Customer Reviews: InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer
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on October 11, 2010
We returned InStep EZ Rider that we ordered from for 1 big reason...the seat was not even a seat, it was a piece of nylon held by stitching. The shoulder and crotch straps were totally ineffective. Don't bother buying the EZ Rider in effort to save $30.

Buy the Sierra. The seat is padded and supported on the bottom, the straps have padded sections and the buckles are easy to use. The details forgotten on the EZ Rider were included on the Sierra (fabric safety flag, all metal clips, more velcro, less buttons, nice rubberized stroller handle accessory).

Did I mention...spend the extra $30 and get this bike trailer. If is worth it. Look no further.
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on March 16, 2011
I have been looking for WEEKS for a double trailer/jogger, reading countless reviews and after reading reviews for this trailer I decided this was the best one for me and my TWO kids. What frustrated me was I could find few reviews that used this stroller for 2 kids and if there were reviews they never stated the size of kids in tow. I have a very tall 4 year old and I wanted to make sure she and her little sister could fit together comfortably.

So for your reference in decision making:
I have a 4 year old (42in-height/ 40lbs) and a 2 year old (30in-height and 29lbs)

They both fit in together height wise fine, which is what I was most worried about. There is even enough room for their legs in the front and the seat is perfectly wide enough. I also love how the seat is padded and the jogger handle bar is adjustable. The trailer is perfectly balanced when they are in it and does NOT tip back.

The only "CON" so far, I am not crazy about the stroller attachment wheel being out so far in front of the trailer, I want it to be closer but that is not a huge deal.
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on January 6, 2011
I purchased the Sierra because the reviews were great and a friend has another InStep model and they love it. We've had it for a few days now and have experienced the good and the bad already. I'm one of those people who skip ahead to read the negative parts of reviews first, I like to get the bad over with. So that's where I'll start. But I'd recommend reading the Good as well.

The BAD:
My rear tire kicks up dirt and small pebbles from the road and sidewalk- as does any bike. But the netting attached over the carriage protecting my child didn't protect her from any of it. It collected by her feet and some around her seat. I noticed it to happen mainly when we go out a couple hours after the rain cleared up and it is safe to do so. It does have a plastic drop to protect her from rain that would work in this case but I don't want to completely close it every ride we go on unless it started to rain. InStep should have extended the cloth to cover the entire bottom half of the trailer to protect better from this. It'd still give the passengers a great view and protect them much better.... I don't know if this is an issue with all trailers since all bikes kick up dirt as you ride- especially on wet ground. The best fix: only ride on completely dry ground if possible... and be ready to walk through any surprise puddles (sprinklers, hoses running down driveways,etc...). If it becomes a common issue for me, I may consider buying some cloth to cover a few more inches from the bottom of the trailer.

I don't really like how inaccessable the back pouch area to hold items is. You have to take the entire canopy off or reach in from the front- and there's really no pockets- it's just a big space behind the seat so my cell, keys, and other smaller items slide around back there. There are two little pouches in the carrier where the children sit but anything put there will be at your child's reach. I also had an issue with fitting the Tab Washer onto the fallout slot of my bike which is odd since they are both Pacific Cycle products and should be compatible. As long as it doesn't spin it can go into another slot (what they don't tell you is if you do that, it still moves slightly creating a vibration/clicking nose on the peddles and up the frame when attached to the trailer.) We are going out to buy more reflectors (has 1 on each wheel and 1 on the back corner). We don't plan on riding in the dark but we live in the south and rain showers tend to sneak up on us.

