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on April 16, 2008

It seems that the iPod Classic has had a lot of problems, most especially the shotty click-wheel. At first I thought it was just my model that was defective, then I saw that my friend had also purchased the 80gb Ipod Classic from Amazon with the exact same problem. I don't know if Amazon is selling these defective models or if Apple just schematically left the click-wheel incredibly under-sensitive in order to promote their latest technology, the iPod Touch. I mean why do they purposefully sell these incredibly frustrating pieces of hardware when they clearly have the readily-available technology to prevent such issues? My last iPod video was perfectly fine before the Touch technology came out. WTF HAPPENED?
Either way, some big corporation (Apple or Amazon) is cheating honest customers out of what they deserve. They try, man how they try.
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on April 12, 2008
I'll say for starters this is the first Apple product or iPod I've bought, and I've never been that good at operating any of ones my friends have let me borrow. When I bought this, it was easier to get used to the software and way it works than I thought it would be, which is good, but not good enough with the other problems I've encountered.

About two months ago, my trusty old Creative Zen 20gb finally died after several years of use. Fine, I thought, I sent it to the company I had a warranty with and got most of my money back. I wanted to buy another Zen as I'd loved my first one so much - unfortunately they are impossible to buy in anything above 16gb in New Zealand, so I reluctantly settled for an iPod Classic 80gb.

Worst money I've ever spent. My first complaint is that I find iTunes is awful software. I'm on an oldish computer, admittedly, but whenever I start iTunes up the computer freezes for anywhere upwards of two minutes. It takes ages to add any new files to the library, and when I sync it, it often adds the same album twice.

The first time I synced this, it only added about a third of my library even though I had all the files ticked to be synced. When I plugged it in again, it still wouldn't add the other files. Time for its first reset, and I've only owned the thing for two hours. After this reset, it added the library mostly fine, apart from one album I have which only added half the songs. I don't mean it's added tracks 1-6 of 12 tracks total, it's added all the tracks but only half of each song! What the hell? That album plays fine in itunes but I can't seem to get the whole songs on the ipod, even re-adding the files to the library and syncing again.

Cover art works intermittently - this would be a very cool feature if it worked properly. I have cover art for almost all my albums in itunes, but only about half of them are on my ipod after syncing it. Some are just black squares. Also, if I rename an incorrectly spelt album and then resync the ipod, I thought it would correct the album title on the player. No, it adds the album AGAIN under the same title, and I can't seem to get rid of the incorrectly named one.

The wheel is a bit better than I expected - I had tried a friend's ipod classic out the week before, and the wheel on hers was terribly laggy and unresponsive. The one on my ipod is better, but still lags, freezes and won't work if you have cold hands.

Video quality isn't as good as I expected either. All my videos look far more pixelated than they look on the computer and as if they all have a bad case of jpeg artifacts. Also, the video drains the battery. To be expected, fine, but if you want to watch anything longer than a music video you basically have to have it plugged in and charging on the computer. Why then would you watch the video on the tiny screen rather than on your nice monitor?

Sound quality is pretty tinny. I tried it on my other sets of headphones, and it still doesn't sound very good. It's mediocre at best, and for some reason I can't figure out, all my files are at different volumes. A couple of albums play about twice the volume than the rest of my files, but play normally in iTunes.

All in all, this is totally disappointing even though I bought this thing with fairly few expectations. On the plus side, it looks really cool - the cover flow looks amazing with the album art it correctly displays, and the menus look nice. Battery life is good too, I had it playing overnight on speakers and it hardly dented the battery. However that's not really enough for me to keep the thing. It's going back to the shop in the next couple of days unless I can get all these problems fixed (if anyone has any suggestions for these,particularly the strange half-files, please say!), luckily the shop I bought from accepts returns no questions asked within 7 days of purchase.
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on April 12, 2008
I'm a music person, I always have to have music close by when travelling, when relaxing, whenever. Along with my griffin itrip my 4th generation ipod was never far from my side. With only 20 Gb storage and battery life becoming a problem I decided to upgrade rather than just replace the battery.

