Customer Reviews: Lowepro Passport Sling DSLR Camera Bag
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on July 27, 2010
In my search for a camera bag that did NOT look like a camera bag, I discovered the Lowepro Passport Sling...and I LOVE it! I could not find any reviews on this product so hopefully this review will help someone else who is searching for that perfect camera bag...that doesn't LOOK like a camera bag. The Passport Sling is not too big yet large enough to hold my gear. Unloaded, the bag is also very lightweight. It features a removable camera box which attaches to the bag with Velcro, 2 small interior flap pockets (for phone, iPod, credit cards, gum, etc.), 2 exterior pockets, 1 exterior water bottle pocket (which I have yet to use for a water bottle), adjustable shoulder strap, and expandability.

I wish the external pockets were a little deeper/wider and designed in the shape of a rectangle instead of a trapezoid so items could fit better. Although a travel book and map would fit inside the bag, it would be nice to have quick and easy access on the outside of the bag. I would feel more secure if the external pockets had either a zip or Velcro closure so I don't feel like items might fall out.

The camera box has 1 adjustable Velcro divider which I configured with my Nikon D90 and 18mm-200mm lens attached on the left side and both the 35mm f/1.8 and 50mm f/1.8 (filter attached) side by side in the other half of the camera box. (I'm not going to lie, it's a little snug fitting them side by side but I like knowing that I have both with me.) There's still some space on top of the prime lenses for a spare camera battery, 4 AA batteries (for my SB-600), and some other small accessories (spare SD card, card reader, camera remote). The flap of the divider folds over nicely to cover the lenses/accessories and provides a cushion to protect the lenses and camera grip. I keep the SB-600 next to the camera box in its padded case to stay protected since the bag itself does NOT have any padding. There is also a small pocket on the soft box to hold a spare SD card. I wish they had other pockets on the side of the camera box to hold some other small accessories for quick access (cleaning cloth, rear lens cover, lens cap, pen loops, etc.). Even with all this camera gear in the bag, there is still some room inside for other things and I haven't even expanded the bag!! I usually keep the bag UN-expanded but I like knowing that I have the option to increase my space if I need it, especially when sightseeing. I do have a tendency to do a bit of shopping while traveling!!

It's great that the camera box is removable so the bag can then be used as a regular bag to hold anything you want to put in it. I wish there were some internal zippered pockets, especially if I ever use the bag WITHOUT the camera box so there is more organization. The current design does not really have a place for any other internal pockets (aside from the flap pockets already included) so I do understand why there aren't any in there. I LOVE the look of the bag so much that I could easily see myself using with without the camera if I EVER leave the house without my camera!!!

I chose the Mica color because I wanted something neutral and I have enough black bags. The Mica is like a dark khaki/olive, both male or female could feel comfortable carrying this color.

Although the bag was designed to be worn across the body, it can also just be worn as a shoulder bag. Personally, I like the security of wearing it crossbody because the bag will not fall off my shoulder. The strap length is more than adequate for me (I'm 5"4' and 115-120 lbs.) and is adjustable. I imagine this bag would be fit someone much taller or much smaller than me.

The bag was announced in early 2009 and I am surprised that I have not seen more of these in stores or available online. It is such a great bag!! When I purchased mine earlier this year, I had to special order it and it took a couple weeks to arrive. Maybe I should shut my mouth so I am the only person out there carrying the Passport Sling!
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on October 8, 2010
I purchased the Lowepro Passport Sling for my recent trip to Italy. I wanted an easy access, stylish camera bag to use while I travelled. I carried a Canon 7D with it's 18-135mm lens, my 70-200mm, 2.8L lens, a few memory cards and filters. The bag functioned very well and was comfortable to use, easy to access. The padded area for my camera and it's primary lens was barely big enough. A Rebel would have fit very comfortably, but my camera was very tight. I would have liked to have had my battery grip on too, but there was no way it would have fit. I had plenty of room for my 70-200mm, 2.8L, but the area in the bag that it fit had no extra padding, so I had to add my own with a crunched up t-shirt.

The improvements that I would recommend would be as follows: make the bag slightly larger to accommodate a full size camera more comfortably; add some extra padding in a secondary compartment to protect a second lens and/or flash unit; and lastly, add zippers to the external pockets of the bag to hold a passport, money, filters, etc. more securely.
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on November 29, 2010
I purchased this bag to use with the Canon T2i with the kit lens. I initially did not like the bag's rigid structure. I'm a petite woman, and this bag hung awkwardly on my back.

