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on January 29, 2007
Before I bought this unit, I tried the D-Link DSM-520 for about a month before giving up. This unit is identical to the DSM in function with one BIG difference-- it is stable! My advise to those not wanting to tinker- skip this technology for a year or so, others read on...



I hooked it up to a wireless router and PC with a few external hard drives and it works (almost) flawlessly. First of all, like others said, do NOT install the software that it comes with and also forget Intel Viv technology installs. Just install one of the free (or almost free) software like TVersity (my fav.), Wizd or Twonkyvision. However, except for Wizd, you can't search for a particular album/artist/genre. You have to scroll through menu after menu to find a movie/song/photo.



I am currently streaming a few hundred CDs in FLAC (lossless format) which is noticeably better than the very best MP3 format. For DVDs, I simply have the server software pointed to the Folders that have the DVD (VOB) files. The player does a very good job of picking up subtitles automatically too. I have NOT installed the photo folder as I find the usage completely useless for my needs. I shoot 6MP raw format images. I can't see myself browsing through tens of thousands of images and then waiting for 1 minute for an image to load up!



All in all, a good system for those that are not intimidated by network setups and server programs but want an uncluttered music system and (almost) instant access to movies, music and photos.
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on January 15, 2007
I bought this hoping it would work well with a new Intel VIIV certified media computer. Unfortunately, it does not work well. I had hoped it would integrate with the media center software, but it does not. It cannot access programs on the computer as easily as an xbox 360 which can also be used as a media center extender. While it is great for music, it freezes occasionally while watching video. I could not get it to play video reliably wirelessly with the wireless access point right next to it. Also with a LAN line it also would freeze up on video. I just changed the ethernet cable from CAT 5 to CAT 6 cable and the video has now been playing fine, at least for the moment. The device still does freeze for no reason when using the remote control and the fast forward buttons do not work on the remote. I would steer clear of this product for the moment. My xbox 360 works incredibly well as a media extender, but unfortunately it is a very noisy solution.
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on January 20, 2007
I see that many people have rated this product from Netgear pretty low but I must say I have been extremely happy with mine. I gave the item over a month to test it out to make sure that it would work right. It plays Divx media flawlessly and the MP3's work well also. Installation was so simple that I was surprised I was finished. Now for the things I wish they could improve on. I am not all that thrilled with the software it comes with. There should be easier menues to use. While it's not completely bad I find it a little lacking because my wife and son have problems with it when they are looking for media. Keep in mind that I set up the folders to share between my computer and the EVA700 so it makes it easier for me. Another thing I would like to see is the capability for HD. A Univeral Remote would be nice as well. Since other universal remotes don't work with the EVA700. As for performace of the product the only only complaint I would have is that when rewinding or fast forwarding movies it does this annoying scan that takes 10-15 seconds before it begins the desired selection.
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on May 29, 2007
Great idea, squalid execution. I'm not surprised that Amazon has dropped the price to around half the RRP, but in my opinion it's still over-priced.

Why? Mediocre user interface; claimed iPod support but not with my Windows-formatted 4G 20GB unit; frustrating menus. After 48 hours fighting this product I shipped it back.
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on May 13, 2007
Extremely dissatisfied. Expected more than this product delivered. Experianced problems with freeze-up. Could not watch a complete movie, even with a wired connection.
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on August 6, 2007
I made the huge mistake of not checking for reviews before squandering money on this utter rubbish. When you see the number that complain about the lack of a hardware reset switch, well, that pretty much tells you all you need to know. I tried to team it with a Maxtor Storage Solution II, don't waste your time. Occasionally the pair would agree to work together, but most of the time they sulked. I've bought Netgear routers before and been very pleased, but this strikes me as underdeveloped and simply not ready for public release. My advice is don't pay to be a Beta tester for Netgear !
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on December 30, 2007
I bought two of these EVA 700's six months ago, and I have been pleased with the product -- up to a point. The video, music, and photo options work well if paired with a quality media server. The best I have found is made by Helios. Tversity also works, but not as well. The server software that comes with the product is Junk as is the server software that comes with Windows Media center. I was not able to get the Viiv feature to work. Nevertheless, .VOB and .divx video playback works well as does music coded to MP3 if the source is resident on a quality PnP server product. I agree with many of the other comments here that this product is not for the non-technical user. I spent months finding the right software for the server and setting up the files so that the menus work well. Nevertheless, it can be done. The only disappointment I have is that the video playback is somewhat unstable. The video/sound sync sometimes gets off, but can be corrected by pausing the playback and starting again. Also, the video playback software sometimes slips and skips a half second of playback. Playing the same files on my computer results in neither of these problems. On the other hand, I tried several other media players before I got this one, and I am convinced that it is the best on the market (with the possible exception of the EVA 8000). None of these products are currently ready for prime time use by non-technical users.
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on January 30, 2010
First of all do not make the mistake to buy it like the rest of us. I owned this device for more than 2 years and it's one of the worst devices I have ever used. Its the hardest to set up, and the customer service did not help at all. It froze few times and it was hard to turn on, and then the green screen appeared. That was the end. I tried for few days to figure it out but no luck. I had this device for more than 2 years and I had to treat it like a baby (with the fear of not confuse it). Most of the times I had to leave it on (and the times that I turned it off, before I turned it on I had to prey, throw garlic around and dance around it in order to work. Today the green screen appeared and that was the end. Tomorrow I am going to disassemble it (so not another person will have the bad experiences I had)and throw it at the recycle bin. If you are into S&M buy it. It will most of the times ruin your evenings, you will get frustrated and you will suffer. If you are not then do yourself a favor and buy something else.
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on July 4, 2007
This product could have been very good. The problem is that it seems it was never tested before release and the firmware was never finished. The "power on/off" button doesn't even work. You can't complain to Netgear as the support site email trouble reporting doesn't work either. Half of the remote control functions are non-functional. The only way I can turn it off after use is to unplug the power cord, then when I plug it back in, it powers itself up, then the power button works to turn it off. Seem to be literally hundreds of bugs in the original firmware and there is no sign of an update release. The strange thing is that the tough stuff works (WiFi, PC library interface, etc) and the simple stuff fails. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT UNLESS NETGEAR FIXES THE FIRMWARE.
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on December 19, 2007
This system is not bad for the price. It plays the IPOD MP4s, most DIVX and XVID. However, I only use it for MP4s and MP3s. These files play the best. I use it wireless and it streams with no problem. I will tell you that using Twonkymedia or Tversity is a must. VIV technology or using Windows Media is very clunky and limited. I have bought two and I am satisfied.

Only two annoying bugs that I would like Netgear to research. One, while streaming, every once in a while it will pause the playback for a second or two. The second is that it beeps while playing a movie. Again it is very intermittent. Otherwise, it is a really good product.

However, very clear playback of video.
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