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on February 1, 2006
Webster Griffin Tarpley's book adds to the literature exposing the fraudulent basis of the so-called "War on Terror," by revealing the official account of 9/11 to be a flimsy tissue of illusions and evasions. For the 49.3% of New York City residents who, according to a Zogby 2004 poll, believe our leaders "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act," this book will provide proof that their beliefs are closer to the truth than the official fairy tale peddled by the 9/11 Commission and the corporate-controlled media.

Tarpley, an activist and historian, is the author of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), and Against Oligarchy, among other books. By "Synthetic Terror," he suggests that the events of 9/11 did not happen in the normal course of events. They were not acts of crazed Arabs who "hate our freedom," nor were they "blowback" from victims of America's criminal foreign policy. A few patsies from oppressed groups may have been used by the intelligence network, because "false flag" operations require patsies to be effective, but they were incapable of pulling off an attack of this sophistication by themselves. Nowhere is that made more clear than in the forensic evidence surrounding the inexplicable collapse of three steel-framed buildings, WTC 1, 2 and 7.

Tarpley devotes a chapter to the controlled-demolition hypothesis, suggesting that the collapse of two steel-framed high-rise buildings from the impact of the planes and subsequent fires was physically impossible. Moreover, he documents not only the many eyewitness reports, from firefighters, reporters, and others on the scene, of numerous secondary explosions in the towers, but squibs - puffs of smoke and debris coming out of the building - well below the place of impact, and other telltale signs of controlled demolition.

In more than a century of the existence of these kinds of high-rise structures, with hundreds of documented fires, sometimes burning for many hours, there had never been a single instance of a building collapsing - until 9/11, when three such buildings collapsed, one of which had had not even been hit by a plane (WTC 7). But, like the many other anomalies on and around that day, we are supposed to accept it on faith, trusting in the good will of our leaders. This is why the credulous response many leftists to 9/11 is so baffling. Many who would never believe Bush or the FBI on matters of far less import were, inexplicably, willing to accept the entire official story this time around.

David Ray Griffin and others have already revealed the logical contradictions among the various versions of the official narrative. While acknowledging the contribution made to 9/11 research by Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor, Tarpley faults the book for "listing as suspects only identifiable institutions, such as the intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, and the White House. It is not the visible, elected government, acting as a totality, that plots terrorism, but a "network or faction of like-minded plotters which cuts across institutions transversally." The footprints of the parallel government can be seen in events like the U-2 crisis, the Bay of Pigs, the JFK assassination, parts of Watergate, Iran-Contra, and the anthrax attacks.

Thus, while for political reasons Bush must be held accountable, for he has undoubtedly led the cover-up of the truth about 9/11, he was certainly not the leader of the plot. This is an important point, because Tarpley believes the modern president is more a figurehead than a chief executive, reduced to ratifying decisions made behind the scenes, either within the federal bureaucracy or the parallel government. While it is politically astute and reasonably accurate to blame Bush for 9/11, it can be misleading if one sees Bush as the originator or director of the 9/11 conspiracy.

For Tarpley, Cheney was probably central to the plot; and Bush's culpability stems from his capitulation to the 9/11 planners in the parallel government, and for leading the cover-up. Tarpley goes to great lengths to establish his case that Bush was out of the loop until the day of September 11 itself, devoting a whole chapter to the alleged threats against the president on September 10th and 11th. However, it is more probable that these purported "threats" to Bush were part of the theater of the day, designed to exculpate the president in the event the plot went wrong; for example, if one of the planes were recovered, equipped with a Global Hawk remote-guidance system.

Tarpley recounts the CIA's long and illustrious relationship with Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, the group which the CIA created to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan in 1979 and supported throughout the 1990s, indeed, supported right up through July 2001, when a CIA case officer, reportedly met with bin Laden at a hospital in Dubai. The CIA, of course, denied the story, but RFI
and Le Figaro have stood by their story.

He quotes Michael Springmann, former head of the US visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from 1987 to 1989, who told the BBC in 2001 that he was repeatedly ordered by high-level State Department officials to issue visas to applicants who not only were unqualified, but also were known terrorists, recruited by the CIA and Osama bin Laden to come to the U.S. for training in the war in Afghanistan against the then-Soviets.

Tracing the roots of 9/11 to a severe and increasing instability in the global financial system during the 1990s and the threatened end of dollar hegemony, Tarpley summarizes some twenty-one crises and panics since 1987 that had the capacity of causing global financial meltdown. He believes the US oligarchy reached a consensus on the need for terrorism during the 1990s, to maintain its hegemonic system under conditions of growing fiscal and economic disintegration.