It was easy to put together, no tools required until attaching it to the bike. Recommend using a socket. No issues with the straps rubbing on my 2 1/2 year old's necks or problems with the restraints (like I read in some reviews). We've been on a few 30-60 min rides so far. It even held my child in tight during one of her fits when we rode pass the park without stopping. My daughter is 37 inches her helmet doesn't rub the top of the canopy like I have read with some other models. She has some room to grow still too. The trailer itself isn't too heavy but I'd recommend practice backing up, braking, and turning once it's attached BEFORE putting little ones in to get a feel for it. The bright green and the bright flag make it easy to spot. I didn't buy this product to use a stroller but I did hook it all together once and it was very easy to convert both ways and even to switch bikes (make sure you have 2 brakets attached - one on each bike- to do it tooless) my husband and I can easily switch the trailer from one bike to another if one of us gets tired when we're out. I only have one child but it seems very spacious for her. AND it has a middle buckle (5 point) for single riders to sit in the center and it's very easy to switch it so it can secure two riders for when she has a friend along for the ride. Also, there's a few straps that line under the seat that can tighten to support two children better. The seat is padded and isn't just material like some other models I've read about (one of the selling issues for me).

I hope this helps. I am still very happy with my purchase. Now we can all get out as a family for fun bike rides while getting some exercise too.
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on June 9, 2013
Happy with my purchase. I got this delivered the day before we left for our beach vacation. I have a 40 lb, 40 inch tall 3 yr old and a 20 lb, 22 inch tall, 18th month old. They both fit, but my 3yr olds legs are pretty much at the limit.........he can't grow anymore. The stroller handle works great for me (i'm 5'4 and my husband is 5'10 the height was ok for both of us, my husbands only complaint was the handle is too close to the stroller itself so he kept kicking the bottom. I didn't have that problem with my short legs!)

We didn't try it out before taking it to beach, but so far once here we made a short walk to local grocery store and it did ok. We didn't install the canopy, and in hindsight should have, but either way the boys fell asleep on the way home. Once back at the hotel we didn't want to wake them so we propped the stroller up on our cooler so they'd be a bit more comfortable!

Ride was pretty smooth! I'd read a few reviews on this one and the quick n EZ model and both had lots of reviews about tires being horrible. They aren't bad. The instructions do say if you leave the wheels in the heat you will have problems with the tubes beware of that.

So far, so good. Kids fit in great. Rides smooth. Will update when we try it with bike.

IT IS VERY WORTH IT TO SPEND THE EXTRA $$ ON THIS MODEL BECAUSE OF THE SEAT THEY SIT ON. In the quick n EZ model it's just the canvas bottom and would be droopy, this one has a stiff plastic that keeps that from happening!
Also, this comes with the safety flag!!
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on March 14, 2011
We have had 2 other Instep trailers before, the Quick n Easy versions. Both were the basic trailer with hammock seat. My kids liked to go for bike rides so I think they put up with the fact that the seats were uncomfortable. My newest baby (10 months old) is so much more petite than my other kids, and in our Quick n Easy we noticed she didn't fit, the straps came down over her ears, and it just didn't look safe. I spent HOURS and I mean HOURS looking for a trailer with a regular seat. We don't bike enough to justify the super pricey trailers, but I wanted something that my daughter would enjoy being in. I was SO hesitant to buy online because I wanted to be able to return the trailer if we didn't like it. Well, trying to find any trailer in a store (that isn't high end or super cheap) is next to impossible. But, after seeing all the positive reviews on this trailer, I decided to go for it. Boy was I surprised and excited when I saw the quality of this trailer!!! The material is super sturdy and much thicker than my other Instep trailers. There are REAL buckles for the seats and they are true 5-point harnesses. If you have ever fought with those clip/hook type buckles on the cheap trailers, then you can appreciate how nice it is to have a true seatbelt buckle that clicks together!!! The trailer has a real padded bench set, not a hammock. AND the other super neat thing it has, that no one else has mentioned, is that the back of the seat has holes where you can select where the shoulder straps of the seatbelt are positioned for the kids. If your child is smaller, than you can put the harness lower and if your child is tall then you can switch the straps through the top notch so that the seatbelt comes down properly over their shoulders. I thought that was like the smartest thing Instep has done with this trailer. Our Quick N Easy has straps that are sewn in one position, so if the child is small then you're out of luck because there's no way to adjust them to fit properly and the shoulder straps wind up coming down over my daughters ears and on her forehead! Not very safe!!! To top it off, the seatbelts on the Sierra have pads on both the shoulder straps and the crotch area, which is so nice!!! I can not say enough what a super deal this trailer is!!! I am SO glad I purchased it!!!!
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on August 4, 2012
I purchased this Instep Sierra model double child carrier and i am totally happy with it. It was really easy to assemble. My child fits in it very well. I've even had my older nieces riding in it. They absolutly love it. One is 7 years old and the other is 4 years old, it's a bit tight but they could fit in there no problem. They really enjoy the ride. It's a fun way to get some excercise with your kids. Its very light, i hardly even notice it in tow. It has little pockets inside to hold juice or water. The unit folds quite easily to store in the trunk and is very simple to attach the stroller handle.
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on September 19, 2011
***Update 10/9/2011*******