I had limited expectations of there being changes between older generation and new. I was pleasantly surprised at the smaller size, slightly improved menus and then some of the cooler features like cover flow, better graphics and improved screen layout. Unfortunately I don't know if these were features that existed in the 5th gen product but they really help make it much more fun to use although I never really had much qualms with from a usability perspective.

Unfortunately my itrip will no longer work with it due to the fact that the remote connector is no longer present, but that's not a huge disadvantage. I dislike the fact that it's still the boring white earbuds and cable that get shipped, even though the ipod itself is black. Apple still suffer from the ridiculous battery situation. Why can they not make a device of this size (ipod, iphone etc) with the ability to easily replace the battery?!

All in all however, I'm a satisfied customer.
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on April 11, 2008
This product is a high priced piece of JUNK! I bought both my son and daughter one for Christmas in 2006. One had to be replaced before the warranty was up, now neither one works. They freeze up and cannot be reset. My son's literally fried. It was so hot you could not even hold it.

People please don't buy this garbage! Save yourself a lot of headaches and money.
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on April 8, 2008
A few years ago i purchased the 1st Gen Nano and loved it! It was a great Ipod, But unfortunetly the screen died, so i went to look into a new Ipod.
A few of my friends had Classics, but the click wheel's were unresponsive and laggy, so i had doubts about it. they were all abolished when i bought the New Classic, it has a wonderful Interface, and a amount of storage.
Although the Click Wheel is a tad slow, it seems to vary in different Ipods, but Overall, its great. You will Love the Big Screen, the storage, the Interface, and many other cool features on the Ipod.
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on April 8, 2008
It lasted 3 months. I've NEVER dropped it. It doesn't have any viruses. My computer has no viruses. I've restored it 20 times and it wont add or delete new songs. The apple people won't listen to me because i don't have a warranty. After reading many forums about my problem, every thread ends with people telling the OP he needs to buy a new ipod. I'm not inexperienced with computers so I know what I'm talking about when i say that I've tried everything. I should have bought a Zune.

Hey guys, got an update.
I drove 2 hours to an Apple store and they replaced my iPod that day for free.
So, I don't know if that works for everyone. The people working there were very nice.
I still think the ipods are buggy, but if the personal service is this good everywhere, then maybe it's worth it.
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on April 8, 2008
I received this product as a gift recently and I absolutely love it. I have an older model (ipod nano generation 2) and this one has much better improvements.

The design is very sleek with no buttons sticking out. I was surprise of the size of it; very small and could be carried around easily. The screen resolution is great with vibrate colors and text can be easily be read.

The controls are very simple: just slide your finger on the wheel to select your music and press play. I love how the button are clearly labeled; it's very intuitive.

The graphical interface are easy to understand. You have a main menu to choose from: Music, Video etc. The songs are listed in order for easy access. My old Nano ipod doesn't play videos and with this, watching movies on the road is a blast.

The give this produce a 4 stars out of 5. It would be nice to have an expansive slot for increase memory and a compartment to replace batteries.

Overall this product deserves high recognition.
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on April 8, 2008
I am very happy with this purchase. You really don't know how happy I was to find it here.
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on April 8, 2008
Before this pmp, I've owned 5 other media players, and I have to say, this one has worked the best so far. At first, I was afraid to buy a hard-disk based mp3 player because of the life of the things, but it is the cheapest way to get that much space for all of your videos, photos, music, etc. Also, this is one of about 3 companies that offers a reliable warranty, so I don't worry about anything happening to it. The only thing I would complain about is the price, since apple can charge anything they want to for having such a popular set of pmps. If you want the same functionality with a little less quality and a much lower price, you should go and check out the sandisk sansas. I was very happy with the two sansas that I owned, and the only reason I now bought an ipod was for the space.
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on April 7, 2008
I bought this for my Mom on her 50th birthday and at first she was a little intimidated by all of it's features. She has since learned how to use and and loves it. I have purchased the shuffle and also the 30GB Ipod and love them all. It's an Ipod- quite an amazing piece of technology! Get one, then get all of the accessories that go with it- you will take it everywhere with you.
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