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on March 9, 2006
The Canon Zoom Pack 1000 is very useful and sturdy bag - and, although compact, it's big! Any Canon EOS Rebel/xxxD/xxD with a medium-sized zoom lens will fit perfectly. For example, a Rebel XT/350D with a Sigma 18-200mm (OS or non-OS) lens fits perfectly inside it (even with the camera's big strap folded behind the camera and with a polarizer filter + Sigma's big lens hood attached in front of the lens) - and there's still some space left inside for some small accessories...

Some cameras with their battery grips attached will eventually fully fit in this bag, but often tightly (stretching it out fully at the upper side). This is the case for the Rebel XTx/XSx/3xxD/4xxD cameras.

It comes with a velcro "divider" to be put besides or over the camera (or behind it, as a matter of fact, on the top portion of the bag, just below its top cover), so you can partition the inner space and create a second compartment to keep a small point-and-shoot camera and/or any small accessories, as a battery charger (plus two or three extra batteries and memory cards). If you put the divider behind the camera (over its back), you can put anything on the upper side of the bag without taking the risk to scratch the camera's LCD screen.

The top cover closes by velcro so it's very easy and fast to open or close it (just pull it up or down, without the need to push buttons, press hooks, untie laces or whatever).

Inside the bag, just below the top cover, there's a very convenient zipper-style, "net-type" compartment (very useful for storing documents, cables, cleaning pens, portable table tripods, memory cards, lens filters without their original cases etc.).

The front accessory compartment is small, but there's enough space for some memory cards, one or two lens caps, and extra battery, any thin cable and maybe more (all these items together), if you arrange everything well. It has a small fixed divider, specially useful for keeping CompactFlash memory cards.

It features a comfortable, ergonomic shoulder/neck strap and a belt that allows us to carry it on our waist. You'll look like as if you're carrying a big gun!

If you don't have too much photographic gear and stuff, this bag may be the only bag you will ever need. In my experience, here's a list of what it can hold altogether:

- Any Canon EOS Rebel/xxxD/xxD with a medium-sized zoom lens (e.g., the Sigma 18-200mm OS/non-OS lens, with a polarizer filter and a big hood attached)
- A Canon CB-2LT battery charger
- A Hoya polarizer filter case
- A flexible, mini table tripod
- The camera's USB cable
- The camera's video cable
- The front lens cap (when it is off the camera)
- The rear lens cap
- The camera's cover body cap
- An RC-1 wireless remote controller (attached to the camera's neck strap)
- A small, manual air blower with medium-sized rubber bulb (like the Giottos AA1900 Large Rocket Blaster or Canon EF Lense Blower or Visible Dust Hurricane Blower)

Of course it would be more comfortable if I'd put all this stuff in a bigger, horizontal-style gear backpack, but the Canon Zoom Pack 1000 gives me the convenience of wearing it around my neck and leave it hanging just in front of me (as I would do with the camera alone) or around my waist (holster style). You can even use both the belt and the neck strap in order to hang it in front of you in a stabilized way.

And, last but not least, it is beautiful, stylish and have a nice silver "Canon" logo in front of it. Recommended!
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on June 25, 2009
I have a Canon EOS 50D with the 28-135mm zoom lens. While I do have a large camera bag that holds it, additional lenses, and other accessories nicely, I always wanted a "go" case that would add some simple cover, drizzle protection, and scratch-n-bump protection to my camera when I was walking around with it, but not using it.

This holster serves that need perfectly and the camera/lens (with lens hood mounted backwards for storage) just fits. With the camera neck strap attached to the camera, and an accessory eye cup attached, it's an even tighter fit, but still does the job. Would another inch or so of depth be better? Yes, absolutely. But anything significantly larger and your camera would bounce around too much inside.

The case comes with one velcro pad that can be installed with infinite variance to cushion shorter lens combo's. I stuffed this pad in to the nose of the holster to add additional padding to the nose of the lens.

I've read reviews that state the EOS 50D will fit in this case with the battery grip, but I think that would be an extremely tight fit, and probably not practical.

The case comes with a belt strap (which I will use a lot to keep my hands free, and to keep the camera from beating me to death while walking/hiking). This belt strap can be tucked inside a compartment on the back of the holster and hidden, if you don't want to use it. It also comes with a detachable neck strap with a padded shoulder feature. I probably won't use this much as shoulder straps tend to slide off my shoulders unexpectedly, and this holster won't afford a lot of protection if it hits the ground with its heavy contents. One other NICE feature - a small sewn-in hand strap on the top of the holster, so you can carry it this way, or hold the holster securely while you're fumbling to fasten the belt strap on. You can also slide this holster over a regular trouser belt as well.

Worn with the belt strap, the holster top can be left unzippered, with the cover held down by a simple velcro strip. This makes it quick-ready for a "draw" from the holster (hand slides right in to the wrist strap), for very quick photography, without having it beating against your chest on a neck strap as you walk.

The holster cover (top) is nicely zippered, with a pull down rain/moisture flap, and velcro fastener. There is a small zippered storage compartment inside the top cover 8"x4", and another on the outside front of the holster 5"x4"x1", suitable for CF cards, extra batteries, small cables, etc.

With this holster, I will now be able to remove the neckstrap from the camera and use only a hand strap, which will be wonderful (I hate neck straps, but won't touch the camera without a strap of some kind in place for protection).

