter TV...In the best of cases, that'd be $240 with the new samsungs that each set costs $20, but Panasonic originals cost from $70 to $200 each. Add to that the fact that 3d cinema glasses work just fine, too, and that you can find "cool-looking" polarized passive 3d glasses in many differents shapes from different brands, and they all work.

Magic Remote:
The remote, while great, doesn't let you specify which channel you want to jump to when using the digital antenna embedded on the TV, so you end up having to use the wheel more than necessary. You also can't use the wheel all that often, and if you touch it while you're watching anything but TV, it'll prompt you a message asking you to switch to TV channels instead. With the remote, there are many usual functions that'll take you longer to find. For example, if you want to go to settings, you have to click Home, then go to settings, then go to video, and change the settings there, as opposed to having a button for settings or even display settings on the remote itself. The 3D button at least is useful, but more often than not the remote stays next to the TV where the kids can't reach it and where we don't use it. I mean, after thinking about it, there's not much you wouldn't be able to do with the remote that you wouldn't do with a normal remote with left-right, up-down arrows. When you're in menus, the scrollwheel doesn't scroll through the options. Well, then what's the point? Instead, you have to use the up-down-left-right that surrounds the wheel. Well, that's great, genious! In fact, if you don't want to use up-down-left-right, you have to click with the cursor on the up-down screen buttons for it to do anything. So I find it a useless novelty. Granted, it may be great for web browsing but...I don't use the TV for that. Netflix looks great, though by default all 3:2 is being zoomed and stretched in an oddly manner.

This remote would be great as a companion, that is, as an extra remote, if a normal one were included! It's fine fur turning the TV and 3D on and off and...that's about it. For most other things, you're going to use your receiver's remote for the audio and input switching, and then the BD's remote for watching a movie, or the cable remote for watching cable, etc.

I should note that, for apps, the mouse does scroll through the different app icons fine, but really, is that why we need a "dual core" processor on the TV? Oh wait, I heard that was required for the voice recognition! I'll admit, I haven't used that part yet, so I can't "review" that part, though I can definitely research it. My point, though, I'm better off using kinect, if I want to tell my system what to do.

I'm wondering if a normal remote for 55LW6700 (correct me if I'm wrong) or similar model (with a NORMAL remote PLUS a 'Magic' Remote) would work on this TV, then the TV would become a little faster on some basic functionality (channel switching, for example).

The TV separates the channels on "Analog TV, Digital TV, Analog Cable, Digital Cable", so if you're trying to watch TBS on 109-1, and Channel 2 HD news (2-1 over here), be prepared to run that wheel. If you use a cable box, you won't be worrying about this. But then again, YOU WON'T BE USING THE REMOTE ANYWAYS.

The TV is VERY slim, and very light! It looks amazing. When we first received it we were WOW!d it does look impressive. Moving from a 47" Vizio SV472XVT to a 55" "frameless" felt like the tv was only as wide as the previous TV, except it was all image and no frame. I put the TV on the stand for a couple days before installing the wall mount, and the wall mount is quite sturdy, though the TV feels a little wobly. When I researched the TV, I was worried that it didn't have an antenna input! it didn't show in any pictures, and nobody mentioned it. Same with other regular inputs/outputs. It actually has standard digital antenna in, SP/DIF optical out, VGA (not DVI) in, RCA, and Composite (if I can remember correctly). All these are located on the bottom left corner of the TV (when you're looking at the TV screen), going upwards, so that you can nail the TV to the wall flush, and still be able to connect everything properly. You get 4 HDMI on the left lower side, going to the left. We got some runner to hide the cables and make it look nicer without all the cables hanging around.

GLARE! All my previous LCDs have had matte screens, and the only glare I've ever noticed was on my glossy TC-P50V10, due to it being plasma, which I already knew before I purchased it. Well, some reviews said it was matte, so I didn't even worry about it. On its stand, there was not much glare; but once it was hung on the wall mount, we started noticing that it was reflecting the light through the curtains, and the light fixtures. We got darker drapes to go over the curtains, and tilted the TV down. Now we can watch the TV without glare AFTER 8:30 PM. The drapes were obviously not covering the light enough, so this would be best in a room where all the light is coming from behind the tv, or the sides. Glad I got a tilting wall mount, or I'd have sent it back a week ago.

