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on May 26, 2008
I have had this tv for about 2 weeks, i purchased the tv April 30 and got a call that they could deliver on the 7th of May which is a lot sooner than what amazon suggested which was the 13th but i would not be able to since i was going to be at work so i said how about next Wednesday the 14th and they said fine. The delivery service was amazing. The delivery period was between 8am and noon and it was here right before 10. They came inside took off their shoes and took it out of the box and brought it up stairs for me and set it up to make sure it worked and offered to take the box for me.

Now to the actual tv, one word....AMAZING, i upgraded from a off brand 26 inch tube tv that sucked and had no inputs at all i could not even plug in a vcr or dvd player. I did quite a bit of research when i was ready to get a new tv, i went to Walmart, best buy, circuit city, Sam's club and ABT Electronics in Chicago Illinois. I did not want to spend much more then a 1000 on a tv and i wanted a 32 or 37 inch tv i was looking at a Vizio and a Toshiba and was pretty sure i was going to get a Toshiba from ABT since if i ever did have any problems they would just come out themselves and fix it. The tv would have been a little more then 1300 but my cousin told me he just bought a 52 inch Sony xb4 which is over 3000 dollars off of amazon and i decided i would check it out myself. I just typed in lcd tv and went through the tvs and finally came upon the Samsung ln37a550 and was pretty sure i was going to get it but then i saw the Samsung ln40a550 was only a hundred or so more i was like i have to get it. It has double the contrast ratio which you really can not focus on to much if your looking at different brands since there is no exact science to measuring the exact contrast ratio but it has a very quick response time of 5 seconds and when i saw the free shipping i busted out my credit card and purchased it. I could not be more pleased with my purchase. I bought a ps3 and hooked it up with a hdmi cable i got from for 10 bucks and that is another site and item i would really recommend to anyone DO NOT BUY EXPENSIVE CABLES. there is no visual difference between the 100 dollar and 5 dollar hdmi cable unless it is over 25 feet so don't waste your money. Call of Duty 4 is amazing on this 40 inch tv and so is blu ray movies.

Some people have said the speakers on this tv suck but they really don't they are better than any other tv out there of course they aren't surround speakers so don't say the speakers suck because they aren't suppose to be same quality, but they are really good for just being the tv speakers. I am about to get a Denon receiver so i can hook up my 3.1 Boston acoustic surround sound system.

I also hooked my tv to my computer through a dvi to a hdmi cable which i also bought on for 5 bucks for a 10 foot cable. The quality on the tv is so much better then on the lcd monitor i was using, but it stretches the screen, i think it is just my video card but i thought i would let you know.

Overall i rate this tv the best i have seen. I researched for a tv for 3 full months and this tv is by far the best i have seen. If you do get this tv keep looking at Amazon because they do a 30 day price match if you find it cheaper or if their price lowers within the first 30 days they will give you back the difference i have already received over 50 dollars which is what i used to get my video game. Well i think i wrote enough so i will let you get back to buying this item because it is so worth it, trust me. BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 18, 2008
Alright so i have had this tv for about 6 months and still to this day i love this tv, I have everything for this tv because this tv is amazing. I got a 3.1 Boston acoustics surround sound with a Denon receiver, i have playstation 3 hooked up through hdmi which is flawless when playing blu-ray. I have a mac mini hooked up to the tv and it is amazing to do stuff like photoshop and all that on this large tv. I also hood up a view sat satellite HD box with a dish and now i have over a 1000 channels and it is crystal clear. All this is mounted on a tv stand that i got at Wal-Mart and it looks perfect i will take a picture of everything and put it up soon as soon as i can find my digital camera.

