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on January 27, 2007
I purchased this unit for my business. It is a great product. The BlueTooth is not as useful when window mounted because it is hard to hear the other person on the phone. Do not use a lot of the extras. The NUVI 350 would have been a better purchase without the Bluetooth. The maps take a while to load and you find yourself waiting to enter your destination, but overall I like the product. I purchased two more NUVI 350 for my other sales people.
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on November 5, 2006
After using this thing for the last month I will say that this is the greatest piece of technology that I've purchased in the last 15 years!

And Garmin informs me of updates to the OS and mapping and have provided great post purchase support. I would say the 360 is worth every penny I've paid for it. Love it. It comes in at number 4. My wife, my grandkids, Calvin my Lab. and the Garmin.
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on April 10, 2007
I bought this in anticipation of a trip to North Carolina, a state I was not at all familiar with. The setup was amazingly simple, i.e. you just turn it on, choose a language, let it locate the satellites, and put in your destination. It calculates the rest. A great product, I just wish it were waterproof so that I could use it on the motorcycle.
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on March 20, 2009
This is an edited comment. I would now give this product 3 stars, but only 3 because it is not easy to use. It all centers on gross deficiencies in the manual and online "how to" information although there may also be performance issues over the long haul.
1. The manual is worst I've seen from an English-speaking company, it is unbelieveable how little useful information it communicates. Garmin routinely uses initials as if everyone knows that they mean. It uses an accronym (initials) on a screen with no definition anywhere on the device. When you go to the manual the initials are in the index but the pages referenced don't even use the initials, or define them or give a clear indication to a non-techie or newbie of what they're talking about. You have to search online to find out what the initials stand for.

Another example is setting the Garmin 360 to announce street names. Yes, the Garmin 360 can announce street names but good luck figuring out how to do it because their manual and online support sucks. How to set the Garmin 360 to announce street names (posted so you don't have to wait 17 minutes to get through to customer support): You control this through the LANGUAGE setting. You usually don't see the correct option when you do set up because what comes up first is American English -- so you choose it and don't scroll down or press options again so you don't discover there are additional American English options, two of which will give you spoken street names. To fix this after setup and have spoken street names you need to touch the little wrench on the right side of the main page, then on the next screen go to system (looks like gears). On the next screen, the second line has a picture of lips and a line showing the language. Touch the line across from the lips. Your language options will include American English and among the sub-options will be "American English Jack (TTS)" and "American English Jill (TTS)". If you choose the first option a male voice will tell you street names when you need to turn. If you choose "American English Jill (TTS)" a female voice will tell you street names.

TTS means "Text To Speech". Remember what I said about the manual and using initials as if everyone knows what they mean? This is another example of that problem. Three tech-saavy people tried to figure this out before we called Garmin and sat on hold for 17 minutes. It was a quick fix from a nice tech guy once we got thru but this is a simple question that should have been answered by their manual. It wasn't. Manuals are written for people who don't know the product, not to inspire/market those who are into the product or field.

2. Concern: it thinks I'm on the city streets below interstate flyovers as I go over and tries to re-route me; this could be a serious performance issue but I need more time with the unit to know.

3. Concern: as some others have noted it flipped to an old destination while I was driving and began rerouting me there in an unfamiliar city; I suspect a touchpad issue but this is something to watch.

4. the technology is old: the antenna is old tech, it flips up.