The TV looks like a window, and with the glare, we can see the window that is behind us, so...heh, little joke, but not really.


1) When I watch 3D Blu-Rays (through PS3 connected to 3D receiver connected to TV), in several occassions the image would go pitch black for 3-5 seconds and come back with "3D signal received" or some such. I don't get the "no signal received" or the restart logo, just a blank, pitch black, screen. This happened watching Avatar 3D and Green Hornet 3D.

Additionally, we switched Green Hornet from 3D to 2D (there's not much 3D there anyway), but at certain moments the image would go off again, and come back with "3D signal received" again, and it'd switch automatically to 3D.

I have a Vizio 3D BD player, so I may test this again to see if the PS3 is causing the problem. Will try bypassing the receiver and connecting the BD-player directly to the TV as well, and will compare results.

2) TV does not recognize input from receiver after having been turned off. 3 times has my wife already called me that when she goes in the morning to turn on the TV, our daughter cannot watch Dora, and that all she sees is a blank screen with "No Signal" on it. The screen shows that there's signal on HDMI 1 (as in it lets you select it), but once you switch to it, it shows "no signal". I've found that, in order for the TV to detect the signal, I have to switch between SD and HD channes on the Cable box, and then the receiver sends the signal switching to the TV, and then the TV starts showing the cable programming.

3) Does this happen to anybody? is this the clouding/backlight bleeding many talk about? On a blank screen, such as before a movie starts, or after it ends, use the remote. Wherever the remote is, I see a band of white light that goes from top to bottom, following the pointer. I figured it was done so that you could find the mouse or some such. HOWEVER, Plug in the PS3, start a movie, and before the BD starts reading, when it's black and you see only white letters, there'll be a white band of light following the letters, again, from top to bottom. Annoying, but figured, OK, it's just for menu options, again, some kind of "tool" to see the text but...this has never happened on any of my TVs, and my TC-P55ST30 doesn't show this lighting either. I think the worst was when the credits are going up. You can see the lighting behind the credits very, VERY noticeably, and it's irritating. It doesn't cause much issues when the screen is full of movement and color, but I'm going to try using a command prompt on the computer to see how bad this is. I imagine that dark scenes on a movie will suffer from this as well.

4) The TV channel separation makes for a lot of scrolling (the not having direct input through buttons on the remote doesn't help either).

5) The 2D>3D conversion. I was expecting much more. Most of the times it doesn't provide the amount of depth you were hoping for, even with the ability to manually tweek the depth modes, settings, and levels.

6) It has no PIP, no POP, nor Bluetooth audio, all of which my old SV472XVT has. When you're upgrading, you're hoping to upgrade in all the departments, not giving up functionality for a bigger, better looking image. Then again, those functionalities are missing from most TVs, still, nowadays, which is a bit ridiculous..

Final Verdict:
You won't find a TV with better picture quality (obviously, this is debatable, as this is my first 3DTV). This TV is definitely impressive. The PQ just feels second to none, and the 240Hz felt like the video was quick, smooth, but not "soap-opera-like" at all. The 3D when watching original 3D content is outstanding, specially taking into consideration that it's a passive 3D TV (with all the too-talked-about half-resolution 3D discussions - it still looks like full HD, whether it really is or isn't) with bright colors and deep, real-like, blacks. Viewing angles and incredibly great.

Thigs to watch out for:
- The Magic Remote is quite pointless on most normal situations. It would have worked better as a barebones secondary remote than as the main remote.
- The apps that come installed work, but the app market has nothing to add to the TV, yet.
- The clouding/backlight bleeding is present in many of the units sent by LG. I don't know if they believe that the normal unaware customer won't care, and therefore passes QA, but the effects are quite noticeable with just putting some little attention onto it.

