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on April 29, 2008
I reviewed a lot of laptops and I choose this model because of the specs and the price.
I knew what I was getting and I was not disappointed. I like everything about this model especially the 2GB of Memory, the large screen, the large keys, and all the Preloaded Software. After turning it on I was set to go within twenty minutes.
The only two things I would criticize about this model is there are only two USB ports and they are on the left-hand size; extremely awkward when using a mouse. However, I knew that drawback before I purchased this laptop. When reviewing all the other brands and models I felt those two minor faults were minimal compared to all the other qualities.
I also appreciated that this model came with a Master CD with all the preloaded Software--that's great! I have seen too many systems requesting that you do a Full-Backup after setup, and that can be tedious.
So I would give this model an A-. The speed is great too and I believe that's because of the memory. From all the reviews everyone complained that Vista was extremely slow with only 1GB of memory.
Finally, I knew that Toshiba is a good brand so I was grateful to be able to get this model. I hope to enjoy it for years to come.
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on April 18, 2008
I bought this toshiba satellite a205-s5804 at bestbuy for $450 a couple of months ago. After making several research, this laptop seems to be the best for tis price. I upgraded the ram to 2 GB , I bought kingston 1gb kvr667d2s5/1g from Newegg for $18.99/each, I installed it with no problem. This is my second laptop after my IBM R40, i guess it makes sense to buy a new laptop than to repair the old one. So far, I have no problem. I disabled all the startup program except the sidebar, and my computer opens fast. The only problem I had was, I was not aware that you have to turn on the wireless internet connection by switching on a button that is on the front edge of the notebook, it lights up once you have it on. I have to use a cordless mouse because the tab on the mouse pad is not soft to touch and you will hear a loud tapping sound everytime you press on it. I have a black laptop, with a white keyboard. I never realize that it is easier to read the letters on the keyboard when it is white. Keyboard is soft to touch and wide enough for people with big fingers.The sound is good, after my experience with the IBM's lousy sound. I like the wheel on the front edge of the notebook to adjust the sound.
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on April 1, 2008
This is the first laptop I have ever owned personally. I am a college student, and I bought this machine because my old dinosaur desktop finally blew up, and I needed a reliable computer to research with, and write essays and the like. I decided to spring for a laptop.

I bought this machine from Best Buy last Fall, and I have had very few problems with it. The DVD player runs smoothly, it has excellent wireless reception, and the white keyboard with black letters, I have found, is much easier to see than the standard black keyboard most laptops have. The silver interior is very stylish, however I have noticed that the laptop suffers from what I call "self-mutilation," that is, over regular opening-and-shutting, it has put minor chips in the paint, showing the black shell underneath. It is only minor cosmetic damage, but I am a perfectionist and tend to overreact over trivial "damage." ;)

As for games, although Toshiba does not claim bragging rights, I find the graphics engine to be tolerable. My machine successfully runs Knights of the Old Republic, Quake 3, and Half Life 2, the latter on low resolution, without major lag. (Although, beware: The OS is Vista. Therefore, by default, almost everything you install on the machine that is older than a year and a half will need a patch! This can be frustrating when official sources have no resolution.)

I have not yet, and hopefully never will, performed the "Drop test," however I can tell you this much. I allowed my mother to borrow the laptop for a day, and she used it with a TOWEL wrapped around the base, thinking she was protecting it. She HORRIBLY over heated the machine, and it shut down. (Oh, the humanity!!!) However, once I started it back up (with due time to cool off!) it did not suffer any irreversible damage! Even before I de-fragged the hard drive, it seemed to be operating just fine. (After a warning message advised me not to cover up the cooling vent again!)

Over all, for the price, I cannot find any major problems with it. It runs great, it feels sleek, it is fairly lightweight, (5-6 pounds) and had great wireless range. The battery life is sub-par, (about 3-4 hours, if you have the brightness of the screen lowered to the minimum) but this does not ordinarily bother me, as almost every where I take it, I have a plug nearby.
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on March 21, 2008
I bought this laptop from circuit city about a month ago. I'm pretty much impressed. It runs smooth and fast. doesn't seem to run very hot but if your going to be using it for more than 5 hours at a time I might get a cooling pad for it. The only con I've noticed is that it doesn't rip dvd that fast. But you can always buy a external dvd ripper for that
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on July 10, 2008
This computer was okay for me at first. But after less than a year, now it's having some major problems. It holds a charge with the new charger I had to buy(the old one broke easily) but it will not charge itself. The charger also falls out easily(as it did with the original charger as well). I had to buy a new battery for it, but it turns out that wasn't the problem. I now have to by a new charger for it, but I don't think that's going to be the problem either as the charger is managing to make the laptop stay on.