(pictures accompanying this review under the "pictures" section)

My wife and I just received this a couple weeks ago. I'd love to write a complete review concerning the actual usage and function of the Instep Sierra, but unfortunately we haven't actually been able to use it because BOTH tires popped on the first day.

We inflated both tires, and after loading everything into the car to go riding the next day, we found out the next morning that both tires had fully deflated. Upon closer inspection, we discovered that both tubes had literally ripped at the seams.

To also be devil's advocate in my own review, let's just say I did over inflate them. First off, I've never seen a tube simply rip apart due to over inflation. Mind you, we didn't even USE these yet! No weight was put on them whatsoever, we simply inflated them, and place it in our car, so no excessive pressure was put on them. Even if that was the case.. really? They just fall apart?

Secondly, we got this on the recommendation of my wife's friend who has the exact same one. Her tires were literally rock hard, and she's never had any problems. Which leads me to believe we possibly just got a bad set? Still, 2 out of 2 tires is a little disconcerting.

Okay, so maybe we got a bad set of cheap, extremely poorly made tubes , but the real sucky part is that we were told we'd be sent a new set in 3 - 10 business days. It'll be 3 weeks before we even get to use our new trailer.

***** Update *****

So it's been about 3-4 weeks since we got this thing brand new and the tubes popped. Instep shipped 2 new tubes via USPS. Supposedly they got delivered. We never saw them. They told us to ask USPS where it is, and they said they delivered it. Regardless of who's fault it was, we didn't get it. We called Instep back, and asked for either 1. A different carrier (UPS or FEDEX) OR 2.Signature confirmation with ANY carrier. We were denied both. They said they'll ship out another in the same manner and method as the first.

This has to be the longest review I've written for a product I've never even used. I really would love to use it, but the speed at which Instep warranty service works at is unbearable. All said and done (assuming we actually receive the 2nd shipment), it will have been 1 and 1/2 months before we even get to take this thing out.

I've given up, and just spending 40 bucks on amazon to buy a REAL QUALITY set of innertubes and tires. Not this fake 5th world tire/tube .01mm thick crap they install from the factory. I guess the "glass is half full" POV would be, thank god they popped so prematurely, instead of while my kid was in it.
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on July 29, 2013
We purchased this as a bicycle trailer for my beach cruiser and not only has it been "the purchase of the summer" as my husband likes to call it, we've also gained an incredible light weight versatile double stroller!!

My two girls 3.5 and 1.5 love it and I feel safe and confident riding with them in it. So much fun and very very cool!!
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on June 21, 2011
I received this trailer from Generation Orange about a week and a half ago. It was estimated to arrive in mid to late July but was surprised to receive it directly from the manufacturer 5 days later. They had the best price and I was very impressed with their service!

I was able to put the bike trailer together very easily without my husband and with a toddler in the middle of it all. The instructions are great and provide pictures for each step. I did hit a road block when I was attaching the coupler to my bike. The instructions show the washer and coupler attaching a certain way but I wasn't able to attach it to my bike exactly the way the instructions indicated. I immediately looked on the internet to see how other owners attached the coupler to their bike and I saw that the trailer may not be compatible with all mountain bikes. I have a Next mountain bike from Walmart. I tried again and found that you can rotate the washer to where the tab fits into a gap on the frame. It worked perfectly! After that, everything attached very smoothly! There are 2 locking pins where you attach the trailer to the bike. My only guess is that you can leave your stroller wheel attached while the trailer is attached to the bike. I haven't tried this yet but it's the only reason why I would guess there would be 2 pins.