"The role of the dollar in the posted price for Gulf crude is the central symbol of the world domination of the dollar. And the dollar is the nerve and fist of US world domination." Because prices for the world's main raw materials, particularly oil, are quoted in US dollars, there is a large global demand for a currency which otherwise might find few buyers, since after three decades of deindustrialization, the US produces little to sell. "This allows the US-UK banking community to skim 5-10% off all world trade by providing import-export financing; this used to be called invisible earnings."

In 2000, Iraq stopped accepting dollars for oil, opting for the euro instead. In September 2002, the government of Iran also suggested it was considering switching over to the euro for crude oil sales. The European Union, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia have all made similar suggestions in recent years.

"...The arrival of US military forces next door [to Iran] was doubtless designed to dissuade the Iranians from such thoughts." Terrorism would "serve as a well to prevent threatened defections from the dollar zone, and shore up the battered greenback as the world's residual currency." It would also be used to undermine economic nationalist or pro-development regimes in the developing world and to strengthen US-UK control over oil, strategic metals, and other vital raw materials.

US policymakers fear that a stampede of countries will switch over to the euro as the prime currency for purchasing oil and other vital international commodities. If that happens, the net effect will likely diminish the value of the dollar to perhaps a quarter or a third of its current value. It will also cause profound dislocations throughout the global economy.

Another chapter examines whether the alleged hijackers - at least four of whom have turned out to be still alive - were capable of flying airliners into World Trade Center 1, 2 and the Pentagon. We learn from two experienced German pilots, speaking on a September 12 prime time broadcast in Germany, both veterans of many hours flying 757s and 767s, that the skills demonstrated by the supposed 9/11 hijackers could only be acquired from practice flying such an airliner, which none of the alleged hijackers had.

Among the more improbable coincidences of September 11 was the fact that several war games were being conducted that day, including Amalgam Virgo and Vigilant Guardian, which involved hijacked airliners used as weapons, a cruise missile, and other unmanned aerial vehicles. Tarpley speculates that Amalgam Virtue gave the plotters cover while channeling the actual live-fly components of the 9/11 operation through a largely unwitting military bureaucracy. "Under the cover of this confusion, the most palpably subversive actions could be made to appear in the harmless and even beneficial guise of a drill."

This book is a veritable encyclopedia of 9/11, covering matters as diverse as insider trading, anomalous cell phone calls, the anthrax attacks, the anomaly in the official account of what hit the Pentagon, the stolen presidential election of 2004, the unacknowledged ongoing Cold War with Russia, Islamic fundamentalism as a tool of US foreign policy, and much more. Until citizens have the courage to question the inconsistencies and physical impossibilities of the official story of what happened on September 11, 2001, we will never be able to effectively resist the systematic undermining of our constitutional rights, the ongoing consolidation of a totalitarian apparatus of domestic spying, or the disastrous wars that have been and will be based on this monstrous myth. 9/11 Synthetic Terror is essential reading to expose the "Myth of the 21st Century" and reclaim our democracy from the vicious tyrants who have usurped it.
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on January 18, 2006
My title is not a joke.

It has now become pitifully obvious, thanks to earlier pioneering work by David Ray Griffin, Eric Hufschmidt, and others, that "Boxcutter 9-11" was a USA psychological operation. The Kean Commission report was an absolute fabrication and blatant coverup that any high school student could see through (especially if aided by Griffin's laser sharp but mildly titled book "Ommissions and Distortions").

It is the eternal, unspeakable shame of the American people, hobbled by our ridiculously arrogant and moronic teeth-and-hair mainstream media, those proudly pathetic courtiers and lickspittles to Respectability and Power, that this total garbage has been swallowed by all of us - hook, line, and sinker.

Tarpley's book goes farther than anybody ever has in answering the questions that just won't let you sleep once you realize the magnitude of this Orwellian crime. Tarpley diagrams (literally!) all the major elements and their interconnections. You won't be able to put the book down.

