Customer Reviews: Samsung SL605 12.2 MP Digital Camera with 5X Optical Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD Screen (Black)
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on April 27, 2010
So my Kodak 8MP camera finally died I we needed to get a new one fairly quickly. I decided to look at something under 150 dollars and was initially looking at Kodak, Canon, and Sony. I stumbled on this one and I must say it is a very respectable camera.
My take:
- Housing is solid
- At the highest resolution I can take 1100+ photos with a 4GB card
- Picture quality is GREAT even in low light
- Video was better than expected. I have a nice Camcorder but this will be great as a backup. Very clean and not choppy like previous cameras I have owned.
- I like the "auto" shooting. We moved from close to far and light to dark with no problems. Great pics every time.
- Menu is easy to navigate and quick to access.
- I have not gotten a chance to test battery life but I plan on getting a backup anyways.
- SDHC memory is cheap and the 4GB card I purchased from Amazon for 12 bucks works fine.

- The only drawback I have is that on initial pictures sometimes I was holding the camera wrong and covering the flash. The camera is very flush so you need to make sure to hold it correctly in low light so the flash is 100%.

Overall, I have not had the camera long enough to see how "durable" it is, but 1st impressions are very good.
I purchased this for $99 bucks on sale and for that price it is a no brainer. I would have been happy to pay the $130 dollar regular price. It has options that most of the 200 dollar cameras have and it feels solid unlike most of the lower priced options.
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on August 6, 2010
I own a Canon DSLR. It's great and all and I'll never replace it (until it breaks, that is), but for some outings where I just want to take "we were here" photos like at amusement parks and dinner out with friends, the SLR camera can be cumbersome, so I shopped around for a compact camera under $100.

SL605 was just about the only model I could find under $100 with the features I wanted: at least 8MP resolution (has 12.2MP), a standard rechargeable battery that charges over a cable like in your cell phones (instead of AAA batteries you have to take out), video mode, a modest zoom capability, and a decent LCD screen. The shutter lag (my biggest complaint against compact digital cameras) on the SL605 is nothing like the SLRs, but quick enough to get all your still shots and portraits. Other cameras with similar features all seem to cost at least $30-$40 more.

I was pleasantly surprised to find additional features like auto slide show mode (with built in music) and auto eye-detect focusing (which doesn't work all the time, but I know of no camera that does). Maybe I'll find more features once I read the manual.

The camera comes with a nylon wrist strap, battery, charger cable (that doubles as USB cable), a clear plastic front cover for scratch protection (tacky for me so I don't use it), and a software CD. The SD card (not included) is about the only thing you need to buy to get going.

Someone gave this camera a 2-star rating saying "blurry pictures" -- I'm willing to bet the person probably has to practice holding the hand steady... Anyway, mine works fine.

Happy clicking.
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on August 11, 2010
I got this camera for $100. Tip: Buying black costs $10 more than the other colors, just buy silver.

- Rubberized buttons
- Comes with a free plastic faceplate case (pretty much useless, but it's the though that counts).
- 12.2mp
- 5x Optical Zoom
- Angled shoot button
- Auto settings

- The screen is a tad bit slow
- You have to go all the way to menu to change the modes
- Don't know yet...

The camera's auto setting basically takes care of everything. It adjusts to whatever your taking a picture of, in the dark, someone's face, or lots or movements. There is an icon that shows that it changed the setting automatically. Of course you can always go manual mode and choose yourself. Menu system is fun and flashy.

Zoom is great, much better than the standard 3x optical zoom the other cameras have. Picture quality is good in light, haven't tried it in the dark yet.

Having more megapixels isn't always better. It is the same case with this camera. It is all about the lenses, and this camera has decent lenses, too bad it doesn't have schneider lenses.

Also, remember to get a fast sd card. A class 4 or more should do... i think... Otherwise pictures save slow.
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on December 22, 2010
Not quite the optics compared to Nikon L22 or Canon A3100, but very close...not near as bad as the 2 star review here, in my picture-by-picture comparisons on a 22" monitor. Its lens is f3.5, so its shoots a little darker in low light, but still acceptable. Video looks equal to A3100 also.

Case is plastic and not the best feel, but I'm glad I copied the CD manual to my PC and spent a fun couple of hours... Has a lot of settings, some very useful, I liked the night mode button, the ISO and EV settings, and I even found the Smart Auto to be pretty good.

I will continue to compare it to my wife's A3100IS, and revise this review if I see any big problems.
For $79 and everyday use, I am keeping this little guy, and saving for A Nikon L110 , Fuji S1800, or Lumix FZ35 to be more serious.

UPDATE 8-1-2011 :

Still very happy...for $79 this was a very nice deal. Awesome indoor video at a Korean "hot-pot" dinner under normally bright kitchen lighting. Yes, a missed picture once in a while, but mostly indoor with motion that was my fault. Very light to carry, and simple to use. At this price range, maybe ther will be a dud along with the good, but I definitely got the good.
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on October 14, 2010
Was searching for a portable point and shoot to supplement my Canon SX120 which is a bit bulky. Research led me the Samsung SL605 which has some great specs: 12 megapixel resolution, 5x zoom, small and portable. Up to now I have only owned Canon digi-cams but I thought I'd give Samsung a shot since I do have one of their TV's. I wasn't able to test the SL605 at the store besides holding it which was a mistake...