I think it's actually that piece that you connect the charger into on the computer. And if it is, I have no idea how to fix that. Not to mention I've already spent over 100$ trying to find out what's wrong with this thing.

Far too many problems for being less than a year old. Not to mention, it's running Vista(granted, sadly, all computers are nowadays).
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on March 19, 2008
This is my first laptop and I got to say, I like. I use to have a Desktop, but that crash on me, So, since I really don't have the room for it, I decied to go for this Toshiba Satillite a205 Notebook instead, and I got to say, I'm loving it. And for he price I got it (499.00), it was a steal.

The only drawback has to be the Itunes problem. I downloaded the program to burn cds, but I can't do it. I could import them using Itunes, but not burn the tracks onto a blank cd. I took it back to Best Buy so they could check it out, and they told me that it was a Vista thing, and that if I wanted to burn to just use Windows Media. I really don't mind, the reason I got Itunes was for my Ipod.

Aside form that, I like it. It's got a good amount of memory (120gbs) and if you don't mind Vista driving you crazy (I'm still used to XP), and if you're looking for a bargain, then this is the notebook for you.
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on March 23, 2008
This notebook is cheap and powerful with a T2330 processor. It has a 160 GB hard drive and 2 GB RAM which is remarkable for the price I paid. Toshiba machines have always been heavy and bulky and this one is no exception. Previously I had a 17 inch 12 pound mammoth but its technology was incomparable at the time. Also, only XP Home Edition was included. Vista is better as I detest games. I really like this inexpensive notebook.
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on April 14, 2008
The laptop by itself is awesome, great look nice hardware profile. At the beginning the mouse pat was almost un-useful the web cam driver crash every time that the PC resumes from stand by and windows OS was really slow. I don't know if all this problems came from factory installation but I refresh the hard drive with the restore DVD and the performance is outstanding. No hardware/software problems so far.
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on February 15, 2009
I've had this laptop for around 18 months, and it is sufficient for what I use it for. If you're looking for a primary system though, I'd look someplace else. If you do purchase one, the first thing you should do is stick another GB of RAM in it. The 1GB that it comes with really doesn't cut it, especially if you're going to run Vista on it. I currently have Ubuntu 8.04 installed, and ran into 2 issues that anyone who intends to run a Linux laptop should be aware of.

First, the wifi card is an internal USB RTL8187b. Yes, that's right -- internal USB. This is unsupported in linux by Realtek, and the 8187 driver DOES NOT work with this card. This also means that you can't just replace the wifi card with a supported chipset to fix the problem. It's a proprietary design and is apparently specific to this laptop. The only way to get the wireless to work is to use a Windows driver wrapper (didn't work on my distro), or compile your own patched driver. Not a novice problem to solve. Also, the wifi switch on the case is apparently software driven and doesn't function in linux (it's always on).

Second, the power management is flaky. I didn't have Vista on it long enough verify whether it's an issue there as well, but the laptop consumes power even when off. Not just in sleep mode, even when completely powered down. Let the machine sit for a couple days and the battery is dead without fail. I know there was a BIOS issue with the A105 that did this, but the A205s appear to be notorious for bricking during a BIOS flash. I'm not going to try it.

All in all, you get what you pay for. Toshiba apparently cut a bunch of corners to hit their price point on this one, so this is likely the last Toshiba I'll buy.
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on June 18, 2009
I bought this computer in January 2008 and sold it yesterday-June 2009. It came with a duo core processor and 1 gb of Ram. I purchased an additional 1 GB of RAM and had it installed. This computer is great for the price! Let me tell you that I use and abuse computers and this one held out! The major obstacle you will have is getting Vista to work properly. To get it going you have to reduce Vista to minimal settings and take off all the extra malware that it comes with. After this it works like a charm. I used it during two years of college and it went through major abuse but it held in there playing games, itunes, and all sorts of downloads. I bought it on sale from Best Buy for 400 dollars and sold it yesterday for 300 dollars on craigslist because people like the duo core that works well and runs itunes, bf2, bf1942, MS Word and Autocad like a charm. And if you are having problems with your ipod you need to update itunes or replace the firewire cable. Trust me, often it is just the apple firewire cable. I'm no apple wiz but after blaming my Toshiba for not detecting my ipod I began to suspect my firewire and bought a new one from Apple and the itunes loaded in a sec.

One Note:
For the laptop and technically challenged - Anti-Virus software and IE8 bog down your system. Remove it and back up your sensitive data on an external hard drive and run Vista on minimal settings and it will run super fast.

Also: it over heats if you keep it on a blanket or a table and run it for hrs. and hrs. like I did and then automatically shuts off so invest in a cooling fan. Heat is the enemy of all electrical components.
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