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on June 21, 2005
I had to pipe in. I'm about 1/2 way through this book and although I will finish it b/c I want to see how it ends, I would never recommend this book and I am embarrassed to tell anyone I read it!

Dialogue in this book is AWFUL!!! Although I admit that you can never be confused on who is talking and who they are talking to. Ive never read a book where EVERY sentance said by a character to another character, they use the persons name. As if we readers just cannot follow along.

On the other hand I like the dogs, b/c I learned about them more than I learned about the characters.

I thought it EXTREMELY weird and far fetched that Lucy, being a high power successful attorney would stupidly agree to marry somene who she sees every once in awhile and has never been to his apartment. Also the accident where she bumps her head and can read people's minds, very far-fetched, the story could do w/o that part completely.

I like Fern Michaels, but this book I would say is for someone who wants to kill time and does not want to think AT ALL! Easy to follow!
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on June 7, 2005
Ever read one of those books that has you rolling your eyes every other page?

This is one of those, unfortunately.

I think Fern Michaels had a decent idea for a story line, could have been interesting if she knew *how* to tell it.

There are so many discrepancies it makes you wonder if she has anyone proofread or edit before printing.

Some people might call those "little things", but i find it truly difficult to get the image of the story playing in my mind while reading when the characters and storyline are contradicting themselves.

The characters are quite weak. The main characters Lucy and Wylie are both attorneys. Lucy is often considered weak and stupid, even by the Feds investigating her. Wylie is just all over the place. Some moments he's the strong tough guy, other times he's a sniveling wimp. Very little consistency that destroys any reader attachment to the characters.

An example - One moment Wylie is telling Lucy how he had to learn to cook because his ex-wife didn't. Then a bit later he explains he had a big family and they all needed to do their part so he learned how to cook growing up. I just rolled my eyes. ;)

If the author can't keep her characters straight, how are the readers supposed to?

Another thing i found quite irritating was they way she made the characters express themselves. Seriously, who "guffaws" anymore? And as often as she had Lucy "bursting out in laughter" you start to wonder if she belongs in Bedlam. The story never once even made me smile, nevermind laugh out loud.

Weak humor, weak characters, decent storyline that falls apart, contradictions, a weird obsession with dogs, and a general lack of writing "style".

I was quite disappointed, and would recommend not bothering with this book.
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on June 20, 2005
I thought it was just me. but was relieved to find another reviewer with the same sentiment. This book wanted serious editing and revision work.

I should say that I enjoy Fern's books, but this one causes me to pause. I wonder if she, in fact, wrote this book or had someone else write portions because of the inconsistency in the writing pattern. It was rushed. It wasn't edited. Character development was weak at best. Continuity was poor. Dialogue was stiff and awkward at times which made me wonder if she was the one writing this (ergo my earlier statement).

I love animals, but to spend paragraphs (which acts as great filler) on the antics, behavior, personality of the dogs was overkill. Also, dated jargon, and doesn't do her research properly. Since when does a Ph.D.candidate write a thesis? or was Wylie doing a Master's?

Want to talk about the "elaborate" security on Jonathan's safe house? Okay, I won't go there. It's as though Fern had someone do little snipets of research and then just plop them into a book.

Readers are better educated and sophisticated than, perhaps, Ms. Michaels gives them credit for.
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on July 23, 2005
I usually don't leave negative feedback, preferring to let others make their own decisions. However, if I feel something is positive, I'll certainly share it. Unfortunately, while I'm not a professional critic but am a huge fan of reading, I feel I'd be doing fans of romance novels a disservice if I didn't weigh-in on this particular book. This was my first time reading Fern Michaels. The story was just hard to believe. I realize romance books are usually more fantasy vs. reality, but this one didn't have anything appealing except for the dogs! Come on, were supposed to believe a highly intelligenct, prominent attorney totally misses "clues" of her sinister fiancee? I know love can be blind, but blind AND stupid? Plus, the editing was bad. At one point, "Wylie" changed to "Wiley". Because I was starting to lose interest, I thought at first she was introducing yet another uninteresting character. And speaking of characters, we're supposed to believe that Wylie just happens to know a parapsychologist who can help Lucy; the parapsychologist just happens to know an expert in security who can help Lucy....and all these experts can just drop everything, during Thanksgiving AND the worst snow-storm of the century, to fly/drive to where they are? Come on! Most disappointing, though, was the dialogue. The back-n-forth conversation was disjointed. A character would start out talking about one thing and end on something totally different within the same quotes. This isn't a quote but an example, "Good morning, I slept well. Wow, it's still snowing. Are you changing the oil in the car this weekend?" Does Ms. Michaels suffer from Adult Attention Disorder? This novel was forced. I've read some of the other comments left and learned that this book isn't Michaels' best work, they too believed she had a ghost-writer. While it wouldn't surprise me, I'll never know for sure if Michaels' other works are better because this book was my first and last.
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on March 31, 2007
I love to read all different types of books, and I unapologetically sometimes enjoy a "light" mystery or romance, especially for a vacation or beach read. Howver, there is a difference between "light" and downright ridiculous! The plot had so many holes and inconsistencies that it almost seemed as if it were written by a teenager as a first attempt at being an author. The only reason I gave it 1 star is that there is no way to choose "zero" star rating. It is the only book I have ever read in my life that I promptly threw in the garbage.

This was my first Fern Michaels book, and will certainly be my last!
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on May 27, 2016
This is a warm, heartfelt read - with enough suspense to keep you turning pages ever more quickly. I always love Fern Michael's characters ( the good ones!). I felt like I was in the cozy house with the others - of course the added animals always bring warmth and humor
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on March 15, 2014
Two reasons I chose this book: the price and the description.
As it turned out, the characters were one-dimensional and the plot was not at all believable--yet, I enjoyed it. It was funny in places. It had three lovable dogs. It had caring and down-to-earth primary and supporting characters (even though they were not deeply developed). It is a good "get-away" book. I gave this book a 3-star rating, and recommend it to readers who like a light romance and who enjoy the antics of dogs and their contributions to the well being of humans.
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on March 31, 2014
Spelling errors in a published book? (" Consumate" professional?) Many inconsistencies too ( how did Jonathan know there were 3 dos and 3 people in the house. That one bothered me. The main problem was with the hearing voices device, it didn't even help her when she needed it; the Blizzard is ridiculous, we have worse temperatures on a good day in Eastern Canada. These people are wimps!
On the plus side, I liked it enough to finish it, and I did love the dogs! ( I agree that cooking a meatloaf a day for a dog is a bit far-fetched,)
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on October 8, 2015
What a good book! Starts out on a normal day, then it escalates to surprise, disbelief and then on edge. Lucy didn't really know the man she was going to marry but found out the hard way who he really was. When she started reading people's minds, then it got more exciting! Love the intrigue, drama and story plot
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on April 1, 2014
I have one word... excellent. A perfect blend of suspense and romance. I loved the "boy next door" who has grown up to be smart, reliable and a hunk as well. Also, the heroine who. like many of us, chooses a very bad guy at first, but is wise enough to realize her true love is right next door. The family is well on the way to perfection with their match making dogs. I see happy ever after for them and another Fern Michaels book for me. Read and enjoy.
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