You may wonder why the USA mainstream media has spent millions of dollars, and thousands of hours and newsprint pages on things like Whitewater, Michael Jackson's trial, and Martha Stewart's trial, or even apparently deeper scandals such as Abramoff and Abu Graib; and you may wonder why, when one dinky pissant little private investigator calls out the fakery of the best-selling book "Million Little Pieces", the mainstream media (CNN, NPR, AOL-Time Warner, etc.) goes ape with stories this past week - You wonder WHY is it those trivial "stories" get saturation coverage, while NOT ONE SINGLE mainstream outlet will lift one single finger to call for re-opening of ANY aspect of the completely false and totally absurd Official USA Kean Commission lie about the crime that "changed everything" and launched our Perpetual Orwellian War - Tarpley will answer this for you.

400 NYC firefighters and police, husbands, fathers, brothers, doing their jobs - murdered in one stroke by the United States - all to stoke the emotional engine of Orwellian Perpetual War.

Camus once wrote "It is essential to be absurd, but it is not essential to be a dupe". He meant that the overwhelming evil powers of this world may hold us in their grip no matter what, but at least we can go out with some intelligence and dignity, knowing what these bastards have done.
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on May 2, 2006
There is much abused quote about war being diplomacy by other means. The gist of this book is that disguised, state sponsored terrorism is domestic politics by other means. It is chillingly convincing. Tarpley begins with a summary of what he terms The Myth of the Twenty-First Century: the lies about September 11. His next chapters contain a summary of how synthetic, or disguised state sponsored terrorism, works, with limited but excellently chosen examples. He follows this with a chapter setting out the American Empire's situation, which he says is approaching collapse, and why it chose brought synthetic terrorism into the US. One of the flaws of this book, in its accessibility at least, is immediately evident. Tarpley constantly mentions the rogue network responsible for September 11 and the oligarchy behind the network, and refers to "the corporate controlled media". But he never once defines the oligarchy, or the rogue network for that matter. He assumes that the reader has penetrated the first and larger myth, that America is a moral, free speech loving democracy, with a government for whom ethics and morality are more than buzzwords to attract voters. If the reader hasn't, this is a really bad book to start with.

Tarpley then spends eight chapters on, first, the creation of Al Qaeda by the CIA, and the events of September 11. He uses a very simple criterion: is what the government says happened, physically possible? The gist of all these chapters is simple, shocking and frightening: no matter where you probe the government's account, it fails. Call it 20/20 hindsight if you will, but ... I watched the Towers collapse, live on TV. I remember how eerie it felt, to see them collapse with such perfect symmetry, just like a controlled demolition. Tarpley provides evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that it looked like a controlled demolition because it was. The chapters also deal with what hit the Pentagon, the total failure of the US military to respond to attacks on a critical city, the nation's capital, and its own headquarters, the anthrax attacks immediately after September 11, what foreign intelligence services were doing during that time, and an account of the threat directly to Bush and his movements during that day.

"Conspiracy theorist" is a term of denigration. Tarpley provides a wonderfully entertaining defence. The first and most obvious point is that the government's story is itself a conspiracy theory, which brings the second point, that conspiracy is a criminal offence. Next he relates how the first appearance of conspiracy theory in American history is ... the Declaration of Independence, which charged the British King with a conspiracy that was to end with the abolition of freedom in the American colonies. The theory was believed by most of the Founding Fathers, Tarpley specifically naming George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. And that's just the high point of the chapter.

The next and last few chapters deal with the rogue network. He goes into the psychology of President Bush, and the philosophy of the neo-conservatives. This is the only area where I do not find Tarpley's arguments convincing. He focuses too narrowly on the neo-conservatives, treating them as virtually the only element within the American oligarchy. He also spends a lot of time in the earlier chapters stating and showing that Bush is a figurehead, and then treating him as a critical element in current events. With that said, Tarpley never fails to give the evidence behind his conclusions. Finally, he provides an excellent overview of what amounts to a new, concealed world war: the conflict between the euro and the dollar.

I apologise for the length of this, and I feel I am still missing important points! To finally start summing up, Tarpley provides strong evidence that September 11, specifically, was a disguised act of terror, by elements in the US government, to achieve exactly what it did, ever increasing restrictions on freedom in the name of defending it and expanding military spending. He shows that this is simply the largest of such incidents within the US, and that most terrorist networks are ultimately controlled by the states the terrorists target, including Al Qaeda and America. It is a shocking idea, a horrifying idea, but it works. If you want to truly understand terrorism, I highly recommend this book.
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on May 25, 2007
If you've recently become aware of the 911-truth movement and were lucky enough to stumble upon Webster Griffin Tarpley's book "Synthetic Terror", then let me say that there is no finer book or video on the subject. Mr. Tarpley is virtually uniquely insightful in matters of transgressions against the body politic by the Oligarchy(s) and to say his research is exhaustive is an understatement. I only wish that he had more works available and was more visible in the media. To those who thirst for more Webster Tarpley like myself, you must read his essays on the history of the Venetian Oligarchy and it's post Cambrai war transplantation to Great Britain and the Netherlands. I would love to hear him address the connection of this group to the creation of the stock corporation, which along with private banks and intelligence agencies have become the chief tool of control and oppression of the ruling class in modern times.
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on August 17, 2005
Synthetic Terror is by far the best and most comprehensive study of the 9/11

