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on April 24, 2009
Season six of One Tree Hill is my favorite seasons. Leyton (Peyton and Lucas) lovers will be thrilled. Lucas finally makes up his mind and chooses Peyton. The story lines are crazy but fun such a crazy nanny Carrie. Peyton and Lucas finally have some happiness in their life and viewers are teased with wedding talk, Lucas's book gets a movie offer, and Peyton and Lucas are thrilled with news of pregnancy. However, the happiness doesn't last. Lucas's movie deal falls through and Peyton has a pregnancy complications. Peyton's ex-boyfriend is in town to produce Lucas's movie. Brooke is attacked in her store which leads her into a dark place. Haley also ends up convincing Brooke to take in a foster child named Sam. Nathan, Lucas, and Skills coach the new Tree Hill Ravens in which Nathan becomes a mentor to Quention who give them problems on the basketball team and gives Haley problems in the classroom. Mouth and Millie's relationship takes a turn. Dan's future looks grim when a dog eats his donor heart. My favorite episode of this season is when Lucas and Peyton babysit Andre and Jamie, but there are still 3 more episodes left.

Season 6 has many laughs and many tears. There are some new characters outside of the core 5 that I don't really care as much for and some parts a little cheesy, but still a really good season in my opinion.
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on May 5, 2009
I will admit that at the beginning of Season Six, I was concerned. I consider One Tree Hill to be the greatest show ever, but after last season I wasn't sure what was left to do with the characters. However, after watching the first episode, all doubt left my mind. The action packed storylines, the fresh romance, the perfect combination of drama and comedy. I loved the exploration into sides of Brooke not previously shown to audiences. Her trials as a foster mother are both heart wamring and entertaining, and her decline into darkness following being attacked at her store made for some good tv. Brooke really broke free as the female lead this season which is great for such an avid Brooke fan. The Nanny Carrie, and Ravens film storylines also stand out as some of the season's best.

Here are the seasons most memorable episodes. (excluding 23-24)

1.Touch Me and I'm Going to Scream Part 1
In the show's season premier, Brooke battles Victoria for her company and winds up in peril of her own. Nanny Carrie returns and acts out her vengence on Dan. Lucas and Peyton give their relationship another shot, and Mouth announces his departure from Tree Hill.

2.Things a Mama Don't Know
Brooke searches all over town for Sam after she runs away from home, and must battle a dangerous man from her past in order to save her. Peyton also has some surpising new for Lucas.

3.Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
The Town of Tree Hill is rocked by the death of Quinton and each deal with the tragedy in their own way. Deb contemplates whether her and Skillz should reveal their relationship to their friends.

4.You Have to Be Joking (Autopsy of a Devil's Brain)
Sam has some earthshattering news for Brooke as she discovers that she is in fact responsible for a traumatic incident in Brooke's life. However, this may have a greater effect on Sam then it does Brooke as it pushes her into the car of a man that may prove harmful to both Brooke and Sam. Mouth and Millicent finally come to a decision on their relationship, forcing her to make a decision that could ruin her relationships with both Mouth and Brooke.

5.Screenwriters Blues
In one of the season's lighter episodes; Lucas, Julian, and Dixon (James van der Beek) struggle to cast the film version of Lucas' book, An Unkindness of Ravens, while certain characters find themselves unhappy with the casting choices.
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on June 25, 2009
One Tree Hill - The Complete Sixth Season is arguably the best season of this much-loved drama. Season 5 really caught my attention last year, I have to admit I never cared for this show when these characters were in high school, the storylines were over-the-top but now I enjoy the maturity. I have recently gone back and watched the previous seasons and I still don't care for all the hoopla - Season 6 is just brilliant so start here and work your way back. Sophia Bush's character Brooke Davis really got to shine this season, she took in Sam, a wise beyond her years teenage girl - fell in love with Peyton's ex Julian and made amends with her emotionally distant mother. The season finale seemed like a series finale but I heard the show will back next season. This prime time soap is a guilty pleasure and I am proud of it!
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on December 17, 2014
I choose this rating because the TV show is good. What I like about the TV show is that will this be the year dreams come true? Dreams of a basketball comeback (Nathan), of musical success (Haley), of finding happiness (Peyton), of finding a decent job (Mouth), of being like his hero Q (Jamie), of saving the Clothes Over Bro's brand from her rhymes-with-witch mom (Brooke), or of marrying the right girl (Lucas and speaking of Lucas, just which one is the right girl?). What isn't a dream: Dan learning what it's like to be on the other side of a sadist-victim relationship, Skills and Deb's hookup threatening to come unhooked... and all the love and heartbreak, suspense and surprises that 24 powerful Season 6 Episodes on 7 discs can hold. What I dislike about the TV show is that I wanted to see more of it. I would recommend this TV show to other people.
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on May 14, 2014
I love One Tree Hill and wish they would make a complete series set, but because they have not done that yet I have each individual season on DVD. The sixth season was the last of Lucas and Peyton and was filled with all of their melodrama. Nathan and Haley bot followed their dreams this season and there is plenty of Haley singing, which is always a good thing. Brooke really grew in season 6 as well. A must have for fans of One Tree Hill.
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on March 17, 2014
This show has been filling TV screens in my house for years & I still catch myself watching re-runs every so often.
They captured our hearts & lives for 9 years & continue to do so to this day.
If you are trying to find a new show to get hooked on & haven't watched OTH yet, buy it. Buy all 9 seasons now! You won't regret it, I promise.
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on April 26, 2011
One Tree Hill Season 6 one of my favorite season also the last season for 2 of my favorite characters Lucas and Peyton.But besides that this season was absolutly AMAZING.I definatly think that this season is much better than the next which is One Tree Hill: The Complete Seventh Season.Also I bought mine from Electroica Direct and I noticed that the packaging is kinda different it's not like the tiny little flip case it's these huge white flip cases the dvd's are in,but it's no big deal and the last disc was kinda scatched up but it played fine so again no big deal as long as I can all the DVD's and they play fine I'm OK.But the outside and everythng came just fine nice straight edges no bents,no anything so thanks Electrocia Direct for allowing it to arrive within 2 days just like they said.:)