I'd love to be able to enjoy this TV, but there are certain things that I believe are wrong with the unit that I received, and I'll be contacting Amazon for either an exchange or a refund. I'd rather get an exchange, because the picture quality is great, and it was, in my eyes, a great purchase, but if the replacement (IF they can even replace it) has the same issues, I'd rather get my money back. Maybe I just jumped the gun too quickly on the 3D ecosystem.

Feel free to comment on my review. It's my first time writing a review, so it's long, boring, and probably doesn't provide you with much help. The TV is truly amazing, and the few caveats I have may be due to having gotten a defective unit, or my high hopes on a technology that hasn't developed "too much" yet.

Improve the 2D>3D conversion, add more apps, fix the QA issues, and we have a #1.

By the way, with the TV being so light, we did our first wall mount install, and now the TV is just a couple inches off the wall (can bring closer if we want to), therefore the TV actually doesn't look any bigger than the 47", because the 47" we had before was over 2 feet closer to us, so 65" would have been best, but at the price, and without as many options, it wasn't a viable option. I'd shoot for a 55LM6700 if you don't need 240Hz. Dual-Core is only for the apps and the voice commands, and the difference between 6700 and 7600 is 120Hz > 240Hz, I believe.

4 STARS because most of the issues I've found may be caused by other components in my setup. The one star was removed due to LG QA concerns, the barely useful remote (that cannot control any other piece of equipment), the TV Channel configuration, the lack of apps, and the "I haven't found it useful yet" 2D>3D conversion. Regardless, the picture quality is outstanding and I'd not give it a lower rating.

I have recently purchased a TC-P55ST30 so I'll be comparing the light bleeding, clouding, and picture quality.
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Initial post: May 25, 2012 6:22:44 AM PDT
J. Roman says:
I've contacted Amazon for a replacement which should arrive in 10 days. I checked the TV this morning and the problem was more than I had originally thought. I'll be posting some pictures to show the light bleeding, clouding, and glare.

In reply to an earlier post on May 25, 2012 6:24:15 PM PDT
pavelbure says:
Please le us know if the new set has bleeding also. I wonder if this is Istanbul manufacturing defect or a bad batch.

Posted on May 31, 2012 4:32:45 PM PDT
[Deleted by the author on Jun 4, 2012 8:17:42 AM PDT]

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 1, 2012 5:00:13 AM PDT
TV was scheduled to arrive today (working from home to inspect TV) but got weird email from Amazon. Contacted CEVA, and it won't arrive until tomorrow, though it seems they've gone ahead and self-scheduled delivery. Weird.

I'll make sure that I inspect the TV and that the light bleeding has ceased.

Pretty simple: turn it on, put it in an input that has no signal, and shake the remote. If a vertical strobe of light follows the pointer in the otherwise black screen, then it's going back.

I'll update you with my findings on Saturday.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 1, 2012 5:11:59 AM PDT
Yup, the 240Hz help on sports, so that you don't feel judder. However, in things like your normal series, it may cause and oversampling that could result on a show that looks to contain soap opera effect. It's very noticeable. It may also cause scenes in a movie to seem to move faster than they should.

In the 55LM8600, it seems like the 240Hz have been properly set so that none of the weirdness happens, but improving the sports watching experience.

I'd like to point that in all calibrations that I've found for TVs, one of the things they do is remove the 240Hz, to make it more "real".
Also, only LCD/LED suffer from the need of 240Hz/480Hz.

My old Vizio has 240Hz, but if I activate it, the soap opera effect is horrendous. Sometimes I turn it on to have a

Also, it is my understanding that increasing the Hz, sadly, also increases lag. For gaming, this option should be turned off.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 4, 2012 7:38:11 AM PDT
are the corners on the new set bleeding white

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 4, 2012 8:15:31 AM PDT
Actually, please forgive my delay on responding. The replacement arrived on Saturday. However, by then I found other issues with the TV that made me outright refuse the replacement. I've contacted Amazon to process the refund.

What I found that left me perplexed was that the TV started restarting itself at random times. Additionally, it'd lose its Netflix settings (user name/password), and other times, Netflix would not stream at all (tried streaming from other devices and everything worked but this TV). If that were not enough, the mouse kept losing pairing with the TV. It'd not show the mouse cursor until you clicked the wheel (you could move through menus with the cursor keys). Once I clicked the wheel, it'd say "new remote found. Pairing" and it'd pair again. That has never happened with my 3 year old Vizio BT remote.