However, after spending 6 weeks carrying this bag around Ethiopia, I can honestly say I don't think I could have found a more perfect camera bag for travel. This bag is definitely not for someone with a lot of camera gear. But it is a great all-in-one for someone who wants their camera bag to hold all their other essentials, as well.

The padded camera pocket is divided and held my camera with lens attached, as well as a small extra lens (Canon "nifty-fifty"). I also toted a glasses case, water bottle, granola bars, and sunscreen in the large inner pouch. The inner pockets were great for holding my iPod nano, extra memory cards, and a cell phone. The outer pockets were perfect for hand sanitizer, lotion, kleenex, a small notepad, pens, and more snacks.

On the plane I carried this bag along with a backpack. Unzipping the large pouch allowed space for a travel pillow and a change of clothes.

I found the padded section of the bag strap to be unnecessary and never wore it. The strap alone was comfortable enough, even without the padded support.

After beating this bag up for weeks, it still looks like new. The material is rugged and durable. And my camera was always safe. Fellow travelers were constantly digging through bags and struggling to access cameras. The sling design made it easy for me to quickly grab my camera, and the various pockets kept everything organized.
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on December 3, 2010
I just received this bag today and at first sight it seemed kinda small. However, when I opened the zipper and expanded the bag, the size appeared to be average (not too big... not too small).

When I looked at the interior, I immediately saw the problem. There is not enough space for my gears. This bag is simply for the casual photographer having an entry-level DSLR with a kit lens. By the way, what I meant with "not enough space" refers to the padded area of the bag. You wouldn't want to put your camera or your lens on an unprotected space would you?

To address the above issue, I stripped the removable "paddings" from my old camera bag and stuffed them into this bag. With proper arrangement, I was able to fit the following items inside the bag:

1. Nikon D7000 with attached MD-11 battery grip
2. Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 vr ii telephoto lens with lens hood attached (reversed)
3. Nikon 60mm f/2.8 macro lens (attached to the camera) with lens hood attached (reversed)
4. Nikon 10-24mm wide angle lens
5. Nikon SB-800 speedlight with 5th battery compartment attached
6. Lens hood for 10-24mm lens.

I am giving this bag 4-stars because of it's looks, material quality, design, and configurability. Had it been a little bit bigger with sufficient padding, then this bag would definitely be the best walk-around bag.

When should you NOT buy this bag?

a. If you have a D300 and up (or 7D and up) with battery grip, don't bother with this bag unless you decide to remove the battery grip.
b. If you don't have "paddings" to fill the unprotected part of the bag interior and you want to place lenses or other expensive gears on this part.

Which bags should you consider as alternatives?

The bags that come close to this bag in terms of elegance and "casual or non-typical-camera-bag-looks" are the Crumpler million-dollar-bags or the Domke bags. Tamrac has the Rally series i think? But of all these bags, the passport sling bag is the most unique, best-looking, unconventional, and you-wouldn't-think-it's-a-camera-bag image.
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on January 11, 2012
I'll keep it short because everyone's got the details covered, but I'll add the extra 5 stars that it deserves, and try shed some light on what seems like some pretty silly 2 to 3 star reviews...

So, you take the time to write a review to essentially tell us that you bought the wrong bag. The bag is perfect for what it is*. No it does not hold a D700/5D MKII+ with pro lenses... if you want full-frame body with lenses in a little shoulder bag, you need a Leica M9... perhaps re-review after trying it out with an approate setup? Why would you want to carry the amount weight of equipment that people are complaining that it doesn't fit, over your shoulder in what is essentially a large purse?

If you've got a small to midsize DSRL and a handful of primes, or maybe a rangefinder or a manual focus SLR; it's mint. The D7000, my 35mm, 50mm, and 105mm, fit with room to spare for: wallet, phone, flash, gorrilapod, etc... more than enough equipment to take some great photographs.

I apologize for any dryness... just trying to add some thoughts for anyone looking for an affordable semi-under-the-radar camera bag.
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on October 21, 2010
I have been looking for a bag that I can comfortably carry my SLR camera and extra lens along with my personal belongings comfortably. This is the answer! I have the lowepro 350 laptop/camera bookbag for those long travels and when having everything together on an airplane, but was in need of a practicle everyday bag.