Well let me tell you about the performance of the tv, the tv is perfect in every way, i wish i got this tv a long time ago but oh well i have it now. About 2 months into getting the tv i heard crackling noises when i would turn off the tv after using it for awhile, i got scared because i spend all this money and i didn't want anything bad to happen to it but it went away after a week or so and i haven't heard it since. I wish the tv had more hdmi ports but luckily i have my receiver that has plenty that compensates for the lack on the tv. Dont hook up your tv to your computer through hdmi unless you have a good video card because it stretches it out so you cant see the edges of the screen but when i switched it to dvi it was perfect. If you haven't listened to me yet and are still debating on buying this tv STOP IT AND JUST BUY IT!!!! you will not regret it.
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on August 29, 2008
This is a really nice TV, especially since right now the price is just over $1k.
Pros: Great HD picture - this includes HD television stations (for me output from a digital HD cable box at 1080i through an HDMI cable) and Blu-Ray. Standard DVDs upconverted to 1080p then sent through HDMI look pretty darn good - some pixelation and color variations here and there, but mostly looking good (also depends on how new the DVD is - newer looks better). The picture is near perfect. That's all that needs to be said there. Set-up is fast, the TV is not that heavy, and the swivel stand is great. Menus are fairly straight forward, although in my opinion there are too many menu options - great if you are a perfectionist and really know what you are doing when it comes to fine-tuning the color. I think there a good amount of inputs. Nintendo Wii through component cables looks fine.
Cons: Would be nice if there was a digital coax audio out - there is only an optical out, and it doesn't pump out 5.1 sound (i.e., you go from 7.1 or 5.1 to 2.1 if you run the sound through your TV to your audio system). Standard definition (non-HD) programming looks fairly bad. I bought a cable line power booster, set the HD cable box to output only 480i when on standard channels, set the sharpness to 0, and turned digital noise reduction off. This helped quite a bit, but it still is noticeably bad. There is a lot of pixelation, some channels are passable some are awful. That is my biggest complaint for this TV.
Final note - viewing distance means a lot. I sit about 6-7 feet away, and can see pixelation. If I step back another 2 feet, the image is much better. So, if you sit 6 feet away, I would go for the 37" instead.
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on November 4, 2008
After months of looking at a variety of LCD tvs to replace my Sony XBR CRT, Samsung was the clear choice due to the phenomenal picture and great price-value equation. The television is great,but I have knocked off two stars due to delivery and warranty service problems.

I have mixed feelings about the delivery by Ceva. Six days after placing my order,the Ceva dispatcher called to schedule delivery. Unfortunately,the "local" (actually based in another county) Ceva only offers two options each week for deliveries,between 10am and 2pm on Monday or Wednesday. I had important client conference calls scheduled at 10:30a.m. on both those days and asked the dispatcher to put a note requesting delivery after Noon. She refused to do so. Ultimately I had to wait an additional week for delivery due to their limited options for delivery windows. While I understand and am used to delivery "windows",to only offer delivery during two timeframes a week does not give you many options. Once the driver called me to get directions,he was very flexible and in fact made the delivery on a Tuesday,which the dispatcher had insisted was not possible.

After 5 weeks of enjoying my new LCD, suddenly it stopped working (had power,but no picture and no chimes). I went through all the trouble-shooting steps then called Samsung,who said they would schedule a service call.The Samsung rep also gave me the name and phone # of the designated repair facility and recommended I call them myself,which I did the following day.

The earliest appt.they could give me for repair was more than a week away. We scheduled the repair for a Friday and I arranged to work from home that day. At 11 am,the dispatcher called to tell me they were canceling the repair appt.because the part they suspected was the problem (power supply) had not arrived from Samsung. Even worse,they said that Samsung was backordered on those parts and could not provide an estimate of when more would be available!!!! She said she had a dozen other cancel that day for the same thing.

So I waited another week. Finally I received a call from the repairman letting me know he was on the way to my house. No one had notified me in advance so I left work to meet him there. Once the repairman arrived,he repaired the tv (turns out it was the main board) quickly and efficiently.

Overall summary:

