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on November 16, 1998
I was drawn to read this book not only because of the author's other (life's) work - but because I have had some tangential experience in law suits involving post-tramatic stress.
Expecting a good encyclopedic overview of the topic and writing for readers, I got a lot more. Make no mistake, it is an exhaustive discussion of the topic of unethical hypnosis, and it is well written - but it is a good deal more than that to be sure.
Readers of Emery's "Encyclopedia of Country Living" learn to be prepared for lively writing, and details, with a surprise on nearly every page. Well, you get the same experience here - with the advantage of knowing that disseminating this work as widely as possible will only serve to better humanity.
The book deserves the widest possible audience, and not merely those folks who have a professional (or even passing) interest in the topic. Of special interst to the professionals noted in the blurbs from the publisher - it is exteremly timely information, and presented in such a readable and entertaining matter that even readers with no interest in tales of hypnotism will be riveted from the outset.
I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Read it, and share it with friends. You will not be disappointed!
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on November 24, 1998
At first glance, this book seems to be a arid catalog of the history of hypnotism, exciting only to professionals. On the contrary, Carla Emery weaves exciting tales of hypnotic abuse and mind control through her,anything but dry,facts. She describes true cases of government mind control in chilling detail and also gives a first-hand account of the horrifying and dehumanizing process that results in a "hypno-robot." I encourage anyone who has ever been in, or who is contemplating, hypnosis first to read this book. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
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on March 24, 2003
It is true. It is happening to me. Do read the book and understand that this must be happening to more people than can be imagined. Doctors won't tell nor will the police. Talk about what's happening with everyone. Share information now.
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on June 20, 2006
I know a woman who used to be married to a man in the CIA, and she confirmed what Carla says in her book. That makes this book all the more chilling. The average person does not know the sinister experiments that the CIA is involved in.
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on July 25, 2013
I have read several good books on Mind Control. Fritz Springmeier, Brice Taylor, Kathleen Sullivan. Kathleen mentioned this book which is why I bought it. This book focuses primarily on Hypnosis and how it can be misused and how great harm can be deliberately done thought hypnosis. She gives the history, including the 1st legal cases in regards to misuse and abuse. It is dogmatically asserted by many that people can not be forced to do things against their will under hypnosis, which this book refutes soundly.

If you are looking into Mind Control at all, this is another useful perspective on the whole matter, with history and law reviewed. I really appreciated Carla Emery's perspective. As well, she tries to help people understand what a trance is like and how it is related to other functions such as falling asleep, or "zoning out." Hypnotism definitely needs to be reconsidered in view of its past. It is a very readable book, if you are into the subject. It is hard to resist.
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on January 8, 2007
The basic message of this book is to explain certain principles within hypnosis and that of mind control. i have researched mind control for some years and feel that this book sticks far closer to the truth than others will even dare to go. I consider the book useful for gaining a better understanding of hypnosis but not to take it to the step of hypnotising others. For that there are simply other, better books. A good read none the less so i give this book 4 out of 5.
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on August 5, 2015
This 500+ page clunker is a series of asinine yarns. One does not have to turn many pages to see that it is not a serious piece of work. The disparate stories read like part mockery/part "brag and gloat." Pervasive throughout is the spirit of lampoonery. The signature of this hive of writers I have read elsewhere (check my review on *Pentagon Aliens*). Canards like that, I wager, crank out of the same baloney mill. These people have nothing better to do than fabricate large, steaming piles of manure and then publish them. Full of pseudo-science, dis-info and lies of course larded with enough truth to confuse. Whoever swallows this load is heading for the big drop-off. Down a dirt road. Save your money. If you want to read some road-rubber on "the peculiar state" of hypnosis, as Dave Elman called it, read Dave Elman's book on hypnosis. One way to tell that this "encyclopedia" is rubbish is how they never mention Dave Elman, the kahuna of hypnotherapy.
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on October 8, 2013
I am here to attest that Carla stayed with us in the 80's and told us she was writing this book and the abuse she entailed while being forced to submit to experimentation by her first husband and the government. Makes you realize the things happening today with all these quite people gone wild killing may all be part of a bigger picture. She was a brilliant, down to earth person and I am sorry she died of a "heart attack". Yea, Breitbart, too. Read the book!
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on February 29, 2008
Read this book and pass it along so that others can learn the truth also! I am a survivor of abusive hypnosis and was amazed at the truth Carla Emery put together within these pages. Truly, it is possible to be a victim for many years (15 years of bondage for me) and not know it with the conscious mind. Perhaps if I had read this book many years earlier, the perp would have been unable to ever start his enslavement. Speaking from experience, I KNOW this book contains the truth and highly recommend it to every sincere person. More than captivating reading, this book contains warnings, which if taken seriously, should help protect the reader from any "wolves" who would seek to control and destroy.
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on February 15, 2014
The dangers are everywhere. Learn from court records how just one glass of orange juice with a drug in it, can make anyone do whatever a hypnotist wants them to - including being raped, handing over your savings or robbing a bank.

Learn how the more intelligent you are, the higher is the chance that you can be hypnotized to do these things, without even the orange juice.

The scariest book I ever read.
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