Some of my Favorite Episodes are:
-6x02 "One Millionth Billonth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning"
-6x05 "You Dug your own Grave,Now Lie in it"(one of my favorite episodes of the season.)
-6x11 "We Three(My Echo,My Shadow and Me)"(one of my favorite episodes of the season.)
-6x13 "Things a Mama Don't Do"
-6x16 "Screenwriter's Blues"
-6x24 "Remember Me as a Time of Day"(my favorite episode of the season,also the last episode for Lucas and Peyton :(,..)
Don't get me wrong all the episodes are great but these really stand out.

My Favorite Seasons(1-the best 7-not that great):
1.Season 4
2.Season 5
3.Season 6
4.Season 7
5.Season 3
6.Season 2
7.Season 1-only because not that much awesome drama as the characters are still trying to develop and had some dull episodes...but hey what can you expect from a starter season.

Final Thoughts:
I would give One Tree Hill Season 6 on a scale 1-10 a 9.And as you can see my 5 top favorite seasons of One Tree Hill,Season 6 falls under "3".If you are a fan of ONE Tree Hill GET THIS.And if you never watched OTH then you NEED TO WATCH THIS but don't start from here start from season 1,so you can gather the fill story and see how they all became so close.I got this season on Amazon when it was on sale for $19.05,but for an awesome season like this I would spend any price on it.So thanks Amazon and thanks for reading I hope this review helped. :)
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on January 31, 2016
Some dics do look like new but just to let you know some have a lot of finger prints on them and scuff marks too they still play though which is good also have straches on them some have a lot on them.
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on September 15, 2013
got this for my daughter. I believe she had to work on nights the series was on or put kids to bed or something so I got her the complete series set so she could watch at her leisure. this was an awesome series. I miss it.
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on July 19, 2009
I love One Tree Hill. I watch it on my pc b/c I can't get the CW. I was worried about season 6 but to my suprise it was good.
Favorite thing:
Nanny Deb Went crazy on Nanny Carrie.
The Dog ate Dan's liver.
The Skills/ Deb affair (It was really bizzare).
Jamie Scott (I want to adopt Jackson Brundage).
Stephen Colletti came back with options (man he's gotten hot since his Laguna Beach days).
The return of Dawnn Lewis. She played Q's mom (I loved Different World growing up) seeing her again was prety cool.
Victoria's ice heart melting. I hope she's good to Brooke in the 7th season.
Julian - How hot is he. That come out of nowhere.
Brooke- oh MG. I think you're either team BROOKE or Team Peyton. I'm a Brooke girl. I love her. I think Sophia Bush is so pretty and an awesome actress. The depth she showed this season. I think this was her best season by far. Every time she was on the screen you felt her emotion.
Finally I mean FINALLY she is willing to truely love again. That last episode had me in tears. Between the baby's middle name being Brooke, her mom telling the story about money over love and Brooke going after Julian. I can't wait for season 7.

I hope Hillary and Chad stay on. At least until they can write them off in a deserving way. I hope they don't bring to many new characters in. Lastly I hope the show ends on a high note. It will truely be reveered as a dark horse drama.
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