"attacks" in print. In the process of debunking the "myth of the century" Tarpley also

places 9/11 into an historical context replete with countless precedents of other synthetic terror. The event of 9/11 is not to be seen as a single day of horror, but rather as act of desperation to halt the decline of Anglo-American dominance and as pretext for world war that is preferable to a certain demise of that power.

This book is also of importance to the 9/11 Truth Community in that many activists simply proclaim Bush as the plotter of this monstrous crime, when in reality he was most likely blackmailed by the rogue elements in his own administration who plotted and carried it out . The Chapter "Angel is Next" gives excellent analysis of the real origin of these "September Criminals" and will forever dispel the absurdity of the 9/11 myth as a terrorist attack conducted from laptops in a cave halfway around the world The essence of the 9/11 attacks required the U.S. military apparatus with the guiding hand of our own intelligence agencies with key moles in high level government positions.

Other studies giving monocausal pretexts for such an act of desperation, such as "Peak Oil", seem less likely in comparison with Tarpley's well reason explanations of maintaining the world reserve currency status of the U.S. Dollar, staving off financial decline and enrichment for the Military Industrial Complex.

If this is your first book on 9/11 or you are seasoned 9/11 researcher, Tarpley offers a wealth of wisdom on the origin of terrorism and a debunking of the lies of the "9/11 Myth"

A must read for all in the face creeping global Fascism.
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on June 12, 2005
Tarpley does pay homage to other authors of alternative scenarios, such as David Ray Griffin - who logically dismantled the myth of lack of Government complicity in 9/11 - but he also goes much, much deeper...dismissing both Barbara Honneger's assertion that Khalid Sheikh Mohommed was the triple agent responsible for enabling the plotters to threaten Air Force One ("Angel Is Next") with codes that would show unequivocally that the plotters had access to all Gov't codes and meant business, and also dismissing Mike Ruppert's "Peak Oil" theory as too much of a rational approach (under the circumstances...) Let it be said that Tarpley is his own man, and his assertion that 9/11 was a "Neocon" putsch, aided by the still active 'Dulles-Landsdale-Lemnitzer" networks, is eerily documented piece by piece and makes perfect sense. He feels that the message sent threatening Air Force One (the "Angel Is Next" message sent in that day's specific code) is the key to unraveling who the plotters were. As a previous review stated...step up to the big leagues. This book is the World Series of alternative explanations, and by far the best book on 9/11 to date. That said, I would recommend Griffin's book first to those who are just starting to reach out for other explanations. Going from A-Z on this one can be mindnumbing and even counterproductive to a point. Get a solid grip on alternate scenarios to the "official version first, then by all means READ THIS ONE.
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on June 15, 2005
A remarkable look under the skin of the lurid scarecrow figure of modern terrorism to reveal the bones and sinews of a man-made monster, one with very direct genetic links to the Bader-Meinhof gang and the "strategy of tension" deployed after WW-II to justify the militarization of society and the targeting of selected groups. Once society gets used to the idea that odd little groups or demented individuals occasionally pull off spectacular attacks, the mask of any desired target group (leftists, hippies, Arabs) can be easily fitted to the patsy who will be blamed for the attack.

The National Security State needs its terrorists, and leaves nothing to chance in their care and feeding. By revealing the mundane operational details of these programs, and the continuity over time of both the strategies and the personnel involved, Tarpley brings these deliberately shadowy enterprises into the realm of normal human activities. In this view, the series of staged events leading up to 9-11 (Waco, the Murrah building and all the rest) comes into clear focus as the successive elaborations of the same schema on an ever larger scale.

The use of visible patsies to focus blame, the networks of moles that protect and manage them, the aggressive coverups with blatent destruction of evidence and violent suppression of potential whistle-blowers, the fake investigations and popular press debunking... the pattern repeats with remarkable consistency, and the growing boldness of a cabal that has tasted success and has so far crushed all those who have tried to reveal the extent of their crimes.