5. Plus: the windshild and dash attachments are good and beat the competition.

Once the learning curve is tolerated and the unit is figured out, it seems to do the job. I think it will be fine but they don't do themselves a favor by educating their customer on how to use the product. Most negative reviews are from people who have encountered problems I've also encountered and who would be happier with a decent manual.
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on June 27, 2007
I also considered a Tom-Tom but on the strength of the product reviews bought a Garmin Nuvi 360 after agreeing to pick up my nephew in NYC on my recent KS>VA>DC>NYC>VT>KS 4000+ mile trip (from which I've just returned). I practiced using it a month locally before hand (which was very helpful). It has far more strengths than weaknesses.
WEAKNESSES: Maps are not 100% accurate (maybe 99.99%): it directed me to drive a local street from which a bridge was removed 10+ years ago. It won't guide me to the local Lowe's home imprvmt store I've entered but instead to a house 8 blocks away on the same street. Its navigating formula heavily favors main streets/hiways so instead of taking me my usual shortest way home from the grocery store 6 blocks away, it directs me on a route over twice that distance using wider, more popular streets. When strong sunlight floods the windshield, I improvised a hood around the 360 to be able to view the screen. Garmin's customer service 800 # is so busy, I've been unable to get through.
STRENGTHS: Despite minor flaws, it removes 99.9% of the dread and frustration experienced in navigating alone through cities and unfamiliar places. You can depart from any directed route (the voice says "RECALCULATING" and immediately gives new directions to your goal). Several times I saw huge traffic snarls ahead from accidents/construction on both city & rural interstates but Nuvi let me confidently dart off on a side route and "wing it" fully trusting that my Nuvi would quickly find a route around the blockage. That saved hours and made me fully appreciate the man in the current (2007)TV ad who says "I love you" to the female voice in his Nuvi. The bundled windshield mount worked flawlessly on my Honda Accord. While some minor improvements will be made in future models, just as it is, I commend it highly. Wonderful, enormously useful product.
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on June 26, 2007
I purchased my Nuvi 360 six weeks ago and I have to say without a doubt it's one of the most useful purchases I have ever made. I absolutely hate driving in a car but since I purchased the Nuvi 360 I have found I can't wait to drive somewhere....anywhere! The accuracy of the Nuvi has been close to perfect. The directions have been perfect. I travel every week and one of the many reasons I love this product is I can easily pack the Nuvi in my luggage and then attach it in the rental car at the city I am going to. This is a huge advantage to buying a new car with a navigation system preinstalled as you are forced to leave the preinstalled unit in the car. Also, updating a preinstalled system is not as simple as the Nuvi. If you do purchase a Nuvi, I highly suggest connecting the Nuvi to the sound system in your car as the speaker is small in the Nuvi and while I had no problem hearing the voice prompts through the small speaker, the MP3 sounds very weak unless it is going through a more powerful sound system. Also, the voice prompts sound a lot better through your radio/sound system. If you have a newer car you should have an auxiliary plug/outlet somewhere on your radio and all you need to do is go to Radio Shack and buy the cable that one end plugs into the auxiliary outlet of your sound system and the other end plugs into the outlet on the Nuvi. One other praise I will give the Nuvi is it actually is very secure when attached to your windshield with the included suction device. I have never had much luck with suction devices as far as really attaching a unit to my windshield and staying in place for more than 2 minutes. With my Nuvi it stays firmly in place until I remove it. I did purchase an after market device that is made for the Nuvi that fits into one of my cup holders on a stand and makes the Nuvi alittle more accessible when I am driving. One thing I wish Garmin had included with the Nuvi was an attachment to hold the Nuvi on my belt at times when I am carrying it while traveling or when I want to use the Nuvi when walking in a large city. This is a great product and well worth the money. You won't regret buying it....I promise!
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on January 17, 2007
I wanted to be able to give this 5 stars, I really did! I love my Nuvi 360, but it's not perfect.

First of all, I considered the 550 but glad I went with this one cause it weighs half as much(5oz vs 10oz) as the 550. Easy to toss in my purse without weighing it down any more than necessary. I haven't heard enough good things about the built-in traffic monitoring feature yet on the 550 so I think I'll wait til my next gps purchase in a few years while they are still ironing out the flaws and servicing more cities. You can still exit and the 360 will calculate a new route if you tell it to avoid the highway.

I won't go into all of the things I really like about the Nuvi, I'll focus on the few flaws that are significant to me. First of all, the speaker volume could be better. On the highest volume it is still slightly not loud enough for highway driving. I don't even have the radio playing. I own a Maxima as a reference point for you. To reduce the irritation of the too-low volume, choose a male voice option. It is easier to hear than a female voice. "Daniel" is especially clear.

I have also had complaints about the bluetooth sound quality from the people that I have called. On my end, it sounds fine. Those that I am talking to say that I sound distant and that there is an annoying echo. So it is great for answering a quick call safely, but not to hold a long conversation. By the way, be sure to upgrade your firmware on the website asap. My phone wouldn't sync until I did. If you already have a well-loved bluetooth phone, skip this and buy the 550. If anyone has suggestions for a fix, I'd love to hear from you!

Lastly, I didn't realize how much I would miss the routing feature of previous models. You cannot enter all stops you plan to make and have the Nuvi calculate the best route. You have to determine that yourself. It will only save addresses as "favorites" and you choose them one at a time as needed.

All in all, the simplicity and accuracy of this nifty gadget is terrific. Just wish they had ironed out what seem to be easily fixable flaws in exchange for the big price tag!
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on November 7, 2007
We had the Nuvi 350 (stolen) and replaced it with the 360. We liked both models, but the upgrade is significant and worthwhile: the 360 has bluetooth as well as destinations with phone numbers. It not only gets you to your destination, it finds the business and dials the number for you... Wow, now THAT is useful!
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on March 11, 2007
Have always believed Garmin to be the best in GPS tech., this proved it.I'm using it every day in my business (For direction and to remind me where I've be.Only problem is battery time is limited when using in GPS mode.So take along Charger.
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on February 10, 2007
The street maps are very accurate on what roads do it exist. It is also knows which roads are one way so it doesn't send you the wrong way down a one way street. I bought this product because I moved to a new city (Atlanta) and didn't know where anything is. Because Atlanta is rapidly growing it doesn't show many of the new stores that opened within the last year (I think most GPS systems have that problem). It takes awhile to find the satellites when it is foggy and sometimes when starting it it will freeze and not realize you have moved location. It doesn't take into account the Atlanta traffic and the stop lights not being synchronized so in city traffic its estimated time of arrival is way off.

It's maps are easy to use and tell you where bodies of water, parks, etc are so you can know that you are crossing a river (and may have to pay a toll before you do). It also tells you what rolls are toll roads. It also tells you what side of the highway your exit will be on. You can also save your favorite locations which is great if you are heading to your favorite places from another direction. It's great on long trips because you can really accurately figure out the time it will take you to get there.
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