Fast shipping, good packaging, nice looking (it's a Canon case and matches the camera well), and does its job well. Great transaction!!!
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on April 19, 2006
This bag is much bigger than I expected but just isn't quite roomy enough to comfortably hold a 35mm Canon EOS Rebel Ti with a battery grip, hand strap and small lens attached. It just doesn't seem to be designed with the optional standard Canon battery grips and hand straps in mind. The bag is attractive, however, and appears sturdy and well-padded but its bulk (some of which is from the rear pouch storing the belt strap when not in use) can also make it a bit awkward. Its not a bad camera bag for the price but you may want to consider something else if you plan on using a battery grip.

Post Script - This bag turns out to be a pretty good fit for the Canon Rebel XT with the caveat that you'll only be able to fit the one zoom lens and no other lenses or a flash unit. Even with the XT's smaller size, however, the bag is still a too tight of a fit for an XT with a battery grip attached.
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I purchased this item (Canon Zoom Pack 1000 Holster) about six years ago for my old Canon Elan 7e film camera. It provided a perfect fit for this full-size camera, with the EF 28-135mm USM IS lens and its lens hood mounted. After I switched over to the Canon digital Rebel XT, the new camera body is a lot smaller, and so is the equivalent EF-S lens. What I found is that with the extra space available, I can actually fit my external flash unit inside the holster. It is a rather tight fit, but the good thing is they won't knock against each others inside.

Here is what I can store inside this holster: Canon Rebel XT, EF-S 17-85mm USM IS lens (with EW-73B lens hood fitted in reverse), Canon 420EX Speedlite, LumiQuest Pocket Bouncer, polarizer filter, video cable, spare battery pack, CF cards, plus a few more small items. When necessary, I can also use it to carry my Rebel XT with the Canon BG-E3 Battery Grip mounted. But of course, the flash unit won't fit in this case.

The exterior of this holster pack is made of ballistic nylon, which is far more durable than the faux-leather used in cheap imitations (such as the Opteka DSLR Holster Case). I've been carrying this holster to and back from work almost daily, plus several oversea trips during the past 5-6 years. It is still in excellent condition. To me, the quality of its construction fully justifies its higher price.

[Update on Oct 20, 2013]
I purchased my second Canon holster case. After 11 years of faithful service, my old holster is getting an 'honorable discharge'. Its waist belt started to tear alone the sew line, and I don't want my camera to fall off the cliff during my next hiking trip. By the way, this holster out-lasted three camera bodies (Elan, Rebel XT, and T1i), so I certainly got my money's worth.

The new Canon holster case is made in China while the old one is made in Korea. However, they are exactly the same in terms of material used, construction quality, and dimensions.
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on January 23, 2013
This case provides excellent protection for the Canon Xsi with the new Sigma 18-250 mm zoom lens. We took this on a cruise recently and it traveled well. We left the big camera case at home with the flash and all the other lenses. Great product!
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on May 23, 2009
Fits my Canon EOS T1i with an attached Tamron 18-270 lens and strap. Zips closed with hood on in reverse mode or just velcros closed with hood on in shooting mode (eyepeice about 1" above zipper). This is with padded divider velcroed in place at the very bottom of case to provide extra cushion for lens in the event of a drop. Placing the divider there should address any padding issues and make this one of the best padded cases where it counts. Also holds extra batteries in side pocket and cards in top pocket. Belt, contrary to what I've read, slips back into pocket in about 10 seconds (unclasped). Little room for much else, but that's ok. My only concern is that I'd like some verification that it is manufactured under humane working conditions -- but I've seen no such verification for any competing products either.
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on April 25, 2010
After trying and returning another holster-style case from a local store because my camera would not fit, I took a chance on ordering this item. I am pleased to report that the camera (Canon 7D with 18-200-mm lens) fits perfectly, but ONLY if I pull the belt strap partly out of its storage pocket. When the belt strap is fully tucked into its pocket, it bulges into the case so much that the camera does not fit. I see that some other reviewers have cut off the belt strap, and now I understand why. I have not done that yet, but am tempted to do so because I tried using the belt strap and it felt extremely uncomfortable and unstable. I will not be using it. But, when using the well-designed shoulder strap that also comes with this case, I have no problems at all. The Velcro closure on the case lid holds well and opens quickly to give access to the camera, the presence of a zipper to seal it against bad weather is welcome, and the small hand strap works well when not using the shoulder strap. The front accessory pouch is perfect for extra memory cards, etc. Overall, a winner. But what were they thinking when they included that awful belt strap?
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on December 29, 2011
Holds my Canon T3i with a 135 lend attached with a little room to move yet. You won't pack for a week long shoot but you'll be able to pack what you need for the day.
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on September 17, 2007
Canon Zoom Pack 1000 for Elan and Rebel Series Cameras (Holster Style) I found this camera case to be very usefull. First the different ways to carry it. Wast,Shoulder or Hand. Room for my extra Flash cards inside and outside a pocket to carry extra batterys and a small pen Canon RebelXTi fit real nice inside. The best feature of this case is the Rain flap, that protects camera and contents from geting wet (and it did rain some in Alaska). Outside pocket could use a second zipper. If you dont close zipper all the way contents can fall out. But I'll still rate it a 5 Star.
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on September 20, 2009
This bag is perfect for a Canon XSi with 18-55 lens (or 18-200 too) and some accessories like extra battery, remote, memory card and an extra filter in the pockets provided. The holster fits well and is very convenient. The top cover goes over the zipper so the camera is safe even if it starts raining or pouring.

I just loved this bag more when I was able to fit all my gear!!!
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