Tarpley's deep knowledge of the Bush family and NATO secret terror operations in Europe make him the ideal historian to put the distinctly post-WW-II phenomenon of synthetic terrorism in it's proper historical perspective, and in so doing he in effect does create a new field of historical inquiry. This is truly an important work, written with great precision and elegance.
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EDIT of 3 March 2012: I received a copy of the 2011 version of the book as a gift, and have spent the morning going through it. I have three general reactions as an update to my below review:

01) DEPRESSING. The book, while substantially updated, has not lost its value as one of the single most important books of our generation, calling into the question the legitimacy and authenticity of all that we might wish to believe in relation to our own governments.

02) DRILL BABY DRILL. The author has added a comprehensive examination of all the drill leading up to 9/11, and he is of the view that 9/11 was made to happen, not just let happen. I myself am still uncertain, but the honest independent (and ideally international) investigation and totally integrated evaluation of all available information still needs to take place.

03) TERROR IS OF OUR OWN MAKING. The author has done a superb job is looking at the London bombing and other events, and I am persuaded that much of what is called terror is in fact false flag terrorism, carried out by the Israeli Mossad, the secret agencies of various governments, and the underground elements of major banking networks. Trust is the casualty in all of this.

EDIT of 3 Feb 07: With thanks to Josh for pointing out the confusion, I wish to clarify the distinction between my summary of what the author says, and my own conclusions from the many other books and DVDs I have reviewed.

1) 9-11 was planned and executed by Bin Laden with direct assistance from elements of the Pakistani government.

2) No fewer than 9, some say 11, governments warned the US at the highest levels. I believe that Dick Cheney saw this as a gift of heaven, and organized the 9-11 exercises so as to have complete operational control of the U.S. government, and he "let it happen."

3) I believe that Larry Silverstein, new owner of the World Trade Center, NOT the U.S. Government, was briefed on this by the Mossad, and saw an opportunity to solve his asbestos problem at taxpayer expense. I believe that Larry Silverstein, in partnership with the security firm managed by a Bush family member, installed the controlled demolitions and "pulled" all three buildings, murdering the people in them, in order to clear the area for rebuilding and get the $7 billion in insurance money. I believe that he paid Rudy Gulliani as much as a billion to "scoop and dump" the crime scene into oblivion, and I believe that the insurance company executives are in cahoots with Silversten and got major kick-backs, because there is no way a serious insurance company investigation could have ignored the evidence of thermite being briefed to the Senate this very week.

4) Finally, I do think there is evidence of CIA and FBI blundering about and aiding "assets" who participated in the first World Trade Center car bombing, but it is very important to distinguish between bureaucratic incompetence; Dick Cheney's deliberate decision to let it happen; and Larry Silverstein's alleged dmurder of all those people including firefighters.

This has NOT been properly investigated, and it needs to be.

---- end of edit ----

It is with great sadness that I conclude that this book is the strongest of the 770+ books I have reviewed here at Amazon, almost all non-fiction. I am forced to conclude that 9/11 was at a minimum allowed to happen as a pretext for war (see my review of Jim Bamford's "Pretext for War"), and I am forced to conclude that there is sufficient evidence to indict (not necessarily convict) Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and others of a neo-conservative coup d'etat and kick-off of the clash of civilizations (see my review of "Crossing the Rubicon" as well as "State of Denial"). Most fascinatingly, the author links Samuel Huntington, author of "Clash of Civilizations" with Leo Strauss, the connecting rod between Nazi fascists and the neo-cons.

This is, without question, the most important modern reference on state-sponsored terrorism, and also the reference that most pointedly suggests that select rogue elements within the US Government, most likely led by Dick Cheney with the assistance of George Tenet, Buzzy Kronguard, and others close to the Wall Street gangs, are the most guilty of state-sponsored terrorism.

The author draws on historical examples of US fabrication of threats (e.g. the bombing of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor) and many others (Jim Bamford publicized Operation Northwoods). It is an undeniable fact that the U.S. Government has been willing to kill its own citizens and fabricate attacks as part of moving the public.

The author suggests that there is no conclusive evidence that 9/11 was of foreign origin, and to the contrary, quite a bit of evidence that the hijackers had been trained at US military bases, protected by the CIA and FBI, and that the end result of their actions--including controlled flying into buildings and controlled demolitions bringing down three towers, one of which was not hit at all, all suggest a US-based conspiracy.