Another issue, come to find that sometimes we'd turn on the TV and the wireless would not work at all until I powered the unit off and back on. When I did that, the unit went off and started blinking the LG logo, then restarted.

Probably this was a very bad unit, and I'm glad I caught on all those issues before it was too late. I've never returned a TV before. I have plasmas and LCDs/LEDs. All the issues that this one gave me has made me rethink my entire purchase, so I'm going to research a little more before I jump the gun.

On the bright side, watching youtube on the TV was a blast. Put some funny BBC Top Gear shows, and played some LMFAO videos, and hiDef videos looked very crisp. I don't like that you cannot select a specific video, though. Instead, it plays a set playlist, where you can't see the individual videos that are contained in that list

Posted on Jun 4, 2012 8:18:04 AM PDT
Dr D says:
so this is not a 4-star tv?

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 4, 2012 9:32:45 AM PDT
I wonder if there's a way to change the rating...It's my first time posting a review.

I'd say Picture quality, and how cool images look, it ranks pretty high up. Just don't watch it on any type of bright room (though I thought that was supposed to be one of the advantages of LED LCD over plasma...
And on simple things like plain white text the lighting shows extreme clouding. In normal movie situations you won't notice the light bleed and the clouding as much, but when I was looking for it, I could find it. The movie is best for watching shows for kids lol, to tell you the truth. Sunce they're bright, and colored, you don't have to worry about the quality of the dark scenes.

The 3D worked really well, so that's points to it.

Would I lower the rating from 4 to 3? on MY specific unit, YES. But I have hopes that I got a lemon, and that other people's experiences will be different. Otherwise, LG really dropped the ball on these!

I think after going back and forth with the TV, I believe there are some things that may happen to everybody, and others that may be more specific to my TV. For example, the way the TV sorts the channels is horrible for using the wheel (which is about the only thing it's good for anyway), but I found that when you move the mouse there's a remote on the top right corner for direct channel input. However, I'd rather have a regular remote than having to move the mouse, click here and there and then click OK.

The HDMI handshaking issues are still there, but since I figured out how to force the TV to accept the source, it was just a matter of switching signals between HD and SD programming.

The mouse losing connection with the TV, that's a biggy. As bad as the remote is for everyday button pressing, the mouse not showing up is quite annoying. Gets paired right away when you click the wheel, but this shouldn't happen at all.

I do have to give it up for Amazon. Outstanding customer support. They sent the replacement, and they explained all the steps for acceptance/refusal of the replacement. I explained the issues and accepted the refusal no problem. I contacted Amazon to let them know of the refusal and return and, once they confirmed the items were with the carrier on route to them, they started processing the refund. I had to request a refund for the "free" glasses (they appear as their own pmt on the Amazon Store Card, and the value is reduced from the TV's price), because online it was telling me that "it was my fault so $6 would be taken from the refund". When I talked to the CSR, he understood completely that if the glasses are bundled with the TV, and the TV is returned, there's no point on having the glasses, and that it wasn't my fault, so they sent a prepaid label. Awesome.

I'm gonna take some time to decide on the TV I want. I've thought of going bigger, maybe an 82" DLP. I have the room, and comes out cheaper than this 55". I can buy extra opaque blinds, new cables for speakers, and a bunch of other stuff and match the price to this TV.

That's not against this TV, though. When the TV works, its wireless works, and its netflix works, things like Dora, Backyardigans, and 3D animated movies look awesome. 3D movies look good and your eyes/brain don't get stressed. The 3D is better than on the 55ST30, which is a 2011 product. I calibrated both the 55LM8600 and the 55ST30 and I found the 55ST30 to reproduce more realistic colors. However, this is not a definite answer, as the environment, lighting conditions were different. Only thing that was the same was the 3D movie: Avatar 3D.

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Dr D says:
wowee, i have never even seen a 82" tv. to change your star rating, go to your review, click on edit, and then click on the number of stars you want, then click done
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