The trailer is REALLY nice! The 5 point harness is really good. My little boy can sit on either side or in the middle. The straps have a little padding but it's lower on the harness so the top still scratches his neck at times. The head room isn't bad but I can see why other people have mentioned it being a problem with their 3 and 4 year olds. So far, I've left the canopy off so he's had no trouble. The padded seat is WONDERFUL! I purchased the Sierra b/c of this feature alone! We've taken some 30-45 minute rides and he never complains. Well worth the extra $25 in my opinion. The storage areas are nice but nothing fantastic. I'm able to hold several library books, diapers and wipes, and my purse in the back. With only 1 child in the trailer, you can fit plenty more in the front too. It pulls very easily and is very responsive when we go up and down on sidewalks.

I just tried it as a stroller last night. The front wheel attaches very easily and the handle bar is nice. You can adjust the height of the handle bar depending on your height. The handle bar has two rubber grips and also a wrist attachment. It's great as a walking stroller but once I got up to a jog, especially going down hill, the front wheel barely touched the ground if my hands were putting the slightest amount of pressure on the handle bar. My little boy loved it, but I can see where it would be concerning if you were purchasing this more for the jogging stroller.

On, they suggest you purchase a coupler with the bike trailer. I wasn't sure what this even was when I was ordering so I held off. It's the piece that you attach to your bike permanently and then your bike trailer attaches to it. The Sierra comes with one in the box but if you want to attach the trailer to another bike, you would need an additional coupler or about 10-15 minutes to take the one off the primary bike and attach it to the new bike. We'll be ordering a 2nd coupler soon!

I have been SO PLEASED with this purchase! We will definetly use this until the wheels fall off and then buy another one just like it! I hope this helps!! Good Luck!
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After researching several models of trailers I decided to purchase the InStep Sierra Double Trailer and am SO pleased that I did!! I am a previous owner of a Burley and was in need of a replacement. I currently have a 50lb. 7 year old and a 25lb 1 year old. I bought this for primary use with our 1 year old, but found out that in a pinch our 7 year old fits as well.

I would like to address some of the Cons written in other reviews:

First - my trailer arrived promptly when promised and well packaged, no shipping or delivery problems.

Second - the psi inflation recommendations are clearly marked on the side of the tire. I am unsure as to how others could have missed them... it is also in the owner's manuel.

Third - I live in the country and regularly travel gravel roads. I have had no problems with rocks, water, dust or dirt kicking back into the trailer while in operation. The net seems to do just fine... maybe this has more to do with the type of bike tires you have? I use a cross-trainer with a medium tread.

Fourth - This has been a FANTASTIC stroller! Once again, I use it on gravel as well as pavement.... it clearly states in the manual that this is NOT meant to be used as a jogging stroller, but I have had no problem with any instability while jogging. (Not running) It is stable with either my one year old alone, or both my children inside. I have had no problems with the front end being to light while in use. The sturdy metal frame construction seems to be heavy enough.

Some things I love about this trailer.

My One year old LOVES this trailer! She likes to put her sipper cup and snacks in the side pockets... they are just the right size. I was able to adjust the straps under the seat to make it quite stable and have had no problem with it sinking down. I have arrived home many times with a sleeping child, or children. It is a smooth and comfortable ride. The sturdy design is WORTH the extra money you pay for this model!!!

As a former Burly owner I would mention a couple of differences. This trailer is comprable in weight... or maybe a bit lighter. It is slightly smaller, most notably in the storage space in the back. Their is no divider between the back and front so small items do tend to slide forward. An easy fix for this is that I place a basket in the back for the smaller items to keep them in place. The flag does need to be secured to the pole additionally or it will come off during use. This is no big deal, I just used a couple drops of glue to keep it in place.

This trailer provides ease of set up and use, quality materials and design, lightweight transportation as both a stroller and trailer. I love it!
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