The author is compelling in his review of the conflicts of interest for each of the 9/11 Commissioners and key staff; he is conclusive in his damnation of their performance and their refusal to be tough with NORAD, the FAA, and many other Executive organizations that refused to cooperate; and he is conclusive on his suggestion that all actual evidence points to the Pentagon being hit by a missile rather than an airplane.

The author is especially compelling in condemning Rudy Guilliani as part of the conspiracy, and as the "bud" of the extreme right charged with cleaning up the crime scene. Instead of making the area off-limits, Gulliani moved aggressively to "scoop and dump" to the point that firefighters rioted.

I believe it enough to want a full investigation that passes the smell test of the 9/11 families as well as objective outside observers. I believe it sufficient to indict Dick Cheney and other neo-cons. Sadly, the Executive is now in the service of corporations that benefit from high crimes and misdemeanors, rather than in the service of the American people who suffer great ill from these terrible mis-deeds.

My bottom line: justice has NOT been done, and this book, together with Crossing the Rubicon, is a major reason why I believe that eventually, Dick Cheney and others will be brought to justice. The people now have a digital memory and collective intelligence. Bin Laden Dead or Alive? Mission Accomplished? Civil liberties at home, democracy abroad? Just who are we kidding? More to the point, who are we betraying if not ourselves?

In fairness to Dick Cheney, I also wonder if he is not the fall guy for Wall Street and the gnomes of Zurich. I am waiting for him to have a heart attack while getting a routine medical check-up....the Ken Lay defense, but imposed by those who are willing to assassinate the John Kennedy's and Bobby Kennedy's of our world.
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on September 2, 2006
The premise of this book is extremely disturbing.

In a nutshell, the premise is that W surrendered control of the US government to a domestic rogue secret network on 9/11/2001, because he was afraid of being assassinated. This surrender was followed by his fantastic foray into Iraq and his perpetual "War on Terror" that will continue until Doomsday or until the neocons control the planet. Does this sound like science fiction? I'm afraid not. The conspiracy theory that Tarpley unveils is well documented from many sources. And his conspiracy theory is more plausible and logical than the nonsense that our federal government expects us to believe about the events of 9/11. How could any U.S. citizens possibly have been involved in the awful events of 9/11? It sounds like a grotesque nightmare. But, unfortunately, truth is stranger than fiction. The 9/11 truth movement must succeed. The neocons and their "New World Order" must be stopped. Most likely the Republican party will disintegrate in the process. And the families of the 9/11 victims will finally be vindicated. Let all Americans respect the great and terrible sacrifice that the victims and their families gave on 9/11. In the words of a true statesman and example of outstanding leadership for our country, Abraham Lincoln, "that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain; that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom; and that this government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."
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on October 15, 2006
When you venture down the rabbit hole deeper and deeper, exploring all the information you can find about what really happened on September 11, 2001, your concern with the official story of 9/11 should transcend politics, religion, race, and ideology. It should have everything to do with truth, constitutional law, ethics, corruption, deception, blatant disregard for human health and human life, and morality beyond any personal choices most of us will make.

The events of 9/11 were pivotal points in the lives of my generation, if not those of our children and grandchildren. They marked a turning point in history where we, as a nation, sanctioned unprecedented preemptive military acts, record-shattering spending on defense, and mass propaganda of the Goebbel's variety.

Of all the books available about 9/11, Tarpleys is the most comprehensive and disturbing. It's not for the faint of heart. The bitter pill that must be swallowed is the fact that false flag terror operations have been part of our government's modus operandi for the last hundred years, and these operations are still being planned and deployed today for an agenda that has nothing to do with securing our nation and everything to do with global imperialism.

Don't take my word for it, read this book. Your perspective will be forever altered and you will view all future events with a jaundiced eye. In some ways, it is a relief to know that the so-called crazy "Islamofascists" are not planning new terror operations in cold caves; however, it is frightening beyond words that the neocons running the secret government behind the scenes are playing with our lives, our resources, and our futures like chess pieces.

With the scarcity of good, reliable information available to keep track of this geopolitical nightmare, it's good to know that Webster Tarpley is vigilant and accessible. Listen to his radio show on World Crisis Radio on RBN Live dot com.

Synthetic Terror - Made in USA - remains the most definitive study of 9/11, the motives of its perpetrators, and the analysis of the crime of century.
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