Purchased the SL605 for a bit under $100 which is a great deal and brought it home all excited. Nice LCD screen, nice packaging and immediately started shooting. Everything looked great until I put the images on my PC and looked at them more closely. Images were all a bit out of focus and lacked sharpness compare to ANY of my Canon P&S's. I tried a couple of different settings and made sure to center the subject and make life easy for the auto-focus. Still no go, the overall image quality is definitely a couple of steps down from what I'm used to. Looks fine on the LCD but once on a PC you can see the problem. And I'm not talking about blowing up the picture a lot, I imagine you'd see the soft edges at small to medium size prints, ugh. So if you haven't owned a P&S before, you might be happy with the Samsung SL605. Me, I'm going back to Canon and ordering an A495...
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on January 3, 2011
For an $80 camera I guess that this was a pretty good deal. It does everything that a point and shoot should do, but not as well as I had hoped. The pictures tend to come off pretty blurry, even at close range, and action shots are almost impossible to have come out right. Pretty good for still shots or family photos, but if you're looking to do anything with more detail or precision I would look at shelling out a bit more money for a better camera.
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on November 28, 2010
This is the second Samsung point and shoot I've owned, I had the SL420 before this one, which took very nice pictures, but I thought it was a little too bulky and had way too many options to sort through. The SL605 seems much more refined, it has a nice solid, well built feel to it, the buttons on the back have a rubber pad over the top, the plastic around the edge of the camera has a textured coating which gives it a nice grip, and so far I'm happy with the pictures it's taking. The only negative I've noticed so far is a vignetting caused by the flash on close up indoor shots. I'm very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend this camera to others.
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on February 23, 2012
I'm a police officer and needed a camera for calls I respond to on patrol. Our PD won't provide patrol officers with cameras, and the investigators (who have the good DSLR cameras) only respond for the more serious crimes.

On a cop's salary it's hard to come up with the money for a high-quality camera, or to justify spending very much on one since there's a chance it'll get damaged being carried around daily in my gear bag. I needed a camera for around $100 with at least 10 MP, but most important to me was a rechargeable battery that I could charge via USB with the battery still in the camera. That way, while the camera's still sitting in my gear bag, I can plug the USB cord into the camera and then into the laptop in my squad car to charge the battery. I don't have to worry about the cost or bulk of carrying spare batteries, remembering to bring the camera into the house on my days off to charge it, or taking a rechargeable battery out and putting it in some external charger. Additionally, I wanted the USB cord to make it easier to transfer files from the camera onto a desktop computer to burn them on a CD to be put in evidence (our desktop computers at work don't have card readers on them so without a USB cord I'd have to carry a card reader to plug into the computer too). So after some searching I got this Samsung for $100 from a big-box electronics retailer that had it on sale.

After having used the camera on patrol for a year now I can say it's adequate. The photos it takes look great on the LCD screen, but once you look on a computer you can tell they're much softer and not as sharp as what I think they should be. They're acceptable for court, at most they'll be printed at 8" x 10" size or displayed on a mid-sized TV monitor, and they give a good depiction of the scene. But any attempt to zoom in on or blow up the images quickly lets you know this is not a very high quality camera. There is quite a bit of noise present in the photos unless there is a lot of light (and I work nights, so my shots are often taken in less-than-well-lit situations). I've taken several photos side-by-side with my personal/family Canon SD1200 IS 10.0MP that's about a year older and the Canon takes much sharper and clearer pictures under every condition I've tried. If it weren't for the fact that the Canon's battery has to be taken out and charged in a wall charger I'd think about using it at work and saving up for a new family/personal camera. One other minor issue I've noticed is that the USB cord sometimes doesn't indicate that the camera's fully charged. There's a light on the end that plugs into the camera that turns from orange to green once it's fully charged, but oftentimes it won't change to green (even after a few hours of charging) until I start wiggling that end a little.

So, for now at least, this Samsung will do. As I said, the more serious crimes get an investigator with a DSLR camera that takes high quality photos, so for the misdemeanor offenses my camera's used for the photos it takes will suffice.
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on November 22, 2010
The SL605 in not a sweet little Pink Purse packer. It's a TUFF little camera you put in a Zip-Lock baggy and stick in your shirt pocket, backpack, fishing box, or pickup console.
This camera is a clear winner in price, features, and performance over its competition, even before you add in its more rugged construction. Samsung's usb charging system is also a PLUS with this camera. A wall outlet charger is included, but it will also charge from any usb source. The battery is charged while remaining inside the camera like a cell phone.
Finally. If you have a little MAD MONEY, you might want to drop another $2.00 for a car/boat usb charger.
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on June 12, 2011
I bought this camera as a gift but also use it - I was sold when I saw it had superior specs to most (not just megapixels but better zoom etc) and got it on sale for a fair bit cheaper than the others. Plus it (supposedly) had good customer reviews. PS I have taken my share of pictures, including a fair bit of 35MM SLR work. I know how to take pictures (not that this should really matter much with this kind of camera).

It stinks. Why? Mostly because it often takes poor pictures. The quality is often nowhere near what you'd expect even on "good" pictures and yes it DOES have a nasty tendency to take very blurry pics. It is also the worst camera I have ever used (going back even to my old Kodak pocket instamatic, vintage 70s) in terms of "red eye" or similar deer-in-the-headlight eye problems. This problem is extremely common and more than a little annoying.

Want more? Its so-called "smart auto" (ie "just let me point and shoot" mode) is a joke. It rarely seems to know how to properly handle a pic, often using too much or not enough lighting, more blurry pics, etc etc etc. In fact it's so bad I finally gave up on using it.

I could go on, but you get the point. It's OK in other ways (battery etc) so I give it (barely) 2 stars, but it's a poor camera in the most critical of all areas - taking good pictures - and I would suggest almost anything else.
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