- GREAT television picture and beautiful set at an excellent price
- Many have complained about the sound,but I adjusted the audio settings based on the recommendations at the AVSforum,which made a significant improvement. Also sounds great running through my Sonos system and external speakers.
- Scheduling inflexibility by Ceva and the Ceva dispatcher's attitude did not feel like "white glove"service to me. The attitude and professionalism of the deliveryman,once we were put in direct contact,was great
- The local repair service was friendly,although communications could have been better.
- Samsung's inability to communicate when they would have more power supplies available is unacceptable. From what the repair service said,it sounds as if they're having to replace a lot of power supplies on these tvs. However,since it turned out to be a completely different part that required replacement, the repair service should have kept our original appt. Their "guessing" delayed the repair by a week.
- The fact that the main board failed after only a few weeks of use concerns me....
-All that said,the tv repairman said the A550 is the model he is planning to buy.
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on June 5, 2008
Had this HDTV for a month now and can say it was good purchase. Thank you Amazon for your prompt and courteous delivery! It was my second HDTV purchase from Samsung and I am very happy with the brand. This HDTV I put in the Bedroom. We watch the HDTV approx. 8-10 ft away and a 40" is just about right. Great picture, just hooked-up HD Dish Network and WOW what a picture, and right out of the box! The internal speakers are good if you tweak them a little, but I would plan on connecting the TV to a receiver. Only problem I have noticed (which it isn't after programming the satillite remote to control the TV), that you have to point the TV remote exactly at the TV IR port. But that's a minor annoyance. I highly recommend this HDTV
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on August 25, 2010
This TV is great, and worked very well for about 24 months. Then it began having trouble turning on. The led light in the front would just turn on and off. You could hear a bit of noise as the TV tried to turn itself on. Eventually it would turn on... after about 4 minutes of this nonsense. Obviously, I'm about a year past the warranty. I did a Google search and realized there is an entire of community who now hate Samsung TVs. Apparently, the company is putting cheap capacitors in these TVs. When the capacitors begin to fail, which tends to happen at some point past 12 months, the TV begins to have problems turning on and staying on. When you spend $1,000 on a TV, you don't expect it to die just past the warranty. This is, obviously, the last time I buy a Samsung product. Just remember, when you buy something these days, customer reviews on a website like Amazon pretty much mean nothing.
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VINE VOICEon April 14, 2008
Very pleased with this TV so far. Setup was easy, plenty of inputs for my needs. No issue at all with the HDMI cables I got from Amazon for about $11. Picture is amazing with no issues with glare. HD pictures are tremendous off my Fios feed, plenty to choose from. Analog pictures are fine, varies from channel to channel-(supposed not really a strength of the Samsung's anyway). TV sounds really good all by itself, haven't hooked it up to the new home theater setup just yet-(waiting to run new wires). All in all a very nice TV worth waiting for. I haven't changed any of the factory settings, I played with the alternate picture settings, but the default settings were fine. I bought it from a box store because they matched the price and it was easy to get home and setup by myself.
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on June 3, 2008
After researching several other brands, we decided to go in for a 40" Samsung LCD. It had superior picture quality over others and was at a much better price point ($$/inch) than Sony Bravia, which was the only other TV that came close in terms of quality.

Some of the reviews at Amazon are really great, please read them before you buy. Without going in to much details, THIS IS SIMPLY ONE OF THE BEST HDTVs out there!!

One thing we had a hard time deciding was between this model, the LN40A550 (60 Hz frame rate), and LN-T4069F (120 Hz frame rate). While at the store, we saw noticeable difference between them. The LN-T4069F had smoother image transitions due to its higher frame rate and a nicer picture rendering. But we decided to go in for LN40A550 (about ~$400 cheaper, a better contrast ratio, and moreover we hadn't seen any user reviews for this newer model). But it's something to consider if you are in the market, especially if they drop the prices.
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on May 30, 2008
I've had this TV for about 4 weeks now. I'm using it with an HD cable DVR and a Blu-Ray player. We also use it with our Play Station 2. The picture has been great from all sources. The sound quality is excellent.

The delivery from Amazon was a little questionable. When the TV was shipped Amazon sent me an email saying that I would be phoned by the shipper to schedule a delivery. The shipper never contacted me. When the scheduled delivery date passed I asked Amazon for the shipper's phone number. Amazon did not have it (they did confirm that the shipper should call me at the phone number that Amazon had on file, they also confirmed the phone number). So, I used the shipper's phone number from their web site. Sure, enough they did not even have my phone number on file. They said they had sent a post card to me, but I never received it. Anyway, the shipper set a delivery date and told me that I would be called 1 hour before the delivery. They never called me, but luckily my wife was home when they showed up. The end result was to delay the delivery by about a week. The TV was fine when it arrived, just late.

I also have a friend who bought a TV from Amazon and received it via the same shipping company and had a very similar experience.