I have been using the black one for over a week now. I find it so handy. I did buy velcro to secure the outside pockets and now safely keep my checkbook, notepad, and pens in those pockets. I cut a piece of cardboard to fit my phone and covered it with felt and put it in the phone pocket for extra padding and support for my iphone4. I also bought a small cosmetics bag to keep a few personal items all together i.e. lipgloss, ponytail holders, etc. The small consmetics bag fits perfect with my wallet and a few other things, all without opening it the extra 30%. At first I thought it may be heavy with my camera, but it is worth having it with me safely at all times. I believe this is a bag I will use for a very long time and am happy I bought 2 colors.
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on February 15, 2012
This camera bag is AMAZING. First of all what I love best about it is just at first glance this bag doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME IM CARRYING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF CAMERA EQUIPMENT!" like other bags tend to do. If you were to pass someone on the street and they looked at your bag, it would look like a really stylish messenger bag and they wouldn't even think that you could fit your camera gear in there. But you can!

In my bag I fit my Canon Rebel xsi with a nifty fifty lens attached as well as a telephoto lens into the padded compartment. Then I throw a smaller standard kit lens into the open body of the bag where I also fit an umbrella, my kindle, various snacks and misc smaller items like lotion and sanitizer, a small gorilla pod, a point and shoot camera, and my waterproof kodak camera. And that's just on the inside of the bag.

A great thing about this bag is if you find yourself running out of room, or you make a purchase somewhere that you need to tuck away, just unzip the side zipper on the bag and instantly you double or triple your free bag space. This is really handy, as I tend to collect various items if I go out somewhere. The three outside pockets are amazing. It's so easy to slide a wallet, phone, water bottle, map, and other items for quick access.

The bag is also VERY comfortable, I cannot stress this enough. I've had camera bags where just putting my camera in them would make the straps rip my shoulders off... not this one. The padded strap thing actually works to maintain an amazing level of comfort, and it feels like the weight of the bag is more evenly distributed and not pressing uncomfortably anywhere. I'm going hiking this weekend and I can't wait to test this bag out in a non-urban environment.

TLDR: This bag is worth the money. It's very high quality, amazing design, and superb comfort. Watch the video of the lady walking around town with it, that's what ultimately sold me on it.
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on May 13, 2013
This is a great bag. Perfect if you're travelling or just want a camera bag that doesn't look like one.

It fits my Canon 6D Full Frame with the 24-105 lens attached. It will not fit with the hood in the correct position, but does when it is reserved. It also holds my telephoto lens, a 70-300 IS. With all three, a spare battery, and memory cards there's alot of room left for non-camera related items.
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on January 12, 2013
This bag is terribly useful if you like touring around while carrying your DSLR with you. It's pretty comfortable and you can fit a lot in it. Sicne Lowepro prides this bag for having a lot of customizable storage area, it would make sense if they added a few more padded separators. Right now there is room for your camera (with lens) plus one extra lens, but anything else you decide to put in it (since there IS room) gets tossed around in there with no extra padding. Another thing is that the strap buckle seems to be designed with only one orientation in mind (strap over your right shoulder). I happen to prefer it over my left shoulder which means that the buckle gets pressed against my body. Could have been better. Overall - very good bag.
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on April 7, 2014
I have a backpack-styled camera bag that is very sturdy, very solid, and also not very easily accessible. While great for travel, it isn't so great for location shooting or local travel/street photography. I have a photo shoot coming up on a pirate ship, with people dressed like actual historical pirates and sea captains and I wanted a bag I could get into quickly without having to stop everything, take the bag off, rifle through it, put it back on... and so on. Since I'm also taking public transportation (a bus and two trains!) with two of the historical pirates- in their pirate garb- I wanted a bag I could access quickly, and also continue to wear (lest I set it down and it gets stolen).

I saw this one, I like the Lowepro brand and this one happens to be in my favorite colors. Now I'll be able to get those candid traveling shots of Captain Sir Martin Frobisher and Captain Grace O'Malley while we're on our way to the tall ship.

A big plus- I'm plus size, very plus-size, and this bag fits me well. The strap has plenty of length (I didn't even max out the strap length with my rotundness) and it hangs perfectly across my boobshelf without binding or slipping around across said boobshelf. I've worn it hanging in the front and I've pushed it to hang in the back and it wears comfortably both ways, full of a DSLR, three lenses, and my giant lady-wallet (because I don't plan on carrying my purse on the shoot).

I like this bag and I've already recommended the style to my photo-friends (phreinds?) who like to go light for street and event photography.
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