Update on 9/12/2011: This TV died last week. The problem appears very similar to the problems described by many other reviewers. In my opinion, three years is too soon for a TV to die. Fixing it appears to be very expensive. Also, I have to wonder if I do fix it, will the TV will just fail some other way in a few months. I'm now considering just replacing the unit. I will probably consider a different brand given the Samsung track record (I've had some reliability problems with a few other Samsung products in the last couple of years).
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on May 2, 2009
I've had the TV for a month now, and I can honestly say that I'm not impressed with it. Part of the problem is that my TV has one of the known Samsung defects - it switches itself on and off without my input. That problem is actually getting worse in that it keeps doing it repeatedly (off on off on...) until I unplug it. Sometimes I can watch for as much as 30 minutes before it starts this behavior, but I know it's coming. Oh, and when it starts doing it, none of the buttons on the remote control work and none of the buttons on the TV work. The only option is to unplug the TV.

But that's not the only reason for my 1-star review (it's part of it). I know electronics can be a hit or miss proposition, and all manufacturers will produce a defective unit now and then. I get that. Amazon will take the TV back because I called within 30 days, but I have to give Samsung the chance to fix it first. They don't seem to be in a big rush in getting a repair person to my house, although that could be the fault of the local repair shop. In any case, I wait...

Beyond the defective unit I received, the TV itself is nothing special. If it's your first HDTV, you'll likely be blown away by the improvement. If you already own another HDTV, you may be underwhelmed. Let's face it, the picture is supposed to be awesome and most HDTVs will deliver that much. What I don't like about the TV is how it's made. The casing is incredibly cheap plastic that actually looks nice, but it reflects every bit of ambient light in the room (shiny black - good luck getting finger prints off of it). What good is a perfect picture when you can vividly see windows and lamps in the frame around the picture? The TV is also flimsy! You can actually affect the picture by putting light pressure on the casing with your finger, as I discovered while adjusting the TV on the wall mount. Lightly touching it in the wrong way will cause a flicker. I have a Panasonic plasma that is built like a tank compared to this model.

The TV's sound is also pretty bad, but that's been mentioned in several reviews so it should come as no surprise. If you're hooking up home theater surround sound, the sound is probably not going to be an issue. For my purposes, this is a bedroom TV, so I just wanted to use the internal speaker. That's probably not going to be an acceptable strategy (and I'm not an audiophile, by any means).

Finally, and I may be wrong on this, but I can't find any way to hook up a "video out" device. I use a DVD recorder to record television shows on my other TV by running an HDMI connection from the input source to the TV, and then running a "video out" connection from the TV to the DVD recorder. This allows you to watch in high definition and record in whatever definition your recorder allows. Theoretically, you can run it all through your home theater receiver and/or run your input to the DVD recorder first, but that simply doesn't work as well as a TV to Recorder connection (going through the recorder first basically means you lose the HD of the original broadcast). To me, that's a shortcoming that does matter since I really didn't want to complicate this TV with a whole home theater setup. This will also affect anyone still using a VCR who wishes to watch in HD and still have the option to record (in much lower definition).

The variety of inputs is relatively robust, and this model does still include an S-video input on the side (note, the newer model Samsungs do not have S-video inputs). Oh well, the TV doesn't work yet anyway, and I'm sort of hoping Samsung can't fix it so I can return it to Amazon and buy another Panasonic (no I don't work for Panasonic, either).

Update: Samsung finally got back to me about fixing my TV. They said I qualified for in-home repair, which they would arrange. Then the repair person called me and said that they don't do in-home repair, so I'd have to box up the TV and bring it in to their shop. Since I was boxing it up anyway, I called Amazon and they said to ship it back for a replacement or refund. I chose the refund because I plan to buy a better TV. 5 stars for Amazon, no stars for Samsung.
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on April 28, 2011
There are a ton of complaints about power issues and a handful of other things. It seems that most last for only 12 to 24 months. I have had mine for three years and it just started to have problems. It really irks me because I don't watch a lot of TV. The only thing I can get to work when it does final power up is coax cable TV. None of the HDMI inputs work and if you try to check and see, the TV will freeze and you will have to unplug it from the wall to turn it off.

But don't take my word for it, go to Samsung's website. Click on Support at the top and search this model number: LN40A550P3FXZA
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